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Found 5 results

  1. StonedReality

    SR Price Balancing and Loot Table Assistant

    SR Price Balancing and Loot Table Assistant. You are welcome to edit this spreadsheet as you see fit, but if you break it, you fix it. Make sure you download and go through the read me file before using the Price Balancing spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is designed to help take the sting out of price balancing and loot table compiling for server creators and admins, it has also been designed to allow you to add an infinite number of items to the existing lists as well as adding your own sub-categories. As well as helping to balance and keep track of prices for items, the spreadsheet will output item text in the correct format for loot tables (ready for use with Loot Compiler) and the trader lists in config.cpp in your mission file. This file is already populated with all the Exile 'vanilla' items and a lot, but not all, of @mas (weapons) and @Nato_Rus_Vehicle (Vehicles) Thanks to Spartan on the Exile forums for posting his balancing sheet, he was the inspiration for this work. This Price Balancing sheet contains Spartan’s formula for calculating the ‘Loot Chance %’. To get your Google Docs copy use the links below, it will automatically ask you to make a copy which you are free to edit straight away. SR Price Balancing and Loot Table Assistant SR Price Balancing READ ME If you have any questions or comments not covered by the read me please reply here, do not pm me, then everyone can get the benefit of the discussion. Stoned Reality p.s. Don't judge my server on these numbers, it's still a work in progress.
  2. I may have missed the post but couldn't find anything about it - sorry if I did! I am having an issue with the traders that I would like to fix. In the game if the price is over 1 million it shows up as: "1e+006", 10 million as "1e+007" etc, is there a way to fix this so that it will show up normally (1000000) or even slightly differently such as 1m or something similar? Any help appreciated! Thanks
  3. [O4CE] Johnjohns

    AFD Exile Altis Militarized

    This is it. AFD's Premiere Militarized Exile Experience. Engage in combat against other players and NPCs in a cutthroat world as you rise up the ranks an make a name for yourself among the Exiles. A collaboration between AFD Gaming and Omega Force Gaming Communities. If you have any questions or would like to give us a try, please feel free to visit us at the following locations: Exile Server IP: Website: Teamspeak: Required Mods: Exile Mod Arma 3 CBA CUP Units CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles AFD Gaming's Militarized Exile Server includes the following: Dedicated Server with optimized scripting for Maximum Client and Server FPS! PVP and PVE Combat. Custom crafted missions not found on any other server. A 50,000 poptab starting bonus for new players. A wide range of Military-Style Vehicles, Weapons, and Gear available. Attack helicopters, Tanks, IFVs, etc. Custom Loot Spawns. Custom Base Improvement catalog only found on AFD Gaming Servers. Purchase Concrete Mixers, Virtual Garage Slots, Defensive Turrets, Base Respawns, Teleportation Systems and more! Balanced Item and Vehicle Pricing. Player wages rewarded every ten minutes. Roaming and Headhunter NPCs. Virtual Garage. Deployable Bicycles. All world-spawn vehicles are persistent. Persistent Vehicle Ammunition with balanced ammo pricing. Players can receive Emails containing cool prizes. Bury bodies to gain additional respect. Many fixes and improvements for issues found in Vanilla Exile. Access your locker from your Base Laptop! MarXet Peer-to-peer Marketplace. Territory owners can safely pack up their own base without the need for an admin! Ability to loot garbage piles for items. And much MUCH more.
  4. The title basically says it all. I am running a pretty heavily modified server and have custom traders. They sell their inventory to me perfectly fine, but if I try to sell to them, they only give me one poptab. To note, when I sell to them it still says that the price of the item I am selling is 90 poptabs or 200 poptabs or whatever, but regardless of what item I sell I only get one poptab. I will add pictures as soon as I can, but I have to do some traveling first.
  5. maddingamer

    New vehicle prices

    As announced in the WIP changelog, the vehicle storage and price will change. but 7k for a quadbike, 54k for HEMTT or 16k for offroad seems a bit too expensive for me. Or will other prices change too? Or is it not the "final" price? Source: And is there an ETA yet for this patch? Wipe required?