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Found 9 results

  1. BetterDeadThanZed

    Killin Zedz Reborn Tanoa

    Complete list of mods, server rules and other server information can be found at Features: Custom made trader cities The traders on the server are different from most server, as they don't sell everything that spawns in the game. As a matter of fact, the general store trader sells few items. You'll find pistols and some low end rifles, as well as ammo. Some food and other assorted items are available. However, you will pay a premium price for anything that you buy here and when the trader buys something from you, he's not too generous. Also at the trader city, you'll find custom traders for land and air vehicles as well as an office trader and a waste dump trader. Traders are NOT safe zones. If you see a zombie or a bandit at the trader, you'll need to deal with them before buying or selling anything. Boat Traders At the boat traders there's a custom trader so you can change the paint job and change the PIN of a boat you find, a waste dump trader to sell your boat as well as a dive trader that sells wetsuits, rebreathers and goggles. Vehicles You can not buy any vehicles on our server. Persistent spawned vehicles are scattered throughout the map. Find them, fix them, fuel them, then get them to a customs trader to change the PIN. Until you've done that, someone may come across the vehicle and take it themselves. Most vehicles native to Exile and the Z-Hunters mod spawn with an exception of the highest end vehicles. Boats also spawn along the shore of the islands. Loot Since Tanoa is made up of mostly civilian or industrial buildings, finding a good weapon will be tough. You'll find some pistols and low end rifles but if you want something better, you need to find some military buildings but those are few and far between. Bandits Bandits can be found in just about every town on the island. They also can be found at the various missions scattered around the map. You may see a Huey flying around. If you hear that helicopter coming, you'd better run and hide. If you're lucky enough to have a military weapon, maybe you can take it down! Zombies The spawned for the zombies was custom written by JohnO, the author of the Exile Reborn mod, which this server is based on. If you move stealthily, you might avoid them. Get out of sight and hide and chances are they'll eventually return to where they were before you came along. Hordes may spawn anywhere there is a church, so keep your eyes open. They move slowly but they are in great numbers. Missions Missions are not marked, but you receive a toast notification when they spawn. Sometimes they are randomly marked but otherwise you'll need to study zombies and bandits for intel on the location of missions. If you have a laptop, you can visit a comm tower and hack it for a chance to get a mission location. Once you've found a mission location, feel free to mark it so everyone can participate. Wrecks There are persistent wrecks on the map. If you see a smoking wreck, there's a chance you'll find a sack of poptabs there. Scavenging and Hunting You can scavenge trash piles for loot, but be careful because there's sharp stuff in there. You can also hunt animals, strap their bodies to your belt, and take them to a fire and cook them. If you don't want to go through all that, search around for a bush with berries and then eat the berries. Be careful though. They could be poison or even intoxicating. Does this intrigue you? Well then. come check out our Tanoa server today! You won't be disappointed!
  2. Jerrico

    DayZ Reborn Tanoa

    This is my take on the way an Exile Reborn server should be: Hardcore, Secret Missions, No traders, No safe zones, craft your flag, extended recipes, Roaming Zombies, Zombie Hordes, Survivor AI, Bandit AI, Revive, earth quakes, EVR blowout, huge off shore Oil rigs with missions, Sea fortress island with missions, and a devastated post apocalyptic map with many many custom additions.. Plus all Exile Reborn features: Comms hacking, hunting, vehicle repair, contaminated zones, extended medical system and more... Required mods: Exile, CUP Weapons, CUP Terrains Core, CBA_A3 and Zombies & Demons Recommended mods: Enhanced Movement, Blastcore Pheonix, Incon Effects and DragonFyre
  3. [AFR]Froozone

    PL/EU Away From Reality ESSEKER

    PL/EU Exile Esseker Server (In Development) Features: - Hardcore survival - High FPS - Immersive gameplay - CUP Units/Vehicles/Weapons - much more to come! (high end vehicles crafting, many immersive addons etc.)
  4. qLimAx_♥

    [GER] DieSchmudelbude auf Tanoa!

