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Found 47 results

  1. Sell crates at the Waste Dump with this new and improved script. Features: Sells the crate instantly and adds the Pop Tabs and the Respect to the player. Deletes the crate after the sale so that they are cleared up. (Less Lag and no empty crates can be used for trolling). Trolls can't steal the money from the crate like the original script. Exile Toast displays in funky colours telling you about how much you earned. Configurable "Convenience" Charges. This allows for you to set a percentage to deduct from the earned pop tabs and respect because it's far easier to sell the whole crate rather than sell each item individually like they usually would. For example, the script is currently set to take 10% from the crate in tabs and a further 20% from the respect so the players don't earn respect too quickly because of this and because they are lazy and didn't sell each item individually, lose some money on it. They don't know that though, its purely for balancing out the economy of the server. List of Crates is defined so people don't sell other things by accident, since this script does not total in the price of the object being carried as it's intended for crates, some people sell vehicles by accident so this prevents that. Credit to original script: Download my version with all these cool new features here: Also, Credit to the Exile Groupies whom helped me. I think i had some input from @MGTDB, @Vishpala and @StokesMagee. The first two for pointing me in the right direction and Stokes for Fixing what i had Further Credit: @Andrew_S90 for teaching me the money saving And @kuplionfor sorting the Public Variable Nonsense.
  2. Installing R3F logistics on the latest version of exile resulted in locked vehicles being towable/liftable on my server. I've noticed some other people on these and other forums having the same issue so here's the solution to the problem. 1. unPBO @ExileServer\addons\exile_server.pbo. 2. Copy the following 3 files from the code directory in the exile_server pbo to somewhere in your unPBO'ed Exile mission (i.e. Exile.Altis). I recommend creating a folder called overrides in the root mission folder and copying them there: 3. In ExileServer_object_lock_network_hotwireLockRequest.sqf Add the following line after "_object enableRopeAttach true;": _object setVariable ["R3F_LOG_disabled", false, true]; 4. In ExileServer_object_lock_network_lockToggle.sqf Add the following line after "_object enableRopeAttach true;": _object setVariable ["R3F_LOG_disabled", false, true]; Add the following line after "_object enableRopeAttach false;": _object setVariable ["R3F_LOG_disabled", true, true]; 5. In ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf Add the following line after "_object enableRopeAttach false;": _vehicleObject setVariable ["R3F_LOG_disabled", true, true]; Add the following line after "_object enableRopeAttach true;": _vehicleObject setVariable ["R3F_LOG_disabled", false, true]; 6. Open config.cpp in your root mission folder and add the following to the CfgExileCustomCode class (assuming you created the overrides directory): ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load = "overrides\ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf"; ExileServer_object_lock_network_lockToggle = "overrides\ExileServer_object_lock_network_lockToggle.sqf"; ExileServer_object_lock_network_hotwireLockRequest = "overrides\ExileServer_object_lock_network_hotwireLockRequest.sqf" It should now look like this if you haven't overridden any other files: class CfgExileCustomCode { /* You can overwrite every single file of our code without touching it. To do that, add the function name you want to overwrite plus the path to your custom file here. If you wonder how this works, have a look at our bootstrap/fn_preInit.sqf function. Simply add the following scheme here: <Function Name of Exile> = "<New File Name>"; Example: ExileClient_util_fusRoDah = "myaddon\myfunction.sqf"; */ ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load = "overrides\ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf"; ExileServer_object_lock_network_lockToggle = "overrides\ExileServer_object_lock_network_lockToggle.sqf"; ExileServer_object_lock_network_hotwireLockRequest = "overrides\ExileServer_object_lock_network_hotwireLockRequest.sqf" }; 7. re-PBO your mission file, put it back in place, and start up your server. Thanks to MrTesla on the BIS forums for his post getting me started in the right direction.
  3. O3R | Exile Server

