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Found 1 result

  1. I would like to write an appeal to the devs of the Exile mod. I love this mod, it is everything you need for a good pvp and pve sandbox experience in Arma 3. I feel like you (the devs) are going down the wrong path. I like some of your new changes, but I feel you are forcing things upon players. Physical poptabs, removal of Thermals from the UAV/Mk30s, back when you wanted to add keys. These are all features that people would like to see on their servers, but that does not mean everybody does. There is a solution, it may not be the easiest, but it would still make the lives of us server admins much easier. Make features like the optional. the transition to physical poptabs is going to be harsh, I don't know how you plan to do it but there is no way telling how many people I am going to have to compensate or explain things to about this. You have also based this change off of a extremely small portion of the exile community, less than 1% of the people who get on our server a month. Every week I deal with countless players, from kids under 10 years old to adults double my age, and most of them don't even know that these forums exist (even with a link on the lobby). The life of an exile admin is not easy, as I am sure you guys have found with your new server; players are great, but they can also be the biggest dickheads you have ever met. These changes that are forced upon us only make things harder, they may be cool, they may seem like good ideas to you, but I feel you need to go around to the communities that are large, the ones everyone knows about, and ASK the admins there about the features. You can't just wait for feedback to come to you, you need to go find it sometimes, and if you don't you get angry admins like me. Exile's flexibility is what makes it an amazing mod to play, every server is different and I want to keep it that way.