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Found 19 results

  1. Think2Go

    Help Needed (Random player kicks)

    So, we're setting up an Exile server hosted in GTXGaming. Everything is working fine for admins but we brought some users for testing and they get kicked after one or two minutes. We don't know if it can be related to Infistar. The only message they get is "You've been kicked", basically. So, a couple of logs that might be related: We're new on servers setup so we hope you can help us out. Thanks!
  2. ItzXdestiny

    looking for 1-2 more casual players

    im 18, there is 2 of us rn, looking for 1-2 more casual players 16+ (add steam below) or respond here
  3. I've had a report from a player that the died from walking up to an Offroad just outside the traderzone. i myself have had this issue where i found an offroad with ai in it which i killed then when i walked up to the rear of the vehicle to loot the bodies on and died, same vehicle (offroad) and similar location (just down the road from trader), im running, DMS A3XAI and VEMF, plus a multitude of other game play mods. any help massively appreciated Thanks SWEENNDAWG
  4. A player in my server got banned after trying to log into the server while he was broken with Error creating player UID , this was not recorded by battle eye or infistar I'm the Ban.txt as usual bans are this error for the player cannot be found nor can his UID or player name be found in the SQL or PHPMYADMIN . I need help please
  5. flyingdutchmen

    People Can't Take Poptabs From Locker

    Hi there, Recently i've setup a exile mod server, runs pretty fine with a few mods but sometimes i have players that are not able to take money from the ground or from their lockers. This also apply's when i try to use the InfiSTAR admin mod to give or take poptabs from their inventory. So far the only option i've found to resolve this temporarily is for the players to suicide and respawn with a newly created "player unit" My question here is, what the hell is going wrong. There is no evidence what so ever in the logs indicating that there is something wrong. ( believe me i checked if there was a error on trying to duplicate the bug ) I also use 2 AI systems, DMS and ExileZ2. DMS is configured to only offload DMS AI, ExileZ2 just runs server side only. Is there somebody out there who had the same problem and knows howto resolve this ? Kind regards, Justin
  6. Hi, I have my own server and just want to have some people who are mature and will leave other peoples bases alone when they are offline. It's a private server and has advanced base mod, zombies, many diffirent mission types, Altis map.
  7. I just bought arma 3 and i am new to this forum, and I only bought arma 3 to play this I first tried to download this game by downloading A3 launcher and i saw an exile server and it said i was missing mods and asked me if i wanted to download them, so i click yes Mods start downloading from steam workshop CUP weapons CUP core etc etc, I saw each of these and all of them together should be around 4gb max but it ends up taking like 17 gb of space so I deleted all the mods, unsubbed from them, and tried again, same thing. SO now im on the Exile website looking for help on how to play the game, like is there a certain site that lets you download the files and extract them via WinRAR etc? or is there some forum like that that have links to ALL the files you ever need to play exile and causes no issues later on (missing file etc)? (that would be amazing) Can someone please help, I just want to play exile. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello, I was wonder if there was a inventory check script for the player additem. Like if I wanted the server to player additem "gasmask"; but if the inventory was full the player would never get it, and no message. I was wondering if it was possible to put a inventory space check before the additem. like If (inventory == full) then (_htext "Your inventory is full!") else (_htext "You recieved a gas mask!"); player additem "gasmask"; something like that. Any help would be appreciated thank you in advance.
  9. Hello guys, i got a problem / question... i set up a military server (HellsKitchen) and i got there some vehicles that i want to cost around 80-999k, my problem is i got no idea how i can set up the maximum amount of poptabs that a player can carry. (atm seems to be 99990 poptabs I know where i can define the locker but havent found any place in my mission.pbo or server_config.pbo where i can change the players one. Someone got any idea? or maybe a script for that? PS: hope i didnt post it in the wrong section.. (search function used but havent found smth)
  10. MattPlaysSimulations

