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Found 30 results

  1. Ryan N

    Tango Down ExileZ Chernarus

    Tango Down wishes to bring an interesting ExileZ experience to the community, we have made a pretty highly customised server using only the best community made scripts here are some of the additions our server has to offer: DMS Mission System - Generated Mission System Exile Occupation - Roaming AI, AI patrols and AI captured Towns XM8 Apps - All XM8 Apps have been added to the server Gear Creates and Helicopter Crashes - Lightly AI Guarded give great opportunity to get some gear early on Increased Locker Space to 150000000 for those big spenders amongst the community 20,000 Poptab starting money - allows people to get geared up and stuckin' as fast as possible Cheaper Families allowing people to group up permanently for cheaper and in the future move on to a base Trader Mod - All four RHS packs gives the players plenty of fancy weapons and gear to choose from, NIArms and HAP for interesting attire Tanks and Jets - We have added tanks and jets into the server to create a very militarised server though it would take some time to grind for one, tanks allow people to 'have at it' though they are not too OP as to obliterate the server and all its population they can easily be destroyed or disabled this could potentially create some interesting group battles. Things to be added soon: - Advanced Towing - Loading objects into vehicles e.g. weapon create, supply boxes etc - Player Revie System What Mods are used? Though the mod pack is subject to slight change we usually just use the following mods: @ExileMod @CUP Terrains - Core @Chernarus Redux @CBA_A3 @RHSGREF @RHSAFRF @RHSSAF @RHSUSAF @HAP @NIArms All in One @Enhanced Movement @Advanced Urban Rappelling @DS Houses @Zombies and Demons Tango Down only wishes to create a pleasant server for the community to play on the rules are quite relaxed and are really geared towards fluid gameplay, suggestions can be made for things to be added to the server to improve the gameplay and equally, things that are too OP or just boring or pointless can be removed and replaced. If you have any questions please feel free to join the Discord server it is free after all From Tango Down to any potential players we welcome you to come and check out our server!
  2. [BHT] Hawk

    Black Hornet Tactics Altis

    Addons/Server features: *Server Restarts alle 6 Stunden *Roaming and Mission KI *Zombies *Mods: EXILE, Extended base mod, Ryans Zombies, NIArms Complete, Enhanced Movement, Task Force Radio *XM8 Apps (view distance, customizable statsbar, crafting) *Voller Tag/Nacht Zyklus mit kürzerer Nacht *Dynamische Missionen *PVP (Tötet euch wie ihr wollt, aber behaltet stets einen freundlichen Ton) *Revive per Defibrillator *3rd Person View nur in Fahrzeugen *Survival | Hardcore Der Server ist am 01.10.2018 neu aufgesetzt worden. Es gibt aktive Admins und Änderungen werden zeitnah eingepflegt (Wir haben aber alle Jobs, zeitnah heißt also nicht sofort). Neue Spieler starten mit 5k in der Bank. Für eine stete Herausforderung sorgen die Überall auf der Karte spawnenden Zombies. Die Zombies spawnen in geringer Anzahl in Spielernähe, in mittlerer Anzahl in Städten und zufällig auch als Horde. Roaming KI erzeugt ein realistischeres Gefühl. Wir fügen regelmässig neue Inhalte hinzu und sind auch offen für Vorschläge.
  3. IDKoba

    Blank Spaces In Server Trader

    ive just installed NI Arms and CBA on my server but when i go to the weapons trader there is lots of blank spaces but all NI Arms weapons are there and buyable

    ExileEU Free Beer:

    Exile EU host fun servers with admin that do not abuse their we are too old to even be bothered with that type shit we play for fun & have a laugh whilst doing so. Our servers are not home servers and have a true 1GBs upload & Download throughput as well as not being a shared box like with hosting companies, our servers are also powerful and located in Datacenters so your experience should be a good one.
  5. Batu786

    Coyote-Exile TANOA

    We have spend hundreds of hours to make this server unique. Creative world in which you have to survive against other players and zombies! Custom Trade Zones Missions to keep you entertained! Custom Apps to make your in-game life much easier! Make teams and meet new people!! FEATURES: - 60 Slots!!! - Zombies. - Base Building. - Reworked Tanoa Map (all Buildings have loot). - Custom Military Bases. - More than 30 Missions. - Extended Base Building. - Town invasions. - Capture Points. - NIArms All In One. - TRYKS Gear. - Vehicle Claim. - Spawn Lead-out. - Spawn at Territory. - Spawn Quadbike. - Hacking. - Crate Loading + Pickup. - Virtual Garage. - Friendly and Helpful Admins. - Keeping server lag to a minimum. - Militarized. - Loot+ (Gear your self up from scratch in minutes)!! - Custom Loot. - Heli Crashes. +More custom scripts coming soon.

