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Found 5 results

  1. PTWS Persistent Time and Weather System PTWS is a script that I made for my Exile server that I host for some friends that allows time and weather to persist through server restarts. It also has seasons defined by months that will change the temperature. Download Source Features: Persistent time (year, month, day, hour, minute) Time accleration Persistent weather NEW Dynamic weather (thanks to code34's Real weather) NEW Seasons that change the temperature NEW Snow based on temperature and current overcast NEW To-do List: Add Persistent weather Configure seasons based on months Make the seasons affect more than the temperature ???? Bugs: A script error occurs after every restart when PTWS is checking for the database entry, not sure why. Future: Afterword: Credits: @second_coming - I used his occupation mod as an example for some of the settings and debug. I also used his config settings for the time acceleration. @WolfkillArcadia - Thanks for the helpful tips, I was able to clean the code a good amount thanks to that. @code34 - The creator of Real Weather, I'm using his script for the dynamic weather.
  2. TermNCR


    UK420DAYZ|2035|EXILE|SURVIVAL|ZOMBIES|MISSIONS|BASERESPAWN 60 Slots on a X64 exe dedicated server. Survival based server with zombies, built on the Chernarus 2035 map, AI missions, JSRS, Enhanced movement fully persistent vehicles and Base Respawn. Some old school DayZ Mod feels, but updated to arma 3
  3. TheKuky_CZ

    How to make persistence stats

    Hi, I just set up new server and I have a problem w/ saving stats like HP, food, water etc. When you log out and join again, you have full stats everytime. Does anyone know how to fix it? For example, on CCG servers you have the same stats after re-join and after restart too, so must exist some script or way how to make it persistence. Thanks
  4. kuplion

    [FPS] Exile Survival | DayZ

    A few of you may have played on our previous DayZ'esque Chernarus server, but you've not seen anything like this before. Welcome to THE Exile DayZ full conversion!! FEATURES: No traders No missions Custom humanity system (Bandits and Heroes) Custom healing system (heal/feed other players) Custom persistent vehicles system Custom semi persistent loot system Camps instead of bases Custom camp raiding system Broken bones Infection Full Exile HUD replacement with accurate DayZ icons (Health, Hunger, Thirst, Temp, Broken bones, Bleeding, Combat, Earplugs) Classic DayZ weapons with all attachments MODS: @CBA_A3 @Exile @CUP Terrains - Core @CUP Terrains - Maps @DS Houses @Enhanced Soundscape @Zombies and Demons @RZ Infection @CUP Units @CUP Vehicles @CUP Weapons @Project Infinite - All in one @RDS Civilian Personally I'm a diehard DayZ Mod fan (from the golden days of 2012) so getting it accurate is of massive importance to me. I am certain that fans of classic DayZ Mod will feel the same. The server has the focus on player interaction, and whilst the PVE aspect will get you, to really take off it's going to need those Bandits and Heroes to work their magic! Direct Connect: Or look for [FPS] Exile Survival | DayZ Full Conversion on *A3L* TRAILER: