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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Exilemod team and community, Yesterday i set up my own exile server just as explained in the Exile Server Installation Guide. After using Google and this forum, I managed to get everything working. I then started the Exile Autorun.bat which loaded up the Arma 3 console. However in the Console it won't get past this: 17:40:40 Dedicated host created. 17:40:44 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.217) 17:40:44 Host identity created. 17:40:44 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303 I haven't found a solution online and I'm running the server without any addons except the ones required. Any idea where there might be something wrong? Thanks for your Help!
  2. Hey everyone. I am in need of some help. i am trying to find how to change the port to my second arma 3 server because it is conflicting with my first one. You guys have any solutions?>
  3. Does anyone else having problems opening a rcon port after arma3 update. My Debian8 Installation won't open any configured port anymore. 8( my config looks as followed. {serverroot}/battleye/BEserver.cfg ~/steamcmd/arma3/battleye > cat BEserver.cfg RConPassword {PW} RConPort 2306 Standard Startport of A3 is 2302 . I also tried to config RConIP . But no Port is open on 2306 . 8( I found a A3 Thread in BI Forums where User had the same problem. Maybe someone here found an answer.. Regards Olli
  4. Firstly, sorry for English. This small package models from Arma 2 ported specifically for Exile. It was originally planned only 2-3 models, but the process is was a little tightened and began to expand the list of veh. Here's a list of what im are working at the moment(not everything is ready at 100%, something is necessary to fix the animation, lights, doors, and other little things) -AN-2 -Datsun (maybe)* -Gaz Vodnik -Gaz Volha -HMMWV -Ikarus -Jackall -Lada / LadaLM -Land Rover -MV22 -Octavia (maybe)* -SCUD (maybe)* -Skodovka (maybe)* -SUV -SUV Armored -Tractor -Tractor old -UH1H -Ural -V3S -VWGolf (maybe)* * - not sure if this model is needed. Some pics/vids will be later. All this takes a big chunk of time and effort, thanks for understanding that. If you have any suggestions - do not hesitate to express.