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Found 18 results

  1. Enigma Exile Update Respect/Poptabs Currently with Exile there is no means of updating poptabs/respect of a player from clientside code that saves to the database. This fixes that dilemna. Update: 18/03/16 - Add support for Advanced Banking Say you wanted to add 10000 poptabs to a player - You could try and use: The player would show that they have an extra 10k poptabs on xm8.....But this would NOT save to the database as call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; is NOT a client recognised function. So once player logged off/server restarted they would roll back to their old amount of poptabs/respect. This addon adds the ability to update any players poptabs/respect and save it to the database. HOW TO INSTALL: HOW TO USE: Then in any of your scripts that you run on a client you can simply run the following code:
  2. BrutalBirdie

    Selling Bug - Inv. Poptabs

    Okay I got a message from one of my players that people are selling Bipods like non stop. I checked the log and yes indeed they do. The told me it happend like this. They killed an NPC with a gun that could not be sold "MX SW Green Camo" (Gues the Tanoa one) they had a bipod on it and found in a crate more bipods. They had 1 Bipod on the Gun and 5 in the Bag and could sell the Bipod on the Gun for ever without them getting sold. Did someone else had this b4?
  3. Hi, I was wondering if there is an easy way to give new players who join the server x amount of poptabs. This would be a one time gift for each player.
  4. Fin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Rewards from DMS Occupation Gear Crates!

    Hi, quick question. With regard to the DMS Occupation "Gear crates" that spawn on the map, i would like to make it so when someone completes a gear/loot crate, they get a reward of 1000 pop tabs (example) is that possible? Also, at the moment, when someone does complete one, it doesnt remove the map marker, and doesnt notify the other players? Thanks!
  5. Anyone happen to know how I can add tabs into a crate or vehicle as I want to use it in some new missions I am writing. cheers
  6. how do i change the amount of poptabs player spawn with?
  7. how do i change the amount of tabs lockers can hold?
  8. peterkenton

    Poptabs aren't showing up in xm8

    I've given everyone that logs into the server a set amount of tabs, but they don't show up in the xm8. It says zero. How can you sync it together with the player?
  9. flyingdutchmen

    People Can't Take Poptabs From Locker

    Hi there, Recently i've setup a exile mod server, runs pretty fine with a few mods but sometimes i have players that are not able to take money from the ground or from their lockers. This also apply's when i try to use the InfiSTAR admin mod to give or take poptabs from their inventory. So far the only option i've found to resolve this temporarily is for the players to suicide and respawn with a newly created "player unit" My question here is, what the hell is going wrong. There is no evidence what so ever in the logs indicating that there is something wrong. ( believe me i checked if there was a error on trying to duplicate the bug ) I also use 2 AI systems, DMS and ExileZ2. DMS is configured to only offload DMS AI, ExileZ2 just runs server side only. Is there somebody out there who had the same problem and knows howto resolve this ? Kind regards, Justin
  10. luca2849

    Poptabs Not Updating

    Hi guys, Whenever I used a vehicle trader (Boat, Air and Land), pop tabs in my StatusBar or trader menus themselves don't update unless you buy something from another working trader such as an armorer. I'm using the Easy Trader file structure : If anyone has any ideas or wants any information about my files and configs please ask. Thanks in advance
  11. PrestigeYT

    ExileZombies|30K|Loot|Build Kit

    Website: Teamspeak 3: Tanoa: Alits: Hey guys, its PrestigeYT or Jacob Lord here, and today im looking for new players to join our Exile Tanoa server. Our server can hold 25 people, It has custom scripts and areas. Heres a list of just some features. *Rad Zones(Extreme Loot) *Multiple Single Trade Zones(Gun trade, or a Boat trader) as well as 4 around the map *High Zombie infested zones *Custom admin events *Free build kit *Spawn a quad bike with a radio *Status bar *30k Start(20k extra via introduction post) *High FPS *CUP Weapons, Units,Vehicles,TRYK Multiplay Uniforms,Exile, and Ryans Zombies and Demons *Earthquakes *Active Admins *ZCP Zones *Launcher and armed vehicles *Great server hardware *Lifting and towing Come on by, and im sure you wont be diasppointed. We have a great owner, who is also a great dev and helpfull staff. I hope to see you soon.
  12. uKz JakeFx

    uKz Gaming Exile Chenarus

    Hi. first id like to thank you for reading this, secondly id just like to say i have just purchased an Arma 3 server and we are currently scripting all the mods and the bits&bobs in, we are a friendlly clan that has over 6000 hours on arma and have been through and played on many servers so we know how players like to be treated and how they like a server to run so here is our plan The mods and features are/will be: MODS: - Exile - All in Arma terrain pack - Advanced Movement - Tryk Clothing - CUP Units - CUP Weapons - CUP Vehicles - CBA_3 FEATURES - Chenarus - 5k Poptabs start - prices changed - Server Events - Towing - DMS Missions and 1 Large missions worth about 50k - Donner Perks - Base Raids-Grinding Locks/Safe Hacking - 30 Slot TeamSpeak - 30 player Slots - ZCP Capture Points - Black Market Traders - Boat Traders - Helpful Admins - High Loot PLEASE NOTE THE SERVER IS STILL UNDER WORK IF YOU LOOSE ANY GEAR YOU WILL RECEIVE ALL THE GEAR AND PROGRESS YOU LOST + EXTRA! WE ARE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS AND WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK Server Name: uKz Gaming Exile Altis[Missons]PVP]High Loot]Base Raids] Server Ip: TeamSpeak Ip: Steam ID:
  13. Trade >< Knife

