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Found 3 results

  1. n00dles w/Oculus

    Irregular Apocalypse

    If you are looking for something that is quality over quantity, and doesn't spoon feed players, this might be for you, a relaxed environment for mature people. This project is a one man affair, a hobby project that is attempting to do things its own way. The project is still work in progress (went "live" on the 1st Nov) but functional to the level of most other servers, our advanced features will take some more time. No loot spam. No Traders. (only p2p trading, and base upkeep) No 3rd person. No laggy scripts. No extra mods that don't add to gameplay. Powerful items are actually rare. Headless clients. Features are being added over time, I am are open to suggestions provided it has meaningful gameplay potential (another gun/shirt for the sake of another gun/shirt, or cosmetic aspects add nothing). Current big ticket item is custom AI for Zombies (sight/sound, swarm/flocking behaviour, plus more). Other prospective features include game masters (Human and AI Director), greater depth than one button mechanics, custom client side mod, improved flashlights/flares, FULL(including medical/repair) ACE3 integration, TFR or ACRE, website with player stats tracking (graphs and other shiny toys) and possibly more. Mod Collection: Zombie AI development videos:
  2. [N/A] Madhouse Australia

    BigD Gaming Community 10 Years Strong of Teamwork Based Gaming
  3. LaNa

    EXILE ZERO - Namalsk -Survival

    More items - new crafting-tables - massive zombies - basebuilding - advanced vehicle repair massive PvP and epic moments. How long can you survive? Survive Namalsk in good old dayz style, gather supplies and explore. How long will you survive? Go Solo, team up with friends or take on the world as you choose your path in this brutal landscape. Using whatever means you stumble upon to survive. All you need is: our 24MB server addon + all CUP mods + exile mod and get started... Exile Zero Addon (~24MB) - Exile Mod (~560 MB) - (all additional mods that you need can be found here:) Now you can connect to our server on IP: Port: 2312