    NEW O3R | Exile Server! Website: Server IP: TeamSpeak: Discord: Active Staff and Development Active Mods: CUP_Terrains_Core ChernarusRedux Enhanced_Movement CBA_A3 NIArms_All_in_One Extended_Base_Mod TRYK_[TRYK's_Multi-play_Uniforms] Fox_SurvivalCars Zombies_and_Demons KA_Weapons_Pack_NEW Complementary_Special_Weapons Server Features: 20k Starting Poptabs Roaming AI Zombies Enhanced Movement DMS Missions Towing and Lifting Vector Building And Much More! Works with A3L!
  4. Guten Tag, Ich bin ein relativ neuer Servermierter und habe bei der Installation der R3F Logistic ein kleines Problem. Die Mod läuft und ich kann Fahrzeuge abschleppen und auch beladen aber zwei Dinge stören mich. 1. Wie stelle ich ein das ich die eingeladenen Kisten nach dem abladen beim Trader verkaufen kann ? 2. Im Mausmenü der Fahrzeuge erscheinen die Befehlen "Tow" und "View the..." 3x.( Siehe Anhang ) Wie bekomme ich das weg ?
  5. Hi, auf unserem Server läuft seit geraumer Zeit das R3F-Logistic Script mit dem man Fahrzeuge towen oder Kisten laden kann. Problem: Es kommt oft vor, dass Fahrzeuge, welche hinten an einem anderen dranhängen, plötzlich während der Fahrt oder aber kurz nach dem untowing, einfach despawnen. Ich habe nun irgendwo dieses Script gefunden, was dieses Problem wohl fixen soll: Frage: Wie und wo muss man das denn einbauen es scheint keine Anleitung zu geben ? Hoffe, es kann jemand helfen. Oder gibt es andere Lösungen ?
  6. R3F

    Huhu, ich mal wieder... Einladen geht, kisten tragen auch also alles wichtige sozusagen... nur kann ich die kiste nicht mehr ausladen.. habe R3F master und R3F waste dump drauf.. Man kann "vehicles content" sehen aber wenn man es drückt kommt diese fehlermeldung.. resource R3F_LOG_dlg_contenu_vehicle not found
  7. Noroute Exile Chernarus

    Features Virtual Garage 15k Start High loot High FPS Safe zones traders RHS,R3F Uniforms,Weapons,Vehicles AI Missions Vehicle Loading (IGILoad) Kart & Bike crafting Custom Spawn Points Attentive staff (polls, ask for additional mods, bugs...) Reboot all 6h How to join ? Follow instructions here :
  8. Hi ich habe probleme mit dem R3F script seit irgendeinem arma update würde ich vermuten denn vorher ging das immer tip top... und zwar habe ich die vehicles eingetragen dennoch lassen sich einige nicht mehr towen z.B das probier ich gerade aber der strider lässt sich einfach nicht anhängen und ich habe keine ahnung warum das ging sonst immer alles (dass ist nicht meine richtige config nur die zum testen) habe in der richtigen auch fahrzeuge von cup drin die gehen einwandfrei wie z.b. dingo selbst einige von arma/exile gehen nur halt bestimmte gehen nicht mehr... leider sind es die die sehr oft in verwendung sind wie stider, zamak, hemmt.... und viele mehr habe jetzt das r3f auch komplett neu runtergeladen da ich dachte dass ich was versaut habe aber mit der versuchsconfig (siehe oben) geht es auch nicht vehicles content geht einwandfrei sowie kisten rum tragen was das liften angeht ist mir auch nichts bekannt hat da jemand das gleiche problem oder weis jemand sogar wo der fehler liegt? denn ich bin mit meinem latein gerade am ende denn momentan ist r3f bei mir auf dem server eher useless^^ da man fast eh nix miteinander towen kann
  9. Hello, I have been looking for an overwrite for a couple of hours, the trader will display the loaded crate in vehicle and sell items individually. I use the logistics script R3F. The one with the waste dump works wonderfully. And I've also found an overwrite for ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_updateInventoryDropdown. Because it works only when I put the crate on the ground. The crate should remain loaded in the vehicle Thanks for reading & helping
  10. How can I get the trader log to work alongside the Respect, currently neither work, if I leave the trader log section out the script itself works however the respect still isn't given. But with the trader log section in nothing works at all. Anyone got any ideas on what may be causing the issue. Script is here: Thanks for the help.
  11. SofakingS Hardcore Exile