    ExileEU Free Nuts ChernarusRedux

    Exile EU host fun servers with admin that do not abuse their we are too old to even be bothered with that type shit we play for fun & have a laugh whilst doing so. Our servers are not home servers and have a true 1GBs upload & Download throughput as well as not being a shared box like with hosting companies, our servers are also powerful and located in Datacenters so your experience should be a good one.
  7. DarkViper98

    [Online] *Armax Exile Napf PvP*

    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to Armax Exile Napf PvP! Visit our Web Page: Join our Steam Group: Join our Discord: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome, dear player! Want to tell you some words about our server! Armax provides realistic style of hardcore, military simulation and survival gameplay. It has much interesting stuff, friendly community and always active admins! We are working hard on our server, every time upgrading it and fixing all appearing bugs! We always listen to our players about possible server improvements and make their dreams come true! Join our server right now and get an unforgettable experience of playing on it! DarkViper, Server Owner/Head Admin _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our server is using the following mods: *Exile Mod* *CBA_A3* *CUP Terrains – Core* *CUP Terrains – Maps* *Napf Island A3* *CUP Vehicles* *CUP Weapons* *CUP Units* *Enhanced Movement* *Extended_Base_Mod* _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We have a lot of features on our server: *We often hold a lot of different events on the server!* *We constantly improve our server!* *Server has its own economy!* *Custom-made map, secret locations, military zones in each spawn zone!* *Tanks, APCs, Combat Helicopters, Planes!* *Rocket launchers available at armory trader!* *New awesome custom trader zones!* *A lot of weapons by CUP available at trader!* *Mission systems like DMS, ZCP, Roaming AI!* *+ 10 Custom-Made Dynamic missions!* *Pay due notifications!* *Mobile XM8 Support to receive notifications about base raid!* *Enigma Revive System! You can revive you team mates using Defibrillator!* *Anti-Theft System! Noone can steal your vehicle in the Trader Zone!* *Dynamic Weather! It’s changed randomly by the server, making the game more atmospheric!* *Vehicle claiming! You can claim ownership of any non-persistent vehicle, using a Сode Lock!* *Vector Building! You can rotate your base objects in any direction!* *Service Points! You can Repair/Rearm your vehicle!* *Base Respawn! You can Respawn in your own territory every 5 minutes!* *A lot of apps for XM8 like *StatsBar*, *BRAmaRecipes*, *CHVD* and more!* *Sling Loading, Rope Towing, Helicopter Rappeling and Urban Rappeling!* *R3F System. You can load a crate into a vehicle and sell it on the Trader Zone!* *Kill Messages System! Shows information about kills on the screen!* *And much more!* _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our server has the following rules: General Rules: Ignorance of the server rules does not absolve you from liability! A player breaking the rules is not an excuse for you to break the rules! Accusing someone for breaking any of the server rules, always needs to be backed up by video or screenshot proof! Severity of the punishment for breaking server rules is decided by the Head Admin! False accusations towards players or admins will result in a permanent ban! Never tell an admin what to do, we make decisions ourselves! Impersonating admins will result in a permanent ban! Admin decisions are final! No Hacking, Scripting, Glitching, you will be permanently banned! No Exploiting, Duping, Grieving, you also will be permanently banned! No Racism, Nationalism, Sexual comments, Health threats or Life insults! No Combat Logging! No Bug using! Trader Zone Rules: No Shooting, Blowing, or making any loud noise! No stealing any stuff that is not yours! No ramming vehicles! No vehicles inside the trader and near the traders! No destruction of trader objects! No destruction of vehicles! No blocking players or using any way of trolling! No leaving a crate within a trader zone! No PvP within 750 meters of the Trader Zone! No camping! Side-Chat Rules: No racist, vulgar, and mental/physical based comments! No offensive or humiltaing comments! No disputing! No voice in Side-Chat! Building Rules: A base, breaking any of these rules, will be deleted! No building in millitary zones! No building in cities/towns/villages! No building on any roads! You can use single buildings such as houses/barns/sheds! No placing a base flag into any object! No sky-base building! No flying bases! No building within 1500 meters of a trader zone! No building within 1250 meters of a spawn-zone! No building within 1000 meters of a contaminated zone! No building within 750 meters of a cement mixer! No building within 500 meters of a boat trader! Compensation Rules: No compensation without screenshot or video proof! Compensation is only possible if you lost your stuff due to Arma 3 or Server Bug! No compensation in other cases! Conclusion: Respect Admins and players! Be friendly and try to talk to other players now and then! Play fair! Send suggestions to Head Admin about possible server improvements! Report to Head Admin if you have found a bug! Always ask your question in-game or in discord if you have one! Contact Head Admin to get free group channel on discord! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How to join our server? The best and easiest way to connect to our server and start playing is using A3Launcher! It will automatically download all required mods! 1. Download A3Launcher from here: *A3Launcher* 2. Make the installation! 3. Open A3Launcher, type “Armax” in server searching line! 4. Click ► and A3Launcher will download all server’s mods! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Join our server right now and test all our features yourself!* Enjoy playing!
  8. metta.

