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Found 151 results

  1. Sgt Smash

    A.G.G PVE Chernarus

    Arma Gods Gaming PVE Gameplay Over Content! This server is not aimed at rage quitters, so if you're not a hardened skilled player with a stiff upper lip then this server is probably not for you!! A.G.G|PVE|Exile|FMP|A3XAi|VEMF|DMS|Vcom|R3F|SellCrate|BaseSpawn Server IP: ---Some Features---• A3XAi Roaiming Ai• CUP Weapons• DMS Mission System• VEMFr Town Invasion/Base Attacks• ZCP Missions• R3F Logistics• Controllable Bodyguard Ai• Enhanced Movement• Frenzied Mod Pack (FMP)• Sell Crate• Base Spawns• Vector Building• Mozzie Mod• Status Bar• More Spawn Locations• 14 Days Base Payments• Optional JSRS Usage• Deploy Vehicles based on rep levels• Advanced Urban Rappelling• Custom Missions• Vehicle Protection System Discord Link:
  2. Hu5ky


    PvE server with a large, work in progress PVP zone. Active Admins. Regular Events. Roaming AI. RHSUSAF. Fox Vehicles. More mods to be added. Community driven server. US and EU admins. Custom Missions. Required Mods: Fox Survival Cars, RHSUSAF, Enhanced Movement, Advanced Rappelling, Advanced Urban Rappelling, Extended Base Mod
  3. feak

    The Devils Playground

    Welcome to THE DEVILS PLAYGROUND My server offers a fun PVP / PVE world with plenty of features including all new custom built traders. building on PVE island gives you a peaceful life from raiders while still giving you the chance to go have some PVP fun also (please note PVE builders cant raid!) READ MORE ABOUT HOW THE PVP / PVE WORLD WORKS ON DISCORD! The server has 1 day a week from the sun and is changed over to altis winter (as there the same map why not have snow to!!) All players can use DLC on this server even if u dont have them! this is a militarized server built to make every player happy and welcome as much as possible if you have suggestions for MODS join Discord and add them to the suggestions tab! All new server up and running for all to have fun... list of server features: - Custom traders - 200K TO NEW PLAYERS - marXet (player to player selling system) - military outposts - toxic gas grenades - Custom death screen - easy missions for noob players. (not as good rewards) - Base kit to new players - Daily rewards - Convoy missions - Mining - Drugs! - Vote day/night - Player wages - Easy eject from aircrafts - Safezone protection from thieves - Extra custom missions - Crate loading and selling - Vector base building - Custom missions - Respect loadouts - Deploy mozzie/quad - Towing / airlift - Revive system - Virtual garage - blow walls with BIG MOMMA!! - Air raids - Deploy dog - Fishing - Airdrop missions - Chop logs into vehicles - Custom military Airfield - Base building - Vehicle paint - safe/container lock picking - loot and death zone! - low level base protection - shipwrecks loot - vehicle inside lock system MODS FOR MY SERVER ARE... 2035;Russian Armed Forces Dual arms Fox_survivalcars FFAA MOD Firewill pack KA weapons pack Extended survival pack RWG addon mosquito beta 0.2e RHSUSAF RHSSAF RHSGREF RHSAFRF EXTENDED BASE MOD CBA TRYK NIA CUP WEAPONS CUP VEHICLES CUP UNITS CUP TERRAINS CORE EXILE
  4. Metraka


    Entren y disfruten de un nuevo servidor PVP y PVE mejorado y mejorando cada día mas gracias por todo lo aportado al servidor Buscamos administradores con experiencia y 2 dedos de frente.
  5. HurrySM

    Server ITA

    Nuovo server Exile PvP e PvE Veniteci a trovare sul sito o su discord
  6. HurrySM


    Un server Italiano di Exile PvE con missioni DMS, spawn in base e Zombie. Con area PvP per sfidare i vostri amici.I moderatori chiamati Rangers, oltre a far rispettare le regole che permettono un gioco regolare e sereno, aiutano ad entrare nell’ambientazione e nel caso di problemi sono disponibilissimi. Gli Helper disponibilissimi e molto presenti. An Italian server of Exile PvE with missions DMS, spawn in base and Zombie. With PvP area to challenge your friends. The moderators called Rangers, in addition to enforcing the rules that allow a smooth and serene play, help to enter the setting and in the case of problems are available. The Helpers are very available and very present.
  7. Jacobob

