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Found 11 results

  1. glam4x


    WACK ZONE EXILE |ChernarusRedux|RHS|Zombies|Patrols| Server IP: Required Mods: Exile CUP Terrains – Core Chernarus Redux DS Houses Zombies and Demons Enhanced Movement RHSAFRF RHSUSAF Server Features: Chernarus Redux Map !!! RHS Stuff Custom Trades Custom loot tables and placement Heli Crashes Advanced Vehicle System Vehicle Towing Player Revive
  2. EvoAMP

    AMP Server

    ## FEATURES: Roaming AI / AI Vehicles Multiple Missions Crash Sites With loot Custom Kill Feed (Shows nicknames, gun, distance - Great for PVP!) Spawn with non-default skin and with weapon Territory Payment Due Date notifications so you never miss a payment Only dark weather. No more sunny days. Virtual Garage which saves inventory, ammo, hitpoints, fuel of your vehicles. (Each level of territory allow you to store more vehicles) Mailbox - You don't need to ask admin to give something to you as a reward for event for example. Our server have in-game mail system so admins able to send any item/vehicle/money by mail. You can easily access it by laptop. Official infistar - We don't like cheaters so our server has fully configured infistar with regular updates. Tow - You can easily tow vehicles with tow ropes. AVS (Advanced Vehicle System) - This system allows you to refuel and rearm your vehicle on gas stations. It also used for saving fuel and ammo of vehicles. MarXet - Trade with other players. In future we will remove many types of weapons from traders. Also you can get rare loot from missions or just looting. Sell it to real players for a big price! Best admins - We really want to make our server as perfect as possible. Suggest any scripts, ideas or whishes for server to us. Most important feature - Ukraine flag for territory! ## SERVER IMPROVEMENTS: extDB3 instead extDB2 - extDB3 works faster than extDB2 version x64 server - Our server running on x64 system and x64 version of arma3 server. This allows to use more RAM for server. For any suggestions about server contact EvoAMP on forum: Or contact EvoX in steam:
  3. ciberloky


    Hello we are a group of friends who formed the uei clan, played almost everything, and we invite you to visit our exile server nad speak with us in our ts, we are open to suggestions because we are new to this kind of servers. Greetings to the whole community
  4. Non's

    Overfak Exile

    UPDATE 27.02.2017 · Sell crate directly in waste trader · Revive your buddies with a defibrillator available in Trader Zones · New Tanks, Planes and Uavs · NO SKYBASE. Maximum height is now set to 30M · Respawn in your base possible every 5 minutes · Loot + · Prices updated · Custom ZCP · Jonzie Cars elcome to Overfak Exile ! I'm a new Exile server admin and i'm proud to announce my new server : /!\ It's a brand new server and it will still be in "Testing" Mode for a few weeks. /!\ During 1 week from now, every player who goes in and tell me the secret code "FAK" in Private Chat will be rewarded with a customized gift (Send to "Non's Walt") Mods / Addons (Everything works fine ATM) · 20K Start · Infistar · DMS Missions - Custom Money, loot and vehicles · · Gear Crates - With Batteries inside ! · Random AI - Town Occupation - Uav AI patrols · Airlift - Movable Cases and Load inside vehicles · Grinding · Hacking (Virtual Garage hackable) · · Occupation Airlines · Admin Custom Events (Heli War, Balota's Tank, 100K Massive Crate...) · Uavs, Tanks, Missile & Rocket Launchers XM8 Apps · Deploy Bike · Viewing Distance · Player Scan · Private Chat · Vehicle HP Bars · Remote CCTV · BRArma CookBook TODO : · Optimize Loot Tables · Optimize Poptabs Balance Our goal is to build a new Exile community, we are available on our Discord and ingame to listen to your suggestions to make the best experience possible ! Discord : Server on a3Launcher Server IP : Non's
  5. GZRep

