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Found 13 results

  1. Batteries Not Included

    Team Apollo Esseker Exile

    Hello and welcome to Team Apollo's Esseker Exile. Our server features a militarized environment with many things to do. This includes mining, drug runs, fishing, radzone, and missions. We like to expand the end-game, so we have recently implemented a Space Station Base that floats 3,000m in the sky. It features an array of high-end items that cannot be purchased anywhere else. To add to that, we have a group of very active staff and a development team that is always hard at work! Some of our other server features include: -Fully Customized Map, RHS Mods, Custom XM8 Apps, Vector Building, JSRS Sound Mod, Towing, Crate Loading, Roaming AI, Advanced Urban Rappelling, and ZCP. MODLIST: @2035, @Extended Survival Pack, @FFAA Mod, @JSRS SoundMod, @Enhanced Movement, @RHS_USAF, @RHS_AFRF, @Advanced Urban Rappelling, @CUP_Terrains_Core, @CUP_Terrains_Maps, @CBA_A3, @Anzio Anti-Material Rifles If any of this sounds interesting, feel free to hop on our server and enjoy the 500k start to test it out! You can also check out our discord for community updates/any questions you may have. We'll see you out there! -Team Apollo
  2. TheLynxDr

    TLD's HARDCORE Exile Esseker

    Server Details: -1st Person Only -Roaming AI -Infistar Protected -DMS Mission System -ZCP Capture Zones -NPC Guarded helicopter crash sites -Player Scan XM8 app -Remote CCTV -Traders Spread around the map, this is to make players to move around the map, not just between a base and a trader city -30 Players - More player slots will be added as more players come in -We use Discord to announce rules, report changes, and tackle rule breakers Required Mods: -ExileMod -Esseker -Extended Base Mod -CUP_Terrains_Core -CUP_Terrains_Maps
  3. DarkViper98

    [Online] *Armax Exile Napf PvP*

    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to Armax Exile Napf PvP! Visit our Web Page: Join our Steam Group: Join our Discord: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome, dear player! Want to tell you some words about our server! Armax provides realistic style of hardcore, military simulation and survival gameplay. It has much interesting stuff, friendly community and always active admins! We are working hard on our server, every time upgrading it and fixing all appearing bugs! We always listen to our players about possible server improvements and make their dreams come true! Join our server right now and get an unforgettable experience of playing on it! DarkViper, Server Owner/Head Admin _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our server is using the following mods: *Exile Mod* *CBA_A3* *CUP Terrains – Core* *CUP Terrains – Maps* *Napf Island A3* *CUP Vehicles* *CUP Weapons* *CUP Units* *Enhanced Movement* *Extended_Base_Mod* _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We have a lot of features on our server: *We often hold a lot of different events on the server!* *We constantly improve our server!* *Server has its own economy!* *Custom-made map, secret locations, military zones in each spawn zone!* *Tanks, APCs, Combat Helicopters, Planes!* *Rocket launchers available at armory trader!* *New awesome custom trader zones!* *A lot of weapons by CUP available at trader!* *Mission systems like DMS, ZCP, Roaming AI!* *+ 10 Custom-Made Dynamic missions!* *Pay due notifications!* *Mobile XM8 Support to receive notifications about base raid!* *Enigma Revive System! You can revive you team mates using Defibrillator!* *Anti-Theft System! Noone can steal your vehicle in the Trader Zone!* *Dynamic Weather! It’s changed randomly by the server, making the game more atmospheric!* *Vehicle claiming! You can claim ownership of any non-persistent vehicle, using a Сode Lock!* *Vector Building! You can rotate your base objects in any direction!* *Service Points! You can Repair/Rearm your vehicle!* *Base Respawn! You can Respawn in your own territory every 5 minutes!* *A lot of apps for XM8 like *StatsBar*, *BRAmaRecipes*, *CHVD* and more!* *Sling Loading, Rope Towing, Helicopter Rappeling and Urban Rappeling!* *R3F System. You can load a crate into a vehicle and sell it on the Trader Zone!* *Kill Messages System! Shows information about kills on the screen!* *And much more!* _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our server has the following rules: General Rules: Ignorance of the server rules does not absolve you from liability! A player breaking the rules is not an excuse for you to break the rules! Accusing someone for breaking any of the server rules, always needs to be backed up by video or screenshot proof! Severity of the punishment for breaking server rules is decided by the Head Admin! False accusations towards players or admins will result in a permanent ban! Never tell an admin what to do, we make decisions ourselves! Impersonating admins will result in a permanent ban! Admin decisions are final! No Hacking, Scripting, Glitching, you will be permanently banned! No Exploiting, Duping, Grieving, you also will be permanently banned! No Racism, Nationalism, Sexual comments, Health threats or Life insults! No Combat Logging! No Bug using! Trader Zone Rules: No Shooting, Blowing, or making any loud noise! No stealing any stuff that is not yours! No ramming vehicles! No vehicles inside the trader and near the traders! No destruction of trader objects! No destruction of vehicles! No blocking players or using any way of trolling! No leaving a crate within a trader zone! No PvP within 750 meters of the Trader Zone! No camping! Side-Chat Rules: No racist, vulgar, and mental/physical based comments! No offensive or humiltaing comments! No disputing! No voice in Side-Chat! Building Rules: A base, breaking any of these rules, will be deleted! No building in millitary zones! No building in cities/towns/villages! No building on any roads! You can use single buildings such as houses/barns/sheds! No placing a base flag into any object! No sky-base building! No flying bases! No building within 1500 meters of a trader zone! No building within 1250 meters of a spawn-zone! No building within 1000 meters of a contaminated zone! No building within 750 meters of a cement mixer! No building within 500 meters of a boat trader! Compensation Rules: No compensation without screenshot or video proof! Compensation is only possible if you lost your stuff due to Arma 3 or Server Bug! No compensation in other cases! Conclusion: Respect Admins and players! Be friendly and try to talk to other players now and then! Play fair! Send suggestions to Head Admin about possible server improvements! Report to Head Admin if you have found a bug! Always ask your question in-game or in discord if you have one! Contact Head Admin to get free group channel on discord! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How to join our server? The best and easiest way to connect to our server and start playing is using A3Launcher! It will automatically download all required mods! 1. Download A3Launcher from here: *A3Launcher* 2. Make the installation! 3. Open A3Launcher, type “Armax” in server searching line! 4. Click ► and A3Launcher will download all server’s mods! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Join our server right now and test all our features yourself!* Enjoy playing!
  4. ItsHazed

