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Found 26 results

  1. Enigma Exile Deploybike + Respect Vehicles Doubleclick radio to deploy bike Allows you to (if enabled) give players with higher respect a special vehicle once per restart! Only allows 1 bike to be unpacked per restart (even if you die you wont get another) unless: Bike is destroyed Bike is packed up Support Further Development
  2. Enigma Exile Update Respect/Poptabs Currently with Exile there is no means of updating poptabs/respect of a player from clientside code that saves to the database. This fixes that dilemna. Update: 18/03/16 - Add support for Advanced Banking Say you wanted to add 10000 poptabs to a player - You could try and use: The player would show that they have an extra 10k poptabs on xm8.....But this would NOT save to the database as call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; is NOT a client recognised function. So once player logged off/server restarted they would roll back to their old amount of poptabs/respect. This addon adds the ability to update any players poptabs/respect and save it to the database. HOW TO INSTALL: HOW TO USE: Then in any of your scripts that you run on a client you can simply run the following code:
  3. speedweasel

    ALiVE AI in Exile

    I'm re-posting a DM here that contains some advice on getting ALiVE AI working with Exile. I've been running ALiVE AI on my Exile Chernarus server for the last month and while there are some compromises and drawbacks, the overall player experience eclipses DMS and A3XAI. Hi, I am using the following modules: Alive Required Virtual AI System (Profile) Military AI Skill Military AI commander Military Placement Module Civilian Placement Module Military Logistics I'm also running the Zeus module so I can spectate and debug the AI. I recommend you do this while developing your mission. You can take the Zeus module out before you 'go live.' In order to add loot, respect and poptabs to AI you'll need to add some event handler code to the end of your description.ext file: class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class Man { init = "_this call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'ai_init.sqf')"; }; }; This code will apply to every 'man' class of object your server spawns. Once you've added this code above, create a new file called ai_init.sqf in the root of your Exile mission folder (right next to description.ext.) Add the following code to the ai_init.sqf file to give the AI, respect, loot and poptabs. It also registers AI deaths and displays the Exile 'killed' message on your screen: private "_this"; _this = _this select 0; if (side _this == east) then { _poptabs = round random 200; _this setVariable ["ExileMoney",_poptabs,true]; _this addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled",'if (isServer) then {_this call DMS_fnc_OnKilled;};']; _this setVariable ["DMS_AI_Side", "Bandit"]; _this setVariable ["DMS_AI_Type", "Soldier"]; _this setVariable [ "DMS_AI_Respect", missionNamespace getVariable [format ["DMS_%1_%2_RepGain","Bandit","Soldier"],0] ]; }; This assumes all your AI are all OPFOR (east). The code above uses functions from the DMS AI mission system which most server admins run. If you don't want DMS missions running on your server you can edit the DMS config file to turn off all missions and loot drops, etc but you still need DMS running on your server to use the above code. As for AI killing each other. I had the same problem for hours and hours. I've tried every permutation of config settings but all of my OPFOR (OPF_F and OPF_G_F) were spawning in as INDEPENDENT groups and shooting each other (you can use Zeus to confirm this. They are dressed as OPF but show up in green groups). Eventually I swapped to CUP units and the problem stopped. Today I'm running three factions on my Chernarus server; CUP_O_RU, CUP_O_ChDKZ & CUP_I_NAPA and everything works perfectly. It turns out that Exile *does* interfere with the way Alive spawns vanilla Arma 3 OPFOR units. It makes them all spawn in as INDEPENDENT groups. I haven't found the code that does this yet but I have run the same Alive mission with and without Exile loaded and it runs perfectly without Exile. I'm continuing to search Exile's code... So, currently you'll need to use CUP Units (or possibly another mod) to get around the problem of Alive units killing each other. Other things you might want to consider: Use ALIVE blacklists to remove all AA groups and units otherwise they will routinely shoot down player helicopters (google alive blacklists, it's pretty easy) If factions are using vehicles, check the 'Ambient Vehicle' setting at the bottom of the Military Placement Module settings Blacklist all of your trader zones using the Blacklist Marker field in your Military and Civilian Placement Modules Alive units will spawn with weapons that have attachments. This lets players dupe attachments like optics, suppressors. Some units also have thermal and launchers. There is no way around this other than creating your own factions using the Alive ORBAT editor. That's a big job. I run a community server and I trust my players so it's no big deal but larger, public servers will have duping problems. Use the minimum filter settings for Objective Size and Objective Priority in your Military and Civilian Placement Modules. If you have unfiltered objectives the AI commander will place units in the tiniest buildings in the middle of nowhere. Good luck with your mission. Let me know how you go. speed.
  4. ..l.. ◣_◢ ..l.. Ŧдϛҙ™