    Mahlzeit liebe Herren und Damen.Ich möchte euch unseren Arma 3 Exile Server einmal Vorstellen, Auf dem Server läuft die Map "Tanoa" mit der Aktuellen Version von "Exile". Ich entschied mich einen eigenen Server aufzustellen aus einem trifftigen Grund, es gibt keinen ordentlichen Server nach meinen Vorstellungen, da kam mir die Idee das ich mich bemühe einen Server aufzubauen.Aber ich muss zugeben am Anfang war ich erst etwas Skeptisch, Warum einen eigenen? Es gibt doch unzählige an Spieler die eventuell selber einen eigenen haben und ihn für uns zu verfügung stellen? Soviele Exile Server gibt es nun schon seit dem die Mod auf dem Markt ist. Mein Grund ist "Es gibt keinen nach meinen Vorstellung wie ich denke so müsste mein Server aussehen wo ich gerne Spielen würde".Wie gesagt mein Server hat die Exile Mod mit der Karte Tanoa. Sollten fragen auftauchen kann man mich im Teamspeak erreichen oder in Steam Was kann der Server euch bieten?# Akive Admins die bemüht sind euch jede Frage zu beantworten wenn es Nötig ist.# Ständige neue Updates am Server z.b Custom Buildings, Anpassungen, Verbesserung des Spielerlebnis.# Offene und nette Community.# Teamspeak zum Quatschen mit Spieler oder wenn Hilfe nötig ist.Was haben wir an Content auf dem Server?# Trader für Helicopters, Fahrzeuge, Boote# AI Missionen, mit externen Loot z.b Baumaterialen,Waffen, Kleidung u.s.w.# Helicopter z.b Black Hawk & viele weitere findet es selbst heraus # Preise angepasst von Fahrzeugen, Helikopter und Waffen etc.# XM8 Apps für Regeln etcWelche Addons sind auf dem Server?Wir haben momentan auf dem Server,# Exile (Müsste jeder kennen und haben)# Ryan´s Zombie & Deamon# HAP (HoboArmaPack)Natürlich kann man sich die Addons auch im A3Launcher Downloaden!!!## Beachtet der Server ist momentan auf der Version 1.64 NICHT 1.66 !!Sobald die neue Version auf dem Server erscheint wird es News dazu geben wann dies Passiert!Was sind die Anforderungen um auf dem Server Spielen zu dürfen?# Anforderrungen? Hm, Spaß haben und Fair bleiben.# Arma 3 ist Vorraussetzung (Müsste eigentlich "fast" jeder haben)# Addons die man für den Server benötigt.# Mindestalter ist nicht limitiert, jeder kann drauf hauptsache man ist Nett und man kann Spaß mit euch haben.Was wird noch in ferner Zukunft passieren mit dem Server?Es werden natürlich ständige Updates auf dem Server zukommen um euch das Spielerlebnis zu Garantieren, Was noch alles an Scripte kommt kann ich euch noch nicht direkt so sagenWie komme ich den nun auf deinem Server nach dem ganzen Lesen? Ganz einfach du benötigst natürlich "Arma 3" und die Addons die oben auch angegeben sind!# Exile (Müsste jeder kennen und haben) # Ryan´s Zombie & Deamon# HAP (HoboArmaPack)Wie findet man deinen Server überhaupt oder den Teamspeak, entweder mit der IP oder mit dem Namen vom Server.[GER] DieSchmudelbude auf Tanoa |ExileReborn|DMS|Bandit AIIP: // qlimax.excore-gaming.euHoffentlich auf ein baldiges Sehen auf dem Server und oder Teamspeak.Mit freundlichen Grüßen.
  5. Johnny Cash


    A New Friendly Custom Server As Real As It Gets!!!!! Join Us Support Us!!!! Survive With Us!!!
  6. Zer07

    Shadows of Humanity HC Survival

    This server offers high level Survival! Exile Reborn "All buildings on any given map, are now "Retextured" to look more damaged and apocalyptical" Thanks John! Many recipes for ammunition manufacturing, medical items, buildings and more Rare loot can be found at radiation Zone and secret locations only First Person Only in Combat no armory, equipment, hardware, vehicle-traders and no Safezones MarXet: Dynamic Player Market Enhanced Movement / Igiload / Zombies / Advanced Towing and Rappelling / Roaming AI and Events / VEMF Mission Custom Radiation, Trader and other Zones Rare Vehicles find or craft them PvP focused server | PvE also available Huge Weapon and Clothing Arsenal Territory's and Player Base Messages Deactivated Active Admins Good FPS Real Weather Conditions Serverrestart every 4 hours Language: German & English Mods Exile / CDAH / CBA-A3 / Cup-Core / BAF Weapons / RHS - RUS & USA / Zombies and Demons / TRYKs Multi play Uniform Pack / Extendet Base Mod / Optional Mods Enhanced Movement / JSRS4APEX / Advanced (Urban) Rappelling / Serverside Advanced Slingloading & Towing / Serverside Rules here
  7. Aztec

    EXILE REBORN SonsOfWarGaming

    New server hosting Exile Reborn version.
  8. jungleNZ


    Survive, persistant world. Using JohnO's exile reborn format. Great players, good times.
  9. SaintZ

    Exile Reborn RP (HardCore & RP)

    Exile Reborn RP BY: Distorted Creations Gaming www.DCG.Enjin.Com Exile Reborn RP is a hardcore survival/roleplay server. More info can be found on our website. A long with rules, backstories and whitelist applications. There are public slots but the server will slowly move into a whitelist only server. Distorted Creations Website DoWG.TeamSpeak.WTF