    We have set up our server to give any player a challenge yet giving even to newest player a chance to make big moves in very short amount of time. We are now running Malden Silver edition with the bridge expansion to utilize to capability for anyone to reach loot and death. The trader is located in the south near loot and death for quick sales of your loot. The spec ops trader is centrally located on the mainland. Don't forget your gasmask. Radiation has been turned on for loot and death. Creates are saleable, loadable and slingable. We offer TRYK, VSM, CUP (v,w,u), SMA, Bloodlust, RHS, Shipwrecks, DMS, Roaming AI, Enhanced Movement, Advanced sling loading and repelling both urban and advanced, WMO, Towing, Ryan Zombies, Occupation, And we plan on adding a few more like sharks and a few other well known and sought after mods such as massi's mods and perhaps NI Arms. If you join the server and you find yourself in the ground. Do not disconnect. The server is loading you for the very first time. It takes up to 15 seconds for new players. Our database is better then you might think Our Mod Collection for the eight player server can be found here: Our website is under development so please be patient. Join us on Facebook You can also join our discord here
  12. Cage kicker [C|K]

    Cage Kicker is a PVE server that hosts Tanoa. With our community just being born, we are looking forward to meeting new players who are interested in PVE! Our main goal currently is to take feedback and apply it, all suggestions are welcome! -About us- With our server being PVE, the actions of flag stealing and hotwire are disabled. Currently vehicles spawn quite frequently around, opening opportunity for easy tabs. -Mods- R3f Logistics|Advanced Towing|CUP (Weapons and vehicles)|Enhanced movement|BAF Vehicles|NIArms|RHS GREF|RHS SAF|RHS USAF|Zombies & Demons| -Other- Exad (Virtual Garage, View Distance, Journal, Server info, AI Unit Scanner, Statsbar)|Vehicle Protection -Rules- Not allowed- PVP, Harassment, building in roads/cities, stealing/base raids, mission stealing. Allowed- Mission claiming via side chat/map marker, Vehicle replacement (If proof is provided, such as a video)
  13. FragWithUs Hardcore Exile Malden

    FragWithUs Exile FragWithUs Exile Hardcore Malden Mods Exile (latest) Find these + a workshop collection that the server uses at Features Custom Vehicle Rearm w/Persistent Vehicle Ammo Persistent Time ZCP - Capture Points Extended Base Mod (without addon) AI Missions/Invasions Hardcore first-person Heli crashes R3F Logistics Military Vehicles/LAV And lots more! Tweaks We run various tweaks to some of the mechanics of exile for a more hardcore experience such as: 1. You require a GPS in order to see yourself, and your fellow group members on the map. They cant see you without it: To view waypoints you also require a GPS. 2. You are not able to see who killed you, what they killed you with and how far away they killed you. You may only see that you died to a player/AI We have lots of various QOL improvements that are not worth mentioning, but all add up for a better 'authentic' exile experience Support We have friendly active admins ready to help and give support when needed! If you need support/want to report a bug, or just some people to play with come join our teamspeak:
  14. FragWithUs Hardcore Exile Malden

    FragWithUs Exile FragWithUs Exile Hardcore Malden Mods Exile (latest) Features Custom Vehicle Rearm w/Persistent Vehicle Ammo Persistent Time ZCP - Capture Points Extended Base Mod (without addon) AI Missions/Invasions Hardcore first-person Heli crashes R3F Logistics Military Vehicles/LAV And lots more! Tweaks We run various tweaks to some of the mechanics of exile for a more hardcore experience such as: 1. You require a GPS in order to see yourself, and your fellow group members on the map. They cant see you without it: To view waypoints you also require a GPS. 2. You are not able to see who killed you, what they killed you with and how far away they killed you. You may only see that you died to a player/AI We have lots of various QOL improvements that are not worth mentioning, but all add up for a better 'authentic' exile experience Support We have friendly active admins ready to help and give support when needed! If you need support/want to report a bug, or just some people to play with come join our teamspeak: Videos Although these videos are from our Tanoa server, it shows you what you can expect from our server! Thank you to everyone who has spent time and made this videos, they are awesome.
  15. Phantom Gaming Chernarus

