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Found 15 results

  1. Hey everyone, currently making a little personal private server, and I've sorted everything out in terms of addons, mods, traders, spawns etc... Two things I have left to do are loot and the rad zones. I'll try and explain this as best I can and will include any files if they're required, but essentially I have created custom areas in the ocean which I aim to have as radzones, which have better loot than normal areas, (as well as npc's, working on this though), my first problem though, is that I have made the rad zones in 3den exile addon defined them as radzones, put the markers output in mission.sqm, all markers and trader safezones / spawns are working fine, but when i go the the radiation zones there is no radiation? Moving onto my second problem, I have 0 idea whatsoever on where to start with loot, I haven't been able to find a complete loot guide which includes everything I'd need to make this happen and so didn't want to start anything one way and then have to finish it in a different way when I found a tutorial which does things differently. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
  2. Mattmad1234

    Adding new Gas Masks

    I have the mod STALKER Equipment loaded on my server and I was wondering if there was anyway to get the gas masks included in this mod to work like the base Exile gas mask in radiation zones? If there is anyway to accomplish this please let me know, thanks!
  3. WCD Phyro

    Remove radiation zone screen effects

    1. Unpack your mission.pbo 2. In your mission file, create a folder and name it "overrides", place the two files in the folder 3. In your config.cpp go to CfgExileCustomCode and copy/paste two lines: ExileClient_system_radiation_initialize = "overrides\ExileClient_system_radiation_initialize.sqf"; ExileClient_system_radiation_event_onPlayerSpawned = "overrides\ExileClient_system_radiation_event_onPlayerSpawned.sqf"; 4. Repack your mission.pbo If you use a different file structure, make sure you edit the two lines above accordingly! Download link:
  4. Matijs

    [DeadZ] Exile Chernarus Redux

    We are proud to announce that we are starting again with a new server! At this moment we have set-up a server on the Arma 3 Exile mod, trying to get exile to feel as much as the good old DayZ mod from Arma 2. Features Chernarus Redux map with a shit ton of open buildings Humanity System Respect completely gone from the server Custom zombie system As close to DayZ from Arma 2 as possible R3F Logistics Towing, Lifiting & Crate Loading Claim vehicles which aren't claimed yet Virtual Garage Adjustable Status Bar Extended XM8 Apps Virtual Garage Management Statsbar settings Server Info View Distance Settings Journal Deploy Bike / Quad Airdrop A wide range of AI missions Hero & Bandit missions edited to fit with the humanity system Also events (like crashed heli's) Hero & Bandit traders Custom trader prices (more balanced) Custom loot tables & placement. More loot and balanced. Sector B DayZ Mod style status icons Revive with defibrilator HALO Jump from helicopter Ground spawn Kill messages Server running on 64-bit with avarage server FPS of 80 Radiation areas Spawn with random clothing Custom time cycle Alot of custom buildings & areas on the map [SOON] Vehicle ammo buy system (scroll on your vehicle & buy the ammo you need for it) And many more Downloads We are using some mods to make the experience better: Exile, CUP (Terrains/Weapons/Units/Vehicles), NATO SF & Russian Vehicles, CBA, ChernarusRedux, DS Houses, Zombies & Demons Downloads & info here: Edit: new IP updated: Edit: removed CM Zombies as it is not on steam workshop anymore.
  5. Grant7O2O

    Tanoa Radiation Zone not woking

    I'm Making a server on Tanoa, With the default radiation zone in the top left island on Tanoa, I've read multiple forums where people say they fix it with making it bigger or smaller, and none of that is working and I'm stumped... Maybe one of you can help? Heres my Config.CPP And here's my Mission.sqm I can See the markers on the map and everything, but the radiation just wont work, I even tried to disable all the other mods like infistar and ryanszombies, but to no avail!
  6. Commando_Kain

    Radiation zone damage

    How do i edit the code to effect how fast you lose health in a zone. I want you to die much faster that out do at normally. class Radiation: Radiation { enable = 1; contaminatedZones[] = { {{3960.14, 8454.75, 152.862}, 80, 140}, // Object A1 {{4974.70, 6632.82, 4.74293}, 40, 150}, // Object A2 {{6487.92, 9302.03, 36.0014}, 60, 110} // Sebjan Chemical Factory }; }; Are these Three different stages of radiation?
  7. T. Arnold

    Slay Bodies Exilez Cherno

    Slay Bodies ExileZ Cherno is a server hosted by the 17th meu. We hope to get a good number of players to have a fun playing environment.
  8. NukeInMyPantz

    Radiation Zone Strength Help

    I managed to get the Radiation Zone working from a good tutorial but for some reason I can not get the radiation to go farther then 85m from the center. My sphere is currently A=350 B=350 in my Mission.sqm. I tried to go in to the MPMission > config.cpp and change the last two values "{{4307.2, 0, 10772.5}, 75, 350}" but no matter what value I put the range of the radiation does not move.
  9. mubby

    Finders Keepers

    Finders Keepers 3.0 began on October 7, 2017! Our server strives to bring out the best in PvP and PvE experiences with an emphasis on Survival, Crafting, and Raiding. If you have any questions, just ask! REQUIRED MODS SERVER ADDONS ADDITIONAL FEATURES BASIC CONFIGURATIONS CLAN FEATURES SERVER RULES Our rules can be viewed on our Discord ( under #rules. Make sure to regularly check our Server Info XM8 App as that will have the most up to date rules. BattleMetrics: GameTracker:
  10. TommyFresh


    Welcome to the harsh lands of Namalsk. We are running a 40 player server on Namalsk on our own dedicated linux server, with the best hardware available so you can be sure of a very high FPS in game... Even with the Zombies! We have custom loot configurations along with custom traders. We have tried to bring back the old style of the arma survival series by reducing loot to a lower level meaning you will have to explore more of the map to get all the essential gear you will need to survive. We have updated to the latest version of Exile (0.9.8) and have implemented all the new features in our server. The blowout storm from Arma2 Namalsk returns. You can use a gasmask to avoid passing out. The gasmask can also be used to access special areas on the map. Special areas will contain rare loot but will be difficult to access due to the larger numbers of zombies. We have base raiding mods enabled. Grinders with battery will open doors and you can hack safes with laptops. All loot has been categorized so that supermarkets spawn food, military areas will spawn higher tear loot etc All the mods on the server can be downloaded from the steam workshop. Exile and Namalsk can be downloaded from here.
  11. I stumbled across something interesting tonight. Radiation (Contaminated Zones), seem to have a height limit of 120m. The zone marker itself shows up, and the loot table is triggered, but the visual/audio fx, as well as player damage cap at 120m and above Any area below 120m on the map works as expected. (washed out colors, geiger counter, damage with no mask...) Not a show stopper by any means, but if you're wondering why you see a contaminated zone but it's having no effect....
  12. SadBoy1981

    Stay Alive Project

    Stay Alive is all about surviving. Collect loot, make a base and do missions rinse, repeat. Watch out for the NPC patrols on the road, and in the air. The AI is armed to the teeth with LMGs/snipers and rocket launchers. To make things really interesting we also introduced radiation and blowouts to the server, so the gameplay is really dynamic. Ofcourse we use our fair share of mods which you can find in the loot tables and on the NPC's. Like RHS vehicles/equipment (Russian+NATO) and HLC weaponary. Happy hunting and good luck!
  13. khafir

    Supply Drop: No Radiation

    Hello wonderful Exile community! I've got an issue with supply drops and their marker (biohazard symbol). Supply drops spawn in just fine in the vicinity of bio-hazard symbols, but there is no environmental effects within or anywhere around the symbol. Is this intended or is there something I need to enable for the effect to be present? Is there supposed to be radiation where these symbols appear?
  14. psychopathHUN

    Chernarus Radiation Zone problem

    Hi Guys! I Configurate the Chernarus map for Radiation zone's, and not working me, working only Anomalies... I paste ASL! position, position for ingame "Debug Console" (hint str (getPosASL player). Please help me for working Radiation for Chernarus map, Before Thank You for help me! (Sorry for bad english) Config:
  15. First, a big thank you to the Exile devs for adding the radiation functionality in the latest release, as it gave me something more to customize on my test server. Also, if this has already been reported, sorry for the additional post. I setup a radiation zone with the follow; {{23344.3,18682.8,0},100,300} and it seems to work great. However, what I am experiencing on my server is when you enter the radiation zone for the first time you experience the visual effects of the radiation. However, if you go out of the zone, heal yourself, then re-enter the zone, no matter if you're within 299 meters or 25 meters from "ground zero", the visual effects do not happen again. Is anyone else able to reproduce this? If you re-spawn then enter the zone again, the effects work fine as well as if you reconnect to the server, the effects work, but just that one time. I'll try a little re-working and see if I can get things to behave a bit better, however in the meantime If any of the Exile devs wanna check this out, send me a PM as the server has a password. Thank you for your time. and keep up the hard work! H ***It appears after updating to the newest infiSTAR release this is no longer a problem (with or without the "Kyle_Mod" toggled). Please disregard, thanks.