    Territory upgrades respect bound

    Good evening dear community, I have a few open questions that I do not quite get answered for me. Maybe you can help me a little bit. The first and the most important question beforehand. Is it possible to tie territory upgrades to respect levels? So to set certain levels of respect to requirement as with items and vehicles? Then continue directly. Can I expand the level capacities and level levels with a simple listing? For example Level Respect Color 1 0 white 2 25000 gray 3 50000 dark green 4 100000 green 5 150000 bright green 6 250000 bright blue 7 350000 blue The colors play no role here is intended only for the later inking of the items in the menu. As further contribution I have already seen according to the forum that this should work so easily in which I change it so in the config.cpp class requiredRespect { Level1 = 0; Level2 = 25000; Level3 = 50000; Level4 = 100000; Level5 = 250000; Level6 = 350000; Level7 = 500000; Level8 = 750000; }; and so on. For the class coloring or level coloring of the items I must then in the exile_client.pbo edit the ExileClient_gui_inventory_updateItemColors.sqf Path is exile_client \ code \ ExileClient_gui_inventory_updateItemColors.sqf Starting at line 49, the following code begins if (_configName! = "") then { _quality = getNumber (configFile >> _configName >> _itemClassName >> "quality"); _color = [1, 1, 1, 1]; switch (_quality) do { case 2: {_color = [0.62, 0.87, 0.23, 1]; }; case 3: {_color = [0, 0.78, 0.92, 1]; }; case 4: {_color = [0.62, 0.27, 0.58, 1]; }; case 5: {_color = [1, 0.7, 0.09, 1]; }; case 6: {_color = [0.93, 0, 0.48, 1]; }; default {_color = [1, 1, 1, 1]; }; }; According to the forum, I'll just have to use more cases for more respect levels. As far as good and plausible. Nevertheless, the question remains for me at the end of whether I can also make respect requirements for the Territory Upgrades. Kind Regards ..l.. ◣_◢ ..l.. Ŧдϛҙ™ Original Post on German
  5. Erzengel

    how to add respect ?

    what is the sqf line to add respect to an player for example after completeing a mission? EDIT: allready got it. for those that also want to know how it works: _target = player; _playerscore = _target getVariable ['ExileScore', 0]; _newscorevalue = _playerscore + 150; _target setVariable ['ExileScore', _newscorevalue]; _target setVariable['PLAYER_STATS_VAR',[_target getVariable ['ExileMoney', 0],_newscorevalue],true]; ExileClientPlayerScore = _newscorevalue; (owner _target) publicVariableClient 'ExileClientPlayerScore'; format['setAccountScore:%1:%2', _newscorevalue, (getPlayerUID _target)] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; in this case we add 150 respect to the player
  6. JayPaypers

    Max respect?

    Is there a way to set a limit to how much respect someone can get? Since there is no easy way to implement a system of spending respect, I figure setting a max respect would keep things interesting.
  7. Droiteka

    Цвет уровней/Levels color

    Нужна помощь! Кто подскажет как поменять цвет уровней респекта, я добавил новые уровни но, они белого цвета. Help is needed! Who will tell you know to change the color of the levels of the respect, I added new levels but, they are white. P.S. sorry for my English. =)
  8. Hello everyone, For quite a while I have been working on implementing my own version of Humanity. I have managed to setup pretty much everything up correctly except for one thing. Bandit (negative respect/humanity) purchases won't work for me. I thought I figured out all the scripts that I needed to change in the ExileClient and ExileServer, but I still keep getting the "Code 14" error. I am currently clueless on what I am doing wrong or what I am missing. Firstly I encountered the problem that the available items would be greyed out even though the character had enough humanity and only heroes could still buy it (sounds weird, don't worry, it is). I managed to resolve that problem and the purchase button is available at the correct moments, but when pressing the "Buy" button I receive my code 14 error. These are the scripts that I modified with their original bits commented out for easy comparison. ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_event_onStoreListBoxSelectionChanged.sqf ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseItemRequest.sqf I am quite positive that the ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_event_onStoreListBoxSelectionChanged has nothing to do with it anymore, but I am totally clueless so I included it anyway. I did not modify the ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_even_onPurchaseButtonClick at all. Currently the buying of items with 0 required respect only works if you have more than 0 respect (didn't test it when playerRespect = 0), and if you are a bandit you aren't able to buy any bandit items or default items either. Hopefully someone has an answer to my problem. You will be forever remembered! Thanks in advance! Greetings, Frankloco
  9. roberts544