    This is a non-Profit Exile server which will be here for a while. We have active and friendly staff who also enjoy playing exile as well as helping out players with problems they could have. Its 24hr, with very little down time for maintenance. Visit the website or join the teamspeak if you want anything adding or have any questions
  16. HeyHo ich habe derzeit ein Problem mit dem R3F Script. Ich bekomme folgende Fehlermeldung: Wenn ich allerding diese Zeilen komplett entferne funktioniert der Script außer das Fahrzeug transportieren: Hoffe ihr könnt mir weiter helfen hab da leider noch wenig erfahrung.
  17. [EU/UK] This Is How You Died

    Very new Exile PVP Zombie server , has all the essential mods you would like to find in a zombie apocalypse.. like the ability to scale walls to Eecape {Enhanced Movement). you would be surprised the amount of zombie servers that do not think this is essential. we have R3F to help you load those pesky loot crates into your car for a hasstle free journey back to the traders. Plenty of weapons mods to keep you interested. All those fancy XM8 apps you know you need, spawn bike/Quad, private chat, Cook book, Lock grinding a Fair pop tab economy were weapons and ammo are expensive. but on the flipside you will also find they sell for a bomb too. (whooo loot crates are actually worth money!) a whole host of other features and open to suggestions Check us out!
  18. Lost Chapters

