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Found 14 results

  1. Mattmad1234

    Exile Traders Empty

    This is my first post on the forum because i'm having a large problem. Whenever I try and Trade with one of the traders I have placed on a custom map, an empty screen appears with no items. I have tried multiple fixes for this issue but with no luck so far. config.cpp I attached an Image of the problem I am having, not one I took, but of the same problem. If there are anymore files that I would need to post to help diagnose the problem please let me know as I would like to resolve this issue quickly!
  2. Hey modders, server owners, and anyone who might be able to help, Not sure if this is the right place to be venting my problems, however, I have tried everything in my power at this point, and I literally created this account to post this here because I have been trying to create a custom Exile map for a server and have encountered some issues. So where do I begin? Well, my friend and I want to start up our own Tanoa Exile server and I want to make the map for it. y'know with traders, static missions, pvp zones, loottables, mods included (like CUP) and all that good stuff. In essence, I'm trying to build this map from the ground up. I have all the required plugins and the up to date server that is the same version as my exile mod. I have familiarized myself with the EDEN editor, Notepad ++, .pbo unpackers, and where my mpmissions folders are located and all that. My problems started when I went to place a trader down. So here's my problem: Trader placed down- no problems there. Access the trader menu when testing in game- no issues. Trader is selling 0 items- big issue. Not glitched items, not unable to buy items, literally nothing shows up its just the trader menu and a blank dropdown box. attempted solutions: 1. Watching an ungodly amount of videos, reading a hefty amount of forum threads, googling till my fingers bled. It was all either too vague and not my exact problem, or outdated and no longer working as intended. 2. Saving and replacing my initPlayerlocal.sqf files and initServer.sqf files AFTER placing the trader. No luck 3. Using red_ned's "Easy Trader setup" which can be found here. - Did EVERYTHING that was detailed in the .txt instructions. Still no luck. (none of this was binarized) I feel like i'm missing something here? I'll link a mediafire to my unpacked .pbo mission file from C:\Users\USER\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Giant\mpmissions\Tanoatest.Tanoa so you can load it up and try it for yourself here. Feel free to move this thread if it's in the wrong spot. Could use a bit of help. I have discord and steam if anyone would prefer to convo about it. Thanks.
  3. ToXicTheSecond

    A3Launcher not joining my exile server

    I finally got my server working with a little advice from the people on here so first off thank you So I've got winter chernarus and few extra mods going and I can join the server no problem from the ingame launcher all working as it should. I decided to put my server on the a3launcher so It would be easier for my friends and other people to download my mods and join my server. After doing that I waited half hour like it said to and I went onto my other pc to check if I was showing in the database and I was, however this is where the problem is even tho I have no mods on my second pc the play button was next to my server instead of the download mods icon so I clicked it and it gave me this "There was an error that could not be recovered from." So I downloaded the mods manually just to see and the same error just keeps happening. I must mention other servers work fine it's just mine Any Ideas? is it my server? Any information here would be amazing. I will close this down as soon as I'm done. Many thanks. here is my server IP will be running in the morning.
  4. Gordo_Gaming

    Server wont start

    Please help i keep getting this error when i try to start my server 13:53:39 Warning Message: Config : some input after EndOfFile. 13:53:40 Mission Exile.Tanoa: Missing 'description.ext::Header' Description.ext Config.cpp Server.rpt
  5. Dwain Hunter

    Exile Z + TFAR

    I need so much help. I want to make an Exile Z Server with tfar on Namalsk but i don't have a clue how i can do that. i read now so much about it in here and i can't get it to work... Maybe someone can send me an Example map what i can use. And i need also help how i add the TFAR Mod to the game... Maybe some Step by Step tutorial would be enough as well Thanks for Helping !
  6. David1197™

    Battleeye filters help needed

    Hello Dudes, i need a lot of help for my server. I read more then 3 Threads here for Battleeye filters and fix the problems and so on. But its never work, sometimes a part work and later no more .. I would ask you for help me with my log datas. First i had following problems: Thank you Greets
  7. shootex20

