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Found 9 results

  1. rainbow1337

    [RU] [PvE]Crystal Life Exile

    This Exile server has its own modification, based on the standard version of Exile, RHS and many others. We have our own site - n / a. And also we have our teamspeak server - On our server there are zombies, missions, as well as at the moment the server is under development. There is a cheap donat - which is also in development. Here is our server, the server is not bad, the main thing is that people were, and it already depends on you;)
  2. Bonjour, comme vous avez pus le lire dans les titre je recherche un serveur Roleplay FR Exile Avec des Faction Ts ou discord (ts et mieux pour le TFR) sur la carte de Chernarus Redux voilà si vous en connaissais un faite moi signe ^^
  3. .:Lama:.

    ParadoxProject Dayz RP

    PARADOX PROJECT DAYZ RP COMMUNITY: Hi all! I am so excited to announce our very own arma 3 dayz RP server, we at paradoxproject want to bring the best possible "walking dead" vibed gameplay to the arma 3 community and have been in development for a month and abit now.. We are by far not the best server but are slightly different to others.. Take roleplay communities for instance, add that to Dayz.. Then take The walking dead Group and character development, and throw it into a game.. Thats what we aim to do! We currently run multiple mods such as, advanced towing, Extended base mod, CUP (All), TaskForceRadio (FOR RP), TAC Vests, and TRYK! We also have a custom revive script and AI missions for that little bit of KOS PVP. We base our server in the UK and on the map Chernarus Redux, we hope to see you join us soon! PS: We launching tonight 9PM UK Time // 29 March 2018. So come join us! PSS: We are a whitelisted community, so do apply on the website! Website - Discord - Teamspeak -
  4. Chris780

    NightZ RP - Exile Role Playing

    We are an old community starting up again after 2 years since we closed our previous server [Survival Warfare Roleplay]. Yes, we do not have a big player base at the moment but this is normal procedure for every new server, we are looking for a comitted player base that can help contribute to an apocalyptic roleplay community by creating unique characters and adapting to the storyline as we venture out to find the cure. The outbreak began 10 Years, 3 Months, and 12 Days ago. At least that's when it hit the News. At the time the speculation was that a reaction from the Chernoybl disaster was causing a severe skin irritation. Obviously 10 years later we learn that is clearly not the case. The outbreak is thought to began in Ukraine then spread quickly into Chernogorsk, Russia, followed by the Middle East and Europe. Within 24 hours of the first news coverage of the illness, all flights coming into North and South America were grounded. The United Kingdom quickly called upon its Allies in the United States to supply assistance via the CDC and USAMRIID. The United States responded and agreed to assist it's fellow allies. It is believed that upon the transfer of data and culture samples the virus became active in the contental United States. After the epidemic reached an uncountable death toll of at least one million, the United States, United Kingdom(Canada), Russia, and China bounded the Collation of Emergent Resources to respond to the deadly attack. Throughout the short research the USAMRIID found Russian Resources and geography more suitable to fight and cure the disease. US, Chinese and UK forces began to spread across the Asian land in search of a cure.
  5. DJO21

    [FR] CPA 10 | COOP | RP | PVE

    Serveur Exile RP Français ouvert ! Venez sur le TS pour plus d'explication.
  6. backalleymedicalcare

    Of flesh and bone

    Our server is set up to be a Role play server set in a zombie apocalypse. we have intend to have events where zeus will create missions with a story and players fight or work together to survive. we have a friendly admin staff and the clan is open for recruitment! come join in and secure your corner of the apocalypse!

    Community Ran Server

    We will be needing staff to help this project get up and rolling! Please read below for more info Hello and thank you all for taking your time to read this post. First i would like to start off by saying this is a "community ran exile server" this server will be established based on the survey you guys will take. A few friends and i had the idea of starting an exile server, we know that for the server to become popular it needs to be different from the hundreds of other servers. We do have the resources to start this community but before investing time/money we would like to hear your guys ideas. To make this the best server possible i will be posting a link below to a survey you can take to help us decide how we can make this server as popular as possible. The survery will also ask if you are planning on joining the server so that we can kinda get a "head count". Survey: The survey will ask: -What type of map you would like to see -What mods you would like to see -What scripts you would like to see -what the starting money should be -Should there be a respect system to buy certain vehicles/weapons -what the community name should be -any other info you would like to add -would you like to sign up for staff -would you join this server
  8. SaintZ

    Exile Reborn RP (HardCore & RP)

    Exile Reborn RP BY: Distorted Creations Gaming www.DCG.Enjin.Com Exile Reborn RP is a hardcore survival/roleplay server. More info can be found on our website. A long with rules, backstories and whitelist applications. There are public slots but the server will slowly move into a whitelist only server. Distorted Creations Website DoWG.TeamSpeak.WTF
  9. on-sack-off

    Exile Roleplay

    Moin Moin, Ich suche hier interessierte Exile Spieler die diese Mod in einer Roleplay Umgebung spielen möchten. Kurz zu mir, Mein Name ist Andy alias on-sack-off ich betreibe seit ca. 16 Jahren den Auf und Ausbau von Gamer Communitys (seit 10 Jahren mit dem Schwerpunkt Rp) Mein Aktuellstes Projekt ist die 1.deutsche Roleplay Community in DayZ Standalone (ca. 2270 Mitglieder). Das für DayZ entwickelte Rp System setze ich nun in Exile um da diese Mod sich perfekt für ein Apokalyptisches Szenario eignet. An Hand einer Realen Lore kannst du deinen Charakter erstellen, das Regelwerk ist extra für das Rp entwickelt worden was es dir Ermöglicht deinen Char auf lange Sicht zu Spielen und ihn weiterzuentwickeln. Durch das von uns angewandte Whitelist System können wir garantieren das nur gleichgesinnte auf dem Server Spielen, Leute die Rp betreiben möchten. Auch bietet das Forum die Möglichkeit via Pen and Paper deinen Charakter weiter auszubauen oder wenn du nicht Spielen kannst Aktiv am Server Leben teilzunehmen. außer Exile erwarten euch noch zahlreiche Mod ( einige sind Eigenkreationen) die euch die Technische Grundlage für euer Rp geben. Natürlich sind Roleplay Neulinge auch gerne gesehen, da wir die Möglichkeit haben euch mit Rp Paten die Thematik des Roleplay näher zubringen. Für genauer Infos und Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung, entweder PN oder über Steam Lg Andy