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Found 6 results

  1. {1stCav} TheScottishSandman

    ExAd - Deploy Vehicle; InfiSTAR

    My Deploy Vehicle script from ExAd now no-longer works since I installed infiSTAR last night which leads me to believe it has something to do with description.ext or CfgRemoteExec.hpp. Right now I'm not sure what to do. - Description.ext
  2. SynysterDemon

    [REQUEST] Ambient Corpses

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone could supply me with a script on how to have ambient corpses that aren't lootable. I'd like to have some corpses that I can customise the clothing on, and obviously have it so they can't be looted, anyone able to shine some light on the situation?
  3. I need help for a script on my server, submit money and respect for killing Zombis, use mod Zombis and Demon!! willing to pay for help
  4. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [SOLVED] Zupa Capture Points

    hi, has anyone got Zupa Capture points, on Exile Chernarus that i could please have if you would like to share. would appreciate it alot! many thanks Tom
  5. #fukk!.n0yz!

    Rabbits = food

    Any ideas how to make a rabbit drop a can of food when you shoot it? Haha, I would love to see that Finally, all those useless rabbits would have a purpose
  6. #fukk!.n0yz!

    bribe to police script

    Any idea to implement Any idea to implement, to choose a point on the map to spawn