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Found 1 result

  1. arrestingdog

    NEW!! - BDS - Custom Chenarus

    NEW!! - BDS - Custom Exile server, Chenarus. RHS, CUP. IP: BDS Custom Exile server, Chenarus. RHS, CUP. IP: Server highlights Custom map Custom missions Revive Deploy bike RHS: AFRF RHS: USAF Extended Base Exile Cup Terrains Core Cup Terrains Map Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling Frenzied Mod Pack The Black Dragon Society are a mature community of gamers. We are pleased to annouce today the opening of our new Exile server. After several weeks of testing we are proud to offer you a custom chenarus map, elements of the old DayZ map have been retained and blended with new map additions: 4 new cities (Tikhaya, Skalisty, Ininicity, Medvedskoye) Custom Trader City Bor All 3 airfields upgraded New extensive road system (including connection between NWA and NEA, Pobeda dam road is extended, plus brides, etc.) Many towns villages have also been modified/extended for better map balance Checkpoints, encampments, castles are amongst many other small additions AI spawn (with low probability) in military areas AI vehicle patrols (both bandit and survior) Also custom AI missions, with more to follow. Come and explore Cheranrus, as you've never seen it before..... As a mature community we do have some rules and will do our upmost to police them... •Anyone causing unnecessary drama or being abusive in game or on the Facebook page will be kicked from the group and server. •Base raiding is allowed but griefing people by emptying the contents of peoples vehicles/safes/crates onto the floor so it despawns is not allowed. •There will be no compensation for items lost due to Exile / Arma bugs nor admin teleports for your character. •Hacking/glitching/duping will earn you an instant ban. •Profiting from duped items will result in the poptabs and respect being removed from your account •Random spawned vehicles cannot be locked and are deleted on server restart •PVP is allowed but give people a chance to rebuild or re-gear after killing them •No killing fresh spawns or camping near the trader areas. Killing unarmed people elsewhere is not good form so don't do it unless you have a good reason. The exception to this is repeatedly running back to your body to get your gear in a firefight. This will get you killed, don't complain about it. Either wait or re-gear elsewhere. •No blocking roads with bicycles. •No dropping vehicles on bases from helicopters. •There are no rules regarding stealing, ensure your vehicles and bases are locked and don't land at safe zones if you can see other players. That being said, players who are seen to be always attempting to steal and be a nuisance (griefing) at traders for long periods of time will at the very least have their gear removed and be teleported to a remote location this includes camping the traders and trying to kill people as they leave. •Airlifting/loading locked vehicles and hiding them is considered griefing •Do not use safe zones to park your vehicles when you log out, build a garage or hide them somewhere. Vehicles left in safe zones automatically unlock on server restart. •No ramming/pushing vehicles or players in safe zones or attempting to shoot in or our of a safe zone. •NB. Accusations of cheating/hacking must be backed up by evidence otherwise it is just your word against someone else. •Parked in safe zones - Unlocked at restart •Parked in range of your flag - Deleted after 10 days of inactivity •Parked anywhere else - Deleted after 48 hours of inactivity Bases need to be maintained (protection money paid to the Mafia) before 14 days is up. •When base protection expires, everything in your base is deleted automatically on the next server restart. •Containers (safes and crates) and also vehicles have a time stamp in the database of the last time they were accessed. There is a script running which deletes any container not accessed in the last 7 days. As long as your base protection is active, just make sure you either put something in or take something out at least once every 7 days to stop them from being deleted. Empty crates are removed automatically after 48 hours of inactivity •No building near trader areas •No blocking of water and fuel sources •No blocking roads with built items •No building in high loot military areas •Building is allowed in all other areas The following limits apply to territories when building: •Level 1: radius 15m 45 items •Level 2: radius 30m 90 items •Level 3: radius 45m 135 items •Level 4: radius 60m 180 items •Level 5: radius 75m 225 items •Level 6: radius 90m 270 items •Level 7: radius 105m 315 items •Level 8: radius 120m 360 items •Level 9: radius 135m 405 items •Level 10: radius 150m 450 items •No voice in side, repeat offenders will be kicked or banned. •No racist or sexist comment in chat or voice. •Being abusive (sexism and racism included) will result in you being kicked or banned. •Don't scream for an admin repeatedly for issues which you can resolve yourself. •Demanding an admin to come to you wont end well for you. •The admins decision is final, arguing with an admin will get you kicked or banned. •Don't park vehicles on constructed floors or too close to other items over a restart or you run the risk of the vehicle exploding when you log in again •Don't log out in a vehicle •If you have towed or lifted a vehicle, if you don't drive the vehicle before the next restart then the vehicle will return to the place you picked it up from. Vehicle locations are only written to the database when the vehicle is used. •Try to have a unique player name, duplicate names cause issues with infiSTAR and will more than likely result in you getting kicked automatically from the server. •Be aware that Exile is in alpha and sometimes random explosions and deaths occur as a result