    Noob Friendly|XtC|Exile|Tanoa

    I will keep this short and just tell you our clans mission statement! We declare that we the following are members of the Xtreme Team and proud.Xtreme Team was established on 03.07.2012 as an FPS clan that started playing Black Ops, BF3 and MW3. It was started after three gamers who had left a clan due to a disagreement with the clan leader, found themselves being accused unfairly of things that they had simply not done, and as they were not given the chance to defend themselves or even say "thats not what happened", they found themselves quickly segregated from their friends within a day or so of posting their intention of leaving the clan and banned from all the clans servers without any good reason. Their friends were told lies about them and most didnt even ask them what had happened they just believed the lies, so the three players decided to cut all ties with the old can and decided to form their own organisation that would be a gaming comminity/clan dedicated to playing in a fun friendly and fair atmosphere, where the members helped decide the clans day to day running and everyone was treated equal and where this sort of thinking would not occur again because of the lies of one or two people. Their aim was to build a clan that is composed of members from all walks of life, young and old, male and female and the membership would span international boundaries and each and every clan member would represent the clan in the same manner; with honor, respect, truth, maturity, and a sense of brotherhood that can only come from equality. (and of course the most important aspect of the clan member is to have a little sense of humor and patience!)Above everything we wanted to create an organisation that values the overall enjoyment of each of its members, with this happiness and pleasure applying not only to the actual time we spent in gaming but also in our online social interaction as well. So from this a clan was born rising like a pheonix from the ashes and becoming known as the Xtreme Team. The emphasis being on TEAM which is our clan motto and stands for.....Together, Everyone, Achieves, More.This ideal is so strong, that it is forming the very core of what the clan is being built on.We have absolute faith that this will carry us on for many years to come, the forumla which has already been proved time and time again will be used to form the basis of this great community of gamers from every walk of game and life.We believe absolutely that absolute power corrupts absolutely, we have witnessed it first hand and as a result we do not class members into a traditional organisational hierarchy clan. Each member is regarded as being equal no matter their standing in the clan and have the right to say or vote for the direction of the clan from day one. As a general rule however the clan does contain administrators and clan leaders and they are there to assist in the overall day to day operations of the entire clan. They believe in transparancy and honesty with each and every member and that every member is equal no matter how new to the clan. We have to set a age restriction on membership due to this clan structure as we do need a level of maturity in order for this to work correctly so we have set the age restriction to 17 to join the clan. The day to day management of the clan is managed by the admin who all have to agree before something is set in stone.Most decisions are normally made after a poll is run, sometimes clan only and sometimes with public involvement.Rules of the clan are not made or changed by one man, they are written and can only be rewritten with full admin board approval. The happiness of the clan is what is important whilst abiding by our code of conduct and principles. We believe that the most important member of the clan is each and every individual member and not just the leaders or admin. We hope one day to compete in ladders leagues and tournaments striving for victory against our fellow clans, however we as a clan do not require the members to participate in organised online competition. We appreciate and accept casual gamers as much as those wishing to become part of the clans competative teamsWe see the future of our clan as being open to unlimited growth, potential and possibility, we do not set limits to the numbers of members or their ideas and we are open to new possibilies and ideas for that is what we believe provides the growth and stimulus of any clan. Our destiny lies and is directly linked to the unending enthusiasm of our members as well as the influx of new talents and ideas that they will bring to us. For the Xtreme Team tomorrow has never looked brighter, as once said before the creation of the clan...... If we build it they will come, so let it be written and so shall it be done. Less admin, more enjoyment and game on.
  14. Timmay

    Moving Safes Deletes Poptabs

    So this is partly a possible bug report, partly a possible "I f'd something up report" Had some players complain that they moved their safes and their poptabs vanished. Tested it out myself, adding gear to the safe and poptabs. Seems upon completion of the move, the gear is there but the poptabs are gone. Any one experience this on your server?
  15. SynysterDemon

    Increase prices at traders?

    Hey guys, so I was just wondering, I want to have some pretty pricey stuff on my server, but if I try to make something cost say 7.5mil, the prices turns into like 1052+13e or some assortment of numbers and letters... Any idea how to increase max prices? Pic Related.
  16. Hey Exile Community, Im currently working on a script for exile and im stuck. As seen in the title I want/need a function that is able to remove 200 poptabs from player x for example. I know there has to be a function to do this but I am unable to find it... Some hints would be nice. PS: Thanks to everyone who is going to help me Kind regards Kellojo
  17. HotJazzCP

    0 Pop Tabs - Traders

    Hey, I'm completely new to server development, I don't script but I guess i'm messing around with setting one up for fun education purposes. When I sell something at the Trader, it gives me 0 PopTabs and the amount of humanity's worth of PopTabs instead. Just wondering if anybody knows what this is / how to fix it off the top of their head - Thanks!