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Found 18 results

  1. Anamy

    [GER]Exile Chernarus |Loot+|FPS+

    Ein Besuch sagt mehr als 1000 Worte. worauf wartet ihr noch?
  2. cmorrisbyz1

    OV Exile ChernarusRedux

    For More Info On How To Join The Server Visit! Thanks from the OV Staff team!
  3. SeanJSOS

    [SG] Exile Chernarus

    Spartan Gaming aims to give you the best experience for your Exile needs! We like to listen to our community and take all your suggestions into consideration. Community communication is #1 priority to us. Our Admin team is here to give you dedicated support for any situation. We offer a fun, unique server with many custom features. All there to make your gaming sessions the most fun as possible, and made with performance in mind. This is a PVP server. That means loot is not scarce making it easy to get into the action. You do not need to worry about what you can buy from traders, there is no respect restriction. List of server features: Wages Daily Rewards Base Painting XP System Unlock perks by earning XP Custom weapons skins Vehicle/Base Painting (VIP Only) Loadout Trader (Allows saving/purchasing of whole loadouts that you personally save) Vehicle Tuning Shop (Allows extreme vehicle customization. Such as Chrome, 2 Tone & RGB paint. Neon under-glow) Crate loading and selling Base Spawning (15 Minutes Cooldown/Removes Bambi Status) Deploy a quad/kart at any time (Requires Extension Cord) Towing & Custom Air Lifting Inmate Market (Sell items with your own prices) Reviving (Custom made for our server) Vehicle Rearming Vehicle Claiming Trader 3D Preview with a search feature Select a kit when you spawn Kits are based on respect No Thermal Vector Building Capture Points Unique Missions Huge static mission on an isolated island (Massive Rewards) Hacking (Safes/Virtual Garages) Virtual Garage Grinding Doors Eject from aircrafts (Above 100m) Always on parachute Lock vehicles from the inside Sea Crates Helicopter Crashes 24/7 Day Time 30m Base Height limit Advanced Urban Rappelling SafeZonePlus (Protects your vehicles from thieves) Black Market Traders "9" to Disable Environment Sounds Custom Kill Messages (You can toggle them on/off)
  4. Opticz

    Editing Locker Size ( cgfLocker )

    Hi, I'm having problems finding "cgfLocker" in my config file, It's just not there at all. I've got the latest server files. I know the code is: Where do I place it in my config? Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm new to the forum. Thanks
  5. Sebas

    ***K3B*** Custom Chernarus

    K3B*Chernarus*Custom|20K|VECTOR|RHS|DMS|ZCP|HACK|GRIND||QC|FR|US| Hello everyone. KEB GAMING [K3B] Is a Arma 3 Exile Mod Community since 2016. We currently have Exile Mod servers. Both PVP. Please visit website for list of rules and features. It is made by 2 guys. (Uwilldie and Baklava) and is hosted in New York. Maintenance every 10 days. Protection, vehicles, safe. Mods Required: Exile RHS AFRF RHS GREF RHS SAF RHS USAF Extended Base CUP Terrains Maps CUP Terrains Core DS House (which opens several houses) Enhanced Movement (to climb on the roof) Mr Sanchez (which gives a chance to burst their heads with a head shot) Features: Custom Traders Custom Crafting Custom Static Mission (has 78 AI and 4 boxes of equipment of all kinds) Custom ZCP Mission DMS Mission Voting day/night Vector (move the walls in all directions) Hacking safe and Virtual garage Grinding doors Mobile XM8 for Android Advanced towing Spawn base Claim vehicle 20k to start your journey View Distance Virtual garage High FPS Loot crate ground and underwater Rocket and grenade launchers Armed and armored vehicles (Cal .50 max) Deploye Quad Heli crash Igiload (Load crate on vehicle) Status bar 4H restart MORE... We have: Facebook: Website: Discord: See you there!
  6. Fr4nKy

    C.O.E Public Server Exile Malden

    Do you want to be rich?, Do you want to do anything you want?, Here you can, but its not easy and you will need to fight some zombies before take it. Are you a man or you are a chiken? See you in
  7. Good afternoon, Simple question : What would be the best way to create a Special Trader where players purchase vehicles or items in exchange of a specific object? I Mean, instead of purchasing with poptabs I want the players to purchase with a specific item. Is this possible? Thanks


