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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone! This is a Static AI base for Chernarus (Located North) running DMS missions. It is heavily armed and is NOT easy. The Base contains M2 Gunners at every entrance, there are also M2 gunners around the inside! the base has three sections, The food/general, Military+Building(Middle), Medical and a random special crate that is spawned somewhere in the mission. The base has 2 roaming Vehicles which are armed these can be Hunter/Ifrit/Offroad. Download: Installation Instructions (Thanks to Riker2335 for the instructions!) Copy the AIStaticBase_Chernarus.sqf file to a3_dms.pbo's /missions/static folder Open config.sqf in a3_dms.pbo, find the DMS_StaticMissionTypes section and append ["AIStaticBase_Chernarus",1] to the list Save and close config.sqf re-pack a3_dms.pbo with all the changes and ensure it is placed in the /@ExileServer/Addons folder to launch at server startup. copy the content from InitServer.sqf into your(Important) initserver.sqf file inside your mission file. Repack your mission file and upload to the server Optional Install Instructions These 2 lines provide some preconfigured CUP vehicles and weapons for the mission file if you use those mods on your server. 1. If you have CUP Weapons, uncomment the "#define USE_CUP_WEAPONS 1" line 2. If you have CUP Vehicles, uncomment the "#define USE_CUP_VEHICLES 1" line Credits: @red_ned @Riker2335 @eraser1 and @Defent
  2. Description If you are looking for a solution to start / restart your server in windows here's a quick and easy way to do it. I have a .bat file that will start my exile server and keep it up when it crashes or restarts. In order for this to work you need to change a file in exile_server.pbo. You can of course use the overwrite in the mission file config for an easier implementation. The code that was added will shutdown your server after the restart messages. The bat will pickup on the fact that the server process no longer exists and will start it again. How to install Download the updated file from here Unpack your mission file and make a new folder called "restart" there and add ExileServer_system_rcon_thread_check.sqf in there. Next open your config.cpp from your mission and go to CfgExileCustomCode and add it there class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileServer_system_rcon_thread_check = "restart\ExileServer_system_rcon_thread_check.sqf"; ... other stuff here ... }My arma3server.exe is located in T:\Arma3\A3Master My .bat file is located in T:\Arma3 If you place your .bat next to your arma3server.exe you need to remove the 'cd A3Master' part from it. @echo off cls set version=0.9.19 set wat=Arma3 Exile title %wat% Watchdog cd A3Master :watchdog echo (%time%) %wat% started. start "Exile" /wait /high "arma3server.exe" -port=2302 "-serverMod=@ExileServer;@marma" "-mod=@Exile;" "-config=@ExileServer\config.cfg" "-cfg=@ExileServer\basic.cfg" -profiles=config_exile -name=exile -malloc=tbbmalloc -autoinit -enableHT echo (%time%) %wat% closed or crashed, restarting. goto watchdog
  3. oSoDirty

    Easy Safezone Messages

    I have noticed that a fair amount of people (including myself) have been looking for a way to add/edit safezone messages. The default messages are defined in the config.bin and cannot be altered. However I have come up with a simple solution. So here it is: If you have already overwritten your ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone.sqf (R3F Logistics requires this so if your using it you already have this done.) If this is the case simply locate the overwitten file in your mission pbo and look for: and change it to this: Just edit the added line to fit your needs. Repack, restart and enjoy. If you do not have the file overwritten then copy and paste this: into notepad++, edit the added line to fit your needs, and save it as ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone.sqf Place it in the root of your mission pbo. Now in your mission pbo open config.cpp locate this: and change to this: And that is all. Repack your mission pbo, reboot your server and enjoy!
  4. [x] iDanich

    ACiDy Portable Trade zones

    ACD_PT - ACiDy Portable Trade zones Features: Place as many trading zones as you want and wherever you wantTurn ON and OFF safe zone triggerTurn ON and OFF any specified traderChangelog: Version 0.2 Added _ID to assign unique number of szUsage: [ _isSafe, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF safe zone trigger _pos, // [array: getPosATL _obj] - Building position _general_direction, // [number: getDir _obj] - Direction of building _Armory, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Armory trader and props _Equipment, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Equipment trader and props _Food, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Food trader and props _Hardware, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Hardware trader and props _Office, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Office trader and props _SpecialOperations, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Special Operations trader and props _Vehicle, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Vehicle trader and props _WasteDump, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Waste Dump trader and props _ID, // [number: unique] - Designated number of safe zone ] call acd_fnc_createTradingOffice;Example: [true,[15137.3,16695.4,0.00143814],300,true,true,true,true,true,true,true,true,347] call acd_fnc_createTradingOffice; GitHub: DOWNLOAD:
  5. [x] iDanich