    Turning Respect For Ammo

    I am trying to find where I can set it so no respect is need to buy ammo for weapon that are found.
  10. I was wondering how to remove respect on a players death? Not all just a amount
  11. FallenActual94

    Need Help. Changing Rep

    Hey there Exile Community I have a quick question I have been looking for how to change rep gained when selling items I.E waste dumping and individually selling items however I have been control F'ing every file I can think of and have searched multiple sites with no avial, does anyone know how to do this or where to find the value i have to change without changing the item sell prices or buy back raitio.
  12. BaroN

    Random Player Respect Reset

    Hi, Does anyone else experience that sometimes player respect is reset to 0. In a case I have just investigated on our Tanoa server this happened to a player who logged out 6 minutes before our server restarted at 05:00 and then logged in when the server unlocked after the restart. As he logged in his respect was set to 0. This appears to happen at random. Not all the time, not the same players and although relatively rare, seems to happen more on our Tanoa server than Altis but, does happen on both servers. If the player notices it while at 0 and relogs, the respect comes back but, 95% of the time they don't notice it until later. Then as they get more respect while they haven't noticed, that relog option no longer works as the game has written the new value back to the database. We have the server lock for the last 5 minutes before restarts using BEC, exile autokick 2 mins before restarts and unlock server when it's ready from the settings in exile_server_config config.cpp. There are some old posts about this happening but, I haven't seen anything more recently. So, am wondering whether this is something we are all suffering and just working around by manually restoring the players' respect or, whether it's just me! ... Any feedback, greatly appreciated.
  13. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that if you spectate someone, the respect will not show its always " 0 ". Pls fix this
  14. tom4396

    Respect system help

    So im having trouble changing the respect in the config , i edited the config.cpp and changed the respect to -100000 (as this post tells me) , i then recompiled my exile server using the built in PBO compiler my website has on offer and it simply does not cut it in-game . Please help me out as im super stuck
  15. If i want kill a people and lost respect, and can gain the money? any ideas?
  16. Just found out today that when you kill an NPC with the Hunter HMG you loose all your respect, video of the case You can clearly see the respect resetting right after the first kill with the HMG.
  17. Zazo

    Losing Respect

    In the server i play in you lose respect for everything for dying for getting killed and i think thats dumb i can understand losing respect for commiting suicide but whenever i die as a bambi i lost 1k-500 respect and the traders ask me for 12k respect to buy a car or any gun i find it impossible to do anything dying over and over to bambi slayers and spawn campers made me lose 5k respect of hard work change it please
  18. ncp-sarge

    customizing respect levels - how to?

    I'm looking for a way to customize what you respawn with with the different respect levels. I've looked through just about everything I can think of and must have just overlooked it all.
  19. Currently players have to exchange some respect in order to gain a larger territory which makes respect just another currency to be traded for goods. I suggest the respect value become a constant that can only be affected by player interactions (killing players gives you more, killing bambis gives you less, etc.) It doesn’t make sense that you can 'spend' your respect and end up with less respect than you had before the transaction. Why I should lose respect for (presumably) influencing the Mafia to let me build a bigger base? Rather than the current territory purchase prices in Exile.Altis\config.cpp, I suggest the following respect table: 5000 Level 1 (paid in tabs) 10000 Level 2 25000 Level 3 45000 Level 4 70000 Level 5 100000 Level 6 135000 Level 7 175000 Level 8 220000 Level 9 270000 Level 10 This table results in the exact same effort/reward ratio as the current territory system but critically, players wouldn't give away any respect points, rather by earning more respect they are *entitled* to larger territories. They can earn respect by selling gear or killing other players, they can lose respect by acting like a dick, but they can’t exchange respect for a larger territory. Once respect becomes a constant (like it kinda is in the real world) then it can form the basis of many different game mechanics; player bounties, an ELO ratings system (, high value target missions, etc. You can put respect in the scoreboard so everyone in the server knows who they are dealing with and who they might like to kill or avoid, depending on their circumstances.
  20. What do you guys think about this idea? 1. What will reduce your respect points Killing a (unarmed/armed)player will give you a small penalty such as an amount of respect each kill. Teamkills and bambi kills will costs you even more respect. To steal their loots or preventing them to steal your loots. You can ziptie/handcuff them or make them just surrender their stuff to you. This so it can lower 'kill on sight' in this game To make things easier to capture your prey: you can shoot/hit them until the player passed out unconsciously or get broken bones. As long as your prey isn't dead, you'll not receive respect point reduction. 2. How to gain respect points You can gain respect points by selling stuff on traders. Each player, whether it's neutral/bandit can give a small amount of respect to a single player each day(realtime). 3. Why you need respect points You'll need respect points to able to expand your territory, buying high-end vehicles and gears. 4. Solution for bandits about this mechanic Bandits with no/low respect points need either to carry out missions or killing/stealing player's loot to get what they needed. They still can build their terroritories, but they will not able to expand them.
  21. Patrix87