    Changed to Redux

    Come in and try it for yourself! All INFO can be found in our Discord. Any question you may have just message @MettaPlays
  9. DirtyRick

    ODB Exile

    Old Dirty Bastards is a new exile community! We are a group of players who have been playing exile together for about 2 years. We have played on many servers, and gathered what we like and what others like, and molded it into something of our own. We have fair and active admins who's only concern is helping the server's population. We listen to the players and let them decide what happens in the server as far as scripts, mods, and price changes. We are running Chernarus Redux, NIArms, CUP's, TRYK, Adv Repelling, DS Houses, and Extended base mod. Server is hosted in Canada in a optimal location to allow to great ping for US players and EU players. Militarized fully, jets are included, although they cost more than full locker size of 1m Lockers are meant to be over filled, this is to give raiding a purpose other than stealing gear. 30m build height Spawn Quad Hack/Grind ZCP and DMS with custom loot and vehicles Heli crashes and gear crates VG Base paint and vector New trader interface giving traders a fresh new look Custom traders, and custom military bases added in around the map with continual development Players can vote on the forums to add or remove/adjust in game features! Loot++ Stop by and check us out!
  10. DarkViper

    [Armax] Exile Community Servers

    Armax Exile Community! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome, dear player! Want to tell you some words about our server! Armax provides realistic style of hardcore, military simulation and survival gameplay. It has much interesting stuff, friendly community and always active admins! We are working hard on our server, every time upgrading it and fixing all appearing bugs! We always listen to our players about possible server improvements and make their dreams come true! Join our server right now and get an unforgettable experience of playing on it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our servers: 1. Armax Exile Altis PvP We have a lot of features and unique stuff on our servers! Use links bellow to know more about our community! Visit our Web Page: Armax Web Page Don't forget to join our Steam Group: Armax Steam Group Come speak with us, we are friendly! : ) Armax Discord Some screenshots from Armax Exile Altis PvP : ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Scarat

    [DNR] Community ExileZ Tanoa

    Willkommen bei der [DNR] MG Community! Wer wir sind: Wir sind der mit Abstand am meisten durchwürfelte Haufen, den man im Internet finden kann. Würfelt man sieben Mal, erhält man sieben verschiedene Ergebnisse, weil sich beim letzten Wurf noch eines der kleinen Blättchen des Würfels löst und dadurch eine 7 erscheint. Spaß steht bei uns an aller höchster Stelle und wird nie vernachlässigt. Obgleich wir versuchen, erfolgreich aus Spaß eine wettbewerbsfähige Truppe zu stellen, scheitern wir mangels Talent, Skill oder einfach nur Lust, sich mit irgendwelchen Faggots zu messen, obwohl wir wissen, dass wir die Coolsten sind. Seht ihr! Macht ja eigentlich auch keinen Sinn. Lieber suchen wir in internen Wettkämpfen, die wir mit externem Frischfleisch nähren, nach dem größten Spaßbold unter den Spaßbolden. Wer wir sind, ist ja nun schon mal klar. Wer mehr von uns wissen möchte, der darf uns gerne besuchen kommen. Jeder, der sich uns anschließt, hat wahrscheinlich seine eigene Meinung und Intention, warum er dies tut. Meine Absicht, weshalb ich damals diesen Clan gegründet habe war, dass ich gerne zocke. Spaß am gemeinsamen Spielen ist unsere Orientierung, aber auch die Aktivitäten neben dem Zocken werden hier groß geschrieben. Gemeinsames Besuchen von Spielemessen und Events, Clantreffen, Unterstützung bei der Jobsuche uvm.. Man könnte fast sagen, dass wir füreinander sorgen wie eine Familie. Wir sind wie die Mutter ohne Brust! Integriert man sich bei uns, dann lernt man dieses Gefüge zu schätzen. Deshalb unser Slogan - "More than a Team" Ihr habt noch mehr Fragen zu uns? Dann kommt doch einfach auf den TS! Wir beißen nicht (zumindest nicht grundlos)!
  12. Scarat

