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Found 62 results

  1. Sgt. ScrapMetal

    [Release] Namalsk map additions

    Hey guys i will release some Customized Namalsk additions i have working for our Server. All Players call me is really nice . So try it out its woud be nice too see on other servers! Some of our Events or Other Videos form our Server can you Watch there YouTube. Lubijansk Bridge East Military Island Nemsk Bridge Brensk Bay Seraja Bay Download
  2. MINI0N

    Namalsk Lighting

    Good... whatever it is where you are, Just updated my client and server running Namalsk Exile, no mods and it seems the lighting has broken; it is extremely dark in shadows, I'm not sure if this is normal for this update, please advise. I run an i7 with a 380x. Thank you, EDIT: Here is the error: No Entry for 'bin\config.bin/cfgWorlds/namalsk/WaterExPars.FogColorLightInfluence'
  3. DayZ Doug

    Namalsk DayZ

    Hey guys DayZ Doug here! I am looking for some players to join me on a server I have been playing called Exordium gaming Namalsk that is absolutely awesome. I am 30 years old and I loved to play DayZ Mod ( Not standalone) and have been waiting for a good authentic server feel for a while now and now I have found it . I don't want to team up with anyone who is childish. I want to play the servers for what they are and not run about trolling anyone. I will be playing most weekends 12+ hours and a few hours at night time during the week. Please PM me if interested.
  4. aBlaze

    Project Ceberus A3|Namalsk

    International Exile Community. Map: Namalsk Mods: Tryk,Rhs,KA,NIArms, etc. 100k Start Admin/Player Trader Base! Missions and more ! Full Military Note: We Welcome all ne ppl to Exile and to the Server. You have the normal Traders but weve decided to have a Trader by the Admins to get stuff of your likings for low prices. Our Development Team is Adding new and cool features all the time and work almost 24/7 to get you guys satisfied within the exile world. Were also open for Feedback of players and try to improve by the Feedback of yours!
  5. kidesh


    EXORDIUM GAMING NAMALSK Are you sick of playing servers with too much fire power that make the game unplayable ? Are you sick of being on server with no admins and players abusing others? Do you want to play on a server were the admins are always reachable and take control of the server that is well balanced and has went back to the roots of the old Namalsk and DayZ? Well look no further !! Our server Exordium gaming namalsk|dayz survival is has been built by myself (kidesh) and Frenkert. We have 3 years each of playing,developing and being admins on exile servers. We also used to build servers for clients for a gaming host and we have also have played and developed Arma2 DayZ servers. Now with this new server that we have built we have taking all of our experience and built probably one of the best servers out there . We have made the Namalsk server built around a Cold War era that Vehicles and Guns are only from the 1950s-1990s. What we have to offer: A smooth server with high FPS and stable connection. Active admins which are both access-able on the server by direct chat or RCON that is been monitored most of the day and as always we are on discord. We have custom PVP areas. Custom traders built by our-self's. Traders that have been made to resemble the Cold War era. Traders that also have Elite gear. Traders that have been priced to make a good economy throughout the server. DMS missions customised to Cold War era. Zombies for that DayZ feel. Grinding and hacking Base protection up to lvl 3. Heli crashes. Mozzie Helicopters. Bell/Pook Helicopters. Advanced repair. Arma2 movement to Arma3 ( makes you move the way from Arma2 ) Plus more stuff to come in due to the community Hope to see you soon and I with leave you with some screen shots of the server!!
  6. Below are links to torrents for previous versions of exile. I put these up for people who are playing on servers that have not updated. These are the original files released by the Exile team. I claim no ownership of the content and just wanted to make the files available for those who need them. If anyone has unmodified original .zip files of previous releases please contact me and I will get them added. Client Files 0.9.4 Lime 0.9.41 Clementine 0.9.6 Pomelo 0.9.61 Plum 0.9.61 SP1 Plum hotfix 0.9.8 Kiwi 1.0.0 Potato 1.0.1 Sweet Potato 1.0.2 Kohlrabi 1.0.3 Lemon 1.0.4 Pineapple Server Files 0.9.41 Clementine Server Files 0.9.6 Pomelo Server Files 0.9.8 Kiwi Server Files 1.0.0 Potato Server Files 1.0.1 Sweet Potato Server Files 1.0.2 Kohlrabi Server Files 1.0.3b Lemon Server Files 1.0.4 Pineapple Server Files Map Files Namalsk 1.0.0 You can also find all of the torrent files on Google drive at This link A big thank you Claytonia Gaming for hosting these files and another thank you to Frogmeat and <CG> ClayGarth for digging these files up from our server.
  7. wetNreckless

    Namalsk (Exile Version)