    Looking for a PVE script

    Hi all im new to developing so not capable of making a script/addon however i dont suppose anyone has a PVE script that works? by this i mean if I was to shoot a player and it hit him i would die myself? Ive seen this on an exile server so i know its possible... Anyone got ideas ? cheers Jacobob
  8. RasAllGhul

    Ouverture serveur français

    Bonjour a toutes et a tous. J'écrit le texte suivant pour annoncer que un petit serveur arma 3 Exile Français vient d'ouvrir ses portes fait par 3 amis dont moi même. Le serveur est totalement libre d'accès et accueille volontiers n'importe quels joueur voulant faire sont aventure sur notre serveur pour profiter et visant à s'amuser. Mes amis et moi même sont totalement à votre écoute et somme la pour que tous se passe bien, la seule chose suivante est demander : Profiter et ne pas être quelqu'un de nuisible pour le serveur. Voici le lien du serveur sur la liste de Exile : Venez profiter et faire votre aventure avec nous Bon jeux et Bonne chance
  9. RasAllGhul

    [FR] RedBlood

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! Je vais faire une description courte mais efficace, ce serveur est à la base crée entre 3 amis, nous voudrions partager ce serveur avec la communauté du mode de jeux Exile sur arma 3 et partager une aventure et une expérience de jeux a plusieurs. Nous ouvrons ce serveur principalement français pour que les personnes voulant le rejoindre puissent sans aucun problème, les seuls conditions pour le rejoindre sont les suivantes : -Avoir le mode de jeux Exile installé -Profité du jeux Toutes personnes visant ou voulant nuire aux serveur sera clairement bien accueillie par les admin et moi même et sera sévèrement réprimander ! Bon jeux et Bonne chance. L'équipe
  10. lachev


    “In this life now, you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill.”
  11. Overside


    > > Server-side mod/settings: SERVER: ☢ Map - Chernarus 2035 ☢ 3rd view ☢ only survival ☢ PVP ☢ Restart time - every 6 hours ☢ Dynamic day/night cycle ☢ Hunger/thirst/cold ☢ EVR Blowout ☢ Creepy fog on night time ☢ Zombie spawn everywhere on night time TRADERS: ☢ Custom 3-Traders ☢ Anti-theft [inside Safe zone] MAP: ☢ Custom Loot-table (RHS) ☢ Custom Loot-positions ☢ Custom Radiation zones [no yellow screen effects] ☢ Custom Military ☢ Spawn vehicle’s on every restart BASE: ☢ Maintain you base every 7 days. base decay is on 8 days ☢ Spawn in base ☢ Vector-build ☢ Instant-build ☢ Base paint ☢ Claim crates BASE RAID: ☢ Thermal Scanner ☢ Hack doors ☢ Hacking Safes/container ☢ Steal/Hacking Flags. MISSION: ☢ DMS Dynamic Missions, [Keep your distance the know how to shoot;) ☢ Gear crates at restart ☢ Helicopter crashes ☢ Airdrops [Building Materials/Grenade launchers/Food&Drinks]s ☢ Harvest weed from mission[knife needed] ☢ Anomaly mission ☢ Mining mission VEHICLE: ☢ Realistic repair script ☢ Repair/refuel at fuel station/service building. ☢ Claim vehicle’s [lock needed] ☢ Salvage vehicle wreck for dead body ☢ Load crates in 90% of the vehicle’s XM8: ☢ View-distance 3000 meters ☢ Vehicle HP Bars ☢ Player Scanner ☢ Building Recipes EXTRA: ☢ Halo / Ground spawn selection ☢ Custom kill messages ☢ Revive ☢ Custom loadouts ☢ R3F Logistics Pick up and walk with boxes. towing and lifting script ☢ Lock Picking
  12. Gristle

