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Found 4 results

  1. Ronnie_McLovin

    [GER] ZoEx Exile Missions|TRYK|M

    Hi, we are ZoEx! We set our Server up again now! You can find us in your A3Launcher, just type ZoEx in the Searchbox. We want to work together with our Players. So if u have some Bugs to report, impressions to talk about or some new ideas for new features, just come on our TeamSpeak and ask an Admin. We want to make the Server for our Community, not for us. We dont bag for "Donations" or something else. We just want to get Players to have fun on our Server! So i hope we see you on the Server soon. So far and sorry for my bad english Ronnie Actual Mods: MAS Vehicles, MAS Weapons, RyanZombies, TRYK GearPack Scripts: Missions, Patrols and some nice little Features.
  2. I have a few mods on my server that are not being recognized as required by A3Launcher and aren't being loaded by the client. I have check signatures set to 2 in both the Arma3 and the Exile server configs. The keys are all present. I've queried the server on the A3Launcher site a couple of times over 24 hours hoping it would update. The mods in question are MAS, CUP Maps/Terrains, & United States Air Force. The list of mods on the server are: They are all currently loaded as client-side in the command line and none of them are listed in the mission.sqm. I experimented with placing the mass stuff ("mas_nw_rifle","mas_ru_rifle",etc...) in the mission file in addOns[]={"exile_client","a3_map_altis"}, but got an error in the RTP (unable to play due to missing content - paraphrased obviously) and the server went into a loop. This is an area that I need to know more about. I'm not sure which, if any, of the above mods should be on the server-side in the command line. I have a test server with "verify signatures" off. I can load them in manually and they show up in the trader lists but when I try to buy one I get error 13 (Cannot find suitable position to spawn vehicle). If I try to spawn them in via admin console nothing happens. Any ideas?
  3. Magnetic

    Skooterz Gaming Esseker

    Skooterz Gaming is a new gaming community. Powered by 3 dedicated poweredge servers. Exile Esseker boasts awesome fps and gameplay. Fully militarized means everything. This is for both types of players. High end vehicles will be pricey but not overpriced. There will be some vehicles that spawn on the map with guns ie gpk's btr's etc. We need admins and mods also to keep up with work load. First 10 players and first 4 groups get a starter kit. 1 strider and a building box. Mods current Cup terrain/core nato weapons/vehicles to be added cup weapons,vehicles and units. extended base mod. scripts cap points gear drops supply drops new database fully militarized
  4. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    How do install @nato weapons

    hi all, i was wondering if someone knew how to install mas/nato weapons and then only have them in traders and not loot spawns? regardss Tom