    ACiDy Tanoa Bridges

    ACD_TB - ACiDy Tanoa Bridges Version 0.2.1 for @ExileServer 0.9.8 "Kiwi" Features: Turn ON and OFF any Bridge (nothing will be built) Turn ON/OFF Extra objects added there to make bridges look better Turn ON/OFF Bridge map markers Turn ON/OFF Objects/Trees removal for any bridge Notice Follow installation instructions @GitHub: GitHub: DOWNLOAD:
  6. Wow, its been a while since I did anything for Arma. I was bored tonight, so I decided to port over my SUPER OLD custom spawn script that was just the Cooliest from arma 2 (DayZ). So here ya go... Even put in a song for you. <3 Let me know if you find any bugs (: LETS GET STARTED! 1) Make an SQF named "playerspawn.sqf" // Written by blur <3 //you can edit the text here to say anything you want. //you can change the color of the text by changing color='#ff0000 //you can change the font type by changing font='Zeppelin33' //you can change the text size by changing size='2.25' waitUntil{!isNull (findDisplay 46)}; _textString1 = "<t size='2.25' font='Zeppelin33' color='#ff0000' align='center'>Welcome to\nBlur Gaming</t>"; _textString2 = "<t size='2.25' font='Zeppelin33' color='#ff0000' align='center'>Welcome to\nBlur Gaming</t>"; _textString3 = "<t size='2.25' font='Zeppelin33' color='#ff0000' align='center'>Welcome to\nBlur Gaming</t>"; _textString4 = "<t size='2.25' font='Zeppelin33' color='#ff0000' align='center'>Welcome to\nBlur Gaming</t>"; _textString5 = ""; //Leave this blank if ( alive player ) then { //if ( alive player && ! isTouchingGround player ) then { //this might work to make it so the music only plays when you are haloing in. sleep 5; playSound "IntroSong"; hint parseText (_textString1); sleep 5; hint parseText (_textString5); hint parseText (_textString2); sleep 5; hint parseText (_textString5); hint parseText (_textString3); sleep 5; hint parseText (_textString5); hint parseText (_textString4); sleep 5; hint parseText (_textString5); }; 2) Put said script into your mission PBO. 3) Open your "init.sqf" file. Put this bad boy in there. //written by blur <3 [] execVM "playerspawn.sqf"; 4) find your "description.ext" and open it, then find a nice cozy place for: //Written by blur <3 class CfgSounds { sounds[] = { introSong }; class introSong { name="introSong"; sound[]={introSong.ogg,0.9,1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; WOW! You're basically a full on hacker now! Go ahead and download this song file, or use one of your own! please note: The song must be in .OGG format! You can make it into an OGG by converting it in Audacity. woop woop you are the best! and give me all your pop tabs or the puppy gets it.
  7. Hello, TheMeq here. Just here to release a new version of my BattlEye Filter Manager Tool called BEM. BEM is a useful tool that you just drop into your BattlEye folder on your server. The server will read your filter files and make editing, adding and deleting keys and filters much more easier to do. The tool will also automatically format filters that appear in your log files correctly so you don't have to mess with adding \n or \". You can download the latest version of the tool from my newly created website for it: (Note: You may get a discard message on some browsers as this is a new "suspicious" program: Check here for VirusTotal Results: VirusTotal Results if your not sure.) Change log is on the website and I have included a screenshot to this post so you can see the layout. [] Upload scripts was broken somehow, this has now been fixed. [] Incorrect version was displayed in About screen. [] Added Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional (Thanks Kondou), Russian (Thanks MentaiCosmic) and French (Thanks Ilyasio). [] Fixed some textbox positions that where out of place when some language labels overlapped the textbox. [] Now saves the selected language on application exit and opens up with the saved language. [] Added Spanish (Thanks shinmai_rookie) and Korean (Thanks MinimalResults) [] Fixed some phrases not correctly pulling through [] Fixed some drop down box position's that where out of place with some language labels that overlapped the drop down field. [] Added language support. Currently supports English and Finnish (Thanks Lefafel). [] Minor fix on file detection [] Fixed an issue where the logging type of keywords was not saved when changed. [] Will no longer launch if the file is not in the correct directory (Needs to be in your BattlEye folder). [] UI fixes where some drop down boxes where editable and should not have been. [] Timer added that will check for updates every 5 minutes for people who keep the application open all the time. [] Added optional email field when submitting scripts incase you want to be contacted back. [] Added ability to submit filters that you are having issues with so I can make BEM even better! [] Fixed a bug where keywords enclosed in quotation marks where not correctly picked up causing a file error. [] Fixed a bug where keywords containing several space characters where not correctly picked up causing a file error. [] Fixed a bug where an error would appear if an exception contained a dash (-). [] Fixed a bug where script.log lines ended with " would not capture entire exception. [] Removed