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Found 19 results

  1. Rapture

    Exile Lingor

    Hey there, any one willing to share how I can get Lingor server going or maybe share the files ?
  2. ecortes

    Custom Mission.pbo from scratch.

    Greetings Exile Community, I've been trying to make a custom exile.mission, being a new empty folder in which I extract data from Exile M3Editor into initServer, initLocalPlayer, and mission.sqm. I get all the data, including my custom spawns etc...but what else do I need to add? PREFIX? Description txt? I'm really lost and would love help with this. Is there a guide on how to make it from scratch?
  3. phantom_bora

    Wrong Signature Kick after Apex update

    Several of our players keep getting randomly kicked from our server since the Apex/Potato update. Only common denominator that we can figure out is these players have not purchased Apex as of yet. The kicks are very random and sometimes they can play for several hours, other times only a few minutes at most. The signature files they get kicked for vary from time to time. I personally have been kicked numerous times and have redownloaded my addons, redownloaded Exile, redownloaded the base game of ARMA 3 (yes and Steam Verified the game). This tends to resolve the issue only temporarily at best. It happens regardless of what's around me on the map, what gear I have or how long I'm on the server. I've even downloaded the signature files directly from the server and used them with no success. It appears to be client side and not server side as this issue happens to me on other servers. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this on their servers. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Redphoenix420

    Exile Chernarus Mission File

    Hello. Happy holidays! Been trying to start a server for some time now, and am in need of a mission file hoping the community would be so kind as to lend a hand. I did use a chernarus Pbo I found.... But the AIA is now obsolete and has switched to CUPterrains. I do have all the CUP addons but this mission file calls for AIA so I cannot continue. My rpt log is not happy without it(AIA) My host has suggested asking on exile forums for a premade mission file as so I will not be having these issues. Following mods I'm running are...All the CUP addons, Occupations, Advanced towing, Advanced rappelling, CBA A3, Extended base mod, Defents Mission System, Zupas Capture Points. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, RedPhoenix

    PBO Manager: how to repack

    Hello, I am trying to install the a3 admin toolkit v2.2.2 on my server. i have instructions to follow, but it does not explain how to repack the config.cpp and overwrite it in the admin toolkit server folder... i have tried multiple obvious ways but nothing appears to be working. Any help would be great!
  6. I know how the community feels about asking for free mission files and PBO's, trust me I know! With that being said I simply do not have enough time in rl to go into Eden and make all my own, but I am glad to pay someone "for their time" if they will help me. Currently we have a Lythium server and are a small private family PVE server with only 25 slots, so I am definitely not taking from anyones player pool. Thanks in advance, King Baked Beans Kingdom
  7. chaos3161

    Takistan PBO

    Hi guys just wondering if someone could help me out with a Takistan PBO for my Exile server. Cheers
  8. Serpz

    CBA PBO Errors

    Ok so recently there was a CBA- Community based addons update within the last week. Now since that update when i try and join my server i get PBO errors saying that these pbo,s either need to be removed or the accepted keys need to be added to my server. Now i have spoken to my server provider and he says that i have the current up to date cba install on my server as he install for me , but it seems i have the most up to date cba in my arma 3 folder (clientside) which would suggest that my server is not up to date? im pulling my hair out with this at the mo! my current CBA_A3 version on my server is cba_3.3.1.170504. and the latest vwersion which i downloaded last night from armaholic is cba_3.4.0.170627. Now that would suggest clientside is up to date and not server side right? and that my server does in fact still need updating? I have tried removing those PBOs from steam workshop folder and i get errors say that PBO releys on this PBO etc etc. but my friend deleted his and he got in so im stumped at what is right and what is wrong as on CBA on steam workshop there are other people complaining of simler issues regarding this. if any body can shed any light on this or is having the same problem any help would be greatly appriciated! I have also enclosed a pic Thank you
  9. TroyT

    Malden Server Setup

    I'm setting up a Malden map on a server that is already set up for Altis. It's a fresh auto-install from the GSP that hosts our dedi. What do I have to change to make it load a Malden map properly? The server seems to start fine with the exception of this error: 1:50:27 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.Malden'. my exileconfig.cfg: My Arma3.cfg: When looking at the server in the vanilla server browser it shows the map as Malden 2035. It says the required build is 1.70.141838, but I had defined the required build to match the Dev Branch in one of the config files above. I have BE and verify sig turned off for now. The server shows up with the big red X. What do I need to change?
  10. Gattaca

    obfuscated PBOs

    Here is a general question. I play on a server that has an obfuscated PBO. I also get many crashed of random variety when playing mostly get access violations. I've tried other servers with the same map with almost the same mods (minus advance movement). The other servers have non-encrypted PBOs - I don't have any issues of crashes, or kicks. Any ideas? the above is a clip of the RPT is above. (I've deleted my local MPMissionsCache where all the PBO's client side rpts store. I have re-verified and reinstalled Arma 3. I have done the same with all the mods. The only issue I can point would be the obfuscated PBO itself. I have used both: Arma 3 vanilla launcher and Maca's A3L.
  11. D3sync

