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Found 20 results

  1. CommanderEagle

    UNP Gaming Recruiting

    We are UNP Gaming.We are a small group on discord that enjoy exile server'sWe looking to build a great community that would strive throughout the years. join the discord:
  2. -Oasis Gaming- is looking for some new faces. We all use to run the server EXP, and that has not gone so well with the owner. So we are here under new management to create a server that will last. EXP had a great community with a terrible staff and we are here to change that and restart from the bottom up. We have a lot of resources to make this server big, we just need the assistance in creating it. If you would like to be apart of the next big thing please do not hesitate to contact me on either steam or on discord. Steam: OGTaken ( Discord: OGTaken#5275 (We are also up for making more then one server, of different variants.)
  3. DarkViper

    [Armax] Exile Community Servers

    Armax Exile Community! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome, dear player! Want to tell you some words about our server! Armax provides realistic style of hardcore, military simulation and survival gameplay. It has much interesting stuff, friendly community and always active admins! We are working hard on our server, every time upgrading it and fixing all appearing bugs! We always listen to our players about possible server improvements and make their dreams come true! Join our server right now and get an unforgettable experience of playing on it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our servers: 1. Armax Exile Altis PvP We have a lot of features and unique stuff on our servers! Use links bellow to know more about our community! Visit our Web Page: Armax Web Page Don't forget to join our Steam Group: Armax Steam Group Come speak with us, we are friendly! : ) Armax Discord Some screenshots from Armax Exile Altis PvP : ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. DeadLifeGaming

    [DLG] Exile Chernarus

    Our server has a pretty fresh sever but already has so many options. We are open to suggestions and feedback. Come check us out to see what Chernarus has to offer. Server details below. On the server we have: -> 150 AI Roaming Air and Ground crews -> 50k Poptabs in bank for fresh players -> AI DayZ Heli Crashes, AI Loot Crates, and AI Missions. -> Custom Military buildings all over the Chernarus Map. -> Custom Loot tables for increased loot and less junk -> Halo Jumps, Status bar at the bottom, deployable bike/quad (free bike, Extension cord needed for quad) -> Cars at spawn points for easier movement around the map -> Tons of cars scattered all over the map -> Day & Night Cycle (Fast Night) (Vote Enabled) -> Virtual Garage -> Extended Base Mod -> Working on fresh content daily with more additions to map -> North American Server! -> Soon to have Cup Vehicles/Weapons
  5. DeadlyForceGaming

    NEW server

    HI we are looking for people to play in in our server (DFG) it is a new server and one of the hardest servers I have played on if you think you have what it takes to survive come and have a go we all so have a discord for you to hang out in you don't have to be playing ARMA to use the discord and if you need anything just ask. we are all so looking for a streamer and some one that will make youtube videos
  6. swizz_chris


    HEY EVERYBODY WE ONLY HAVE A CHERNARUS SERVER NOW COME CHECK THAT ONE OUT!!!! Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend liebe Community, Wir von New Order Gaming möchten euch unseren Server etwas näher bringen und euch diesen kurz und knackig vorstellen, was dieser beinhaltet und in wie fern wir diesen weiter ausbauen möchten. NOGaming exestiert schon seit ca. 3 Jahren und ist eine kleine Spielgemeinschaft aus erfahrenen Spielern. Wir haben uns entschlossen diesen Server zu erstellen um ein einmaliges Spielerlebnis sowie PvP-Erlebnis zu bieten, das ihr nicht so schnell vergessen werdet. Wir möchten euch deshalb herzlich dazu einladen unseren Server zu besuchen. TS³:
  7. {ONYX} Sin {}


    I am looking for help with installing, and getting an Exile Server running with the Jurassic Mod, and Ryans Zombies, I know nothing about setting them up, I've never done it, but I'm tired of the Altis Life mod, if anyone would be willing to help, any help is appreciated
  8. alehN

    [ARG] Exile Tanoa

    Some our features Bandit traders Custom Xm8 apps Code lock grinding Custom Missions Custom standalone loot system Custom Vehicles DMS Missions Player scan Private messaging Safe lock picking Thermal Scanning 30 Min timeout Virtual Garage Hack System Virtual Garage Custom Loot ,Building and Position in Radiation Zone New isle active to play
  9. UG-Community

    [UG-C] Arma 3 Exile Server

    Our strenght is the coordination with our community. In the forum you can vote about new content or balancing of guns etc. Of course you can use our forum as a communicative platform too! We offer you a high quality server which is located in Germany with a bandwith of 1Gbit. Our server specs: - Intel Xeon with 10 Cores @ 2.2Ghz - 1TB SSD space - 50 GB of RAM We have active admins on our teamspeak where you can get your personal and individual support for our gameserver. Watch your back! Greetings, the Unlimited-Gaming-Community
  10. Incestrial Equality

    Small Youtuber Server..

    Hey guys, sorry if I put this in the wrong place but, I'm currently creating a server that will (hopefully) be 'immersive' or kinda 'roleplay'. I want Exile to be like ArmA II DayZ and DayZ SA in the way of loot spawns, as in guns mainly spawn at military places and towns can only get pistols and maybe a lee enfield. I also want it to be a server that can help Youtubers, i.e set up scripted stuff like in Frankie's videos or what not. This doesn't mean you have to be a Youtuber to play on the server I was just stating I would be more than happy to help you make awesome videos. I want to know what you guys think of my idea of the 'loot table' and I would also really appreciate it if you guys had any suggestions on what to add to the server to make it more immersive or whatever ideas you had (mods or anything). The server will be hosted in Brisbane, Australia, and I will post the other server details when its open. Thank you for your time. Regards, Incestrial
  11. Hi, I just created a new Exile Server. I used the following instructions : Link to the Guide Everything has worked out well so far. But when they connect to the server I get the following error: bambi creation timeout I've read a lot but unfortunately after 8 hours I need help. My RTP Log My Server Log I have Testet strict mode all of this: Datenbase is: MySQL 5.7 And is Running Fine. Before i change the Strict Mode i Stop the SQL and than i start agian. On the Server run Only Exile and ExileServer. NO More Mods Does somebody still have an idea?
  12. I am willing to offer assistance with new installations on Windows Dedicated servers no VPS servers as I will not be responsible for poor performance on those. Send me a PM and we can talk about it. I have my servers running error free and everything works so I'm a bit bored so lets see who we can get going!
  13. jd004g