    Gravelton Exiles - 1940's-50's

    Welcome to Gravelton! Now the third server to bear the name - we've gone historic this time. Features and Addons Vehicles and weapons from the 1930's on to the late 1950's. Expect to see tanks, half tracks, cargo trucks, Jeeps and prop planes. Most weapons use iron sights which force engagement distances to be much closer than you've been accustomed to. The close ranges make pistols, submachine guns and shotguns very viable if not preferable choices. With carefully tweaked AI, this plays considerably differently than a normal Arma experience! Weapons, Uniforms and Vehicles from: IFA3 AIO Lite Faces of War IFA3 Liberation CSA 38 Unsung Sab's Secret Weapons LEN AIO GEIST-A3 Lite Hostile AI are found at marked missions and town invasions. AI troops are also found protecting hidden loot crates. Some of the best gear are found in these crates! Riot squads are dispatched to chase down players - a message will announce the targeted player to give you a chance to take cover or run! Beware of hostile air patrols. They will strafe you with machine guns if they spot you. Hostile AI Provided by: Defent's Mission System (DMS) Exile Occupation A3XAI VEMF Reloaded A strong focus is on scavenging and crafting. As such we also have a player market for you to easily trade desirable loot with fellow players. All vehicles (except Air Drops) are persistent. If you find an unlocked vehicle, it is yours to keep! You will have to change the PIN at a trader to lock it, however. We also have usable trains and cable cars (needs ATS Dev Branch - check the mod collection link). Other Settings: MarXet Player Black Market CDAH Vehicle Crafting Extended Base Mod Extended Survival Mod Advanced Towing, Rappelling, Urban Rappelling and Sling Loading Advanced Train Simulator APOC's Air Drop Assistance Close Air Support and Mortar Fire Support available in XM8 Custom AI/Vehicle Scanner Closing notes - Rare and valuable loot can be found on the outlying islands, especially in the radiation zone. Be cautious if you explore these areas as there have been reports from survivors of unusual and disturbing occurrences in these areas. Gravelton is a welcoming community with active admins. We hope you'll come check it out! Mod collection: Community Discord server: Do NOT use A3Launcher as it will not configure the mods correctly. Use the default Arma 3 Launcher for best results.
  13. djmcooper


    Hello and welcome to the ChinSweaterCollective (CSC)! CSC is a gaming community for like minded enthusiasts to group up and enjoy all types of game play from casual to MILSIM. Our servers and our core members are based in the U.S. However, we are an international community with members from many different countries. Whether you're of the sweatered chin persuasion or not, there's a place for you in CSC. Welcome aboard! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Custom Zombies: Sure, everyone has zombies but, do they aggro based on line of sight and/or sound? Do they attack AI and vice versa? Well, ours do. We have a completely unique zombie behavioral system that overrides those aggressive meat bags and turns them into smart zombies. Now, you can evade them by running out of their line of sight. They’ll also tear into AI like never before… but, beware… they are attracted to shots, explosions, and engine idling…so, don’t leave your truck running and unattended. How are you gonna explain that one to your insurance company!? • Roaming AI: They’ll drive around and try to run you over or get out and try to turn you into a pin cushion but, there’s a good chance you can steal their sweet ride! • AI Reinforcement System: You thought you'd just pick of that small patrol, right? The AI can call in for reinforcements (vehicles, choppers, etc) and they are not afraid to do it. No more strolls through the park. • Gear Crate Mission: Randomized gear crate missions with a chance for some good supplies and base materials. Oh, and that box would look nice at your base. • Traveling Trader: He’s a trader…and he travels… • Capture Points: Randomized control/capture points worth fighting for. • Shipwrecks: Sunken shipwrecks offering increased value loot. • Plane/Vehicle Wrecks: Wrecked vehicles and planes for salvaging loot. Beware the greedy undead. • Balanced Day/Night Cycle: Experience a balanced day/night cycle for each server restart. • Advanced Towing: Vehicle towing and helicopter sling loading. • Loot & Death Zone: Fantastic loot!…but, you’d better be quick…or have slower friends… • Contaminated Area: Someone spilled some stuff, and there’s a clicking in my ear… oh yeah, and my skin is falling off but, the gear is pretty snazzy! • Militarized Areas: Great chance for some high-end gear! An even better chance to run into another player. • Base Spawning: Because who doesn’t like spawning at their own base!? • Painting: Yeah, that’s right, you can now shoot like Rambo and paint like Picasso. With, literally, an infinite amount of paint colors, layers, and a few pre-configured custom textures, you can pimp your base or pimp your ride! Great for team colors! • Vector building: Fine-tuned building system for getting those pieces exactly how you want them. • Custom Bambi Spawns: Respawn with more than just that sweet, orange jumpsuit. Now, you’ll receive a randomized loadout to help you along the way. • Territory Abandonment: Unique flag/territory abandonment system offering the ability to abandon a flag, and purchase another, all within the same server session. Eliminates need to wait around for an admin to assist with a flag move, etc. • New Flag Protection: Territory protection for newly added territories. • Periodic kart cleanup: .... because running into abandoned karts isn't fun.... • New Base Protection: Protection for newly established bases. It'll give you a chance to put up some curtains before someone has a chance to swipe your flag.
  14. LangeBlonds