    Removing player progress

    Hey guys. Wondering if someone could help me. is it possible to do like a hard reset that removes all of a players progress, gear, money etc as if they were starting in the server for the first time? we realised we had a huge pricing issue in the traders meaning huge amounts of money could be made in a short time. As a result we added all the content we wanted and fixed all the prices but want to remove all the gear etc from all the players who made money while this issue was available. This way it makes it fair on all players and everyone gets a clean slate. thanks in advance.
  11. Hey mates, i hope you guys can help me with my problem. I own a root server and i set the max. players to 30. When the amount of 20 Players is reached nobody can connect and the server starts lagging. I thought it would be the basic.cfg (i took the one from exile itself.) and i started to experiment with it and reviewed some tutorials, set different values. nothing ... Please, somebody help me
  12. oOdieselOo

    Playerstats (P) sind weg!

    Hi Leute, ihr seit ja immer so hilfsbereit. Habe das Problem bei mein Server, dass wenn ich P drücke keine Playerstats habe. Ich kenne das von anderen Server das es geht und bin mir auch sicher das wo mein Server noch frisch war, ging es. Hat jemand eine idee wo es hin ist bzw wie ich es wieder an bekomme ? lg Diesel
  13. hello i have accendentaly updated my exile from 0.9.41 "Clementine" , to 0.9.6 but inow i cant play any game from exile any more cause they all have the 0.9.41 version, can someone help me out ? i really want to game exile agian gr dennis
  14. TheMeq

    Kick Player

    Hello, I'm making my own reserved slots script for simplicity, I have everything set up aside from the kicking the player part. How would I kick a player from my script? Looking at another reserve slots script, it does it with: failMission "end1"; but, this was found on BIS, and I didn't know if exile had another mission name or whether this would work out of the box. Thanks
  15. ZZK-Gaming

    Spieler Fahrzeuge despawnen

    Moinsen Ich werde fast jeden Tag angeschrieben das einfach Fahrzeuge an Spieler Basen einfach so verschwinden. Ich selber wollte es nicht glauben da ich dachte die hat einer Zerstört, aber nein sogar meine Kollegen bestätigen den Vorfall. Nun ist die frage wie das zustande kommt? Hat einer diesen Vorfall schon mal gehabt und könnte mir ein Tip geben woran es liegt?
  16. Kevka_InC

    Trigger setzen mit Spieler abfrage

    Möchte auf dem Server einen Trigger setzen, der Units Spawnt. Das klappt auch alles soweit. Name: Topolka Typ: nichts aktivierung: Widerstand Condition: player in thislist act. if (({isPlayer _x} count thisList) <= 1) then { test = [] execVM "zom\test.sqf";}; deac: hint "trigger verlassen"; { if (count units _x>0 and side _x==East) then {_Eastgroups=_Eastgroups+[_x]; deleteVehicle _x}} forEach nearestObjects [Topolka,[],500]; Wenn ich in den Trigger laufe, spawnen die Units. Läuft ein 2ter Spieler in den Trigger, passiert nichts. Soll ja auch so sein. Wenn ich rauslaufe, werden die units nicht despawnt. Soll auch so sein. Nur wenn der LETZTE vorhanden Spieler aus dem trigger läuft. Dann soll alles despawnen. es funktioniert momentan nur nicht der despawn. Ich hab so viele sachen schon durch. Bräuchte mal hilfe.
  17. Kruemmel

    New Map - New Spawns (Not Altis)

    Hello, i am setting up a German server with Esseker. My Problem is i can't set the "playerspawns". I have tried to open the SQM with some programs but this didn't work. Someone got a Tut how i can work on the SQM and set the playerspawns for this other map. Greetz
  18. Boose

    Exile Player code

    Hi guys can anyone enlighten me to the exile_player code?
  19. Hi guys! So I'm still fairly new to administrating a exile server, and haven't really done that much custom work with it yet, but it's coming along. I would like to know if anybody is in possession of a vehicle restriction script, which restrict players from having more than 5 vehicles (wheeled/air) in total. Is this possible, if yes... How? Thanks.