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Found 11 results

  1. Tony Lamo

    HELP with spawn

    Hi- I am totally at a loss of what to do. When I spawn into Exile, I am completely overwhelmed with zombies. I might have time to get a gun, but still I will for sure run out of ammo. Is this a bug?? How could anyone possibly survive more than 5 minutes when they just swarm you immediately. Please help. Thank you so much.


    Hey Survivors, are u looking for a brand new exile Server? With the Map Tanoa and not too many Mod´s? Then this is what you are looking for! I have Towing ZCP DMS VEMF Highloot and much mor activated! I am also creating my own DMS Missions! There are already two of them on the server! I hope we see us soon sincerely Jack Garcia Hallo Überlebende, sucht Ihr nach einem Neuen Server? Mit der Karte Tanoa und nicht zu vielen Mods? Dann seit ihr hier genau richtig! Ich habe Towing ZCP DMS VEMF sehr hoher Loot und vieles andere drauf! Und um euch das alles noch atraktiver zu machen, sind bereits 2 selbst erstellte DMS missionen auf dem Server! Ich hoffe wir sehen uns bald euer Jack Garcia
  3. im new to exile and need another person or two to play with, i have a server that ive been enjoying and have a small setup.
  4. BaroN

    Exile NOOB Filter

    Anyone know why these guns are coming up in the noob filter..? Afaik these don't have attachments and they are in the default exile config.cpp... 17:01:00 "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" 17:01:00 "ExileServer - You have added weapons to your server that spawn in with attachments." 17:01:00 "ExileServer - This will allow duping and money farming!" 17:01:00 "ExileServer - To solve this, please remove the following weapons from your loot tables and trader config OR replace them with their non-attachment equivalent:" 17:01:00 "ExileServer - [""arifle_SPAR_02_blk_F"",""arifle_SPAR_02_khk_F"",""arifle_SPAR_02_snd_F""]" 17:01:00 "ExileServer - Example: Use arifle_Katiba_F instead of arifle_Katiba_ACO_pointer_snds_F." Certainly the arma cfg doesn't list them as having attachments. arifle_SPAR_02_blk_F SPAR-16S 5.56 mm (Black) Light Machine Gun 150Rnd_556x45_Drum_Mag_F Caliber: 5.56x45 mm 150Rnd_556x45_Drum_Mag_Tracer_F arifle_SPAR_02_khk_F SPAR-16S 5.56 mm (Khaki) Light Machine Gun 150Rnd_556x45_Drum_Mag_F Caliber: 5.56x45 mm 150Rnd_556x45_Drum_Mag_Tracer_F arifle_SPAR_02_snd_F SPAR-16S 5.56 mm (Sand) Light Machine Gun 150Rnd_556x45_Drum_Mag_F Caliber: 5.56x45 mm 150Rnd_556x45_Drum_Mag_Tracer_F Can't get in at the moment due to the 10gb update..
  5. *** DISCLAIMER *** I'm in no way an experienced Arma/Exile player. But I looked around for a guide before I began my first base and didn't find what I was looking for - so now I try to make it easier for others who start this great mod. My experience So, you've been roaming Exile for a while. You've found some loot and it was all good till you faced death. Everything was gone and back to being an "orange ninja". This happens to all of us more than we like. But when you have your own little base you can gather stuff as a backup for when things like that happen. - imagine that, not having to farm everything all over after a spawn. This was what I wanted more than anything in Exile, so I began to loot everything of "great" value and sell it to get the money for a base flag (5.000). When I had the money I started to look for a good spot to claim for my base. NOTE: don't buy the flag before you know where you'll build as it's an item you carry on you and can loose!!! I had to respawn and get to my body a few times when I took the flag to the location of choice - pesky heli squads! I had set my eye on a hill some distance from nearest spawnpoint. This was mainly to make sure I wouldn't get visitors too often if people would more or less drop on top of me. On the other hand I had to travel a certain distance when I died in order to get to my base. There's a fine line between a base placed at a distance and a base placed in isolation... trust me, I learned that! My base is located just about 15min on foot from the nearest spawn. When I started building I didn't bother to get a car. There was trees all over and all of them in walking distance to my flag, so why even use a car? - question answered: a car can hold vastly more wood than your backpack - ergo fewer trips to travel. The first thing I wanted to build was the base-core so to speak. The main floor with 2x3 floortiles all boxed in for no one to enter... but hey, what was this? I needed a lock for my base. Hmm, I guess I could have figured that out if I had given it any attention. Anyway the lock is also a 5.000 purchase. But anything that can keep people out of my base is worth the price. The lock is also an item you can lose, so get it when you need it and then install it ASAP. I now own a base that suits all my needs - 2 levels of a wooden fortress that can also hold a few cars if needed. What I learned (or knew up front) 1) Don't think about a base flag before you can afford to get the lock too. Ergo you need 10.000+ on your account. 2) Travel with care when you carry your flag/lock to your base location. 3) Just bring the damn car. Buy it, steal it, borrow it - bring it! 4) No, you haven't got enough wood just yet! (I had 600 wood for my base and still had to get more... and my base isn't big). 5) Location, location, location! You wan't it distant but not in the land far-far-away. 6) Make sure you can park a car INSIDE your base. 7) Trader for base flag and lock are only located in the terminal safezone (as default - some servers may have them at others safezones too). 8) Don't put windows in the ground level of your base - because... BANG! 9) Put a roof on your base - because *sound of heli*... BANG! 10) Remember to lock you base! If by any chance you're like me and want your base to look good, then you should know that building a base can take some time. So if you only have an hour then don't start that project right then and there! These are the words from one noob building his first base - maybe others can learn from it. If not, so be it.
  6. Plasma

