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Found 9 results

  1. Extended Survival Pack (Mod) This mod is an expansion pack for the exile mod. This expansion pack is only for EXILE MOD! Exile mod 1.0.4 'Pineapple' Compatible It contains 165 items, 4 objects, mapmarkers, vehicles, base textures and many vehicle skins a fishing script and farming scripts. There are lists for all items classnames, objects classnames, mapmarkers classnames, base paint path (textures), vehicle classnames, crafting recipes, flaggen classnames, and vehicles skin path (textures) in the mod file. (scripts and lists) Feel free to use the Mod. But do not split it in parts or take pieces out of the Mod and change them. Please do not use these textures and models in any other mod pack unless you get my permission. Copyright [ServerAtze] ARMA PUBLIC LICENSE SHARE ALIKE (APL-SA) Support the Creator DONATE You want to test this mod, here is a server IP: Download Steam Workshop Download Armaholic Listed in A3 Launcher crafting recipes list preview images item classnames list objects classnames list marker classnames list flaggen classnames list vehicles classnames list vehicles skin path list base paint path list trader item prices list Super Advanced Repair System very to recommend. If you do not like the Exile standard repair system. Events and scripts Farming scripts: DOWNLOAD Weed farming Mushrooms farming Mining Fishing script: DOWNLOAD Have Fun
  2. Presenting [BRAma] Cookbook an XM8 App Special Note The below code is open for everyone to change and modify for any purposes, in other words do what you want with it Overview This App allows you to view from your xm8 all available crafting recipes and will show you everything required. Clicking Craft will open the regular exile crafting screen. Categories are dynamically determined based on whether the item is available in traders or not, if they are not available in traders they will be marked as Priceless ( because money cant buy them ) Category is now defined against each recipe see installation instructions for details GitHub Manual Download Zip Download Latest Change | Historical Changes 2016-03-01 | Manual Recipe Categories 2016-02-14 | Removed Invalid Control on ComboBox ( Doesnt cause a problem just put an error in the log ) Installation Adding Categories to Recipes Add a category class to each recipe as per below examples, if you do not add one they will fall under "Uncategorised" Preview
  3. Admiral EliteSuicide

    [SOLVED]BRAmaRecipes for ExAd - Where to Config?

    Hello, I´ve installed BRAmaRecipes for ExAd few days ago and added a lot of things to craft. In the xm8 at the BramaRecipes app I can find all my edited Recipes, but there are all very unsorted and not in the right categorie.. So my question: Where can I edit this app to sort all Recipes in the right categorie or add new ones? BRAmaRecipes for ExAd (GitHub)
  4. Hi there, I've just started out trying to build a chernarusRedux server and ran into a couple of issues. As admin I cannot place a flag, I get the toast msg (maximum number of territories reached) even though its a fresh server. The only thing changed was the amount of base parts per level and the radius. I'm also getting an issue where the recipe tab in the UI is missing?? Any idea's?
  5. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Crafting setup

    Huge update for including advanced weapon crafting mod ****************************************************** Updated for 1.0.2 Added "Exile" to start of Exile objects dropdown as some overlap with EBM. Remove "Craft " from Exile crafting list as its easier to find items which dont all begin with C. Added "EBM" to start of EBM objects dropdown. ****************************************************** Designed to be easier to update rather than having large config file - much easier for Exile updates, a collection of some of mine and a lot of other peoples posting of recipes on the Exilemod forums. This is built on my Easy Trader setup scripts to reduce the size of the main mission config and be easier to maintain on Exile updates, along with making the config easier to read and check for other mistakes. Download from: Added to GiThub to make update release easier: Installation: All 3 crafting files include dropdown classes for BRAma Cookbook ExileCrafting is standard Exile crafting CustomCrafting is extended crafting using only Arma or Exile items so you dont need any more mods ExtendedBuilding is for the Extended Base mod: 1. Copy folders into your mission PBO (if you change the file structure then change the paths below) all recipes work fully with Brama. 2. Open your mission config.cpp 3. Find CfgCraftingRecipes and replace the whole expression, from class CfgCraftingRecipes down to the final ); with the lines you want from below depending on what you want. class CfgCraftingRecipes { #include "addons\crafting\ExtendedBuilding.hpp" //requires EBM #include "addons\crafting\AmmoCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\ArifleCrafting.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\ArifleReclaiming.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\ArifleUpgrading.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\BipodCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\ElectronicsCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\ExileCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\FlareCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\ItemsCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\MedicalCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\MeleeCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\OpticsCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\PistolCrafting.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\PistolReclaiming.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\RHSPistolCrafting.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\SmokeCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\SniperCrafting.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\StorageCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\SuppressorCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\TracerCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\WeaponRespray.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod }; and save 4. Repack into your mission PBO. Its easy to make your own files, you could make files for each mod or do them by category like building, guns, ammo etc, it is just a different way to keep your config tidy as you grow your crafting recipes. You can copy and paste your own recipes into each file as this is a basic template (which I currently use on my server in the Brama files). I wrote it a few months ago but got side-tracked with real life so didn't get around to posting. Extended build will be an older version so you may need to update files relating to it as I just don't have time at the moment. cheers
  6. Dougie Dayz