    Hello Dudes, I want to informat about and show you our new Arma 3 Tanoa Exile Server. You can easily connect through A3 Launcher Also I would like to mention that I am the only scripter/developer of this server. There are only a few military buildings that were placed by a friend of mine. If you have some improvements it may take some time to realize it. (I work every day at the server to make everything nearly perfect :D) But if you need support, we have some more Admins who will help you out. (We are from germany but we have some competent supporters with good english skills.) A Website will follow in the future. We tested the mods in detail. If you encounter any bugs/glitches ingame please tell the admins and we will try to fix it. >You got some nice rewards if you inform us about heavy bugs/glitches!< I was inspired by the good old Arma 2 DayZ Mods ( Origins, Epoch, etc.)(I also had great Epoch and Origins servers there) where I especially liked the loot and the survival aspect and I want to bring the feeling back to Arma 3. This includes some survival features, logical loot, better crafting system, zombies and base building. As realistic as possible. Complete Servername: (for example for A3 Launcher) BRAND NEW Server - Lost Chapters - Exile|HVP|Vehiclecraft|Cargo transport|Missions|Rappeling|Enhanced Movement|Towing|Better Loot|Custom Mapparts|Zombies & Hordes|and much more (something coming soon...) IP with Port: TS3: currently in work SEARCH: I seach one guy which is well known about websites and have time to support us. Send me a messages if you interested. Which mods do you need? Mods: (need to download before) (Best way to join is A3 Launcher) Exile HVP Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Rappelling Advanced Towing Enhanced Movement CDAH Mod Pack Ryanzombies FFAA Mod Advanced Train Simulator (ATS) Other Addons: (included in Missionfile/Serverside, mission automatically download on every join) DMS Missions AntiCheat and Hack (Infistar) StatsbarR3F Vectorbuilding And some more But this is not all. We also join in different changes: Infistar: Many anti-dupe, anti cheat and so on Change rights of my supporters/admins they can not abuse their rights/decrease the rights hart and fair but supportable New mapparts Military Industrial Bot Base 1 New Bridge (2. Bridge will come nearly because we found some desynchronization with following dead) Custom additions Eastereggs Complete revised Loottables also new loot included logical loot with better chance Claim Vehicle You can add a codelock to vehicles with has not a codelock. R3F You can load crates in vehicles (logical). Also added new Trucks for loading Vehicles in there (logical). You can move crates and bikes. Sell Crates fix You can sell crates with content at Wastedump trader. CDAH Modpack With these you can craft the new vehicles (HVP) Nearly add recipes for crafting ammo and some other things XM8 Apps You can see the rules in there You can change your viewdistance Also includ a craftbook for easy look on recipes Repair Made //it´s up there but use will included later Statsbar It shows all important information about you new revised stats new icons and better look Zombies We have Hordes which spawn random near triggers if players in the near of the trigger. Zombies are balanced and they have different types and loot Missions All missions are revised Balance difficult (also Bots) Better and logical loot Some random settings about gear and vehicles Bot Base >>>The Restrikers<<< Alright, thats my own big project. The base is based on DMS missionssystem with my own settings and buildings. The difficult is everytime hardcore but the place and count of m2, patrol and !static bots are different. I get the idea like Sector B of Arma 2 DayZ Origins. Also the loot is every time custom and spawns of different places after kill the special Majors. Special lootspot to get highend weapons Attention: At this time some different kinds of botbase missions have some little bugs but nothing hard. Also I try some different values so far. You can enter the bot base but in the moment it is not finished. (Loot and Bots are ready but statics bots will move thats my problem) Gamebalance Trader prices was balanced and items revised. remove all overpowered weapons from trader, you only can get them in militarys, radiation military (high rates), some missions, Bot Base, eastereggs and some more Increase base options (price, objects to build, range). At spawncitys spawns every restart some bikes and motorbikes to get out there. Some overrides for Arma Update and Exile Balanced nonpersistent vehicle spawn New and better airdrops Put off earthquakes and overflying jets Custom settings for Basepay, remove, reset objects and so on. You found everything ingame in your XM8 under XM8 Apps -> Rules 3k on start High spawnrate for pistols and low weapons at spawn for protect against zombies and much more ... FFAA Mod some new Vehicles new choppers new planes new planes to transport vehicles new boats new boat to transport vehicles 6 new craftable cars some new clothings some new weapons Advanced Train Simulator (ATS) a funny update (at time for testing something) if good balance then come some more functions with it new trainroads will added Vectorbuilding Yeah this is what it is, Vectorbuilding Plans for the future: Revise BotBase, Add new Missions make a new second bridge some more map updates Extendet Base Mod DP build everything (with own settings, limitations and not everything of this objects) my own levelsystem (dont override humanity) (Will added much later if I finish this perfect) it will be a new second levelsystem with experience and anti boost protection to trade high end weapons, humanity, special/new vehicles, lockvalue dependent on level and some more replace some better sounds more functions with trains (transport, and so on) drilling rig (currently not perfect) Bugfixes <3 and some more Iam will regularly update this post Greetings David1197
  19. Right, i'm pretty sure i've read somewhere (or watched) someone add all vehicle variant of a particular class with one class name. for example i have Igiload installed and atm it only covers all exile vehicles. below is my list of offroads as you can see there is so many different types of offloads but that not covering the A3 Vanilla ones. My question is, can you write in offroad or any other vehicle for that matter in a way that covers all variants? Thanks in Advance SWEENNDAWG
  20. [U-HQ]Chernarus Winter Exile

