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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! I am enjoying the Official Exile Altis server and i like the idea of you hosting official servers. The difference in fps, loot-lag and desync is huge, and i get a much better gaming experience on this server than on any other i have tried. So, to my first question; Do you plan on putting up an official Tanoa server in the future? I would definitely play on this and i am sure many others think the same. I think this would shine more light on the official servers aswell, something that would get more people to report back to you. And my second question; What is your view on zombies? Is this something you would put on such a server or would this work contradictive to what you want to achieve with such a server? The reason i am asking is that, personally, i find zombies to fill some sort of hole in the gameplay and it makes survival harder on another level than the possibility of getting a bullet to the head. You have probably answered this question a thousand times, but i wanted to throw it in here while i was on a roll. I tried searching for answers before writing, so if these questions have been answered in the past, feel free to punish me as you see fit -Eighty