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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I am having a problem with the XM8 spawn-able Quad and Mozzie. The XM8 buttons work fine, the player (with item for spawning such as Extension Cord) begins the animation to spawn the vehicle, the extension cord is consumed and a message pops up saying "Vehicle Deployed" ....but the vehicle is not visible...anywhere.
  2. Ace [Stark]

    [Dire Wolves] Exile Server

    DireWolves' NEW EXILE SERVER! Come try it out! Militarized Server Hey guys! We are a group of friends that have played together for years now since Arma 2 Epoch and we have had our fair share of servers during our time and haven't really seen a server that has quite been the perfect server with good administration. WE ARE GIVING BASE KITS TO ALL NEW PLAYERS! On that note. We have started our own server with ----> Chernaurus map! Custom Missions with AI HeliSpawns Carrier Refuel and Re-arm! Mods: NIArms All in One Mozzie Mod Extended Base Mod Enhanced Movement Advanced Urban Rappelling RHSSAF RHSGREF RHSUSAF RHSAFRF DS Houses Cup Vehicles Cup Units Cup Weapons Chernaurus Isles Cup Terrains Maps - Core CBA Exile So if you guys want to join our IP: and you can also find us on DISCORD: Have fun!
  3. Alucard


    brand new milsim server with plenty of features such as Custom missions/revive/tow/load&sell/Base spawn and respect loadouts come check it out
  4. Hey guys, you wanted it, I deliver it The Mosquito Series Steam Workshop Link Update 0.3 07.08.2018 Update 18.04.2018 Update 17.04.2018 Update 16.04.2018 Update 15.04.2018 It starts with the Mk I version. Specs. No payload max speed 90km/h fuelcapacity 35L Since it's a beta, I want to report bugs and issues in my discord so I can fix them.
  5. Anhor


    In seiner Art einzigartiger Exile Server! / In its kind a unique Exile Server! Da es bei Exile um eine Survival Simulation geht, haben wir den Server entsprechend aufgesetzt: / Since Exile is a survival simulation, we have set up the server accordingly: --> 400 km² dichter Dschungel / 400 km² dense jungle --> KEINE asphaltierten Strassen / NONE asphalted roads --> Etwa 150 km schiffbare Wasserwege / About 150 km of navigable waterways --> Viele Eingeborenendörfer / Many indigenous villages --> Einige wenige Militärposten / A few military posts --> KEIN Food/Drinks Händler (geh jagen und koche Wasser ab oder loote) / NO Food/Drinks Dealer (go hunt and boil water or loot) --> KEINE Tankstellen (such Kanister oder Fässer) / NO gas stations (search for canisters or barrels) --> Ausrüstung, Waffen und Fahrzeuge aus der Vietnamkriegsära (vor 1972) / Equipment, weapons and vehicles from the Vietnam War era (before 1972) --> Extended Base Mod --> Mozzie --> A3XAI als Vietcong (Ausrüstung und Waffen) als roaming AI auf der gesamten Map (zu Fuß, im Fahrzeug oder Helikopter, KEINE Marker) / A3XAI as Vietcong (equipment and weapons) as roaming AI on the whole map (on foot, in the vehicle or helicopter, NO markers) Spiel es nicht wie ein Spiel oder du wirst scheitern! Spiel als ob es um dein eigenes Leben ginge! / Don't play it like a game or you will fail! Play as if it's your own life! CBA_A3 ZOMBIES AND DEMONS CUP TERRAINS CORE G.O.S SONG BIN TANH UNSUNG VIETNAM WAR MOD EXTENDED BASE MOD MOZZIE