    Client/server pbo mix up

    Hello all, this is my first post here so i am sorry if i do this wrong. I am creating a "PC hosted server" for me and some friends and i have the server up and running, but when i try to join from my client I get the following when i try to join my server: @Exile\addons\dbo_old_bike.pbo, @Exile\addon\exile_assets.pbo, @Exile\addons\exile_client.pbo, @Exile\addons\exile_psycho_an2.pbo, @Exile\addons\exile_brdm.pbo, and @Exile\addons\exile_psycho_btr40.pbo...are not signed by a key accepted by this server. To play on this server, remove listed files or install additional accepted keys. I also have noticed that this is in my files somewhere (dont know what this part means sorry guys) : 21:28:42 G:\Arma3 server\@Exile\addons\dbo_old_bike.pbo - unknown 21:28:42 G:\Arma3 server\@Exile\addons\exile_3den.pbo - unknown 21:28:42 G:\Arma3 server\@Exile\addons\exile_assets.pbo - unknown 21:28:42 G:\Arma3 server\@Exile\addons\exile_client.pbo - unknown 21:28:42 G:\Arma3 server\@Exile\addons\exile_psycho_an2.pbo - unknown 21:28:42 G:\Arma3 server\@Exile\addons\exile_psycho_brdm.pbo - unknown 21:28:42 G:\Arma3 server\@Exile\addons\exile_psycho_btr40.pbo - unknown Any help would be appreciated or even knowledge on what this error means. Thank you for your time. edit:To clarify my server (PC Hosted) does work its only these files that cause errors when joining. I will reply to anyone that answers tomorrow.
  12. EXPAndMore

    Mission.pbo creating

    Hey there! I am trying to setup a new server and i would like to create a new mission.pbo with a new map for it, but i just noticed, the old way to create a new mission.pbo for exile isnt working anymore, with some research i´ve found out there is a new way, but i just cant find a guid on how to do this anywhere...could some one give me a guid or a simple explanation? I am trying to learn everything step by step, so this would help a lot thx in advance!
  13. Trying to edit my mission so i can add lockers and other buildings to my server as i have traders etc but no lockers/banks. I load the mission in the eden editor and the map is blank. By blank I mean no traders at NE airfield, no buildings that are at the tarder citys etc. also when i try load the mission and not the mp mission it says this ( see below ) WHEN I HAVE THE MOD INSTALLED? !
  14. Banjotheraindo

    Problem Changing Pbo settings

    Hi guys I've spent all day trying to make some adjustments on my server but i keep getting the same problem over and over again. Any time I change some settings in the server config pbo, save it, re pack it, then upload it to server host the server fails to start with this log 17:16:26 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features wont's be accessible! 17:16:26 Initializing stats manager. 17:16:26 Stats config disabled. 17:16:26 sessionID: b0cab7729f39cecfd7ea956cd112e9ee4422c0e3 17:16:39 Unsupported language English in stringtable 17:16:39 Unsupported language English in stringtable 17:16:39 Unsupported language English in stringtable 17:16:39 Unsupported language English in stringtable Im only making tiny adjustments in the pbo IE: turning off parachute spawn adding a map to bambi spawn loadout, and making sure it falls directly with the rest of the code but as i said as soon i upload it the server wont start. server runs fine completely vanilla and unedited pbo Can someone tell me where im going wrong im completely new to this and trying to pick up as much as possible. Thankyou for any information you can provide. Unpack/Repack with pbo manager and editing config with notepad++
  15. Hey guys. I recently purchase a server host and I am trying to get and exile, zombies server going but when i try to run the server it gives me an error stating "Ryanzombies.pbo are not signed by a key accepted by the server". Can someone help me out on how to fix this? I have tried running only exile mod on the server and it works well but no missions are going. How would I get missions into my server? Thanks for the help. I am fairly new to this type of thing.
  16. Hey everyone! i´ve a dedecated Server at and the newest version of exile installed. I do have CUP Weapons/Units/Vehicles succesfully installed. I have had AiA TP installed as well and i was running Chernarus Winter perfectly. I had no problems, but now AiA TP was removed from the downloads of Armaholic, wich made me wondering if there is a better map pack, i´ve found CUP Terrain Pack and tried to install it. However i have had many problems with it. Here my question: How do i get Chernarus Winter running with CUP Terrain? Yes i do have CUP Terrain and CUP Core installed, but as soon as i try to launch it, the server doesnt launch correctly and is not showed in the ingame Serverbrowser. I just cant figure out why... Do i miss any addons? I have tried to edit my mission sqm to make it fit, like i have done with AiA TP but even that didnt work (spolier) did i do something wrong? I dont see any other option... Is there anyone who can help me ? I´m near to give up.... Hope you know what to do, EXPAndMore SRY FOR BAD ENGLISH
  17. AhabChris

    Will Pay For Services

    Hey everybody I have had a dedicated server just sitting off to the side for months now and really wanted to get an Exile mod on Esseker. If someone is willing to make a mission for me and set it up on my server I am willing to compensate for the help. I also have InfiStar if you can set that up as well. Please help and thanks for the time guys.
  18. Dead Soul #

    Esseker PBO

    Hello, I was wondering if someone is willing to help me, I rented a server and then the demand for esseker appeared i have been derping around with pbo's but I can't get the Exile.Esseker to work players always get kicked off the game and to be honest i did not found any explanation or guide on what to code to get exile mission file working at this point I don't know how to code it from scratch I would like someone to help me or to give me the vanilla esseker pbo. Thank you for your attention, Best regards, Dead Soul.
  19. Unknown88

    Keys not accepted

    There are a few servers that let me in and also many that will not. Every server has many players so im assuming they are up to date. My friend has downloaded the update and is getting in the main server i have attempted to join. So im sure this server is up to date. I get kicked and it says the main three pbo files have keys that are not accepted. "Files are not signed by a key accepted by this server". I have verified arma3 and have deleted and reinstalled on a3launcher. I have also went in the files itself and deleted the exile folder, then downloaded from the main website and implemented it myself. I have no more options besides reinstalling arma3 but I am not sure it will help in this situation. Any help please