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Found 3 results

  1. battlehut

    Cant join that server anymore

    Hi Ive been playing on a server for a while and I always had those memory crashes. In order to fix this I reinstalled the game and also downloaded all the mods again as well. Then I joined and it worked but I was lagging really hard. So i left again and restarted my PC. After that I tried connecting again but somehow it doesnt work. I see the loading screen (that screen where the island is shown n stuff) and i can still hear the music from the main menu but it wont load. First i thought that my game froze but once I pressed Esc I was on the server list again. So apparently I seem to be unable to really connect with that server again. I tried connecting with other servers and it works fine but its not working with that specific server. So ive been checking the server via the launcher itself to see whats wrong. As you can see in the pictures it tells me that the cup units version is kinda not working and that exile and ryans zombies and demons are missing. In the picture next to it it tells me that the mods ryans zombies and demons and exile have wrong signatures. Maybe thats the reason i cant join? I was able to join before i restarted the pc so im wondering why its not working anymore. Any ideas how i could fix this? PS :the server uses cup units 1.3 and i have 1.3.1. I dont think that thats an issue but idk. Oh also. ryans zombies and demons and exile are working on other servers perfectly. i downloaded the zombies and demons from steam and exile from the website. so it shouldnt be the mods themselves. ;P
  2. joeysevengames

    The Feros Empire Exile Server

    roleplay arma 3 exile mod we just turned our server in one looking for people to join we got random ai bandit missions mercenarys and more even zombies and soon dogs that will help you in battle with commands and a lot more soon we are also getting soon dogs into the server you can have as pets and much more we also will add more mods if you have suggestions you are Always welcome to name them you will also be updated if we change anything on the server The Feros Empire Biography: We are a big gaming community we started with arma in 2015 looking for mature people. We play more games then just arma we have every week training events promotions. We have our own website and our Arma 3 teamspeak Ip: you are welcome to join us on it and aks more questions. Our main language is english but we also speak all other languages we have members all over the world we are with 100+ people on arma 3 and we have a total 4000+ members over all other games we play on. We have members who have been playing the arma franchise for many years and we also have top (skilled) pilots, infantryman, commanders, tankers that can create a great gaming experiance. Contacts on steam if interested: Joeysevengames Our website Teamspeak:
  3. Hey! I goggled a lot and tryed some fixes but... Every time when I start arma 3 and Navigate to "Play" and than "Multiplayer" my game crashes. What did I try: delete and re-download - steam/arma3 - local/arma3-folder - profile/arma3-folder updating network drivers updating graphic card drivers that little fix posted by moePHIUM here switched off windows firewall switched off windows defender I couldn't fix that crash! My System: Win10 Pro 64bit Version: 10.0.10586 Build 10586 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz RAM: 16GB = 2xKingston HyperX DIMM 8 GB DDR3 (KIT 2x4GB) Network: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller My Client RPT: