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Found 2 results

  1. sandy4596

    Stuck Facing a Mountain at Spawn In,

    Hello, I had seen a thread similar to this one, but I couldn't find a definitive answer to help, so I figured that I would ask myself. I recently just bought a dedicated box to run my exile server, and have gone through doing all that implies. Mostly through the help of youtube videos, as I real idea what I'm doing. I got the server up and running, but when I connect to it, it spawns me in, facing the ground. The same with other people that I have try it. In the other thread I read, I saw that it's an issue with mysql, but when I connect to phpadmin to look for the lines discussed, I find nothing. It could easily be because I don't know what this all means, but if someone could break it down barney style for me, that would be absolutely amazing.
  2. Hi team, Thanks for hosting the server! I like it. But to the point. I have been saving the 5000 caps for a week to buy me the yellow helicopter, I drove all the way to the vendor south of the big mountain in the south/west (bottom left corner of the map), I got excited I would finally have my heli, I bought it, it spawned (with me inside, of course) on the mountain slope, fell down and exploded. Would it be possible to check the aircraft spawn location for that vendor so the same thing doesnt happen to others? Also, if it is possible, could I get my cash back? Thanks! player: SaviCZ map: Esseker