    Le Jour de Rupture

    Team MLG "Major Lynx Gaming" après 4 année de bon et loyaux service vous présente son serv : Le Jour de Rupture Le Serveur Full FR, Full Simulation, Full Survival. Serveur Full Script ( plus de 40 ) Serveur Full FR ( traduit à 99% ) Serveur Full Craft ( Arme, Tenue, Objet, Voiture ) plus de 350 items réel sans compter les véhicules, armes,chargeur Récolte de fruit dans les arbres ( une variété d'arbre, une variété de fruits, 6 au total) récolte de raisin dans les vignes pour farmé le pinard !!! ^^ et bien plus a venir !! Récolte d'objet dans les poubelles, carcasse, tas de détritue, pneu dans les tas de pneu. Pêche en Mer !! Perturbation Climatique ( Nuage toxique, Bombe nuke, Pluit de météorite) Script MLG ^^. Oui tout est maisons. Présence de Zombie dans une petite zone Infecté où à lieu un incidents, et des crache d'hélico sur l'ile. Vendeur de License pour le craft!!! Vente de permis, non obligatoire pour l'instant Vote a la volé PVE PVP Toute les heures !!! Mission DMS, Statique ou Aléatoire ( tenues et armes Militaire, avec de belle surprise) Prise de ville, Patrouille véhiculé. Le tout en gendarme, avec un gros butin. Renfort hélico sur patrouille véhiculé avec interception des massages radio. Les Fichier étant crypter, Temps de chargement Arma 3 Estimé de 4 à 7 minutes. Ceci n'est pas une blague ^^ Le reste je vous invite a venir le découvrir par vous même. Mods : Enjoy !!!
  15. Monztuh_Angel

    Monztuh's World of Exile! PvE

    Welcome to the "World of Exile!" Altis PvE server! Our goal is to deliver a comfortable, yet challenging game mode for all new and veteran Arma players with a friendly atmosphere. The features we have are: Town Invasions, Capture Points(ZCP), DMS Missions, Occupied Military Bases (ai), XM8 Mobile App server code along with multiple in-game apps, Sling loading, Towing, Urban Rappeling, RHS and CUP mods. We also have Server Events such as "1-Shot" where we have players all partake in a Roulette chance to win poptabs up to 500,000 given to the last survivor, shooting tournaments and more to come! We hope you enjoy the server and feel free to contact one of the Server Admins, Monztuh_Angel, stevesquared, eRepairz, or elfwh if you have any questions or need help. A server made for The People, by The People! Join the Discord!
  16. rainbow1337

    [RU] [PvE]Crystal Life Exile

    This Exile server has its own modification, based on the standard version of Exile, RHS and many others. We have our own site - n / a. And also we have our teamspeak server - On our server there are zombies, missions, as well as at the moment the server is under development. There is a cheap donat - which is also in development. Here is our server, the server is not bad, the main thing is that people were, and it already depends on you;)
  17. AaiRez

