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Found 3 results

  1. Sebas

    ***K3B*** Custom Chernarus

    K3B*Chernarus*Custom|20K|VECTOR|RHS|DMS|ZCP|HACK|GRIND||QC|FR|US| Hello everyone. KEB GAMING [K3B] Is a Arma 3 Exile Mod Community since 2016. We currently have Exile Mod servers. Both PVP. Please visit website for list of rules and features. It is made by 2 guys. (Uwilldie and Baklava) and is hosted in New York. Maintenance every 10 days. Protection, vehicles, safe. Mods Required: Exile RHS AFRF RHS GREF RHS SAF RHS USAF Extended Base CUP Terrains Maps CUP Terrains Core DS House (which opens several houses) Enhanced Movement (to climb on the roof) Mr Sanchez (which gives a chance to burst their heads with a head shot) Features: Custom Traders Custom Crafting Custom Static Mission (has 78 AI and 4 boxes of equipment of all kinds) Custom ZCP Mission DMS Mission Voting day/night Vector (move the walls in all directions) Hacking safe and Virtual garage Grinding doors Mobile XM8 for Android Advanced towing Spawn base Claim vehicle 20k to start your journey View Distance Virtual garage High FPS Loot crate ground and underwater Rocket and grenade launchers Armed and armored vehicles (Cal .50 max) Deploye Quad Heli crash Igiload (Load crate on vehicle) Status bar 4H restart MORE... We have: Facebook: Website: Discord: See you there!
  2. Patrix87

    X-ALTIS - Multi-Jeux.Quebec

    X-Altis is a server filled with non-stop ACTION ! Hundreds of NPCs ! Military Patrols *(A3XAI) Police Groups town invasion *(VEMF) Random Missions *(DMS) Other Players Zombies ! *(Ryan Zombies + Exilez 2) Hardcore Zombie Mission Harmonized and Customized Arsenal 300 carefully select weapons 100 vehicles 900 pieces of equipment Demilitarized Tanks ! Advanced Towing *(SethDuda's Advanced Towing for Exile) Functional Defibrillator *(Enigma revive script) DonkeyPuncheD Exile Addon Mod 520 carefully select objects to install in your base ! Respect based price discount Improved vehicle trader interface Custom in-game information menu Live Stats webpage Installation tutorial LAG FREE ! 12 cores dedicated to this server only Solid state drive 12 gigs of RAM Server side FPS is rock solid at 43. *(which is pretty much the max) We speak French ! On vous attend sur Teamspeak ! -> ou Mods : External Downloads : Exile RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation RHS: United States Armed Forces STEAM : -> Steam Collection <- including the following mods : CBA_A3 DonkeyPuncheD_Exile_Addon_Mod HLC Core HLC AR15 Pack HLC AUG Pack HLC AWM Pack HLC FAL Pack HLC G3 Pack HLC G36 Pack HLC M14 Pack HLC M60 Pack HLC MP5 Pack HLC SG510 Pack HLC Springfield M1903A1 Jonzie Mega Mod Pack MJQC_Scripts NATO_Rus_Weapons VSM – Gear Pack v1 Zombies and Demons It should look like this before you join : See you on X-Altis !
  3. Patrix87

    Québecois ?

    Bonjour, Multi-Jeux Québec est une communauté qui vise à fournir une expérience de jeux amical tout en encouragent l’esprit d’équipe entre joueurs québécois. On vous attend !