S7Gaming Toolbar as server no longer exists [] Added limit to imported lines on log importer to 50,000 [] Added support for CreateVehicle and SelectPlayer logs for importing. [] Added Select All and Select None buttons to importer. [] Moved most menu buttons to new Options sub menu, which will turn Red when a new version is available to download. [] Fixed error when filter files where saved. //new was added instead of //new2 causing an error. [] You can now import filters directly from your scripts.log [] You will be asked if you want backslashes escaped if you have a filter that contains \n that should be a newline. [] Will now escape backslashes preceding an n so there is no mistake for newlines. [] Will apply quotation marks to new filters if they are not present. [] BattlEye Files are now auto-detected instead of being built from a pre-determined list. [] BattlEye is now grammatically correct, rather then appearing as Battleye (lower case e). [] Rebranded to BEM instead of AABEFM [] Filters will now automatically format when added to a new keyword (all the \n and \" business will now be done for you! (only when adding a filter, not editing)) [] Line numbers now match error's given by Arma3. [] Incorrect message box type has been fixed. [] Application will now tell you if there is an update. [] Initial Release. Usage: Simply use the drop down to select a file, click load file. Keywords will appear on the left hand side, you can add, delete or edit these, if one of the keywords is selected, the filters will appear on the right side, and they can also be added, edited and deleted! Once you are happy with your changes, click on Save File. You previous file will be backed up, just in case! Criticism is much appreciated, or if you find a bug, let me know so I can improve this program! Many thanks and much loves, TheMeq.
  8. Lockpick system for Exile mod Motivation Currently Exile bases, safes and cars are imposible to raid propertly. With this addon I wanted to bring to Exile Mod the posibility of raiding. Features Configurable object to act as a lockpick, by default is using MineDetector (if you have a mine detector in the inventory you will see a wheel menu when looking to a door , safe or car)Lockpick can open a door.Lockpick can open a safe.Lockpick can open a car.Configurable probabilities for doors, safes and cars independently.Configurable lockpick time for doors, safes and cars independently.When used in a safe or door , a notification will be sent to the building authorized members of the territory, and a mark will appear on their map during 5 minutes.When used in a car, a notification will be sent to all the server and the initial location of the car will be shown for 5 minutes.Lockpick usages will be saved to a database table for admin tracking of its usage. (more uses in the future).Planed Features New trader that will show the name of the people that raided you for an ammount of money.Email sent to the players that are under attack.How to install Step 1 - Mission addon Unpack your mission.pbo.Copy the addons folder from "1 - MISSION" and paste it inside your mission folderCopy the content of the init.sqf next to the addons folder and paste it in your init.sqf, if you dont have a init.sqf then paste this one in your mission.OPTIONAL - Configure the lockpick usage in addons/w4_lockpick/initLockpick.sqfStep 2 - Server addon Open the folder "2 - SERVER"Pack the folder w4_lockpick into a pbo and paste it inside your @ExileServer/addons folder.Step 3 - CfgRemoteExec Locate your Class CfgRemoteExec (By default in the description.ext in your mission pbo)Modify it with the following: class CfgRemoteExec { class Functions { mode = 1; jip = 0; class ExileServer_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage { allowedTargets=2; }; class ExileClient_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage { allowedTargets=1; }; class w4_lockpick_fnc_lockpicked { allowedTargets = 2; }; class w4_lockpick_fnc_lockpick_attempt { allowedTargets = 2; }; class w4_lockpick_fnc_lockpick_failed { allowedTargets = 2; }; class w4_lockpick_fnc_create_marker_client { allowedTargets = 1; }; }; class Commands { mode=0; jip=0; }; };Step 4 - Database table Add the following to the bottom of your @ExileServer\extDB\sql_custom_v2\exile.ini [saveLockpickUsage] SQL1_1 = INSERT INTO lockpick SET uid = ?, object_owner = ?, territory_id = ?, position_x = ?, position_y = ? , position_z = ?, object = ?, type = ? , object_type = ? ,datetime = NOW() Number Of Inputs = 9 SQL1_INPUTS = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Return InsertID = true 2. Create the following schema on your exile database. DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `lockpick`; CREATE TABLE `lockpick` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `uid` varchar(32) NOT NULL, `object_owner` varchar(64) NOT NULL, `territory_id` int(11) NOT NULL, `position_x` double NOT NULL, `position_y` double NOT NULL, `position_z` double NOT NULL, `object` varchar(64) NOT NULL, `type` varchar(20) NOT NULL, `object_type` varchar(20) NOT NULL, `datetime` datetime NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=198 DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;Source:
  9. Darth_Rogue