    Looking for more new members for our ArmA3 Exile mod server. We have custom missions, ai, weekly events and an active community.. We are currently still small, about 10 of us active players on at a time. All and all, we're just looking for some like minded people who work real jobs and have real lives, to just chill and play a few hours of games and talk about random funny shit. If you think this is you, come check us out! Name: | - [Tanoa][Exile][PvPvE] | Mods: - Advanced Rappelling - Advanced Towing - Advanced Urban Rappelling - CBA_A3 - CUP Terrains - Core - CUP Units - CUP Vehicles - CUP Weapons - Enhanced Movement - Exile - Exile_Textures - ExileServer - Extended_Base_Mod - Extended_Items_Exile - TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms] - Zombies and Demons - HMCS Addon - infiSTAR_Exile Addons: - A3XAI - Exodus Revive - DMS Missions - DualWeapons Perks: Community made missions and bi-weekly events!
  18. Xairo

    Zombieland Napf

    4 Hour Restarts Active Admins High FPS High Loot High-Quality Custom Map Content Static mission Custom Trade-Zones Tanks R3F towing/loading Niarms RHSUSAF RHSAFRF EBM BWMOD
  19. Xairo

    Zombieland Chernarus

    4 Hour Restarts Active Admins High FPS High Loot High-Quality Custom Map Content Static mission Custom Trade-Zones Tanks R3F towing/loading Niarms RHSUSAF RHSAFRF EBM BWMOD
  20. ICE68

    [IMP]Impact SA Exile Malden [PVE

    Server Features: 4 Hour Restarts Custom Spawn Points (No Bicycles, only Quad Bikes) Mature Active Admins High FPS High Loot High-Quality Custom Map Content Arma 2 Weapons AI Missions Static mission Custom Trade-Zones Building Supplies Trader (no Safe-Zone) Military Tanks Armed & Armored Vehicles Vehicle Loading (IGI Load for Exile Mod) WasteDump+ (Sell mission crates) Tow and Lift Vehicles Armed Choppers Roaming AI Fishing Shipwreck Loot Mods needed to join the server: Exile Mod v.1.0.4 "Pineapple" Wilderness Bits and Bobs CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles JSRS - Soundmod CBA - A3 TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms]
  21. [GER] Berlin94xD

    [GER-PVE] The AimFreaks +FPS

    [GER-PVE] The AimFreaks Exile-Altis|AI-Patrols|CUP|EBM|R3F
  22. [ODST]=I Negan


    Server name: [FR/PvE] ODST zonePvP/FPS+/Item+/Tanoa Address: Server version: 182144710 Required game version: 1.82.0 Map: Tanoa Mission: Exile Players: 1/20 Bonjour, je suis la pour vous présentez un tous nouveau serv français avec toutes les fonctionnalité de base. * @CBA_A3 *@Extended_Base_Mod *@Advanced Urban Rappelling *@Advanced Towing *@Advanced Sling Loading missions personnaliser, les admins a l écoute des joueurs pour éventuel ajouts a venir, hésitez pas a venir découvrir notre serveur et bonne games a tous.
  23. Snake72


    Small PVE Server for Singelplayer and Groups Missions: DMS Occupation VEMF VCOMAI ZCP BaseAttack Required Mods: Extended Survival Pack Extended Base Mod Ryanzombies Fox SurvivalCars Optional Mods: JSRS SOUNDMOD Scripts: Random Bomb Territory Helicrash (DayZ Style) Anomaly & Creatures Mission Advanced Towing Deploybike Fast Night Advanced Repair Salvage Wrecks Random License Plates Mining Fishing Drugs Bridges VectorBuilding and many more... JOIN AND HAVE FUN
  24. AaiRez

    Island of the Exiled

    ArmA3: Exile Name: | | Island of the Exiled | PVP | IP: World Reload: 4/17/18 Our group of 20 something to 60 something gamers. All of us have some sort of anxiety issue, so we are looking for low key, down to earth players, around the same age group.. There are some younger kids but the average is around 20-40. We play several games and have several of our own hosted servers. Just looking for some like minded people who work real jobs and have real lives, to just chill and play a few hours of games and talk about random funny shit. If you think this is you, come check us out! Web: Discord: Guilded: Steam Group: Group: Bungie Clan: Facebook: Donate:
  25. Papa Hedge

    Savage Gaming Exile

    We've tried to create something a little different with our server by going the roleplay route. Many of us in the Savage Gaming Community come from roleplay background on various games so have pooled what we know into the server. With plenty of mods, interactive zones and events, we hope the server offers something a little unique to the players and look forward to seeing you in game soon!