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Found 12 results

  1. maca134

    ARMA Internet Radio [HELP]

    Ok so when i started messing around with C# extensions for ARMA , i made this proof of concept internet radio thing. IT would be amazing to get it working nicely etc but i dont really have to the time needed to get it to a stage were it would be cool Im asking if there is anyone out there that fancies having a crack at it, I would help out as much as I can. Languages used are SQF and C# with abit of dialogs thrown in.
  2. Good morning, I recently stared hosting a server rented through GTX Gaming and I have successfully installed various mods on the server no problem however I am trying to make the server a high military loot spawn server with CUP, TRYK, and NI ARMS items spawning around the map of chernarus and be able to sell and buy each item at the trader however after days of testing loot tables with the loot complier provided by and trying to use pre made ones found around the interwebs I have not been able to get any successful results if someone would be willing to take the time and talk me through adding the items properly or has a pre set script I can just copy and paste with theses 3 mods that would be awesome!
  3. FallenActual94

    Need Help. adding death markers to map

    Hey guys thanks to everyone here in the exile mod fourms my servers coming along smoothly and I just wanted to thank everyone for the help but I have one more question to ask where the heck to do turn on death markers I.E. when you die you can see your body on the map marked with the red skull? I have infistar installed so idk if its blocking it or its just a setting somewhere i dont know to turn on.
  4. FallenActual94

    Advanced Towing now working

    Hey there community I've been crushing issues popping up on my server for the past few days with little issue however I have advanced towing, repelling, and hooking in my server and they all work except towing I dont get the option to tow any vehicles even though its it successfully implemented on my server Idk why its not working when hooking is I did have to turn off some things in infistar to get hooking to work but it was just an issue of it de attaching after attaching the ropes with towing i dont even get the option to to a car to a truck any ideas?
  5. FallenActual94

    Need Help. Changing Rep

    Hey there Exile Community I have a quick question I have been looking for how to change rep gained when selling items I.E waste dumping and individually selling items however I have been control F'ing every file I can think of and have searched multiple sites with no avial, does anyone know how to do this or where to find the value i have to change without changing the item sell prices or buy back raitio.
  6. So. I have this little problem. My traders aren't giving me any items or weapons. I can buy all vehicles without problem. I checked the logs and stuff but I can't seem to find any issues. If someone can help me fix this, that'd be great It isnt a big issue as I really don't like the traders, but its the other staff members and players that want it fixed here enjoy this picture of a teddy bear.
  7. Txc

    Exile Tanoa Problem

    Hey guys, I need so much help because, i don't know how to use FileZilla right. ._. I wan't to Install the Mod Exile and the Map Tanoa.. but i don't work... I hope you can Help me.
  8. Txc

    Server will nicht Starten

    Hallo zusammen, Unzwar habe ich einProblem mit dem Server wie es oben schon steht. Ich habe nicht so viel erfahrung mit denn Programmen, FileZilla und MySQL. Wenn ich den Server starte, kommen diverse Sachen ( wie im Bild zu sehen sind ) womit ich 0 anfangen kann. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir Helfen. Ich kann euch auch gerne noch mehr sachen schicken, wenn sie benötigt werden.
  9. casanova creed

    I NEED HELP!!!

    Ok. So iv'e been playing EXILE on the new ArmA DLC, apex, on a Legion gaming server for a bout a week now. Iv'e had no problems with it until the new exile update, and i'm getting this error message every time I try to load into the server: "no entry bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/WeaponSlotsInfo.scope" , and after I click on close, I get kicked off the server, back to the arma menu screen. If anyone knows the source of this error, better yet, how to fix it, i'd love help! The server is: LEGION EXILE Tanoa |1.62RC|All New Gear|Sneak Peek RC Build| on A3Launcher. The server IP is:
  10. Vendetta NL

    need someone to help me install

    Hi guys right now im running a 3 day trial at Quality Game Servers and im thinking of renting a server but im searching for someone that can help me install all the mods and learn me the ropes a bit . i know how to open and edit pob and config files but when it comes to errors or battle eye filters that i need help with and such. so if anyone out there brave enough to help out than please respond.. PS : dont reply with messages saying keep practicing and not asking for that
  11. Hello! I need help to install mods and scripts to my Arma 3 Exile server. For example Ryan Zombies (3.0) Can someone help me? And I can of course pay for the job! PM me or write to me on steam/Skype Steam: Skype: linuss_23

    How to join a server

    This might be a stupid question but whenever i try to join in a server straight from A3 launcher and i have all the required mods its says kicked from the game i have most of the mods that it has in the A3 launcher. please if you could help i would be delighted to play this mod i saw it from youtube and it was a must have to get.