    Random Heli Crashes

    Random Heli Crashes w/ Loot // Function file for UKGZ // // Created by: Richie // // Modded by: Vampire & xBowBii // // Modded for Exile by Darth_Rogue & Shamis// ________________________________________________________ This addon PBO will allow you to spawn heli crashes at random positions on your server which will also spawn random loot for players. In my opinion the best thing about it is that it's tied to the Exile loot spawn system, so loot will only spawn when a player gets close and then gets cleaned up when a player leaves. When a new player comes along, fresh loot is spawned in its place. Lather, rinse, repeat. INSTALLATION: See readme in the download NOTE: The crashes are tied to the Exile loot spawn system. That being the case, they are bound to the same rules and restrictions as any loot spawning building, meaning that they will not all always have loot. I believe the default loot bias is set to 55%. Also, how often loot will respawn is determined by different loot variables, such as how long it's been since the area was last looted, how far away players are, etc. So if you get complaints that there's no loot at a crash site, that's probably why. DOWNLOAD - 3/7/16 - Updated to work with Exile 0.9.6
  10. Forsvinna

    [Release]CUP + OCP Chernarus

    These are our official Map files These are the files For our offical Map on the exile IGG chernarus server Feel free to use at your own will! Join us in teamspeak if you have any questions Features: Spawns around the South and East of the map Custom aircraft traders Completely Custom Traders exile_server_config In downloads section for loot positions for OCP+Jbad SpawnCords are in a txt Not added: Cement Mixers Roulette Addons Required : Open Chernarus Project + jbad CUP Maps CUP Core If you cant figure out how to install it and pack it into a pbo maybe you shouldn't use it. Downloads: Exile.Chernarus + Config.cpp(defualt) +spawn/tradercords+custom traders Chernarus Loot spawns - Thanks to @odizzzzle for the OCP loot spawn cords I will not be updating this IT WORKS After editing your config.cpp And doing any other configuring you wish Pack it as a PBO And enjoy!
  11. I made a restart script for the Exile Mod internal restart function. It looks into your logfile & if it found the "Exile Server: "SERVER READY FOR RESTART!!!" then, it move your old logfile in a new folder sorted by YEAR/MONTH/DAY & rename the old logfile to log_HOUR/MINUTE. Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64 crontab for automation */1 * * * * sh /home/steam/ here is a pastebin link for easy copy [Linux] Restart Script for ExileMod I use it with LGSM arma3server: ARMA 3 Linux Server Manger edit in "arma3server" (from LGSM the line 57 ./arma3server >>${systemdir}/logs/log.rpt 2>&1 If you have any questions, ask me!
  12. ICEtIMed's Warning Messages This gives a warning to players joining if they dont have the mod on the server. On Spawn it brings up a HUD and offers a hyperlink for the downloads needed. The smaller box will stay on screen for 1 minute then disappears. "straight from the hip" Spoiler This disappears after 1 minute Basic Instructions; 1 - Un PBO your mission file. 2 - Create a .sqf file and call it "ModCheck" 3 - Paste this; Spoiler waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay 46)}; waitUntil {!dialog}; sleep 6; if(getText(configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> "LMG_mas_Mk200_F_a" >> "displayname") isEqualTo "")then{ _att = format["[WARNING %1!]",name player]; _att hintC [ parseText "<t shadow='2' size='3'align='center'color='#cf2e4e'>You are Missing: </t><br/><t shadow='2' size='1.75'align='center'color='#b0eb00'>@MAS @NATO_Rus_Vehicle </t><br/><br/><t shadow='2'align='center' size='1.25'>These mods add a lot to the game!</t><br/><t shadow='2'align='center'>You can continue to play on this server without them, but for a much better experience it's recommended you download:</t>", parseText "<t shadow='2'size='1.1' >Mas Nato and Russian Weapon Pack.