    Exile Customized

    PilgrimGaming™ - We're all just along for the ride! PilgrimGaming™ is an open gaming community that provides friendly, socially rewarding gaming experiences to the gaming public. We’re PC-focused, but our members play many different platforms and games together. We also operate our own dedicated servers. It’s hard to have a good social experience gaming online. On most public servers, few players use voice chat, and text chat only goes so far. Trolls and jerks are everywhere. PilgrimGaming™ offers an antidote! You’ll find our community active and friendly. Our team of volunteer admins actively keeps the trolls and cheaters out. Best of all, PilgrimGaming™ is open to everyone — there are no applications, prerequisites, or approval processes. You’re a member of the PilgrimGaming™ community from the moment you start playing with us. Missions & AI # Dynamic soldier missions spawned with different difficulty levels. # Radiation zone supply crates guarded by soldiers. # Zombies at the radiation zone. # Supply drops. # Heli Patrols & Heli Crashes. # All enemy soldiers are recognized by the blue soldier outfits. Click here to download Zombies & Demons Custom Map Additions # Custom spawn points, radiation zones, trader city. # Aircraft carriers spawn at sea. # Custom boat, airport, scuba and waste dumps traders. # All gas stations have a Fast Food, Vehicle Parts, Vehicle Customs trader and a locker. # Bridge added between the north-west and main island. # Radiation border trader. Vote Night or Day # You can vote for night or day by using one of the chat commands below. # You need to wait for 15 minutes between each vote. # A minimum of 51% of the online players will need to vote. # Chat Commands: “vote night” or “vote day”. Advanced Vehicle System # All locked vehicles owned by you in your own territory, is protected after restart. Protection is disabled when you log back in or someone unlocks it. # Advanced vehicle repair and salvage. Dark Zones # Capture Points that spawn in random selected cities. # You must be inside the inner colored circle constant for 10 minutes to capture. # There are 3 waves of Soldiers within the 10 minutes to capture. Militarized # Tanks, Armored and APC vehicles. # Regular and Anti Air Launchers. Vehicle Rearm # The rearm feature can be located in the trader city. # Armored Cars, Tanks, and Heli’s can be rearmed. # You need to be within 40 meters from the green military structure at the trader to see the option on the scrollwheel. # Vehicles can only be rearmed at the trader city to balance PVP. PilgrimGaming Headquarter # This area is used for testing and player support. # Locker and waste-dump traders. # Admin Events trader. # Fast Food trader. # Office trader. JSRS SOUNDMOD Support # JSRS SOUNDMOD is a sound modification for ArmA 3. # This modification is optional on our server, but really recommended. Click here to download JSRS Other Features # Option to steal territory flags are removed due to PVP balancing. # New players recieve 25k poptabs in their locker. # Advanced train simulator. # Advanced flight mode. # Extended loot search system. # Revive system. # Respect based loadouts. # Advanced towing. # Custom weather cycles. # Fog is turned off. # No nights, unless players vote for it. # Full moon nights when there is clear skyes. # Claim server and mission spawned vehicles. # Only wood structures can be breached. # Stamina and fatigue is turned off. # Fuel can only be purchased at gass stations or by draining other vehicles. # Territory protection-fee due date login notification. # Custom status bar and restart warnings. # Custom kill messages. Custom XM8 Apps # View Distance Tool. # Vehicle Check Tool. # Remote Security. # Recipes App. # Nearby Player Scanner. # Private Chat.
  6. GZRep Exile Tanoa

  7. Vandest


    This server is set carefully and you will found many things that are not described here. The server Infos and rules can be found in game by XM8 pad with XM8 Apps. All of these instructions are in both english and french. Ce serveur est réglé avec soins et vous y trouverez plein de choses qui ne sont pas décrites ici. Les informations et les règles du serveur sont trouvable en jeu grâce à la tablette XM8 dans "XM8 Apps". Toutes ces instructions sont à la fois en anglais et en français.
  8. LBmaster