    Wir sind das Unicorn Headquarter, eine Community aus leidenschaftlichen Gamern, welche es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht haben Menschen zu vereinen welche gerne zocken und dies auch gerne in Gesellschaft tun oder sich auch gerne einfach nur austauschen. Angefangen hat das Ganze, in dem man mit dem einen oder anderen zusammen gezockt hat und sich Freundschaften geschlossen haben. Mit der Zeit wurden wir mehr Leute und es bildete sich eine kleine Gemeinschaft an Spielern welche täglich verschiedenste Spiele miteinander oder in Gruppen gespielt haben. Schlussendlich haben wir den Entschluss gefasst, das ganze auf eine neue Ebene zu heben und dem ganzen einen Namen zu geben. Damit ist das Unicorn Headquarter entstanden! Ihr braucht nur die benötigten Mods über den Steam Workshop abonnieren und zusätzlich noch den Exile Mod! Ganz bequem könnt ihr das ganze über den A3Launcher machen. Sucht dort einfach nach [U-HQ], oder ihr abonniert einfach unsere komplette Kollektion in Steam und ladet euch Exile und Chernarus Winter manuell herunter. Anschließend müsst ihr wenn ihr Arma 3 startet nur noch diese Mods auch aktivieren. IP+Port des Servers: Modlist: - Exile - CUP Terrains - Core - CUP Terrains - Maps - CUP Weapons - Hidden Ghillies - Chernarus Winter A3 - CBA_A3 - TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms] - Extended_Base_Mod Einen großteil der Mods können über den Steam Workshop abonniert werden. Wir haben hierzu auch eine Kollektion erstellt, in der ihr alle Mods bequem abonnieren könnt! Zusätzlich müssen folgende Mods manuell heruntergeladen werden Exile - Chernarus Winter - Scripts: - Revive - Towing - R3F Logistics - Virtual Garage - Halo Jump - Grinding / Hacking - Change View Distance - Statusbar
  21. Hi, We currently have R3F installed on our server and it is generally working fine. We did, however, discover that both territory flags and safes were able to be moved by players. We were able to disable the territory flag movement but have yet to find any reference to safes at all. It may be that it's a translation thing since the script is mostly in french, maybe we missed it. Has anyone experienced this and found a fix? Thanks
  22. [GER]EXILE|

    Exile Altis Gameserver Slots 50, some Mods.. Just join and have Fun
  23. HKDW Bornholm

    Server IP: Hey dear Arma3 Players! Join us on our new Exile Server which is set up on Bornholm, a beautiful denmark map. All mods are downloadable over the steam workshop, just search for "HKDW" in the Arma3 launcher in the section "Servers". We also got a teamspeak server for you ( and a forum on our website. If you have problems concerning joining, join our website, the TS3 or the steamgroup and text us. We'll help you! See you on the server! HKDW Admin Team Things we got on our Server : Several static Missions which are highly militarized and expecially for the lategame, DMS Missions... and more coming The Server is militarized and contains tanks, helis, highloot and more XM8 Apps : Virtual Garage, Deploy Taxi, many recipes, view Distance regulator, privateChat, playerScan(cooldown), vehicle health bars and more Extended kill notifications InfistarAntiHack R3F Logistics Skript plus Towing BaseBuilding with many kind of parts like chairs, nettings, hangars and city buildings Strict rules and active admins Zero-tolerance-policy against hackers Ts3: Website: Mods: - Bornholm - Exile Mod - Extended Base Mod - CBA_A3 - CUP Weapons - CUP Units - CUP Vehicles - RHSUSAF - RHSAFRF - TAC Vests - TRYK [TRYK´S Multiplay Uniforms] Active admins

    NOD EXILE | 50K | FPS | VECTOR | PVP | NPC | MISSIONS | RHS [EU]|[US] GENERAL INFO MAP: Tanoa Missions: DMS, VEMF, ZCP Patrol: A3XAI WHAT YOU HAVE Working revive system. Base respawn. XM8 apps : unit scan, not persistent vehicle, food box. All high calibre weapons are inside temple. Wood cutting directly inside car/air(why not? ) . Map customization on all map. Rearm at gas station or from ammo trucks(AVS). No cross for weapons. Crate loading and crate sell. And moree other... LOOT SYSTEM All calibre over 7.62 you will found at black market at high price(min over 10k) 7.62 calibre you will find inside temple or other touristic locations. 6.5 at militar bases/constructions 5.56 at militar bases/constructions or inside protected standard markets. The same is for vests, backpacks ecc. Best things you will not found in spawn (for now). MODS EXILE ENCHANCED MOVEMENTS EXTENDED BASE MOD ADVANCED TOWING ADVANCED URBAN RAPELLING RHS AFRF USAF GREF OPTIONAL Blastcore 1.2 CBA_A3 DynaSound ReColor RS RAIN TEXTURES JSRS
  25. Red Dawn Gaming

    [server shut down]