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Found 13 results

  1. Quick question. Do I have to place positions for EACH building or is "house" based? Like I configure one building and all other buildings of this type will have the same loot position?
  2. MidNight Toker

    InfiSTAR DLL's

    okay so i got infiSTAR set up on my GTX gaming server and i noticed they blocked access to uploading DLLs and now i know everything works in game, (so far) and in the it says the DLLs aren't needed anymore? because the Arma_Load DLL seems like something that could be useful
  3. <BE>Yidca

    Build is disallowed her on this server

    Hallo We are trying to make a base but we get the message, "Build is disallowed her on this server", every time we try to build near an airport.. We saw this thread: But can't seem to find minimumDistanceToTraderZones or ...SpawnZones in any of the .pbo config.cpp We have looked in @A3_DMS.pbo, @exile_server.pbo and @exile_server_config.pbo. All of this in the @ExileServer folder Are we looking in the wrong folders or do we need to write the lines our self?
  4. Hello, i am having troubles with the mission.sqm. Ho do i remove no build zone and no loot zone in radiation zone? So players can loot and build in radiation zone. Mission.sqm
  5. ☭ Bendz CS.MONEY

    Question about server chat commands

    Can anyone provide me with a list of all the commands in the "CCG - Exile Mod - Esseker" server? The only one that I currently know about is: !pee Thanks
  6. ☭ Bendz CS.MONEY

    How to Pee ingame

    So earlier today I was playing on the CCG - Exile Mod - Esseker server and in the trade zone there was a guy standing up and peeing. I thought it was pretty funny and so did my friends. Anyway, the other player did not tell us how to pee ingame, so how (or what button/buttons) do I do it? Thanks
  7. ZilgornZeypher

    Question about mod/script?

    Hey all, I'm wondering if there is a mod or a script that allows respawning points to be attached to party members or their vehicles. For example if my party bought an ambulance from the CUP vehicles is there a mod or a script that would be able to set that as a respawn point instead of the usual halo insertion? Thanks
  8. ImThatGuyM8

    infiSTAR Question.

    Hello, i do not have a problem with infiSTAR but more of a question around it, i wonder why sometimes infistar only works when you put it in a @infiSTAR folder(Mod), and sometimes only in ExileServer Addons, and sometimes you can even use it without the servermod line., and it will still boot up somehow. It works every time for me but not neccerarily in the same way, and i install it the same way every time too as the guide sais. Why is this? One time when i installed it it would not work as the guide said, but it worked as the guide/forums said it would not. Again, i have no issue with infiSTAR, im just wondering why it acts this way sometimes. My host is GTX and that host panel can be a bit buggy at times. ( when i say a bit buggy, i mean too fff... buggy for my liking) Do not opt for the GTXGaming G2 Mod 'host panel', it is still in eeeeaaaarly beta.
  9. Plasma

    Mk30 HMG Functionality

    Ive heard quite a frew issues with the Mk30 HMG, and I kinda wanted some updated information on this "vehicle". - Does it vanish on restart if you place it down and don't pack it back up? - Does the ammo restock on restart? - Does the scope have thermal optics?
  10. Bucaiolo


    Hi guys! can someone explain me what's the utility of a grinder? what i can do with it? thanks!
  11. ryan.lynchus


    How do you unlock the dll file for m3editor?
  12. Does anyone know how to make specific items in trader only shown for the specific players? (donators, admins, etc.)
  13. I feel like this question should be trivial to @Grim or @Eichi but barring their response why are some objects spawned for the client only vs client and server?