    [DNR] Community - ExileZ Server

    Arma 3 - ExileZ Community Server Nun haben wir ein weiteres Großprojekt für unsere Community erstellt.Alle Member und geladene Gäste haben Zugriff auf diesen Server und können exklusiv einen einzigartigen Exile Server besuchen!
  13. Simplific

    KSG Exile Panthera

    King Shit Gaming is a new and upcoming militarized Arma 3 Exile. Still under active development, new features are being added and changed every day. Join our Discord server to learn more, join our community, or to come hang out. We are open to suggestions and are looking to further improve our server for the enjoyment of our players. Our server features Capture Points, Missions, Virtual Garage, and a host of other features. Discord: Required Mods: Exile Mod Cup Terrains - Core Island Panthera 3.7 RHSUSAF RHSAFRF RHSGREF CBA_A3 Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Urban Sling Loading Anti-Materiel Rifle 25 KKiv Model 2035 TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms Pack 0.9.4b TRYK Multiplay-Uniform Fix Hollow's Vehicle Pack Extended_Base_Mod ASDG JR NIArsenal
  14. RedneckRabbit

    Cage kicker [C|K]

    Cage Kicker is a PVE server that hosts Tanoa. With our community just being born, we are looking forward to meeting new players who are interested in PVE! Our main goal currently is to take feedback and apply it, all suggestions are welcome! -About us- With our server being PVE, the actions of flag stealing and hotwire are disabled. Currently vehicles spawn quite frequently around, opening opportunity for easy tabs. -Mods- R3f Logistics|Advanced Towing|CUP (Weapons and vehicles)|Enhanced movement|BAF Vehicles|NIArms|RHS GREF|RHS SAF|RHS USAF|Zombies & Demons| -Other- Exad (Virtual Garage, View Distance, Journal, Server info, AI Unit Scanner, Statsbar)|Vehicle Protection -Rules- Not allowed- PVP, Harassment, building in roads/cities, stealing/base raids, mission stealing. Allowed- Mission claiming via side chat/map marker, Vehicle replacement (If proof is provided, such as a video)
  15. kuplion

    [FPS] Exile Malden

    ## Exile on Malden!! If you're looking for a well run, fun, and fair Malden server, check out FriendlyPlayerShooting. We've been hosting Arma servers for nearly 5 years, starting waaaaay back with Arma2: DayZ Mod, then DayZ SA, and most recently Arma3 ExileMod. We're an easy going bunch of guys who admin fair and take a bullet well. ## FEATURES: Roaming AI / AI Vehicles Multiple Missions PVP Capture Points Crash Sites With loot Guarded Random Loot Crates 10K Starting Poptabs SpawnZone Cooldowns (15 minutes) Sell crates at WasteDump Trader Full bounty system. Set bounties, take out contracts, hunt down your target! Custom Kill Feed (shows Weapon, Scope, and a rough location - Great for PVP!) Attach Chemlights to your body (Great for when you don't have NVG!) Claim Vehicles with a Code Lock (Anything that's not already owned!) Custom Randomised Spawn Uniform Loadout (Never spawn with the same clothes again. Randomised each spawn!!) Radiation Zone replaced with Infected Zone, with hardcore zombies and top tier loot (No gasmasks needed, just balls of steel!!) Ship Wrecks spawn randomly each restart with up to 50000 Poptabs (and other loot). Grab a boat/sub and go do some plundering!! Building Height Restrictions (30m) NO MORE COCK TOWERS!! Territory Payment Due Date notifications so you never miss a payment Accelerated Night Time so you get several days/nights per server restart ## FIXES: Fixes for weapon attachment duping (No more infinite scopes!!!) Vehicle Protection (from Arma bugs on server restart) Several custom scripts to fix Arma/Exile issues like wonky/exploding crates and vehicles Fixed Weapon Attachment Compatibility ## QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENTS: Increased Toast time so you can actually read them Customisable Stats Bar (and XM8 config app) Custom View Distance (via XM8 app) Streaming / Recording Toggle - Hides GUI (via XM8 app) ## SERVER PING AND RESTART TIMES: Three hour restarts = 12, 3, 6, 9, 12.. GMT Server locks 15 minutes before each restart to prevent data loss The ping limit is 250
  16. mikekozowsky

    Added mod loot not spawning

    Hi there, im a having some issues whit loot spawns, specificly mod loot. the rest spawns just fine. If added NiArms and CUP Weapons and both never spawn. Here are my files: If you know anyway of getting it to spawn i will be very gratefull!
  17. mikekozowsky

    Cannot add NiArms to loot table??

    Hello there, if been having some problems whit my loot table. i am trying to add NiArms Complete and if added every class name to my loot table, if use the generator etc. but i cannot get it to spawn, ive been trying for like 5-6 hours now so i figured i would ask what im doing wrong. Here is my config.cpp out of my exile_server_config.pbo: I am willing to give a small payment by paypal. ~Sebastian
  18. 1Vincent Van Goat

    GOAT Exile Malden

    Seeing the many possibilities which a new map such as Malden can offer we here at GOAT have launched the very first Exile server for the map to mark our return to the Exile hosting scene. At GOAT we have customised our servers to the max, while retaining the survival aspect of Exile. Unlike many other customised servers who give many “benefits” to their players, such as very high start cash amounts and low shop prices among other things, we have chosen not to do such things as we believe having a customised server does not mean we need to compromise on gameplay experience. That being said, we have an extremely friendly group of admins, of whom one is always available on the server or our discord if you ever encounter any issues or just want to ask a question. Furthermore, we run events every second day on our servers, EU and NA, which vary from plane races to Pawnee death matches to actual death matches in purpose built arenas. Some of our 25+ scripts include: Ai Missions, Customised Traders, Spawn Bike, A wide range of XM8 Apps, A way to mute ambient sounds, Grinding And Hacking and capture points. The reason for choosing this combination is simple, Quality. Niarms, for example, is praised widely for its accurate ballistics modelling along with great sounds and weapon quality while MAS Vehicles takes the best vehicles from ARMA 2 and makes them even better, updating them to ARMA 3 standards and beyond.
  19. Guten morgen gemeinde habe jetzt vor 2 tagen den niarms mod auf meinen server hoch geladen (erst niarms reupload) aus steam musste dann feststellen, dass wenn die clients den gleichen mod geladen haben sie die MG42 und nochn paar andere waffen nicht sehen können... dann meinte einer ich solle niarms complete nehemen. kein problem habe ich gemacht. jetzt sind auch wirklich alle waffen da (beide mods habe ich bei steam aus dem workshop) aber es ist offensichtlich dass einige waffen von niarms den serverrestart nicht überleben und somit IMMER weg sind und es scheinen auch immer die selben zu sein welche betroffen sind (wie z.b. auch die MG42, zufall?) das selbe betrifft aber auch z.b. die M21(RIS) <-- für m14/mk18 fans ist das ein geiles teil^^ ist mir im prinziep egal ich geb mir einfach ne neue über infi, aber die anderen gucken halt in die röhre was ja doof ist, habe darauf hin nochmal geschaut ob da noch mods benötigt werden aber bis auf CBA_A3 steht da nix geschrieben und das habe ich durch CUP eh drauf. nun wollte ich fragen ob die probleme allgemein bekannt sind oder ob man da noch was braucht damit das nicht auftritt. des weiteren habe ich von meinen spielern erfahren dass es AUG's gibt die man in keinen waffenslot ziehen kann^^'
  20. ]TPG[ Spectre