    [SOLVED] Database not saving right

    !!!!UPDATE!!!! Solved by removing Exile occupation addon, thank you all so much. So I'm no SQL expert. But I'm having problems my database yesterday decided it was no longer gonna save. Anyone who buys a car from the trader and move it to go loot etc. When the reboot hits (every 3 hours) gets pulled straight back to the trader. All the help I can get is appreciated this also happens when placing stuff in crates. But the player seems fine as long as they log out. I've also tested this myself I used a heli put it half way across the map (cherno) and it got pulled back right after reboot. Lost all the inventory gained inside it as well. All help appreciated in advance. RPT: EXT-2 Log : Mods being used: @Exile; @CUP_Terrains_Core; @CUP_Terrains_Maps; @Ryanzombies; @CBA_A3; @3cb_baf_equipment; @BAF_Vehicles; @BAF_Weapons; @CUP_Vehicles; @CUP_Weapons; @CUP_Units; @RZInfection; @ExtendedbaseBuilding; @CDAH;@RHSAFRF; @RHSUSAF; ;@AdvancedRappelling; @AdvancedTowing; @AdvancedUrban;
  8. Hello, First up i'm fairly new to running a server so ignore my ignorance. I'm having trouble getting Advanced Towing up and running on my server. I have it installed and am getting the prompts for Deploy Tow Ropes etc, but am getting constant kicks. The most common one is an attachtto.txt restriction error. Here is the example: Log 21.09.2016 08:19:57: Special Ed ( f7622ae8db06c58ae3e35c6af9a7ae90 - #0 4:54 Land_Can_V2_F 2:2462 Exile_Unit_Player 18 [0,0,0] My attachto.txt //new 7 "" !"NVG_TargetG" !"Shot" !"Exile_Unit_Player" !"Logic" !="2:.*" !="Land_Can_V2_F" !="Exile_Unit_Player 18" 1 "Exile_Unit_Player" I am also getting setvariable restrictions for every type of car that I try to tow. Log: 18.09.2016 21:48:59: Special Ed ( f7622ae8db06c58ae3e35c6af9a7ae90 - #0 "saved3deninventory" = false 3:53 Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer 20.09.2016 22:10:47: Special Ed ( f7622ae8db06c58ae3e35c6af9a7ae90 - Value Restriction #0 "sa_tow_ropes" = [<NULL-object>] 2:2521 Exile_Car_Hatchback_Green 20.09.2016 22:16:23: Iron lungs Bitch ( 02351cb56b007f8a2bcbc9eaa52ad84f - Value Restriction #0 "sa_tow_ropes" = [<NULL-object>] 2:2661 Exile_Car_HEMMT 20.09.2016 22:40:40: Reaper ( 08a1a9e85aaa3eeabec7e6efa7151b4a - Value Restriction #0 "sa_tow_ropes" = [<NULL-object>] 2:2512 Exile_Car_Hatchback_Yellow 20.09.2016 22:43:54: Special Ed ( f7622ae8db06c58ae3e35c6af9a7ae90 - Value Restriction #0 "sa_tow_ropes" = [<NULL-object>] 2:2512 Exile_Car_Hatchback_Yellow 20.09.2016 23:05:24: Special Ed ( f7622ae8db06c58ae3e35c6af9a7ae90 - Value Restriction #0 "sa_tow_ropes" = [<NULL-object>] 2:2455 Exile_Car_Hatchback_Beige 20.09.2016 23:22:02: Special Ed ( f7622ae8db06c58ae3e35c6af9a7ae90 - Value Restriction #0 "sa_tow_ropes" = [<NULL-object>] 2:2455 Exile_Car_Hatchback_Beige 20.09.2016 23:42:08: Reaper ( 08a1a9e85aaa3eeabec7e6efa7151b4a - Value Restriction #0 "sa_tow_ropes" = [<NULL-object>] 2:1983 I_mas_cars_LR_soft_Unarmed 20.09.2016 23:47:34: Reaper ( 08a1a9e85aaa3eeabec7e6efa7151b4a - Value Restriction #0 "sa_tow_ropes" = [<NULL-object>] 2:3859 I_MRAP_03_hmg_F 21.09.2016 08:33:35: Special Ed ( f7622ae8db06c58ae3e35c6af9a7ae90 - Value Restriction #0 "sa_tow_ropes" = [<NULL-object>] 2:2146 Exile_Car_Lada_Taxi Is this normal? Do I have to add filters for all the cars on my server? I'm also getting createvehicle and deletevehicle restrictions as well. I would greatly appreciate any help as i'm slowly going insane.
  9. Strikzz

    "Variable_Display" Problems

    Hello Guys, everytime before i spawn in the game they show me a window like an error. I click on close an can play sometimes for an hour and sometimes for 2 minutes and got kicked. Maybe its with the "error". Sry for my bad english
  10. camy25695

    Major problems with crafting

    Hi there! recently me and a couple of friends got our own dedicated server originally running 0.9.41 but is now running 0.9.6 and are facing major issues with crafting/placing objects. basically it starts with us not being able to gather wood. we can use the axe to hit trees but no wood is placed in our inventories or on the ground, we've tried the many guide on this site to try and fix that, including the hotfix but there is still no joy. to get around this i added wood to the traders, i can get wood that way and craft a workbench, fire and planks but thats it. even after placing the work bench in my territory and having the materials in my inventory when i try and make any wooden structures i get this error (see picture 1) and then, if i spawn the items in via the admin menu i cant place them and get this error (see picture 2). I've looked, and looked for a way to fix this but nothing seems to work. im all out of options so im hoping someone here can help! please! thank you all in advance!
  11. Hi I have recently swapped my map from Altis to Chernarus and I have made all my own spawn points and traders. Everything was fine just a few ups and down and nothing I couldn't fix. But now that I am read to go I have noticed that my trader buildings like my containers and signs and miscellaneous stuff start to duplicate not just once but alot. It's got to the point that I need to sit in the traders and delete them. I run infistar but I switched that off and it still happens. I have checked my init file for building and it only has 1 item per object. But even if I had 2 items per object it would not be the reason why stuff duplicates constantly. Any help would be great here and if anyone has the same problem then maybe we can try fix together. Thx
  12. hi, i have been trying to get infistar to work all day and it keep coming up with setting in status when i try to join it....... i have done everything 3 times and it does not work at all i cant even connect. is there anyone that knows how to fix this? or have i done something wrong? regards Tom
  13. ViperLune

    Joining Servers Problem

    Hi, I am having some really bad issues trying to join server on Arma 3 Multiplayer. When i try join a server on any mod e.g Exile or Altis Life i get kicked in the lobby or either i get into the game start running around and within a minute or so i get kicked from the game on every single server i have tried which has been 10-15 servers. I have tried every trick in the book from uninstalling arma 3, the mods, verifying game cache on steam... Everything that could possible be wrong! I really hope you guys can help me out as its very frustrating and i only bought the game recently and haven't been able to get much use out of the game at all! I please hope you guys can help me Thanks for reading!
  14. hi, the mod at the moment does not let us craft more than 5 planks, also does not let us craft more than one floor or wall, as they disapper