</t><br/><a shadow='2'size='0.8'align='center' href=''></a>", parseText "<t shadow='2'size='1.1' >Mas Nato and Russian Vehicles Pack.</t><br/><a shadow='2'size='0.8'align='center' href=''></a> <br/><br/><t shadow='2'size='1.1'>Those addresses can be clicked for a direct link, or get them from the Steam Workshop or the Arma3 launcher</t><br/><br/><t shadow='2'align='center'size='1.75'color='#3d94af'>See you in game!</t>" ]; }; 4 - For this to work you need to add a class item from the mod. In this example I used' "LMG_mas_Mk200_F_a", because I wanted to check they had @mas weapons. You can change that to another classname in the mod you have. (Be aware that you may need to change the cfg...... part. As long as it is a classname specific to the mod you are using you should be good. 5 - If you dont have one already. Create a init.sqf in you rmission file (Dont worry, it will run). 6 - In your init.sqf, paste this at the very top; Spoiler if(hasInterface) then{ [] execVM "custom\ModCheck.sqf"; }; 7 - Thats the install. Config of the install; You need to edit two things. 1st - Make sure you have edited the classname, "LMG_mas_Mk200_F_a", to something in your mod. 2nd - Make sure you edit the addresses twice. (These are direct hyperlinks to the mods needed for the server.) eg. ''></a>" 3rd - Make sure; if(hasInterface) then{ [] execVM "custom\ModCheck.sqf" }; is at the top of your init.sqf 4th - Verify that you have put the modcheck.sqf in the same place as the address you specified on the init.sqf PS. Test this before using on your server. The issue you may find is with this bit of script; if(getText(configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> "LMG_mas_Mk200_F_a" >> "displayname") isEqualTo "")then{ The text here means; (Look for an in game, used script>> cfgWeapons>> the classname in that file.) We are now looking for a weapon with the classname - "LMG_mas_Mk200_F_a" . If it returns with a negative then it displays the message. Depending on your mod, it will depend on the "cfg" file you search will change, as will the classname you search for. If you have issues, I will try and help. Enjoy people! ~iCE ** Update 1.1 arriving shortly ** (When I get time to finish....° PM if you want the new version now. the new box needs testing, resolution etc.) Here or here. I see you . Nice ~~ iCE
  13. [x] iDanich

    ACiDy Tanoa Mission File

    ACD_Tanoa_MF - ACiDy Tanoa Mission File Features: Run Tanoa.Exile to do your thing Changelog: Version 0.0 Copypasted Exile.Altis Version 0.1 Edited Exile.Altis to be Exile.Tanoa Version 0.1.1 Added pbo Usage: Same as any other mission file GitHub: DOWNLOAD:
  14. Queman

    Exile Patch Release

    Hi guys, when will you release the patch ? Just tell me a date +/- ~2 weeks. That would be enough. I cannot handle this anymore. It's so boring without Exile! I want to build some new bases and gather cool loot. I'm sick of playing Hearthstone. This game is so rigged and crappy I cannot handle this anymore. Please, give me a rough estimate, when the patch gets released.
  15. [x] iDanich

    ACiDy allow Only Random Spawn

    ACD_ORS - ACiDy allow Only Random Spawn Version 0.2 for @ExileServer 0.9.20b Features: Hides all spawn locations and allows only to choose RandomMap does not show actual spawn locationInstallation: NoticeFollow installation instructions @GitHub: GitHub: DOWNLOAD:
  16. WD-40

    NAMALSK as basic?

    Hi, I'm back after few months off. I've noticed new namalsk classes which brings new vanilla map on my mind. Cant find the correct answer so can someone tell me: - Will Namalsk be 100% consistent with ne Exile Mod? - Will it be included in client pack so client doesnt have to download another 100s of mods? It would be wonderful to play on new maps without having them configured from scratch. Kind Regards, WD-40