    [UK/EU] Exiled Bandits | PvP

    Exiled Bandits is a fun pvp server where every playstyle is welcome. We have DMS which is a missions system, we like to have almost no scripts to keep it as lag free as possible. We have 1 admin and 1 moderator at the moment. So would you like to play on a server thats just starting out and doesnt haev alot of players on then join ours!
  14. So I have just created a new Tanoa server and would love to get some players in to enjoy it, just search UEX in A3, its got high loot, 25k start, friendly admins and other free starting gifts.
  15. Stuwey95

    [NWG] NEW Altis Exile Server

    NightsWatchGaming's Arma 3 Exile Server With the server less than 2 weeks old and recently wiped, we guarantee a fresh and fair start to all members. We're currently working with a 30 slot server at the moment, we can/will improve it if we see interest in the server! Features of [NWG]'s Arma 3 Exile: - New/Fresh server. - 30,000 Starting Poptabs in your locker to help you get on your feet. - Locker storage increased from 10,000 to 50,000 (Helps new players get on their feet easier) - Active and fair admins. - No modifications other than Exile. - DMS Static and Dynamic Mission scripts. - Deploy Bike Script. - Public TeamSpeak - Need a room for you and your guys? Not a problem! - Website for you to suggest scripts to be implemented / changed. *We do listen, and we do out best to accommodate changes the server will enjoy* More content coming constantly, be it map changes, additional script or something else we have in the works! With members from Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, America and Sweden, you don't need to worry about time zones being a massive problem here! Background behind the community NWG is a new community consisting of 10-12 players starting from the ground up after leaving a server due to admins abusing their powers. We decided to make our own community and give players an enjoyable and fair experience as best we possibly can. The server, website and TeamSpeak are all set up, and we're just looking for players to fill out slots! If anything above interests you, or you're looking for more information you can contact us on any of the following: Steam - | That's my steam account (A Steam group will be made soon!) TeamSpeak - | Website - | I hope to see you on the server soon! Happy Hunting, Stuart Walton ~ Head Admin / Public Relations (Apparently )
  16. ExixeGaming

    [EXIXE][TP]Exile Chernarus

    Latest New: A Big Prize Event is Coming in Exixe Gaming Server ! Big Prize: 1 Arma 3 Apex DLC! 1 Arma 3 DLC Bundle ! Come and join us this sunday evening (05.06.2016) and you will be the winner one of the big prize !For further information go to TS ! Hello survivors, we have set up a new Chernarus Exile Server. We are not using VPS so there is no FPS or Latency problem in our server. Our admins are active and mature. We hope to meet you at our server! Server IP: [EXIXE][TurkProjesi]|Revive|Virtual Garage|DMS|ZCP|Halo Jump|Customized Craftables Mods required: Ryanzombies, RZInfection_for_Exile, CUP Terrains - Maps, CUP Terrains - Core, Exile Server Features: 60 Player Slots 4 Hour Restarts Custom Spawn Points Mature Active Admins High FPS High Loot High Quality Custom Map Content Capture Missions Custom AI Missions Custom Mission at Island with big rewards! 25+ AI Customized Trade Zones Black Market Traders (no Safe Zone) Armored Vehicles Armed Vehicles (only in Black Market) Customized Craftables Admin Events Base Raiding and Hacking Customized XM8apps such as Recipe Maker, Player Stats, Airdrop Caller Revive your friend Screenshots: [EXIXE] CommunityWebsite:[EXIXE] The Lost: Introduction Video
  17. Agent 47

    Looking for players

    Hello everyone, my name is agent 47 and I was hoping for someone to read this. I have a fully modified exile server and its just me playing lol. I need new players and regulars, so if your looking for a brand spanking new server to make your mark please join me in my server. Search "The Agency" (without the quotation marks). Please I am getting bored out of my mind playing by myself, also if anyone knows of any more AI missions for me to add and a towing script and or suggestions for the server please speak up I promise I wont bite....much lol. Hope to see you soon.
  18. Hi guys! I host a server at my location to benefit player at my country and near by players, cos not much server we can join without getting kick(PING) I just want to ask here as a player what are the things you guys looking for on Exile server, best to tell me the name of the add-on or any others, I already have have idea like build a AI city like good old dayz or something, but the namalsk map its not that big, but I just give a start here, maybe you can share with me something? thanks a lot!!!
  19. Hello i am mint! I Recently have ordered a Exile Server with a friend. I am in the process of setting it all up and we are in need of staff to make the process of creating our community a lot quicker. The server is setup currently on Esseker. I have added a few addons here and there still looking for more. We have not yet come up with a good name for the Community/Server still thinking, everyday! I thought it would be awesome if i could find some people who are experienced with Exile who could help out, as witch i am not. I do have experience with scripting, but a little rusty. If there is anyone who is interested in joining a new community and looking to start something big and awesome! Just tell your age below and what you are experienced with and how long have you been working with arma 3 servers and or if you are good with HTML/Websites Thank you If you would like to add my steam here is the link and my skype. Skype: forever.night2 Steam: