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Found 6 results

  1. Mullen

    Mullens-Servers | Exile

    The Server is new and in OPEN Beta, meaning i need you guys to play the mission and let me know how it feels You will need to have "Cup Terrains Core" and "Cup Terrains Maps" Because this server is running Chernarus. just use the A3Launcher to join the server. Your feed back is important to me. if you feel like you have any ideas on how this server could be improved please jump in teamspeak or discord and let me know. Server Feature: Ai Missions, Custom Military Barracks, More Features comming soon!
  2. Zerion


    Hallo, wir sind ein neuer Server der sein Hauptaugenmerk auf den Spielspaß legt! Wir wollen zusammen Kämpfen, Bauen, Wirtschaften und Spaß haben, dafür haben wir auch ein Forum gemacht sodass ihr euch auf den Aktuellen Stand halten könnt. Neben einer Reihe sehr interessanter Mods die das Spiel erweitern sind auch die Admins immer für euch da ein Reifes Team was zu jeder Situation rat weiß. Kommt und schaut vorbei wenn es euch gefällt spielt mit uns! Horst Gaskante
  3. TheDoctor63

    SilentStalkers, ExileAltis

    This is a new server, checking out how popular Exile still is. I am rarely, if ever, able to find a server that I feel is running the mods that are most interesting to me. When I do, it is either monetized or already packed out with grief style players. I love pvp, love pve.. Love to kill for hours and then kick back and craft while I settle in. I do not love grief style players lol. There are very few rules here, but that is one of them. Do not Grief other players unless you enjoy a 10 fold ROI. (that means 10x return on investment, or "they send one of yours to the hospital, you send 10 of theirs to the morgue"). If you feel froggy, jump on in for a bit. BE WARNED, Zeds are off the chain insane.. as is their loot drops.. and the AI can play Marching Through Georgia with a 9mm on a dinner bell at 200m... So no one lives very long at any one time. Life isn't something we are suppose to escape from alive.
  4. Hey Exile Community Me and my brother bought the game a year back and have been trying on and off to get our own server running. we have tried multiple times, never been able to see the server, in the browser or anything.. But now we finally got a server running with exile, all the vendors are working properly. xm8 app and all the exile funtions are seems to be working now. we tried installing DMS, and occupations, for missions and roaming ai, but we cant seem to get them working. And we cant find any solotion and we have hit rock bottom now, we got a big server with loot and guns, But nothing to shoot at, no life at all other than the traders and us pretty lonely i've loaded both the pbo files from DMS and occupations like in the instrutions, which are faily simple, But no ai are spawning and no missions are starting. Would really appreciate any help or suggestions, have searched google to the bottom and cant seem to find any fix for us. We are really new to all this sql stuff, And are pretty proud that we got this far tbh, but this seems far beyond our knowledge, and we just need this last step for it to be complete. it would be a dream come true. If u need any kind of logs, screenshots etc. just ask for it and ill send it. we have used heidiSQL ,Xammp , Tadst. To make the server and bohemia interactive binPBO to pack the PBO Files. Really hope some of u guys have a solution for this, we are so close to have our dream server, and been struggling for i dont know how long.. Kindly Regards Ecukan And Zolid -Ps sorry if this is the wrong section or something, but we are pretty confused at this moment..
  5. satt1ks


    Young server on very good hardware in datacenter
  6. cdc_divinity

    =VGB= Chernarus Wiped 5/24!

    This is a newly formed server looking for new players, the theme is you are part of a rebel force fighting for your land back that the russians have taken over. there is roaming ai in russian urals, rg33's, and uaz's. All ai are in russian uniforms, have russian weaponry, etc. loot boxes contain all types of guns from assault rifles, sniper rifles, and strelas and stingers on rare occasions. launchers are not sold at vendors but the ammo is. this is a pvp server with one rule. survive. there are invading russians everywhere, but theyre not the only thing you have to worry about, other rebels are in the are and they may not be as friendly as you think. either team up with them, or eliminate each other. no base building within 1km of any military installation, custom military bases will be added in at a later date and any changes to the map will be in the change log on our website. we welcome all players. check the server out, admins are active, and no admin abusing will be taken place at anytime.