    So I run a Namalsk Server and have for some time. I originally got my version for myself and the server from the download section here but see now that it is gone. I have no idea when it was removed and that does not really matter. However, when a new player tries to join my server through the vanilla Arma 3 launcher, the link for the download goes to the download page on this site (and which I have already stated, no Namalsk to download). The vanilla launcher also has a link to the Arma 3 Workshop with quit a few different versions of Namalsk available for someone to choose from, all which are not the same as the one you get from A3Launcher. I did a search and found that the only place to get a legit Exile Version of Namalsk is from Armaholic or from direct download from A3launcher. So my question is this, is Namalsk going to be added back to the Download page? Or are players just going to have to find it their selves? Also, since the Exile Team has expressed in the pass about not having their content on the workshop (and I completely understand), what can be done about the bad versions being on the workshop, if anything at all? I am just wondering on this stuff and if I am wrong for asking, then I guess delete this thread. Thanks agian Exile Team and everyone else involved for doing a smashing job.
  8. wetNreckless

    Return to DayZ Survival-Namalsk

    Return to DayZ Survival - Namalsk is setup for the Hardcore Survivalist in mind. There are no traders of any kind on the map. So if you want something, you will need to either find it, craft it, or kill for it. A highly customized crafting/salvage system is in place and there are new items that are always being added to enhance the survival experience. The player can salvage and scavenge wrecks for loot, and more items are being added to the scavenge system daily. The default way of repairing vehicles by ways of Ducttape has been disabled, so the only way to repair your ride is by either finding a repair truck or getting it to a gas/petrol station. So you will need to take that into consideration when driving around and you "accidentally" run into that tree. Now just because there may not be to many players online, does not mean that there is not something to do. The mission system has been highly customized to include the AI's loadout. The missions will give you access to gear and vehicles that are not available by any other means. Mods required: * Exile * Namalsk * RHS * KA Weapons * CBA_A3 * Enhanced Movement * TRYK * Ryan's Zombie & Demon * W.E.I.P. * Fox Survival Cars * NIArms * Mr. Sanchez Headlamps Optional Mod: * Advanced Urban Rappelling * JSRS Sound Mod Server Features: * DayZ Style Icons * No Traders * Vector Building * Helicopter Crashes w/ Loot * Customized Zombie Script * Custom Loot Table * Custom Missions w/ custom loadouts * Custom Crafting/Salvage * Scavenging * Custom Areas - Military Compound - Military Check Points * Random Spawn Uniform * Revive Script So you are probably wondering if this server is a good choice for you and you group. Well the only way to find out is to join the fight for survival on Namalsk. If you happen to enjoy yourself and want to know more, join our discord and our Steam Group. Discord: Steam Group:
  9. paulgali

    SDN Namalsk Exile War PvP

    Welcome to the Seven Drunken Nights (SDN) community! Grab a drink and have some fun! exile. Military AI has taken over the island. DMS and ZCP strongholds must be freed from the invaders. Watch out for fellow players as this is a PvP server. Tanks, APC's, Drones and more are all available. Special CUP reward vehicles not available at traders are given out in Zeus server events. Rules: Be respectful Respect the admins and fellow members - paulgali is the known admin, there are others hidden No building on roads etc. No killing bambis, trader camping etc. Server is XM8 app enabled * bot enabled. See our discord for the code. --Basically, don't be a twat--
  10. Overside

    GNR-EXILE Namalsk

    GNR-EXILE Namalsk PVP | RHS | Zombies & Demons ______________________________________________________________________________ Server name: GNR-EXILE Namalsk PVP | RHS | Zombies & Demons Address: Map: Namalsk Mission: Exile ______________________________________________________________________________ MODS: 1- Exile 1.0.2 2- RHSUSAF 3- RHSAFRF 4- RHSSAF 5- Zombies & Demons 6- Namalsk for Arma III

    Highest Evolution Gaming Namalsk

    Welcome to Highest Evolution Gaming - Namalsk Server features: -Custom DMS missions -Roaming AI -ZCP capture points -Black market -CUP weapons -NIarms/HLC weapons -Enhanced movement -TRYK clothing -NATO RUS vehicles -Basepainting -Vector building -Active admins & TS support! This and much more! Our goal was to create a place where people could enjoy playing Exilemod, whilst giving back the old ArmA 2 feeling of playing Namalsk! We have added many custom features on our server to provide the best experience possible, and we are working hard to improve our server each and every day! We have mods that have experience in both Exilemod and Namalsk, to provide you the best help possible, at any time of the day (EU and NA times). Our server runs on a single dedicated server, this together with carefully selected mods, and optimisations, which ensures the best possible performance both for the client and the server. The server is NOT monetized and will NEVER be! Feel free to visit our website, join ts for a chat or join us on the field!
  12. point