    Zombie, Money, Respect and Loot

    Hi, I've modified some scripts from these guys : READTHESCROLL Rythron GR8 eraser1 IT07 To create a 2 scripts. One gives respect and money when you kill a zombie. The other put loot on zombies. Both script are working with the default Ryan's zombies spawners but may also work with other spawners, feel free to test it. The first : ZKilled.sqf /* //////////////////////////////////////////////////// ZKilled.sqf - WIP WIP Credits to eraser1 and IT07 for their respective onKilled.sqf's (DMS & VEMF) Modified by Patrix87 //////////////////////////////////////////////////// */ private [ "_unit", "_killer", "_playerObj", "_veh", "_killMsg", "_killMsgRoad", "_roadKilled", "_respect", "_respectChange", "_roadKillBonus", "_money", "_zombieMoney", "_zombieRespect", "_distanceBonusDivider", "_minDistance", "_distance", "_killerRespectPoints" ]; _unit = _this select 0; _killer = _this select 1; _playerObj = objNull; _roadKilled = false; _respectChange = 0; _killerRespectPoints = []; //Parameters _zombieMoney = 5; _zombieRespect = 10; _roadKillBonus = -5; _minDistance = 30; _distanceBonusDivider = 10; // _killMsg = ["ZOMBIE WACKED","ZOMBIE CLIPPED","ZOMBIE DISABLED","ZOMBIE DISQUALIFIED","ZOMBIE WIPED","ZOMBIE WIPED","ZOMBIE ERASED","ZOMBIE LYNCHED","ZOMBIE WRECKED","ZOMBIE NEUTRALIZED","ZOMBIE SNUFFED","ZOMBIE WASTED","ZOMBIE ZAPPED"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _killMsgRoad = ["ZOMBIE ROADKILL","ZOMBIE SMASHED","ERMAHGERD ROADKILL"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; //Roadkill or not if (isPlayer _killer) then { _veh = vehicle _killer; _playerObj = _killer; if (!(_killer isKindOf "Exile_Unit_Player") && {!isNull (gunner _killer)}) then { _playerObj = gunner _killer; }; if (!(_veh isEqualTo _killer) && {(driver _veh) isEqualTo _killer}) then { _playerObj = driver _veh; _roadKilled = true; }; }; _respect = _playerObj getVariable ["ExileScore", 0]; _money = _playerObj getVariable ["ExileMoney", 0]; //Scoring if ((!isNull _playerObj) && {((getPlayerUID _playerObj) != "") && {_playerObj isKindOf "Exile_Unit_Player"}}) then { //Default _killerRespectPoints pushBack [(format ["%1",_killMsg]), _zombieRespect]; //RoadkillBonus if (_roadKilled) then { _killerRespectPoints pushBack [(format ["%1",_killMsgRoad]), _roadKillBonus]; } else //DistanceBonus { _distance = _unit distance _playerObj; if (_distance > _minDistance) then { _distanceBonus = (floor (_distance / _distanceBonusDivider)); _killerRespectPoints pushBack [(format ["%1m RANGE BONUS", (round _distance)]), _distanceBonus]; }; }; // Calculated killer's respect and money { _respectChange = (_respectChange + (_x select 1)); } forEach _killerRespectPoints; _respect = (_respect + _respectChange); _money = (_money + _zombieMoney); // Send message [_playerObj, "showFragRequest", [_killerRespectPoints]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_to; [_playerObj, "moneyReceivedRequest", [str _money, "Killing Zombies"]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_to; // Set client's respect and money _playerObj setVariable ["ExileScore", _respect]; _playerObj setVariable ["ExileMoney", _money]; ExileClientPlayerScore = _respect; (owner _playerObj) publicVariableClient "ExileClientPlayerScore"; ExileClientPlayerScore = nil; // Update client database entry format["setAccountMoneyAndRespect:%1:%2:%3", _money, _respect, (getPlayerUID _playerObj)] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; };The Second : ZombieLoot.sqf /* //////////////////////////////////////////////////// ZombieLoot.sqf Credits to READTHESCROLL for his initial script Modified by Patrix87 //////////////////////////////////////////////////// */ Private[ "_vest", "_item", "_zombie" ]; _zombie = _this select 0; _vest = ["V_HarnessOGL_brn","V_HarnessOGL_gry","V_HarnessO_brn","V_HarnessO_gry","V_HarnessOSpec_brn","V_HarnessOSpec_gry","V_TacVest_blk","V_TacVest_blk_POLICE","V_TacVest_brn","V_TacVest_camo","V_TacVest_khk","V_TacVest_oli","V_TacVestCamo_khk","V_TacVestIR_blk","V_Rangemaster_belt"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _item = ["Exile_Item_InstaDoc","Exile_Item_Catfood","Exile_Item_PlasticBottleFreshWater","Exile_Item_Matches","Exile_Item_DuctTape","Exile_Item_CookingPot","16Rnd_9x21_Mag"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _zombie addVest _vest; _zombie addItem _item;The installation : Unpack Ryanzombies.pbo open zombie.sqf Add These lines : ... //MOD //Money and respect for killing zombies _zombie addEventHandler ["Killed",{ [(_this select 0), (_this select 1)] execVM "addons\ZKilled.sqf";}]; //Loot on zombies [(_this select 0)] execVM "addons\ZombieLoot.sqf"; //END OF MODAfter these lines ... ... if !(isnil "Ryanzombiesinvincible") then {_zombie allowdammage false}; if !(isnil "ryanzombiesdeletion") then {[_zombie] exec "\ryanzombies\delzombies.sqf"}; Repack Ryanzombies.pbo Unpack your mission PBO Create a folder named : addons put ZKilled.sqf and ZombieLoot.sqf in that folder Repack your mission PBO DONE.
  22. In the last couple of days i was thinking about how Exile works the way it gives respect points to someone and thought that it is kind of a funkiller if you gain more respect for longrange kills then for close combat kills. Imho it should be total different. The fun and the difficulty raises the closer you are at your enemy. Sitting and waiting for the enemy in a far away spot needs no skills except you know how to aim. Close combat needs some more skill as you also need to have a plan how to get in range without get spotted. Also i think that respect should be given depending on the waepon you are using. Small weapons like a pistol or the axe should give most bonus points then a big gun like machineguns or the big sniper rifles. May it could be like this: Basic kill RP (RespectPoints) : 10 Bonus RP for Range: Bonus for kind of weapon: The formula for this must be: Basic RP + Range Bonus + Weapons bonus Minumum possible Respect: 0 Maximum possible Respect: 520 (May add another bonus for Kill Streak) Possibly there isn't everything in the right place for now, but i guess you understand my point. What do you think? kind regards Cal
  23. Troll