    Hey Survivors, are u looking for a brand new exile Server? With the Map Tanoa and not too many Mod´s? Then this is what you are looking for! I have Towing ZCP DMS VEMF Highloot and much mor activated! I am also creating my own DMS Missions! There are already two of them on the server! I hope we see us soon sincerely Jack Garcia Hallo Überlebende, sucht Ihr nach einem Neuen Server? Mit der Karte Tanoa und nicht zu vielen Mods? Dann seit ihr hier genau richtig! Ich habe Towing ZCP DMS VEMF sehr hoher Loot und vieles andere drauf! Und um euch das alles noch atraktiver zu machen, sind bereits 2 selbst erstellte DMS missionen auf dem Server! Ich hoffe wir sehen uns bald euer Jack Garcia
  9. Sovjet

    Huey Selling for puny amounts.

    Hi there! Last night i menaged to capture working UH-1 from AI, and fly it to a trader. Everything was fine and dandy, until i realized that the bastard only sells for around... 2.000?! Thankfully, it was filled with cool guns and things, so it sold for 16k, but still, even that is very little for a damn helicopter! Please, fix the amount it's selling for, thanks.
  10. xPooRLoCKerBoYx™


    Welcome to FirstDataGaming Exile Server! Active Features! *RyanZombies & Hordes! *DMS Missions *ZCP Capture Points *Ebase (xm8Apps) *Sarge Ai (Roaming AI) With respect System! *Half Life Creation mod set. *ASDG_Joint Rails. *Extended base mod And much more!
  11. DeadTetris

    StrikerRP|5K Start|HighFPS|AI

    We're a friendly community just made a big step moving from Dayz Mod to Arma 3 Exile, also our server got Battleye disabled cause we wanna give hackers a new chance, but we keep an close eye at those people who got battleye bans
  12. hieve

    Money max

    Hey guys, if I got over 999,999 it will be displayed wrong (1e²³etc.) and moreover it will after relogging be the real value. sooo... it should be 999,999 + 2 = 1,000,001 it is 999,999 + 2 = 1
  13. I am currently looking for an experienced exile developer to help out with my Exile server. If you are a competent developer, you will be payed for your services, you are also more than welcome to join our upcoming community and continue with us aswell. Please message me for more information. Cheers.
  14. Patrix87