    ]TPG[ TotalPunishmentGaming EXIL

    TPG was started on April 20, 2008 and originated as a Steam Clan that hosted servers for and focused on playing FPS games through Steam, like Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source. In 2012, we expanded our gaming genres to include any and all games that our Community enjoys, from RTS's to MMORPG's. We're all about fun, so feel free to hop on our forums, chat with us on TeamSpeak and join us in whatever game it is we're playing! Recently we have sought to revive our previous Exile Server. We prided ourselves in having one of the best Chernarus economies which helped us maintain a healthy Exile Community for over a year! Now TPG Exile is back and we aim to accomplish the same goal! From extensive testing of applications and careful configuration for pricing, rich with quality chosen mods, we are ready to pick up right where we left off. Our Features: DMS Missions A3 Exile Occupation (Roaming AI/Hunter AI/Town Occupation/Trader Helicopter Transport/Vehicle Patrols) ZCP Capture Points (PVP BattleZones) InstaDoc Hotkey (BackSpace) Enhanced Movement Advanced Towing Advanced Rappelling Advanced Sling Towing / Helicopter Towing Vehicles $999,999 Locker Cap Radiation Zones ExAd Virtual Garage ExAd Core ExAd StatusBar ExAd XM8 ExAd BRAma Recipes (Craft Book) ExAd Apoc's Airdrop ExAd Bike Deploy ExAd View Distance Settings ExAd Personal Base Markers ExAd Journal Base Height restriction to 30 meters (about 5 stories) Enigma Revive System Gas Station Economy Rearm Laptop Hacking Locked Door Grinding 3 Server Restarts Our Mods: CBA Exile Enhanced Movement CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps Open Chernarus Project NIArms - Complete RHSUSAF RHSAFRF FHQ Accessories TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms We look forward to seeing you out in Exile, and look forward to your contribution as part of the community to keep the server healthy and strong!
  21. ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Chernarus\TRADERS\NIA\ItemListNIA.hpp, line 8: /CfgExileArsenal/: 'c' encountered instead of '{' this is what its saying ^ here is a pic of the file
  22. ZZK-Gaming

    NiARMS with Apex [Loottables]

    Hello, someone have a Loottable for Tanoa with NIARMS Weapon? I try this with the but he say me he can not find Food or Trash...:/ can anyone share me your Loottables with NIARMS Weapon? i can give you the class name for all weapons. have a nice day ^^
  23. Jmaster

    [US] SpearheadGaming Hardcore

    Spearhead Gaming proudly presents: Hardcore Exile Bornholm. We have gone back to our roots and used the features and mods that made our server great. If you are looking for a first person server we are it. Spearhead has active mods who are fair and impartial. We conduct admin events on a regular basis, missions include DMS and VEMF. We have a great selection of weapons and vehicles from CUP, NIarms, and Sabre Aircraft. Prices are balanced and along with custom loot tables which makes game play challenging but fun. Combine this with a great community which has its roots in milsim and an active dev team and you get the best hardcore server out there. Come by and try us out….. Join through steam or download our collection: Fourm: Screenshots:
  24. Adam Kadmon

    Advanced Warfare

    AWG is a group of Arma 3/Exile enthusiasts that have hosted communities in the past and are combining efforts to bring players a unique experience with all of our skills and background. This is for the players. Required Mods: RHS: GREF RHS: USAF RHS: AFRF NIARMS COMPLETE TRYK UNIFORMS ARMA ENHANCED MOVEMENT CBA JBAD ISLA DUALA CUP TERRAINS Optional Mods: JSRS4 Features: Server Menu Advanced Towing Crate Pickup/Load/Sell Roaming AIs Custom Missions Deploy Quad High Loot Private Chat Player Scan Remote CCTV Extended Base Raid Virtual Garage ZCP Base Paint Base Hacking Halo/Parachute No Lock-on Launchers No Thermal No Respect Required to Purchase Items Respect Requirement for Base Upgrade Respect Based Clothing Loadouts The server is in continuous evolution adding new feature and tweaking the existing ones! Come check us out, if you need any help feel free to join our discord!
  25. [RG] Salutesh

    Exile Taunus Project

    The Exile Taunus Project aims at customizing and expanding the gameplay content and possibilities of the Exile Mod on the X-Cam Taunus map with various additions. This mod includes the current workshop version of the X-Cam Taunus Map so there is no need to download the map again if you subscribe the Exile Taunus Mod. Thanks to the X-Cam Taunus Team for there support! Please note that the mod and the server content is still in development and we are working hard to expand your gameplay experience on this great Map. Additional Required Mods: CUPs Terrains Complete 1.2.0: Exile Mod 1.0.2: The X-Cam Taunus Map is a project by X-Cam Taunus Dev-Team. The Exile Mod is a project by Exile Mod Team. Server Setup: Server is hosted in Dortmund (Germany) Server Up- and Download Speed: Download: 678.69 Mbps Upload: 855.04 Mbps Intel Core i7-4790k (4 x 4,0 GHz) Processor Server is runing on SSD-Drive Server Plan: Maintenance is planed every wednesday at 6pm Server restarts every 3 hours. Planed content updates/fixes at every maintenance.