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Found 10 results

  1. DavieReid88

    [Release] Panthera/Winthera Exile Files

    I run a Panthera/Winthera server myself and ive had quite a few messages about the mission files and so on, so i thought i would share a basic Exile.Panthera3.pbo file with loot positions for others to use. Personally i dont know why this map isnt more popular, IceBrakr has recently released a winter version which is included in the download. There are 3 traders in my version, Also a upgraded military base with the loot positions added to the table, Pictures are below Installation: To run this map all you need is CUP_Terrians_Core and the Panthera map itself. Download Cup Terrains Core from here Add to the server root - @CUP_Terrains_Core Download the Panthera3 map from here. Add to the server root and make sure the folder is called - @panthera_a3 Parameters used : -mod=@panthera_a3;@CUP_Terrains_Core; For Panthera: MpMission : Exile.Panthera3 For Winthera MpMission : Exile.Winthera3 You can download my basic pbo file here, when changing between Panthera and Winthera, Remember to change the PBO name aswell = Exile.Panthera3 or Exile.Winthera3 Here are the loot positions (Including new military base) Replace in your exile_server_config Here are some pictures of the map and traders Map: Trader #1: Trader #2: Trader #3 Simple Boat Trader: Upgraded Drulovka Military Base:
  2. Simplific

    KSG Exile Panthera

    King Shit Gaming is a new and upcoming militarized Arma 3 Exile. Still under active development, new features are being added and changed every day. Join our Discord server to learn more, join our community, or to come hang out. We are open to suggestions and are looking to further improve our server for the enjoyment of our players. Our server features Capture Points, Missions, Virtual Garage, and a host of other features. Discord: Required Mods: Exile Mod Cup Terrains - Core Island Panthera 3.7 RHSUSAF RHSAFRF RHSGREF CBA_A3 Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Urban Sling Loading Anti-Materiel Rifle 25 KKiv Model 2035 TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms Pack 0.9.4b TRYK Multiplay-Uniform Fix Hollow's Vehicle Pack Extended_Base_Mod ASDG JR NIArsenal
  3. [B.w.S] Tatoune


    Nous vous proposons un nouveau serveur Exile sur la map PANTHERA. Particularités de cette nouvelle mission: - Toutes les options Exile de base, avec ajout d'armes, ajout de missions et véhicules CUP - Mission très accès sur le combat aérien, maritime, et terrestre avec grand choix de véhicules - Un porte avion à votre disposition, des bateaux transports de véhicules, un grand choix de véhicules vous sera proposé - Vous commencerez l'aventure avec une somme de 15000€ avec un armement et équipement - Un enclos à Dinosaures dans une zone irradiée et du "gros loot" pour les plus courageux Mission actuellement en Alpha fermée par mot de pass : 1234 Vous trouverez tous les informations sur notre forum: Mods Lien mod Exile: Lien mod collection steam: Je vous invite à essayer cette mission qui je vous l'assure, vous surprendra !!! Merci à JO pour son travail (plus de 50 heures) ce n'est pas fini A très bientôt "in game"
  4. DavieReid88

    SGG -ExilePanthera-

    Welcome To ScotsGuardGaming Server Details: Panthera Map 30K Locker Start CUP Weapons/Vehicles/Units High Loot Extended Base ExAd Virtual Garage ExAd Grinding Deploy Bike + Quad Advanced Towing/SlingLoading Advanced Rappelling/UrbanRappelling Flag Announcements Improved Kill Feed Load Crate Into All Vehicles Sell Crate DMS, ZCP, Exile Occupation Custom Missions Custom TradeZones And Setup Map Information: Panthera is an outstanding map, there is a good balance of cities and small villages with all building enterable, and with this server being high loot you will find guns fast, We have custom missions with CUP items added. Admins are fair and also supportive, Join our website for details and news about updates. We hope to provide a good and fair gaming experience.
  5. RSJFL

    JurassicZ Custom Exile Pantera

    Server main features: - Panthera map 3.66. - Zombies, hordes and demons. Zombie mission with loot in contaminated area (requires mask). - Jurassic park in NE minor island with uncontrolled raptors in main island. - Extended Base Mod. - Mas weapons. - Activated stamina and fatigue of the player. Option of automatic run off. - Status bar customized. - Scrip lock 3 person view in combat: basically changes to view of 1st person in combat, the rest of the time you can play 1 p or 3 p, as well as vehicles. - Towed and advanced lifting of vehicles. - Air Rappel and urban (this last need to rope in the inventory). - Advenced repair system. Scrip to disassembly wheels of vehicles. - 3 hours of day, dusk/dawn 1 and 40 minutes at night. - Spawn of animals to hunt. - IAs: static missions / dynamic / occupation / patrol air and naval / IA friendly and bandit. - Air transport between traders for IA. - Replaced knife by screwdriver to force vehicles closed. - Customized ingame map. And much more...
  6. bustednuts

    Custom Map problems

    I have been having problems with trying to get a custom map to stay running. It constantly crashes . I am hoping someone chan shead some light on what I am missing. I have been over the rpt and there is a few things that concern me but nothing is jumping out and saying fix me! I have posted a crash from start to finish. I am at the point of paying some one to make it work and stay working.
  7. Hello! Im in a little trouble, i need to fix a server and im kinda having some troubles with, getting the Map panthera to work with Exile mod, please some help me.
  8. We are a friendly squad of 4 players (Age average: 20) who are currently performing very well on a high population Panthera Exile server. We are looking to expand our players so that we are able to man our large military vehicles withgunners, and have more men for raids and missions. You should contact us if you are: - 17+ - English speaking - Have a good understanding of Exile - Don't mind following basic orders (We aren't hardcoredw) - Can play more than 3-4 times a week. We are just looking for more players to have fun with, and we are a bunch of friendly guys! Interested? Add me on skype: Aspheriaaa or steam: P.S We get up lots of fun activities suchas: Base raids, Road Ambushes, Missions, Long distance operations, Convoys etc.
  9. CrazyCorky

    Loot Positions Panthera

    I was wondering if anyone is willing to share their loot positions for Panthera? I'm currently working on it, but any help would be grateful. If not I will post what I have when I'm finished.