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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Exile Community and Staff members, I want to let y'all in on a bit of a secret right now. I am starting a community and would love to have some staff members and developers. If anyone is Interested please come over and check out what I need you for. Thanks in advance for your time. Future Plans & Secrets: We have some youtubers confirmed and have some DayZRP legends that will be here, My plan for this community is to grow in games as we grow in numbers, To let people choice the game they want to Role Play in. We are a community base voting and not a Dictatorship type of community. I want to make this a community of role players fun and exciting in every way, Also to make a great place for anyone/everyone to come and role play on which ever game they choice to. JuggsDayZRP is my best friend and is coming over Phishtv is another friend that is coming and more to come as I will save the bigger guys as a surprise but the people that are contacted, 8 out of the 10 are confirmed gonna show up. Mods: Exile mod *turned a few things off* Ryans Zombies and Demons CUP_Terrain *For Chernarus Summer, Until we can create our own map* Task Force Radio: Having issues getting Ryans Zombies to load into Chernarus Summer if anyone knows please come help. Roles we need right now: Arma 3 Developer (this can be in anything) -NEEDED Staff: (Any position but be warned you will start as support unless we all agree otherwise) More positions if you have skills SHOW ME! Again Thanks in advance and hope to talk to some of you. Sincerely, A.j *Owner of ExileRPG Teamspeak: Extra Notes added: Multiple Servers in the future that consist mainly of Role Playing and realism. My plan is to start with this and branch from there. I have a lot already done but would love some extra help.
  2. Th3 R34p3r 187

    Admins who play

    What is your thought on admins playing aswel on the server ?. As of now i admin on 2 Exile servers and i get quiet frequently asked why i'm not playing. Wel the reason i don't is simple. Having thousands of hours on ARMA (different mods) i have learned how easly kids throw the Hacker/admin abuser accusation if they get killed due their lack of tactics and planning even tho' they have no evidence to backup such statement. Sad part about it is, some people believe other people without providing any sort of evidence beside a story. I'm aware that as an admin you're upholding the community's reputation. Which is pretty hard, considering the attitude of quiet some players. You know, those that say the server/admins suck cuz you don't TP to them in a second and help them to their wishes and demands. Or becuz they don't get a refund for gear lost cuz they failed to read/respect the server rules. So i feel that, either way if you're a admin it won't matter if you play or not. People will throw shit at you and accuse you of anything anyhow no matter if you're trying to be proffesional, reasonable and considerate with them. So hereby i'd like to ask the Exile community their opinion on admins that play on the server. So i can get a certain idea if it's frowned upon or not. Cuz it get's boring staring at the chat console all day long while not being able to play. Thanks