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Found 13 results

  1. Monkeynutz

    Remove certain ammo from vehicles.

    The script is self explanatory. Ammo is removed and so are the weapons when you get in the vehicle, so when you buy it from trader, you don't even notice. The Readme on GITHUB explains all. Thanks to those who helped: @wombdilator for helping me with the jets configs. and @eraser1 for the help with Event handler configs earlier on this year! and @MGTDB for his work on this and @kuplion for the pointers! Link:
  2. WCD Phyro

    Remove radiation zone screen effects

    1. Unpack your mission.pbo 2. In your mission file, create a folder and name it "overrides", place the two files in the folder 3. In your config.cpp go to CfgExileCustomCode and copy/paste two lines: ExileClient_system_radiation_initialize = "overrides\ExileClient_system_radiation_initialize.sqf"; ExileClient_system_radiation_event_onPlayerSpawned = "overrides\ExileClient_system_radiation_event_onPlayerSpawned.sqf"; 4. Repack your mission.pbo If you use a different file structure, make sure you edit the two lines above accordingly! Download link:
  3. i removed bullet cam from traders and loot spawns but they still spawn via weapon spawns because of if (count(_magazineClassNames) > 0) then { _magazineClassName = selectRandom _magazineClassNames; _numberOfMagazines = 2 + floor(random 3); _lootHolder addMagazineCargoGlobal [_magazineClassName, _numberOfMagazines]; _spawnedItemClassNames pushBack _magazineClassName; }; i would like to remove the bullet cam from spawning anywhere
  4. General_Jacob

    Remove Trees/Bushes/Terrain Objects?

    Hey guys, Was wondering if anyone had a fix to remove terrain objects such as trees, bushes, rocks etc. I was hoping something on exile functioned like the hide module in the editor but if theres a way to make that happen I suppose I dont know enough yet. I ran a few searches and didnt come up with much so if anyone knows the answer or wants to get creative let me know! Thanks! Btw, I know terrain editor exists but my friend in charge of the map apparently couldnt load our Namalsk files on there to edit it. If theres an easy solution for that I can send to him I would love a link or two. Thanks again.
  5. Papawolf

    Gebäude von der Karte entfernen

    Hallo Leute, würde gerne wissen ob es möglich ist Gebäude von der Map Chernarus zu entfernen, da ich an der Stelle gerne etwas anderes stehen hätte. Ich hab's probiert indem ich nen Game Logic Marker gesetzt habe mit dem Befehl: " hideObject ([0,0,0] nearestObject xxxxx); " wobei xxxxx die Haus ID war, die ich mithilfe des Codes: " do3DENAction "ToggleMapIDs"; " in der Debug Console sichtbar gemacht habe. Nun hab ich an der Stelle ein neues Haus gesetzt und wenn ich das auf den Server werfe, übernimmt er das Gebäude, aber nicht den Code zum "verstecken" des anderen Hauses auf der Stelle. Resultat: Jetzt stehen da zwei Häuser. Mag mir jemand ein Tutorial zukommen oder eine kurze Step by Step Anleitung hier lassen, der davon ein wenig Ahnung hat? Ciao, Papawolf
  6. I was wondering how to remove respect on a players death? Not all just a amount
  7. Hello. I have add an action to trader for run a custom mision and I want to remove it when used. The action added is this: class Soborno { targetType = 2; target = "Exile_Trader_Office"; class Actions { class Sobornar: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Sobornar al mafioso"; condition = "true"; action = "[] execVM 'addons\convoymision\sobornar_trader_fnc.sqf';"; }; }; }; With this include in config.hpp in mission directory: class CfgInteractionMenus { #include "addons\convoymision\sobornar_Interaccion.hpp" }; I have read in BI forums that with this code can remove it, but I don't know how to run, insert the code: class CfgActions { class UseMagazine { show = 0; }; }; I try to run it with [] execVM "filename.hpp"; but doesn't work. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  8. Hey guys, I've written a small and really simple database cleaner for Exile vehicles if anyone is interested. We use it on our own server and you are more than welcome to use it if you want to. No installation, script editing or pbo packing/unpacking. Just setup command line and shoot. (written in C# so needs .net 4.5.2, but you probably already have it) DropBox Link: Be sure to read included README.TXT. cheers, PoXe
  9. vapology

    XM8 Server Rules

    Is there any way to remove the default "Server Rules" tab in the XM8? Reason being is I have a more in depth server information script running and I would prefer to not have double of them.
  10. Hello, I created a trader city for the Tanoa airport. After copying over the script from the editor and verifing everything was in there except traders, I noticed in another file that there was a Lifou Traders camp commented out. So I uncommented it out and let the server run. After a while I logged back in the game, and there was a new trader camp at the airport by the end of the runway. So I said ok, that one works. So I removed all the lines containing my trader area. I'll move it to another area or island or something. I noticed there wasnt a locker in the new trader area so I moved my lockers to the ariveal and departure waiting areas in the airport. So after removing the lines in the initPlayerLocal and initServer files. And placing 2 locker lines with new coords. I was like great. All I should need to do know is restart the server. So I restarted the server and the traders I put in is still there, no lockers moved or anything. How can I get that camp to stop spawning or showing up in mulitplayer? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. RastafarianTargaryan

    No dropdown on Doors/Walls

    I have started having a problem with not getting the dropdown menu on some doors/walls until I put down another base wall or something and then I get the dropdown for maybe 20-30 seconds then it goes away again. Its all concrete gates/ports that are locked. I can open a concrete gate that is not code locked fine. I have verified my exile mods. If anyone needs screenshots or more info, I'll be checking this thread regularly. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Hi, I would like to make my players able to buy venom without rockets but with miniguns. Where do I add removevehicleweapon function? And what weapon venom from mas uses? Kind Regards, WD-40
  13. Hey guys. Have an issue where I can move or remove the walls and floors I've placed. It doesnt give me an option to remove it. Any fix for this? Or is there a way to destroy the wall or floor? Im the base owner. Thanks!