    [NWO] Hardcore Exile Chernarus

    Hello Exile members.. today I bring you a server which is pretty unique from the rest of them and will leave you on the edge of survival trying to survive as long as possible. What makes this server "hardcore"? Well, there are some things this server has that most servers don't and has many unique things to leave you guys always having a blast What we offer; Hardcore loot spawns : Tired of having servers with easy to get guns? Never thirsty or hungry? Well, this server has your back.. experience a custom loot config that had hours of work put into it Roaming AI units: Experience a lively world with friendly, and enemy AI units. Never worry about being alone, they are always watching Map Edits: Look at a map with edits made to it to make it different from other servers. Ranging from houses, to other amazing things Zombies: Yes, we have zombies. Hordes, perfect amount so you are always grinding those poptabs Missions: On this server, our missions are unique. The only place to get the best gear. Go with a friend, and make sure you bring some backup Custom Traders: Hours of work put into having hundreds of new trader items ranging from new uniforms, guns, and more Vehicle and Base Paint: Still a work in progress, tired of the same wooden color? We got your back on that too.. Radiation Zone: Get a gas mask, and venture off to the most dangerous location on the server.. better bring a good backpack. Broken Down Vehicles: On this server, you will rarely find a vehicle that is 100% in tact. Get some duct tape and repair the vehicles across the map Rappelling: Need to get out of your base? We have a rapple for that. and much, much more.. BALANCE We decided everything on this server must be balanced to make a unique and fun playing experience. For example, the loot has been configured so if you are a fresh spawn you wont be finding a M107, or a tank laying around, you must earn it by showing dedication the the survival world. This is what makes this server unique from most of the others. Ever had a base and you are just siting there with nothing to do since you are still at perfect hunger and health since you still have a full safe of food and water? Not anymore, the food and water have been limited so you are always getting away from the house and getting a drink or some spam. Best of all, the vehicles. We don't give vehicles out for free, you must find them and repair them to add to the survival feel. ENVIRONMENT REALISM During the night, it's supposed to be dark and not gray. Therefore, we have you covered on this server. Grab a flashlight and keep going about your journey on the server without terrible night time vision keeping you from enjoying your adventure. SUMMARY We wanted a server where it was fun and challenging, and we tried to make it as unique from other servers as possible.. so survivors like you can have a blast while doing it. Why have to play on a server that gives away free stuff when you can actually work for it and have a really realistic experience. COME CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING COMMUNITY TODAY, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED WITH THE RESULTS Also on A3Launcher Check us out on Discord and come check us out We would be glad to have you [ SERVER MANAGEMENT] NoX - server founder and management ItsHazed- community management and social management [DEVELOPER TEAM] Brodsort117 - configuration developer AngelofDeath104- map developer [THIS SERVER IS STILL BEING WORKED ON, THERE MAY BE EXPECTED BUGS OR GLITCHES] _______________________________________________
  5. Hey! I installed A3 Exile Occupation on my server and the roaming AI in vehicles won't spawn. I enabled them in the config but nothing is happening. Same with AI in boats and in Helis and AI that is patroling near military buildings. The only thing that seems to work are the heli crashes and crates. As I said I enabled that stuff but nothing is happening. The map I am using is Tanoa. Other mods I am using so far: Exile (Obviously) Zombies and demons Thanks everyone!
  6. TheDoctor63