    Mk30 HMG Functionality

    Ive heard quite a frew issues with the Mk30 HMG, and I kinda wanted some updated information on this "vehicle". - Does it vanish on restart if you place it down and don't pack it back up? - Does the ammo restock on restart? - Does the scope have thermal optics?
  7. I've set up a private server for me and a few friends to play on. We don't like the idea of waiting 2 minutes in order to click to respawn. Is there a way around this ? I've had a browse in the config files but couldn't see anything. Thanks.
  8. Bucaiolo


    Hi guys! can someone explain me what's the utility of a grinder? what i can do with it? thanks!
  9. 핀들톤

    Going to start a server

    Hi guys, I'm going to be upgrading my CPU soon from an i5 4670k to an i7 4790k. I've also got an extra R9 270X lying around. With the extra CPU and GPU, I want to go the whole mile and just setup my own Exile server. Specs will be: CPU: i5 4670k @ 4.2Ghz GPU: R9 270X RAM: GSkill Ripjaws 8GB @ 1600Mhz SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 120GB I have two questions: First, what operating system should I try to use? I don't want to shell out for another Windows license. Then again, I have absolutely no experience with Linux. Any suggestions? Second, with the rig mentioned above, what kind of server FPS might I be expecting? P.S. I'm thinking of setting up this server because I live in South Korea. I have a very fast and very stable internet connection. The main reason that I'm considering starting this server is that there are quite a few Korean players, but there is a dearth of Korean servers for whatever reason. Anyway, thanks for the input in suggestions, it will all be appreciated. Regards, pindleton
  10. Altroot

    BE kicking my ass!

    Be gentle now , Since my BE isn't! BattlEye Server: Script Log: #38 "s\__CUR_MP.Altis\init.sqf" ETG_Cargo_Drop_Mission = 0; nul = execVM "ETG_HeliCrashAndDropScript.sqf";" This is the first script I'm adding to the mission file but isn't the first attempt, I'm guessing this is an issue with my init.sqf, I had to make a fresh one as the installation advised? so here take a look at that if needed. ETG_Cargo_Drop_Mission = 0; _nul = execVM "ETG_HeliCrashAndDropScript.sqf"; Firstly I had a script issue #17 that I looked into and found a fix, but this #38 has happened to me and not for the first time on the same mod. I've looked around and it would seem a lot of people who like to try fix others issues on the forums neglect to consider that not all script.txt will line up with their own. "add this to line 30 or XX" is a common phrase. Can someone ELI5 how one would get content on a basic fresh EXILE.Altis.pbo?, many thanks in advance you make the world a better and warmer place. content such as the basics: HUD AI mission / helicrash / roaming AI towing and heli lift abilities. I'm running two dedicated server from my PC, and they are coming on well, but when adding content it seems to keep me a peg behind, now I know this may seem lazy of me just asking others, But I'm honestly struggling to understand how so many many to get these scripts working without issues and yet my setup is ... uurghh.. Many thanks on the replies. I7 - 5930k 12 core 32gb ram sli 2x 970's gtx.
  11. Walter Dimmer

    Looking for people to play with!

    Hey there!, I'm a bamby, new to the game just 24 hs in arma 3 yet I'm looking for people who wanna play some exile with zombies!, if anyone's interested just send an MP or answer the post! Cheers