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Found 8 results

  1. MegaWAffle

    SuperWaffles[LHG] Exile

    hard mode exile server as realistic as possible CUP mods RHS mods rappel tow and extended base mods
  2. ItsHazed

    [NWO] Hardcore Exile Chernarus

    Hello Exile members.. today I bring you a server which is pretty unique from the rest of them and will leave you on the edge of survival trying to survive as long as possible. What makes this server "hardcore"? Well, there are some things this server has that most servers don't and has many unique things to leave you guys always having a blast What we offer; Hardcore loot spawns : Tired of having servers with easy to get guns? Never thirsty or hungry? Well, this server has your back.. experience a custom loot config that had hours of work put into it Roaming AI units: Experience a lively world with friendly, and enemy AI units. Never worry about being alone, they are always watching Map Edits: Look at a map with edits made to it to make it different from other servers. Ranging from houses, to other amazing things Zombies: Yes, we have zombies. Hordes, perfect amount so you are always grinding those poptabs Missions: On this server, our missions are unique. The only place to get the best gear. Go with a friend, and make sure you bring some backup Custom Traders: Hours of work put into having hundreds of new trader items ranging from new uniforms, guns, and more Vehicle and Base Paint: Still a work in progress, tired of the same wooden color? We got your back on that too.. Radiation Zone: Get a gas mask, and venture off to the most dangerous location on the server.. better bring a good backpack. Broken Down Vehicles: On this server, you will rarely find a vehicle that is 100% in tact. Get some duct tape and repair the vehicles across the map Rappelling: Need to get out of your base? We have a rapple for that. and much, much more.. BALANCE We decided everything on this server must be balanced to make a unique and fun playing experience. For example, the loot has been configured so if you are a fresh spawn you wont be finding a M107, or a tank laying around, you must earn it by showing dedication the the survival world. This is what makes this server unique from most of the others. Ever had a base and you are just siting there with nothing to do since you are still at perfect hunger and health since you still have a full safe of food and water? Not anymore, the food and water have been limited so you are always getting away from the house and getting a drink or some spam. Best of all, the vehicles. We don't give vehicles out for free, you must find them and repair them to add to the survival feel. ENVIRONMENT REALISM During the night, it's supposed to be dark and not gray. Therefore, we have you covered on this server. Grab a flashlight and keep going about your journey on the server without terrible night time vision keeping you from enjoying your adventure. SUMMARY We wanted a server where it was fun and challenging, and we tried to make it as unique from other servers as possible.. so survivors like you can have a blast while doing it. Why have to play on a server that gives away free stuff when you can actually work for it and have a really realistic experience. COME CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING COMMUNITY TODAY, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED WITH THE RESULTS Also on A3Launcher Check us out on Discord and come check us out We would be glad to have you [ SERVER MANAGEMENT] NoX - server founder and management ItsHazed- community management and social management [DEVELOPER TEAM] Brodsort117 - configuration developer AngelofDeath104- map developer [THIS SERVER IS STILL BEING WORKED ON, THERE MAY BE EXPECTED BUGS OR GLITCHES] _______________________________________________
  3. [Daisho] Legacy

    Eden Exile

    We are a Fully Militarized Exile Server, with a friendly and respectful gaming community who decided to get together and create an exile server without the annoying bugs and lack of attention to detail that plagues many servers. We offer many excellent features and plenty of content while striving to maintain balance and good server performance. We have access to an entire dedi box based out of New York just for this server to provide the best performance as well as maintaining the option to expand. Launch Date 2017/07/22 @ 1300 JST
  4. kidesh