    BadLuck Gaming Exile Tanoa

    Welcome to BadLuck Gaming Features: - Custom City's "Military towns" -Recipes "Craft many things with items you find within the game" -AirDrops "Call in air drop supplys" - Loot+ "Tons of loot!" - Virtual Garage "Can hack virtual garages with laptop on flag pole, only get 1 vehicle per hack" - Code Lock Grinding "Use grinders and batterys to break into a base" - AdvanceTowing - Rappelling "Rappel from a roof top or from helicopters" - Roaming AI - Capture Points - Armed Tanks/Helicopters "Priced High, so you must grind for one" - Can Change view distance "XM8" - Helicopter Crashes "With AI" - Patrolling AI "In vehicles and armed huey" - Missions - Trader City AirBus "Takes players on a helicopter ride to each trader" Server Specs: - Processor - 2x E5-2660 0 @ 2.20GHz - Bandwidth - 1Gbit Port: 100TB Transfer - Ram - 96 GB - Disk - 2x 480 GB - Operating System - Windows 2008 English Enterprise
  7. MickScandalous

    Custom Recipes

    I've added a few recipes to my server and I thought id share them here. I played on some servers that have similar custom recipes and if you like them add them **The map uses a CUP item as a picture, but I couldnt get it to show so feel free to add whatever i guess** If you have any not listed share them with me im all about new stuff for the game
  8. MickScandalous

    Adding/Modifying Recipes

    **EDIT** with the posted function I get a map now, the "picturedItem" doesnt show as anything though Im trying to create a Recipe for a map using this function based off of the example in the config, it appears and I have the option but when i try it says not enough inventory even if i empty it all out except the Magazines...Please help class Map: Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe { name = "Map"; pictureItem = "ItemMap"; returnedItems[] = { {1, "ItemMap"} }; components[] = { {1, Exile_Item_Magazine01}, {1, Exile_Item_Magazine02}, {1, Exile_Item_Magazine03}, {1, Exile_Item_Magazine04}, }; };
  9. SaintZ

    Listing of Crafting Recipies

    Hey guys, Awhile back I made a tutorial on how to use Exile's crafting system to make some pretty cool stuff. You guys have heard the call and been making amazing recipes. So I decided to make a new thread were you guys can post your recipes and people looking for inspiration can have a "one stop shop" for a lot of cool shtuff. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to make recipes hit up my Old tutorial (which I will be remaking in a better fashion) here: At one point I didn't want to share all of my recipes (still don't) but I will share with you guys all of the ones from my old server. I am working on quiet a bit more. I will not be listing Extended Base Mod recipes because it comes with point there. So if you want your recipes just post them before and periodically I will throw them on here with credit to you. Here are a few of mine (more to come...) There isn't much there but ill be adding a lot more and update when I can. That is my old servers stuff and because I am working on my new server and haven't fully tested everything I wont be adding the new recipes. So let's see what you guys got! Post your recipes below and have fun with it. What can we make from the junk laying around in Exile?? Suppressors from tin cans and duct tape, Base Cameras from junk metal toilet paper and a code lock (why a code lock? it has electrical parts) Ill be spending most of the day tomorrow racking my own brain on this so.....make me work harder by coming up with stuff before I can post my own