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Found 3 results

  1. TheFarFlash

    Territory not saved in DB

    Hi, I try to get a new 1.0.4 running on a root with a new DB with extDB3. Territories will not be safed in the DB and the RTP Log give me following error: Here the whole RTP The extDB Log After that I corrected in the exile.ini the number of SQL1_INPUTS @ the line 558 of [createTerritory] from 11 to 12 Here the old exile.ini The result is the same error in the RTP but the error in the extDB Log changes to this The whole LOG here: Could anyone help me out of this misery, pls. The Testserver with 1.0.3 I was working on, was always fine. :-( THX


    Hello, Everyone When making a post or providing someone with a log file of any type please use the following sites below. This will allow people to assist you better and reduce clutter within our forums. Also prevent a ton of scrolling, we want to be able to help you all as easily as possible and in a friendly timely fasion. Sites: 1) Hastebin - 2) Pastebin - Sincerely, ~ucjohn
  3. IbadassI

    RTP problem

    Above is my full RPT file and as you can see it is very messed up, I am a Noob at this stuff and have no idea why it is happening getting spammed saying stuff like this If you could look through the file and tell me what I am doing wrong and how to stop the spam, I have updated Infistar today in the hope of fixing battle eye as it would not work due to filters i could not fix . The update did get my battle eye fix and I have spent all day fixing the new filters. as I had tried to merge mine with infistars new ones i don't think i did it right and have been putting them in 1 by 1 all day. but that is not the problem my big issue is that admin are getting kicked for using some admin tools I have white listed us both, Rhs Mas are being deleted or so its say i think. Please help Thank you PS if you need more info or files