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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all! few days ago all works fine, and now installing ETG FastTravelSystem: and the server turns all respawn in random and the xsSpawn selecctor Not work... I uses ExAd1.4 , xsSpawn , ExileZ, DMS , KiTs , and ofcourse ETG-FTS It posible confict with ETG - ExileZ - Exile markers??? Im try tuch and recheck all files and still respawning random... Please! @kuplion or @Kellojo can HELP me???
  2. aNNDREH

    Wolfsrudel Exile Al Rayak

    Wolfsrudel Arma 3 Exile Server Server Preview on Youtube Server Performance ● 8 Core CPU ● 64 GB Arbeitsspeicher ● 500 GB SSD Festplatte Server Slots ● vorerst 40 Restart Zeiten ● 0 Uhr ● 4 Uhr ● 8 Uhr ● 12 Uhr ● 16 Uhr ● 20 Uhr Map ● Al Rayak Mods ● Exile Mod 1.0.3 ● CBA_A3 ● Extended Base Mod ● CUP Vehicles ● CUP Weapons ● CUP Units ● Specialist Military Arms 2.7.1 ● Bundeswehr Mod ● G.O.S. Al Rayak ● CUP Terrains Core Features ● Reviven ● Fischen ● Virtuale Garage ● Kisten in Fahrzeugen laden ● Schiffswracks ● Gear Crates ● Schwarzmarkt ● Base Respawn ● Halo oder Ground Spawn ● Roaming Ai ● ZCP Missionen ● Login Bonus ● DMS Missionen ● Radioaktive Zone ● Airdrop ● Deploy Quad ● Suicide Animation ● Tiere schlachten & ausnehmen ● Statusbar veränderbar ● Claim Fahrzeuge Teamspeak ●
  3. i have an issue, i tried to make a "for the fun of it" mission, and decided to use infistar to help me in making it and playing it without being seen by the other players. but here is the problem, you select a respawn point before you spawn, and the respawn interface kicks people. i tried changing the spawn type to respawn on death on deathlocation, simply to see if it helped, and now no one gets kicked for that.(now they get kicked for arsenal access, even though it is set to not be checked for in the config) so why does this happen? i set the type to "Other" since its not an altis life, or other common mod, its simply a for the lols kinda mission i made in a few minutes. another problem is, NOTHING gets logged on the admin side, meaning i cannot see what admin does what, this is really making me mad, when all log stuff is set to true. i get a connection log, anti hack log and kick log, but all other types i was used to in the previous version of infistar(the one before V0248) what i have done so far to the config is add the server command password and admin password, add my admins and remove some functions from the other admin levels (so a lower level admin cannot ban and do certain things), change the mod to "other" and changed the infistar log path, because they did not show up at all until i changed that(not sure why yet). what i have done on my server is remove the old dll files and replace them with the new ones. and change what mission it uses to my new type(due to some mods i use for altis life still not being updated) Server.rpt file also shows nothing of what admins do with infistar, but will show the connect log stuff but nothing else.. If you need more info feel free to ask for the info, and i will do my best to provide.
  4. TheBoss553

    Base respawn points?

    I dont know if this has been asked before but does anyone know if there are plans to make it possible to respawn at your own base?
  5. mwagner91

    stop vegetation respawn aftercutdown

    hi I am currently working on a modification of the mod that would make it that trees and vegetation would not regrow in a territory owned by players after being cut down. my problem is I can't find the original code in charge of the vegetation respawn to begin with. any idea where I can find it? and if anyone has done this kind of thing before, some pointers as to what to do would help a lot thank you
  6. Since 1.0.0 we have had players randomly spawn back were they died last or back 5-10 minutes before the death. We have no errors in the database infistar detects the death but database does not update their death. to replicate it on both our live or test server i can take a player shoot them with a vehicle weapon and they will die after they respawn they will be were the body is but if i shoot them with a rifle or pistol it kills them normally what would cause this were could i look for a fix.
  7. Timserad

    Player respawn at base not working

    Hey all, Have a problem I just cant seem to figure out, in short.. When a player dies and the respawn selection appears player bases are not available for selection. I've recently upgraded the server and all files to 1.0.0 database is working, all seems well, I'm pretty certain it must be something stupid I am missing. Any ideas as I am stumped. (I've tried this with a fresh database, and an upgraded from Kiwi database, both same results player bases not available.) Thank you. Tim
  8. HotJazzCP

    Respawning On Body

    Hi, When a player dies, if they press the "Respawn" button quickly, re-select a spawn location, it'll just spawn them on their body? Any ideas what this could be? - Thanks!
  9. Fransie101

    Dead at Respawn

    Good afternoon GM's, Devs, or whomever this may concern. I'm unable to spawn alive on the G3N Exile|Pvp|Revive| server. every time i spawn, i'm just dead on the ground. and I've seen many bodies around mine when switching to 3rd person. So i assume other also have this problem. Thanks in advance Frans Stapelberg
  10. {ALFA}FSB_RU

    Respaun dead

    Developers make namalsk,and the respawn can not do it,how much longer? I tired to clean the database
  11. Hello, When people die on my server, they respawn with the same gear and 1m away from where they died. Anyone know how to fix this?
  12. Hello, When people die on my server, they respawn with the same gear and 1m away from where they died. Anyone know how to fix this?
  13. KingAlmond

    Respawning at same location w/ same gear

    Hey, wondering how to fix the issue of when you full die, you spawn back at your place of death with same gear.
  14. On the server I play on, there has been a handful of times when I've died, and when I respawn, any money/rep I've gained have been zero'd out. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough that it has become irritating. Other people I've played with have never had this happen, or maybe its happened once. Is this an outstanding bug with the mod, or something specific to the way the admins have modified their server? tia,
  15. Definitely G0d

    How do you change respawn time?

    When you die you have a 2 min time limit till you can respawn, how can I lower this? Thanks
  16. Custom action shows on player respawn, after use it kills itself...Not sure why it won't run on MP I do have this working in the editor. I however can not seem to get it running server side, I am not sure if this is because I have my event handler set up wrong, any help/information would be appreciated . Wasn't sure where to post this, put it in spawning & loadout because the action is meant to work on respawn Actions.sqf ServerEventHandler.sqf
  17. There are still some serious issues with re spawning. Dying after you have re spawned for no reason. Maybe if you haven't waited long enough before hitting the re spawn button. Also when landing near a slope with your parachute, you can sometimes be dropped too far from the ground and take enough damage to kill you after having taken a few steps. While on the topic of death, I want to know if it is intentional to have use die so quickly upon running out of food or water. I mean you can last longer under water without Oxygen than you can without drinking the stuff. I know a lot of people that have died this way, usually when trying to make a base or in combat. I don't think there is any need for this mechanic to work in this way. At least give us 1% health loss per second. That seems very reasonable to me. Not something that can be ignored, but long enough to get to somewhere that has food/drink. The fact that your legs stop working fairly quickly makes this change even more pressing.