    PARA-UK Abramia

    PARA-UK|Milsim|Tanks|AI-Missions|RPGs|25kStart Server Map Isla Abramia Server Team Kidesh - Scripter/ Player Bong - Admin/ Player Skins - Admin/ player Fckingwoppa - Mod/ Player Alex - Mod/ Player Server Mods @Abramia --- @CBA_A3 --- @CUP_Terrains_Core --- @CUP_Terrains_Maps --- @RHSUSAF --- @RHSAFRF --- @TRYK --- @AdvancedTowing --- @AdvancedRappelling --- @AdvancedUrbanRappelling --- @Temp_fix_for_exile_miniguns --- @Extended_Base_Mod --- @CSAT_ST --- Server Features Custom AI Missions (DMS) Zupa Capture Poiunts Underwater Stash Mission Bigfoot Underwater Missions Occupation Tow Vehicle Halo jump Rearm - Repair - Refuel Advanced Urban Rappaling Extended Base Mod Fixed Mini Guns for Vehicles Revive Igload Exclusive Server Feature Tanks APCs Armed Helicopter 25k Start RPGs Mines Custom Recipes Jets Custom Loot Very High FPS 50 slots 6 Hour Restarts Custom Trade Zones Server Info Over the years we have had a number of maps and have never really been happy until now! but.. Isla Abramia is a beautiful map that has numerous Islands, multiple air bases and army bases, gorgeous coast lines, High Mountain Ranges covered with Snow, Small and big towns for highly configed loot, and lush grass areas for making bases with the extended base mod. So we have decide to make an Exile server here and the results can not be more Awesome!! All our Admins and Moderators are players and will sign in and out of InfiSTAR with a notifications.
  5. Boonji

    Choomah Island

    Welcome to Choomah Island! Watch out for the pesky druggos that want to kill you. Come and join our new and small server (For now ). We hope to see you embark onto Choomah Island and explore what we have in store for you!
  6. blk_zoms_matr

    [NWO] No Way Out Exile Chernarus

    Welcome to [NWO] No Way Out Gaming's EXILE Chernarus "Why make yet another Exile server? Aren't there enough already?" "Yes, too many Exile servers that offer no challenge to play running with the same mods.. That is why we are going to develop something new and different." - NoX, NWO Server Owner MODS: VSM SMA RHS BloodLust CUP Chernarus Mission Enhanced Little Bird DS Houses Extended Base Mod Exile Extended Items NIarms Scripts: BasePaint Vehicle Paint Rappelling Towing Sling Revive Deploy bike Claim Vehicle ZCP Missions DMS Missions AI Occupation Safe-Hacking BALANCE We decided that everything on the server should be balanced. For example, the loot system has been configured so a bambi will not be able to pick up a M107 and LRPS find a tank and start the game with the best gear. We believe that should be earned. You will find the best spoils are in areas that offer the highest risk. MAP EDITS Chernarus lovers know that this map is big and can sometimes be a bit bland. We created literally thousands of map edits, here are a few. TRADERS Purposefully, gear available at the Exile traders is limited. However, a player to player market system (MarXet) is available to purchase and sell items/vehicles from other players if you can not find them elsewhere. TRANSPORTATION Chernarus is a big map. Persistent vehicles are spawned throughout the map and can be claimed. But make sure to hide it because it can be stolen by someone if they lockpick it with a knife. ENVIRONMENT REALISM During the night, without lights is supposed to be dark, not grey. Therefore, it is that way here. Keep a flashlight attachment handy and find some NVG's! SUMMARY This server is fun, and challenging. That's the goal we strive to keep. The server is owned by one person, not a large group of people who are only concerned with donators. Our Admin system is fool-proof, there is absolutely no Admin abuse because it is simply not possible. We invite you to come join us, you wont regret it. If you have questions or comments please visit us on Discord: CREDIT We owe many thanks to the Exile community and forums for the support and effort put in to keep this community active. If by reading this post you have seen work you have been part of creating we cant thank you enough for the time you have spent doing so. Thank you!
  7. NetShark

    [BAD] - Heavy Armored PvP

    Welcome to our new Exile Server. It was completely reworked from 0 and simplified with the better mods available and it was thought to offer a high FPS experience. This is a server created and administrated by adults, therefore we appreciate matureness in our players. These are some of our server features: PvP Server (Alliances Allowed) AI Missions Roaming AI (Air, Ground and Sea) Extended Base Construction Recipies to Build From your XM8 Tablet CUP Weapons and Heavy Armored Vehicles Tow Vehicles Lift Vehicles Load Crates in your Car Sell Objects From Crates Revive your Team Virtual Garage Grind Doors to Break into Bases Hack Safes and Virtual Garages Halo Parachute Rappel from Helis to Quick Deploy Rappel from Buildings Customizable HUD Call for AirDrop Support Rappel from Helis and Buildings And many more ... See more info at: Follow us on: Be welcome to have fun on our Exile Heavy Armored Server.
  8. dan3ko

    [ES] Los Osos Clan

    Servidor Español de Exile, con zombies y mucha IA. Se pueden remolcar coches, bajar de los helis haciendo rappel y muchas cosas mas, entra y sobrevive!!! MODS necesarios: Exile CBA_A3 CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod Ryanzombies RZ Infection