    Zombie, Money, Respect and Loot

    Hi, I've modified some scripts from these guys : READTHESCROLL Rythron GR8 eraser1 IT07 To create a 2 scripts. One gives respect and money when you kill a zombie. The other put loot on zombies. Both script are working with the default Ryan's zombies spawners but may also work with other spawners, feel free to test it. The first : ZKilled.sqf /* //////////////////////////////////////////////////// ZKilled.sqf - WIP WIP Credits to eraser1 and IT07 for their respective onKilled.sqf's (DMS & VEMF) Modified by Patrix87 //////////////////////////////////////////////////// */ private [ "_unit", "_killer", "_playerObj", "_veh", "_killMsg", "_killMsgRoad", "_roadKilled", "_respect", "_respectChange", "_roadKillBonus", "_money", "_zombieMoney", "_zombieRespect", "_distanceBonusDivider", "_minDistance", "_distance", "_killerRespectPoints" ]; _unit = _this select 0; _killer = _this select 1; _playerObj = objNull; _roadKilled = false; _respectChange = 0; _killerRespectPoints = []; //Parameters _zombieMoney = 5; _zombieRespect = 10; _roadKillBonus = -5; _minDistance = 30; _distanceBonusDivider = 10; // _killMsg = ["ZOMBIE WACKED","ZOMBIE CLIPPED","ZOMBIE DISABLED","ZOMBIE DISQUALIFIED","ZOMBIE WIPED","ZOMBIE WIPED","ZOMBIE ERASED","ZOMBIE LYNCHED","ZOMBIE WRECKED","ZOMBIE NEUTRALIZED","ZOMBIE SNUFFED","ZOMBIE WASTED","ZOMBIE ZAPPED"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _killMsgRoad = ["ZOMBIE ROADKILL","ZOMBIE SMASHED","ERMAHGERD ROADKILL"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; //Roadkill or not if (isPlayer _killer) then { _veh = vehicle _killer; _playerObj = _killer; if (!(_killer isKindOf "Exile_Unit_Player") && {!isNull (gunner _killer)}) then { _playerObj = gunner _killer; }; if (!(_veh isEqualTo _killer) && {(driver _veh) isEqualTo _killer}) then { _playerObj = driver _veh; _roadKilled = true; }; }; _respect = _playerObj getVariable ["ExileScore", 0]; _money = _playerObj getVariable ["ExileMoney", 0]; //Scoring if ((!isNull _playerObj) && {((getPlayerUID _playerObj) != "") && {_playerObj isKindOf "Exile_Unit_Player"}}) then { //Default _killerRespectPoints pushBack [(format ["%1",_killMsg]), _zombieRespect]; //RoadkillBonus if (_roadKilled) then { _killerRespectPoints pushBack [(format ["%1",_killMsgRoad]), _roadKillBonus]; } else //DistanceBonus { _distance = _unit distance _playerObj; if (_distance > _minDistance) then { _distanceBonus = (floor (_distance / _distanceBonusDivider)); _killerRespectPoints pushBack [(format ["%1m RANGE BONUS", (round _distance)]), _distanceBonus]; }; }; // Calculated killer's respect and money { _respectChange = (_respectChange + (_x select 1)); } forEach _killerRespectPoints; _respect = (_respect + _respectChange); _money = (_money + _zombieMoney); // Send message [_playerObj, "showFragRequest", [_killerRespectPoints]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_to; [_playerObj, "moneyReceivedRequest", [str _money, "Killing Zombies"]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_to; // Set client's respect and money _playerObj setVariable ["ExileScore", _respect]; _playerObj setVariable ["ExileMoney", _money]; ExileClientPlayerScore = _respect; (owner _playerObj) publicVariableClient "ExileClientPlayerScore"; ExileClientPlayerScore = nil; // Update client database entry format["setAccountMoneyAndRespect:%1:%2:%3", _money, _respect, (getPlayerUID _playerObj)] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; };The Second : ZombieLoot.sqf /* //////////////////////////////////////////////////// ZombieLoot.sqf Credits to READTHESCROLL for his initial script Modified by Patrix87 //////////////////////////////////////////////////// */ Private[ "_vest", "_item", "_zombie" ]; _zombie = _this select 0; _vest = ["V_HarnessOGL_brn","V_HarnessOGL_gry","V_HarnessO_brn","V_HarnessO_gry","V_HarnessOSpec_brn","V_HarnessOSpec_gry","V_TacVest_blk","V_TacVest_blk_POLICE","V_TacVest_brn","V_TacVest_camo","V_TacVest_khk","V_TacVest_oli","V_TacVestCamo_khk","V_TacVestIR_blk","V_Rangemaster_belt"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _item = ["Exile_Item_InstaDoc","Exile_Item_Catfood","Exile_Item_PlasticBottleFreshWater","Exile_Item_Matches","Exile_Item_DuctTape","Exile_Item_CookingPot","16Rnd_9x21_Mag"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _zombie addVest _vest; _zombie addItem _item;The installation : Unpack Ryanzombies.pbo open zombie.sqf Add These lines : ... //MOD //Money and respect for killing zombies _zombie addEventHandler ["Killed",{ [(_this select 0), (_this select 1)] execVM "addons\ZKilled.sqf";}]; //Loot on zombies [(_this select 0)] execVM "addons\ZombieLoot.sqf"; //END OF MODAfter these lines ... ... if !(isnil "Ryanzombiesinvincible") then {_zombie allowdammage false}; if !(isnil "ryanzombiesdeletion") then {[_zombie] exec "\ryanzombies\delzombies.sqf"}; Repack Ryanzombies.pbo Unpack your mission PBO Create a folder named : addons put ZKilled.sqf and ZombieLoot.sqf in that folder Repack your mission PBO DONE.
  15. On the server I play on, there has been a handful of times when I've died, and when I respawn, any money/rep I've gained have been zero'd out. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough that it has become irritating. Other people I've played with have never had this happen, or maybe its happened once. Is this an outstanding bug with the mod, or something specific to the way the admins have modified their server? tia,
  16. HotJazzCP

    0 Pop Tabs - Traders

    Hey, I'm completely new to server development, I don't script but I guess i'm messing around with setting one up for fun education purposes. When I sell something at the Trader, it gives me 0 PopTabs and the amount of humanity's worth of PopTabs instead. Just wondering if anybody knows what this is / how to fix it off the top of their head - Thanks!