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Found 11 results

  1. phantom_bora

    Wrong Signature Kick after Apex update

    Several of our players keep getting randomly kicked from our server since the Apex/Potato update. Only common denominator that we can figure out is these players have not purchased Apex as of yet. The kicks are very random and sometimes they can play for several hours, other times only a few minutes at most. The signature files they get kicked for vary from time to time. I personally have been kicked numerous times and have redownloaded my addons, redownloaded Exile, redownloaded the base game of ARMA 3 (yes and Steam Verified the game). This tends to resolve the issue only temporarily at best. It happens regardless of what's around me on the map, what gear I have or how long I'm on the server. I've even downloaded the signature files directly from the server and used them with no success. It appears to be client side and not server side as this issue happens to me on other servers. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this on their servers. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. dimitalus

    Random Disconnect.

    Hi, so I'm currently having this issue where I join a Exile Server and can play for maybe 20 minutes and it will randomly kick me to the lobby for no reason, all my mods and everything are up to date to what the server wants, and it isn't just me that is having this issue there are a lot more people with this issue, some days I wont disconnect at all but recently it was been far more frequent. Any help would be appreciated, i have tried erasing my player profile and that solved nothing. Thanks, -Dim.
  3. Hi! How can I do spawn on the beach in random position on all map?
  4. Hi, I am looking for Chernarus static missions! Other than the ones that are already in the Exile forum hoping there was something else that someone has that I can have? (WILLING TO PAY A SMALL CONTRIBUTION, OR GIVE CREDIT IN MY SERVER) regards Tom
  5. HellBz


    Hallo, ich bin Stefan von, bin selbst schon ein langjähriges Mitglied von HGA. Irgendwann stellte ich mal einen Arma3 Server Online und dann kam nach ein paar Monaten der Gedanke "Warum nicht für HGA". Da ich ja auch Streame auf Twitch und gern Exile spiele, habe ich kurzerhand einen eigenen Exile Server aufgezogen. Es gibt einiges zu entdecken, zudem sind Alle CUP-Gegenstände auch Lootbar. Twitch: H3llBz Terminal wurde komplett überarbeitet.. Was bietet HGA-Networks dir? Qualität Strategisches Verbessern deiner Stream Qualität Mehr Informationen Server Sponsoring Für Events können wir dir leistungstarke Server zur Verfügung stellen Mehr Informationen Designer Von unseren Designern, extra für dich, erstellte Overlays, Logos und Panels Mehr Informationen Teamspeak Channel Ein Bereich in unserem Teamspeak, den du dir ganz nach deinem Geschmack einrichten kannst Mehr Informationen Dashboard Zugriff auf dein Konto und viele weitere Funktionen von HGA überall abrufbar Mehr Informationen Support Support auf vielen verschiedenen Wegen, um deine Probleme schnell in den Griff zu bekommen Mehr Informationen
  6. *FIXED* (re-installed server)
  7. Boose

    Set Cement Mixer locations

    Hello I have three places that the cement mixer will spawn, im trying to get the cement mixer to spawn each restart in one of these location by using call BIS_fnc_selectRandom Being rubbish at this im trying to insert it to this Is it possible to do it in here? [solved] Mixer now moves location each restart
  8. jus61

    Only Random Spawn

    Guten Morgen! Bin auf der suche nach einem "Only Random Spawn script" für meinen kleinen Server. Kann jemand dabei Helfen?
  9. Guest

    Loot spawn not random

    Hello, My question is fairly simple, does loot not spawn randomly on all available spots? I have made custom building tables for my loot and e.g. supermarket has about 30-40 different spots (shelves, desk and floors), but it only appears to be spawning on the first 3-5 spots. How do I make the loot spawn more evenly cross all spots? Thanks in advance, gooby
  10. I am trying to randomize some custom crates and I would like to randomize not only the loot inside, but randomize the location of the crates. Does anyone know of a working addon that will do this?