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Found 7 results

  1. I was setting up a Chernarus Exile server but now im switching to Tanoa so thought i would share these Traders and Military base. Hope You Like Bash: (No Screenshot) Stary: Klen: (Has The Dragons Teeth & Heli Pads Removed) North West: Traders Wordspace. Add these into your initPlayerLocal.sqf
  2. I need the spawn Positions for Stary and Lopatino! Please
  3. DavieReid88

    Loot Positions

    Hi guys. I was wondering how the loot positions work on a new map? for example say i want to use Takistan, would i have to go through the whole map in editor creating loot in every single position in every single building, Each one by one? Then add it to my exile_server_config? And what am i better using to do this? ive downloaded Compot, seems the easiest to use. Thanks
  4. Dope

    Esseker 0.9.8 Loot Positions

    Anyone mind sharing the lootpositions for Esseker ?
  5. Dope

    Esseker 0.9.8 Loot

    Anyone mind sharing their loot positions for Esseker ?
  6. kidesh

    Napf loot positions

    Hi, Does anyone have a working Napf loot Positions. I have asked about but I aint getting any responses.
  7. Hoschi

    Loot Positionen

    Moin, ich bin gerade dabei diese ganze Loot Geschichte zu verstehen. Habe ich verstanden, dass das Loot immer vom Gebäude Typ abhängig ist? Wenn ich anhand des Gebäude Typs Loot definiere, spawnt dieses loot dann in jedem Gebäude dieses Typs auf der Map und an den Positionen absolut oder relativ zum Gebäude? Gibt es eine Möglichkeit zu sagen ich will an Koordinate x,y,z loot spawnen lassen bsp. mitten im nirgendwo auf einer Wiese? Grüße Hoschi