    SilentStalkers, ExileAltis

    This is a new server, checking out how popular Exile still is. I am rarely, if ever, able to find a server that I feel is running the mods that are most interesting to me. When I do, it is either monetized or already packed out with grief style players. I love pvp, love pve.. Love to kill for hours and then kick back and craft while I settle in. I do not love grief style players lol. There are very few rules here, but that is one of them. Do not Grief other players unless you enjoy a 10 fold ROI. (that means 10x return on investment, or "they send one of yours to the hospital, you send 10 of theirs to the morgue"). If you feel froggy, jump on in for a bit. BE WARNED, Zeds are off the chain insane.. as is their loot drops.. and the AI can play Marching Through Georgia with a 9mm on a dinner bell at 200m... So no one lives very long at any one time. Life isn't something we are suppose to escape from alive.
  7. Bartos

    [EU] Exile |Missions|

    A fresh server started by a small group of old ARMA2 dayz players, we are looking to get a group of returning honest players in for a bit of fun. There are a lot of bandits on the maps, and quite some missions... A lot of loot can be found (quite to much actually lol) Join and enjoy! Rules are just the basic rules... act as a normal person, be respectfull and it will be good..
  8. RainStorm

    Six Nations

    Couple brothers starting a good community server... without the politics... Simple rules...
  9. Hey Exile Community Me and my brother bought the game a year back and have been trying on and off to get our own server running. we have tried multiple times, never been able to see the server, in the browser or anything.. But now we finally got a server running with exile, all the vendors are working properly. xm8 app and all the exile funtions are seems to be working now. we tried installing DMS, and occupations, for missions and roaming ai, but we cant seem to get them working. And we cant find any solotion and we have hit rock bottom now, we got a big server with loot and guns, But nothing to shoot at, no life at all other than the traders and us pretty lonely i've loaded both the pbo files from DMS and occupations like in the instrutions, which are faily simple, But no ai are spawning and no missions are starting. Would really appreciate any help or suggestions, have searched google to the bottom and cant seem to find any fix for us. We are really new to all this sql stuff, And are pretty proud that we got this far tbh, but this seems far beyond our knowledge, and we just need this last step for it to be complete. it would be a dream come true. If u need any kind of logs, screenshots etc. just ask for it and ill send it. we have used heidiSQL ,Xammp , Tadst. To make the server and bohemia interactive binPBO to pack the PBO Files. Really hope some of u guys have a solution for this, we are so close to have our dream server, and been struggling for i dont know how long.. Kindly Regards Ecukan And Zolid -Ps sorry if this is the wrong section or something, but we are pretty confused at this moment..
  10. DeeJay86

    [EU] Nequam Exile (Tanoa)

    Nequam Exile on Tanoa! This is a new server hosted with alot of experience and care for the players, we will put alot of effort in having active admins to take care of everything regarding the server. Server address: Mods required: @Exile @CBA_A3 @CUP_Weapons @CUP_Units @CUP_Vehicles Scripts / Addons: DMS - Defent's Mission System Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More ZCP - Zupa's Capture Points 3.0
  11. DeeJay86

    [EU] Nequam Exile (Tanoa)

    New Server & Community Nequam Exile on Tanoa. Required mods: @CBA_A3 @CUP_Weapons @CUP_Units @CUP_Vehicles Current server addons: DMS - Defent's Mission System Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More The server will get updated frequently and players will be heard on special requests regarding the server specifics/addons/mods. Looking forward to see some of you. :-)
  12. cdc_divinity

    =VGB= Chernarus Wiped 5/24!

    This is a newly formed server looking for new players, the theme is you are part of a rebel force fighting for your land back that the russians have taken over. there is roaming ai in russian urals, rg33's, and uaz's. All ai are in russian uniforms, have russian weaponry, etc. loot boxes contain all types of guns from assault rifles, sniper rifles, and strelas and stingers on rare occasions. launchers are not sold at vendors but the ammo is. this is a pvp server with one rule. survive. there are invading russians everywhere, but theyre not the only thing you have to worry about, other rebels are in the are and they may not be as friendly as you think. either team up with them, or eliminate each other. no base building within 1km of any military installation, custom military bases will be added in at a later date and any changes to the map will be in the change log on our website. we welcome all players. check the server out, admins are active, and no admin abusing will be taken place at anytime.
  13. Hotfix


    Welcome! We have finally released our own server. At the moment, we are about 10-12 players, with 16 hour/day active admins. We are here to help, always. ServerIP: Location: UK Mods: MAS Weapons, MAS Vehicles, Missions Other: Revive, Deploy Bike, Roaming AI, Vehicle ammo refill point (with persistent ammo) There is NO floating objects or invisible hilltops! View distance is set to 1400 meters. You start with 10k poptabs. Loottables and shops have been tuned alot. Website: Teamspeak: We have a teamspeak where you can come and speak with us at any time. Poke Storm or Hotfix. Ip: pw: backbone Todo: Cappoints (When server is more populated).