    Custom traders Namalsk

    may be someone will use ... sharing my traders from Namalsk initPlayerLocal.sqf initServer.sqf
  13. Freakylein

    FIXED! Static Respawn on Namalsk

    Hey Guys, I successfully added the fixed Spawnlocations on the Namalsk Map. i dont talk around, here you go. This is a short piece out of the mission.sqm class Markers { items=7; //by adding a location add here +1, class Item0 { position[]={6846.39,0,11900.8}; //x,z,y!!! name="NorthSpawn"; text="NorthSpawn"; type="ExileSpawnZone"; }; class Item1 { position[]={3575.25,0,8046.46}; name="WestSpawn"; text="WestSpawn"; type="ExileSpawnZone"; }; class Item2 { position[]={4879.45,0,5330.66}; name="SouthSpawn"; text="SouthSpawn"; type="ExileSpawnZone"; }; class Item3 { position[]={7977.86,0,8442.7}; name="East"; text="EastSpawn"; type="ExileSpawnZone"; }; class Item4 { position[]={4992.78,0,8005.07}; name="TraderZoneSebjan"; text="Sebjan Trader City"; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type="ExileTraderZone"; colorName="ColorBlue"; fillName="SolidBorder"; a=175; b=175; drawBorder=1; }; class Item5 { position[]={9120.65,0,10076.6}; name="NorthernBoatTrader"; text="Northern Boat Trader"; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type="ExileTraderZone"; colorName="ColorGreen"; fillName="SolidBorder"; a=50; b=50; drawBorder=1; }; class Item6 { position[]={4357.36,0,4724.03}; name="SouthernBoatTrader"; text="Southern Boat Trader"; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type="ExileTraderZone"; colorName="ColorGreen"; fillName="SolidBorder"; a=50; b=50; drawBorder=1; }; }; }; Keep adding those Spawnzones by counting the "items=x" and paste them BEFORE the Spawnzones. I used some positions from the thread of: Thank you for inspiring me to try on. I just added the Spawnzones before the Traderzones!!!! Greetings Freakylein!
  14. [HG]RaVeN103

    -RwG- Namalsk HateCore

    Was erwartet euch?- Map Namalsk- Zeds (die auch Leitern benutzen) - Missions (Loot Crates, Bandits, Static and Capture Points)- Most Wanted Bounty System - MarXet - Tag&Nacht-Zyklus mit atemberaubender Nebel-Plus-Optik- Revive System- RZInfection - CUP Weapons- Sling Towing - Load Cargo - Carry Boxes- Claim Vehicles- Base Raid System - Killmessage- StatusBar
  15. eddiedean

    Exile Spain

    Servidor en castellano. Si tienes cualquier duda, entra en el servidor o pregúntanos por aquí Encuéntranos en Discord:
  16. TommyFresh


    Welcome to the harsh lands of Namalsk. We are running a 40 player server on Namalsk on our own dedicated linux server, with the best hardware available so you can be sure of a very high FPS in game... Even with the Zombies! We have custom loot configurations along with custom traders. We have tried to bring back the old style of the arma survival series by reducing loot to a lower level meaning you will have to explore more of the map to get all the essential gear you will need to survive. We have updated to the latest version of Exile (0.9.8) and have implemented all the new features in our server. The blowout storm from Arma2 Namalsk returns. You can use a gasmask to avoid passing out. The gasmask can also be used to access special areas on the map. Special areas will contain rare loot but will be difficult to access due to the larger numbers of zombies. We have base raiding mods enabled. Grinders with battery will open doors and you can hack safes with laptops. All loot has been categorized so that supermarkets spawn food, military areas will spawn higher tear loot etc All the mods on the server can be downloaded from the steam workshop. Exile and Namalsk can be downloaded from here.
  17. You might have noticed those little reflective poles next to the roads on namalsk... the internet told me theyre called bollards :> They have been a thing in Arma 2 Namalsk aswell, with the difference, that you could noclip through them so your vehicle would not take any damage. Since Namalsk is a small and fast paced map, i find it quite annoying having to drive that carefully. You come across players pretty quickly and you really don't wanna go slow when they start shooting at you I added a poll to this, to see the opinion of other players Sincerely, a shitty driver.... i guess
  18. ZoMFroot

    NamalskExile: ZoMGaming

    We have a new server in need of players. All players welcome. Ai and Missions. PvP. Friendly admins. Please join us and give us feedback and ideas. Check out our website. Thanks
  19. [RevN] Alpha

    Namalsk Loot Spawn Issue

    So currently I'm having an issue with loot not spawning on my server. My config.cpp is attached, I did add RHS and TRYK to the spawns.
  20. InsertCoins