    Toast Exile

    Welcome to the Toast Exile Server, We are and English and German speaking community and you can be a part of it. I am creating many cool features to keep the Server interesting. I already added some custom AI Missions and custom rewards when you finish the Mission. We have 4 difficulties: easy, moderate, difficult and hardcore. You will get a defined amount of money and respect for the difficulty of the mission. This will be split up into the count of the players. The next thing are the patrols all over the map. We got about 10 patrols spread around the map. Feel free to visit our website for more information. LBmaster
  9. Psycho

    [RU] Hard Life Altis

    ИП сервера: Ламповая атмосфера отсутствия идиотских правил и ограничений в действиях. Делайте что хотите (нет, не всё, почти, на идиотов всё так же действует табу. )
  10. Nous vous attendons nombreux sur notre nouveau serveur 78 slots performant fourni par NITRADO: port 2302 Vous recevrez 10 000 pop tabs comme argent de bienvenue. Vous trouverez sur notre serveur, des prix rééquilibrés aux différentes safe zone. L'ajout de véhicules d'arma 2 armés et non armés. Les mods nécessaires sont, Cup Units+Cup Weapons+Cup Vehicles + HLC mod (half-life Creations Mod Set) +ASDG Joint Rails. Vous pouvez utiliser A3launcher pour plus de facilité à retrouver tout ces mods. Vous pouvez faire spawn un quad qd vous êtes Bambi pour 500 pop tabs. Missions I.A nombreuses, pack de missions DMS(missions moyennes à difficiles en dehors des villes) + A3XAI (Patrouilles véhicules terrestres). Notre serveur est configuré pour des missions DMS dont 2 énormes fixes + plusieurs patrouilles A3XAI en même temps. Igiload et taru pod mod, vous pourrez donc charger vos véhicules prévus pour avec d'autres véhicules ou objets divers, et vous pourrez également utiliser et accrocher les différentes nacelles du Taru, ainsi que les parachuter. Le serveur est configuré pour du beau temps, avec 3H de jour et 1H de nuit avec pleine lune (restart toutes les 4h). *6/11: events 2 à 3 fois par semaine vers 22h (sauf le lundi); cash prices ou véhicules à gagner, cash prices pour les participants. Changelog 19/12 Ajout des différents points armuries, blackmarket, aricraft dealer, tank dealer, possibilité d'acheter à certaine station service de quoi réparer, boat dealer, nouvelles safes. Les armes seront différentes selon safe ou blackmarket ou armurie (plus de choix en blackmarket et armurie) -Ajout de nouveaux pack d'armes, HLC mod + CUP weapon -Ajout des tenues TRYK. -Ajout du pack CUP véhicule, pour retirer des véhicules arma 3 de base. -Ajout la possibilité de tow -Ajout de crash d'hélico Changelog 28/12: Mise à jour de tous les MOD CUP Ajout du mod CPC TRYK Patch pour regler les problèmes lié au mod Tryk's uniform Ajout outils log admin, pour surveiller les duplications et tout autre bug glitch utilisé par les joueurs. Changelog 29/12: *EDIT: Après plusieurs test nous allons devoir enlever le Mod Tryk's uniform qui cause encore des crash serveurs,. Donc nous ferons une mise à jour dans la journée du 29/12 et les mods CPC tryk patch et TRYK's uniform ne seront plus nécessaires. Nous ajouterons également une autres grosse mission fixe style military base dans la journée. A bientôt. N'hésiter pas à venir sur notre TS pour plus d'info; et pokez un admin Arma 3 Exile. Nos admins sont très actifs, et très souvent présents. Seulement 2 Admins avec les pleins droits (Pr3datorSAM & Dams) avec activation de différents bloquages lorsque les droits admins sont utilisés pour éviter tout abus ou toute suspicion de la part des joueurs. Les Delta Force sont des joueurs avant tout. Website team: Website Exile de notre team: Notre super sponsor, et si vous cherchez des serveurs performants: