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Found 7 results

  1. nap14hockey

    [16+] =167= Clan Infantry Division

    Come and join the =167= Family About =167= The =167= Clan was formed on April 26th, 2003 in the PC game Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead by Rick and a player named “DarkNimbus”. Soon after, the =167= Clan had its own single-page website through an old free host called Yahoo! Geocities. From there, the =167= Clan started to recruit and quickly established their own TeamSpeak 2 VOIP Server. By 2006, the =167= Clan had a much larger and more organized website and their own MOHAA: Spearhead Server. Over the years, the =167= Clan won many scrimmages and two tournaments in MOHAA, including a national tournament sponsored by EA Games. As the Medal of Honor series aged, =167= expanded into other games including Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 4, World of Warcraft, Battlefield 3, Arma 2 DayZ Mod, APB: Reloaded and Arma 3. The foundation behind the =167= Clan was and is organized. With an extensive website, ranking system and awards, the =167= Clan gives members incentives to contribute and grow within the group and as individual gamers. Led by the same group of leaders for over 10 years, the clan offers stability, structure and a friendly and fun environment for all. General Requirements Must Be Over 16 Years of Age Must Own Arma 3 Must be able to run Arma 3 along with any mods required Must be able to speak English Must have a working Microphone Must have discord/be willing to make a discord. How to Join Please join our discord to apply. Check out our website at Feel free to ask us any questions you may have in this thread or on discord. Regards, Nap =167= Clan Operations Commander =167= Recruitment Team Member
  2. New server as of 25th of september 2016 Exile chernarus! updated exile 1.0.2 Ranks! AI mission and roamers! Zombies! Infected! Blackmarket! Aidrop! Zombie Crate Mission!
  3. renildomarcio

    Al-Fallujah ExileMod

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inglês: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some our features Bandit traders Bounties CCTV in Xm8 Code lock grinding Custom Missions Custom standalone loot system Custom Vehicles DMS Missions Heli crashes Player scan Private messaging Roaming AI Safe lock picking Thermal Scanning 30 Min timeout Towing Virtual Garage --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Português: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Algumas nossos recursos Bandit traders Bounties CCTV in Xm8 Code lock grinding Custom Missions Custom standalone loot system Custom Vehicles DMS Missions Heli crashes Player scan Private messaging Roaming AI Safe lock picking Thermal Scanning 30 Min timeout Towing Virtual Garage
  4. Therealrag

    Bandit Punishers Tanoa

    We, enjoy having fun and zero bs. Admins are respectable and willing to help anyone who ask for it. Mods are CUP Weapons, Units, Vehicle, TRYK, and Extended base mod All the mods are on the Steam workshop.
  5. ACAB|DayzOverpoch Revamped

    Server is currently offline and being reworked.|Exile Dayz Overpoch Revamped|Zombies|Missions|NoLaunchers|SpawnATV|Cup|HighLoot|Tow|Ranks|MatureAdmins What is is a new community trying to bring the Arma 2 Overpoch feeling we know everyone loved to arma 3 using Exile. By this we mean all the weapon and vehicle balances plus an economy that had years to develop. High loot, low threshold game play but still lots of end game content for regulars. Plus lots of vehicular combat with our hand picked selection of armed and armored vehicles. Features: * Zombies * Custom Economy based on Overpoch * Custom loot table based on Dayz and Overpoch * Good old Trader city Bor/Bash/Stary/Klen * Random Dayz spawn system (no parachute ,coast only) * Reduced bleed out timer *Custom thirst/hunger rate * Spawn ATV * Towing script * No rocket launchers * No thermals * No 3D markers, learn to communicate * No rain * Dawn till dusk, no NVGs needed * Good ping both for EU and US players * Great FPS * Custom map additions What do you mean by end game content? * No explosives at traders (this is the new baseraid tool of arma - you may find them at missions) * No anti-material or high caliber weapons at traders (you may find them at missions or as a very rare loot spawn) Work in progress! Please keep in mind that this server is work in progress. We will not rush out new features or mods before they are balanced and free of dupes and other sort of bugs. We've seen too many servers by now that just rush "content" out there to make people happy. But there's little thought or balance behind adding that content. We will slowly release new content to the server and update it as we've fine tuned stuff on our dev server. Coming Soon: * Bandit and Hero traders without safezones * Advance Banking * Humanity system * Hand picked and tested armed/armored vehicles from Arma 2 Mods needed: * Exile 0.9.6. Pomelo * AllinArmaTerrainpack (both full and lite work) * ASDG_JR * Ryan Zombies and demons 4.1( download the newest update 25 march 2016!!!!) * Cup weapons 1.5 (Turn off CBA because it wil get you kicked) Or use A3 launcher. Help us make the server better We would very much appreciate it if you could post if you liked or did not like the server and tell us how we can improve. Recent changes: March 25: *Updated Ryan Zombies and demons to 4.1 *Some price tweaks March 20: *Updated Ryan Zombies and demons to 4.0 *Updates to the loot table. March 17: * Fixed :gap in respect levels * Minor price adjustment on certain items * Lowered : loot spawn as it was CRAZY amounts * Adjusted :some loot despawn timers * Adjusted :friendly fire respect loss * Fixed :restraining people giving negative respect * Removed: shitty weather (sun and good times ahead) * Removed :some code that was bugging out * Added :cup weapons to loot table * Added :a tiny chance of finding explosives (tripwires and such) * Adjusted :thirst hunger rate tweaked. * WIP : Kick dead body's from vehicle upon death Testing and events in progress:
  6. Austin

    [SNC] Exile Napf

    Mods Needed (Both can also be downloaded from A3Launcher!!!): AllInArmaTerrainPack: [UTorrent][HTTP Download] Napf Island A3: CUP Weapons: CUP Vehicles: CUP Units: ASDG_JR: OPTIONAL MODS(Downloadable on Armaholic): Blast Core Phoenix 2: Blast Core Skies: Blast Core Tracers: JSRS 2.2: JSRS Dragonfyre: Currently not working with latest arma version. CBA(To allow certain things for the other mods above): Features (Will change/add more overtime): AI Missions Both DMS/VEMF Antihack (Thx Infistar ) Auto Refuel/Repair BRAmaRecipes Build Here Check Script Change View Distance Chop wood directly into your vehicle if in range Custom Loot Custom Skins Custom Traders Deploy/Pack Bike EBase Extra Waste Dumps Kill Messages Login Rewards No Debug Zone Script Paintshop Player Stats Ranks (More humanity you have the higher the rank! Gives you different guns/clothes!!!) Revive Script Removed Exile Color Overlay! Removed Thermals Optics (UAV Still has thermal but costs 50k.) Restarts are in 3 hour cycles with 2 hour day and 1 hour night! Selfie Starter Money - 5k Status Bar that blends with Exile UI Tow/Load Object/Vehicles/Crates! XM8MapMarkers XM8Security Key Binds: 7 to Change Viewdistance or do it manually in your xm8 apps Double click radio to deploy bike or do it manually in your xm8apps