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Found 7 results

  1. Just a simple update / port from the ExAd system to a standalone addon. Nice and easy to install, copy the contents of initPlayerLocal.sqf to yours, and copy 'HaloParachute' to your mission file. Make sure your install location matches the file paths there and in 'HaloParachute/init.sqf'. Released under the same Apache License as ExAd, and has approval of @Monkeynutz as the main / most recent developer of ExAd.
  2. UltraExile

    [RU] Ultra Exile | PvE

    01. Лучший стартовый лут +30000 игровой валюты на банковском счете. 02. Индивидуальный стартовый лут ( игрок может выбрать сам). 03. Дополнительные точки спавна. 04. Спавн на базе. 05. Виртуальный гараж. 06. Миссии Ultima. 07. Миссии DMS. 08. Миссии VEMF. 09. Крафт техники на старте из скотча. 10. Разбор техники обратно в скотч. 11. Улучшенный спавн лута. 12. Функция реанимации (оживлялка). 13. Дополнительные постройки. 14. Функция десантирования. 15. Погрузка техники в кузов. 16. Сцепка стропами. 17. Сцепка буксировочными тросами. 18. Жесткая сцепка наземной техники. 19. Жесткая сцепка вертолётами. 20. Сцепка вертолетом нескольких единиц сразу. 21. Прыжки с парашютом. 22. Погрузка (выгрузка) ящиков в технику. 23. Самый широкий выбор техники в торговле. 24. Авио такси. 25. Инфо банер оплаты территории (базы). 26. Дополнительные мосты. 27. Авио, наземные, пешие патрули ботов. 28. Ремонт техники с помощью инструментов. 29. Военные сектора ОМОН и ВДВ. 30. Функция десантирования ботов. 31. Хеликраши. 32. Возможность доната. 33. Статус бар домага техники. 34. Расширенный крафт. 35. Дополнительные постройки в продаже. 36. Регулировка прорисовки сервера в планшете. 37. Дополнительные модули (PODS). 38. Автосервис на всех заправках. 39. Дополнительный информационный бар. 40. Расширение планшета xm8Apps. 41. Защита InfiStar и не только... 42. Свободная торговля между игроками. 43. Продажа ящиков с лутом. 44. Морские миссии. 45. Музыка при входе на сервер. 46. Телепорт техники на штрафстоянку. 47. Отображение ника игрока в прицеле. 48 Лутабельные сектора (охраняемые). 49. Возможность покупки личного торговца и банкомата 50. Векторное строительство. 51. Охота на животных. -English- 01. The best starting loot is +30000 game currency in the bank account. 02. Individual starting loot (the player can choose himself). 03. Additional points are spawned. 04. Spawn on the base. 05. Virtual garage. 06. Mission of Ultima. 07. DMS missions. 08. VEMF missions. 09. Crafting techniques at the start of scotch tape. 10. The analysis of the technique back to the scotch tape. 11. Improved spawn loot. 12. Resuscitation function (animating). 13. Additional buildings. 14. The function of landing. 15. Loading of equipment in the body. 16. Coupling with slings. 17. Coupling by towing cables. 18. Hard coupling of ground equipment. 19. Hard hitching by helicopters. 20. Hitching a helicopter several units at once. 21. Skydiving. 22. Loading (unloading) of boxes into equipment. 23. The widest choice of technology in trade. 24. Avio taxi. 25. Info banner of payment of territory (base). 26. Additional bridges. 27. Avio, ground, foot patrols of bots. 28. Repair of equipment with tools. 29. Military sectors of the OMON and the Airborne Forces. 30. The function of landing the bots. 31. Helicopter crash. 32. The possibility of donate. 33. Status bar of the housekeeping appliances. 34. Advanced crafting. 35. Additional buildings on sale. 36. Adjusting the drawing of the server in the tablet. 37. Additional modules (PODS). 38. Car service at all gas stations. 39. Additional information bar. 40. Expansion of the tablet xm8Apps. 41. Protection of InfiStar and not only ... 42. Free trade between players. 43. Sale of boxes with loot. 44. Naval missions. 45. Music at the entrance to the server. 46. Teleport of equipment to the parking lot. 47. Display of the player's nickname in the sight. 48. Lootable sectors (protected). 49. Possibility of buying a personal merchant and ATM 50. Vector construction. 51. Hunting for animals. I hope the translator translated everything correctly)
  3. After updating to latest infiSTAR version (73), a parachute no longer spawns on a admin player when using the "flying"/teleport up option in admin menu. It used to work in v72. I don't see anything in the logs that reveals if this is a error or working as intended. Anyone else has this issue?
  4. I have spent the last 6 hours browsing the entire forum for a way to make this work and alas i am hoping some of you here have an answer i might have missed I can spawn in and i am always with parachute halo jumping in. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // PLAYER SPAWN CONFIGURATION /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class BambiSettings { loadOut[] = {"ItemCompass", "ItemMap", "Exile_Item_XM8", "ItemRadio", "Exile_Item_Energydrink", "Exile_Item_BBQSandwich"}; parachuteSpawning = 0; parachuteDropHeight = 0; protectionDuration = 10; spawnZoneRadius = 500; spawnZoneVehicles[] = {{3, "Exile_Bike_OldBike"}, {3, "Exile_Bike_MountainBike"}}; }; RPT has no errors and i can spawn in just fine. My goal was to disable the parachutes and allow players to choose a spawn location. Any and all help would be appreciated.
  5. Illusiveman14

    Supply drop parachute

    I'm not sure if this should be on server or client side, but what is happening on my server the supply drops are getting stuck in the air still attached to the parachute or sitting on top of the parachute. Just wondering if there is something in particular I need to make sure is set on the server side or not.
  6. Its me ZovkT

    [GER] Exile Tanoa | Many Stuff

    Welcome Guys. We are a New Exile Tanoa Server with a Fresh Database. We have many Scripts and were are proud for the server. Scripts : Virtuelle Garage, Hacking Grinding Parachute: you Fall open the Parachute. Deploy Bike, with a Respekt System. Capture Points DMS Mission System. ------------------------------------------------------- Maintaince: we try to add a Headless Client on the new APEX Version for better Performance. and we are working on a Good Balance for Prices on all Section. Sry for the bad eng. its not my perfekt Langunage.
  7. So I have finally decided to step out of the shadows and provide the Exile community with some of my scripts for exile. For those who don't know me I'm the lead developer for EXO and was also lead developer on SP4R before we decided to close that project. I'm going to start sharing by releasing a Halo and ejection script since I saw a fellow community member searching the old arma 2 script and thought it would be best if I provided him with something new fresh and exile customized (mostly because I didn't want to go through the code he needed help with) I'll will be releasing all my(EXO) work but it need some cleaning up before I'll get to that. My SP4R trading system is far to complex and will take to much time for me to rewrite but I'll look into porting over my old SP4R mission framework. From the EXO community you can look forward to see the EXO virtual garage, exile admin event framework, hacking, grinding and much more. Peace, Jan