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Found 1 result

  1. DattoSSS

    extDB2: No Config Option Found: exile

    Hello everyone I have rented a server from Wombat and have added the latest Exile files. I am new to modding servers so I have used the forums extensively to solve the incoming issues. My goal is to start with exile.altis as a learning curve, add AI and other addons, then find another custom map thats a bit different to use once I have my head around the script. Anyway I am to the point where the server hangs on 'receiving server version'. Wombat have been very helpful. Management (Javed) actually sat up past 2.30am emailing me and loading the latest C++ redistributable on my database to assist and making sure strict mode was turned off. I have set up the database using exile sql and updated to the latest version. I have also checked the scripts as has Wombat and no connectivity errors could be found with the [exile] section. I have basically tried every fix I could find in the forums. Wombat have suggested there may be an error in the script above [exile] affecting connection. Could you please have a look at the logs and files and see if you could find the error? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Server is Windows and the DB is Linux if that makes a difference. Thanks Command Line: -ip= -port=2382 -noPause -noSound -cpuCount=4 -maxMem=2048 -exThreads=7 -cfg=A3DS\basic.cfg -config=A3DS\server.cfg -profiles=A3DS\Profiles -world=empty -mod=@Exile -servermod=@ExileServer Log: extDB2: Version: 70 extDB2: extDB2: Windows Version Message: All development for extDB2 is done on a Linux Dedicated Server Message: If you would like to Donate to extDB2 Development Message: Message: Also leave a message if there is any particular feature you would like to see added. Message: Thanks for all the people that have donated. Message: Torndeco: 20/02/15 extDB2: Found extdb-conf.ini extDB2: Detected 8 Cores, Setting up 6 Worker Threads [01:18:29:256675 +00:-1] [Thread 65268] extDB2: No Config Option Found: exile [01:18:29:256675 +00:-1] [Thread 65268] extDB2: Sending Shutdown to Armaserver @ExileServer\extdb-conf.ini: [Main] Version = 5 ;Threads = 0 ; Default Value is the number of CPU Cores Detected (max value is 6, min value is 2) Randomize Config File = false ;This is a legacy option to randomize config file for Arma2 Servers. Only for Windows Builds [Rcon] ;; This is functional, should be working fine. Just needs abit of testing on a $ ;; Allow for changing Address for those running server in a VM environment. IP = Port = 3306 ;; Rcon Password i.e Battleye/beserver.cfg Password = *** ;; Bad Player Name Checks ;; This will only work if your mission / mod has started extDB2 Rcon. i.e 9:START_RCON:RCON Bad Playername Enable = true Bad Playername Kick Message = Bad Player Name ;; By default : is a bad character (used as seperator for extDB2 Calls (this is hardcoded in) Bad Playername Strings = (:):{:} ;;Bad Playername Regex_1 = [:alnum:] ;;Bad Playername Regex_2 = [:alnum:] ;;Bad Playername Regex_3 = [:alnum:] ;; Whitelisting / Reserve Slots ;; This will only work if your mission / mod has started extDB2 Rcon. i.e 9:START_RCON:RCON Whitelist Enable = false Whitelist Kick Message = Only Reserved Slots Left Whitelist Public Slots = 999 ;; Database settings to use (Optional) Whitelist Database = exile Whitelist SQL Prepared Statement = SELECT CASE WHEN EXISTS(SELECT UID FROM PlayerInfo WHERE BattlEyeGUID=? AND Whitelisted=1) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END Whitelist Kick on SQL Query Failed = false ;; Hardcoded BEGuids for whitelisted players ;Whitelist BEGuids = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx : yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy [Steam] ;; This is for VAC Protocol for VAC Bans + Steam Friends. ;; API Key = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [VAC] ;; This feature requires Steam + Rcon to be enabled. ;; Also this feature is called via SQF Code atm, i.e it doesn't auto detect players joining server yet.... Auto Ban = false ;; For Player to get banned ( their total VAC Bans => NumberOfVACBans) AND ( Days Since their Last Ban was <= DaysSinceLastBan) ;; This is also used extDB Protocol VAC:VACBanned returned results NumberOfVACBans = 1 DaysSinceLastBan = 999999999 BanDuration = 1 ;; 0 = Forever, otherwise its x Minutes BanMessage = Steam VAC Banned [Log] ;; Flush Logs after each write, more work on Harddrive Flush = true [exile] Type = MySQL Name = BradH1_1 Username = BradH1 Password = *** IP = Port = 3306 minSessions = 2 idleTime = 60 ; Really should only use this if MySQL server is external. Also only for MySQL compress = false ; Recommend you turn this on Secure Auth = true [SQLite_Example] Type = SQLite Name = sqlite.db minSessions = 1 ; minSession Default Value = 1 ;maxSessions = 4 ; maxSession Default Value = number of Main->Threads ; You really should leave this value alone idleTime = 60 ; idleTime no Default Value yet, needs to be defined. ; idleTime is the time before a database session is stopped if not used. ; If Database Sessions are greater than minSessions