    Поиграв в EXILE, по новому посмотрел на тематику выживания в играх. У данного мода огромнейший потенциал к развитию и дополнению. Может быть кто-то и скажет что он скуден и тд. Но над ним работает не огромнейшая студия а всего несколько энтузиастов которые делают поистине гигантскую работу СПАСИБО ВАМ АГРОМЕННЕЙШЕЕ (VERY VERY BIG THX). и на данный момент я с интригой смотрю в будущее, что же будет с новым патчем! Спасибо разработчикам и всем тем кто так или иначе принимает участие в развитии данного мода!
  24. I've just started playing this mod a few days ago and there's something I don't understand: why the hell do I get extra respect for roadkilling someone? I've seen (and been in) a situation a couple of times now: someone with 6.5mm or lower tries to attack some better equipped guys. In most cases they're more people and have far better equipment. Instead of doing a firefight (this is Arma, fight!) one of them gets in his Strider and runs the guy over. Afaik you get 500 respect for roadkill but a lot less for a normal kill. But this roadkill requires ZERO skill and is like David vs. Goliath. Instead of a entertaining firefight with a bit uneven chances it always ends in a nooby roadkill. The worst thing is that people get encouraged to do roadkills because of the respect they gain. I would not go so far and make the killer loose respect since this could be abused, but no respect gain would help to start a fight instead of this stupid roadkill bullshit.