    [ZeroDead] Hardcore Kerama

    [ZeroDead] Hardcore Tanoa is a, as the name kind of suggests, Hardcore Tanoa server. We do not give a starter bonus. Actually, there are no handouts whatsoever. As one of the few servers out there we enforce 1st person to add that extra layer of immersion. The server had a tight knit PVP community. Though we play hard and shoot to kill, we are also civil and our members, and players, are all in the age region 25- 35 and upwards. What we offer: - 1st person only. - No handouts - Custom area's - Roaming AI - Mission AI - All AI can call upon eachother for reinforcements - Weapons spawn without ammo - JSRS and Blastcore allowed - No easy way to make money, buy prices are high, sell prices are low - Active admins - Fun - Lot's of bullets coming your way
  21. Hungry

    Namalsk JSRS Bug

    JSRS Dragon Fyre Eden - Environmentsounds didnt work on Namalsk....
  22. [Bob]Marcelo[GER]

    Wir suchen DICH !

    Hallo, Wir sind eine kleine Gruppe mit einem eigenen Exil Namalsk Server. Da vor kurzem unser Server Administrator uns verlassen hat, suchen wir auf diesem Wege natürlich neue Mitspieler. Desweiteren suchen wir auch jemanden der mit uns die Kontrolle des Servers übernimmt. Demnach sollte er im Stande sein, den Server immer Aktuell zu halten. Bestehende und neue Mods auf dem Server zu Aktualisieren und neu auf zu spielen. Wer also Interesse haben sollte und sich angesprochen fühlt, kann sich dann gerne bei uns melden. Teamspeak ist natürlich auch vorhanden. 250 Slots sollten auch für Gruppen erstmal ausreichen. Hier mal die Teamspeak Daten: Gerne könnt ihr uns auch über Steam adden: [Bob]Marcelo[GER] ZockerMaus88 [D_S-T]XxStonecoldxX[00] Wir freuen uns auf euch.
  23. We opened a Liberation server. I ported the mission to Namalsk. below is a video on our attempt to liberate Namalsk from the neckbeards. As you can see I died. A lot.
  24. Hefti

    old-poppers Namalsk

    Hey Everyone, Today we announce our new Server:|Exile|Namalsk|mas.weap&veh|ASDG_JR| In the past we tried many different Exile Servers but none of them seem to fit us. Sometimes there were admins, abusing their powers by using godmode and stuff, or the servers were not configured very well so you had everything in about 2 Hours. So we decided to start our own project. We are trying to get back to the origin of Exile, the prisoners Island (not that Zombie stuff). As you can see we play on the Island of Namalsk, which we think is predestinated as an prison island. We use the DMS Mission System, which is custom edited by us to have missions that fit for prisoners. Additional to DMS we use the occupation addon to have roaming ai with cars, boats and by foot which are the guards on the island. Watch out, they are many and they are high skilled. Our carpool was optimized to the scenario, so we kicked out strider, ifrits, and so on and added some of the mas vehicles. Weapons are customized to, we just use mas weapons (except pistols) which have a maximum calibre of 7.62mm. We only give 7% of the sales price for selled loot, and the prices for weapons and care are pretty high. We do this to get the people looting and doing missions and not just sit in their bases or camping the trader. We just use a few xm8 apps: the BRAma Cookbook, colorcorrection, Playerstats and the base locator to let u see if building there is allowed. Our server uses a 6hour restart loop and we have a day and night circle running there (because 24/7 daytime sucks). To us: We are a funny group of midaged Gamers (25-40) from Germany and Switzerland we play for fun and are looking for guys who share our passion for after work gaming. What we expect from players: We dont want that classical Arma Kiddy behaviour at our server. That means flaming, insulting, crying and so on. So if your behave is mature you are welcome. We want quality not quantity if you know what i mean. And of course we dont want cheaters, therefore we have infistar installed which is used only to prevent problems, not to give admins an advantage! Mods that are required: mas Weapons mas Vehicles asdg_jr Namalsk optional you can use Dragonfyre eden (Sound mod) Our Server Launch is on Sunday 17.4.2016 at 18:00 UTC+1 Hope to see some guys visiting us. pls leave some comment or review down here. Greetings Hefti
  25. InCoMpLeTe-T

    [project X] Namalsk

    the [Project X][Eu-UK] Exile-Namalsk[AD-TOW]AI Missons]PVP- High Lo server IS a fused Teamwork between a German community called [200ML] and a UK one called BFG and an all around Eu Admins team! the project x server is a hardcore server with roaming ai and really hard missions,1 of them "a10 mission 2 ai jets battle the sky until one is shoot down and then the exile mafie send a gosthawk to secure the reck", we are an growing community! and are looking forward to seeing you one one of our 2 servers !