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Found 19 results

  1. White Tiger

    Imperfect Gaming Exile

    We are a new community (well I tried to do this in 2017 but I didn't have the funds). Anyway, I try to modify the server daily so there is new stuff to do. This server has TFAR, side missions, zombies, etc. We also have a "Vote to Affect" section on the website where the players can decide if they want to add/change something on the server. Feel free to make an account on: and the mod list is here:
  2. plz could someone help me i need help getting rid of the zombie spawn markers that have been preset with ryan zombies (they are also preset for altis but the map i have is namalsk) any help is greatly appreaciated ROCK
  3. Finner


    Gamezone PvE - Exile Chernarus Redux - Zombies - AI - Helicrashes - Extended Base and Survival - WIP (1.40) Ich freue mich unseren Exile Server zu präsentieren, wir haben verschiedene Mods und Scripts am laufen, testet es einfach aus! Id like to present this server to all players around the world. We got various mods and scripts activated. Join the server and test it out!

    Can you work this one out?

    Ran into an issue tonight whilst adding a few changes to my server Mods running = Ryan's Zombies and Demons & Mozzies Server mods running = Exile & infistar Addons = DMS & Occupation& ExAd i had tested ExAdand all was working fine then i added Grinding and Hacking and this is when i got this issue yet it show it is to do with Occupation Latest Server .rpt bellow The issue from the rpt: Latest client side .rpt bellow I have gone into the \@ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation and tried changing the config setting To both true or false and i get the same result Here is my \@ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf Any ideas? TIA Smoke
  5. stefan.kueneth

    *** [GER] Zuchthaus XXL ***

    [GER] Zuchthaus XXL |High Loot|ExileZ|Modded|Base Building|CUPS please join our server and have fun ! we proudly present our new linux dedicated arma 3 exile Server with ryan zombies + exile z. we use altis map + have high loot + short nights + extended base mod + enhanced movements + heli supply drop + extended exile items + little startcash in locker + cup weapons + cup vehicles + cup units. everything at version 1.91 (cups). all is buyable at the traders (if you have respect and money) or for looting in houses / buldings... we started this server in focus of Miscreated, but not so hard. please build your base soon, so you show us that you stay longer... planned in next days: ai patrol and missions. in future we want to make som events (zombie night + vehicle day,...) to join, use the arma3launcher from the arma3 folder on your pc. serach for this server: [GER] Zuchthaus XXL |High Loot|ExileZ|Modded|Base Building|CUPS Nice playing... SK Hallo, spielt ne Runde auf unserem Arma 3 Exile Server ! Wir praesentieren hiermit unseren neuen Linux Dedicated Game Server auf dem der Arma 3 Exile Mod laeuft. Auf dem Server laeuft die Altis Karte + High Loot + Short Nights + Extended Base Mod + Enhanced Movements + Heli Supply Drop + Extended Exile Items + kleines Startgeld im Schliessfach am Flughafen + CUP Weapons + CUP Vehicles + CUP Units. CUP laeuft auf Version 1.91. Ihr koennt alles beim Trader kaufen (Respekt Punkte und Geld vorausgesetzt) oder looten... Beginnt aber bald mit dem Bau einer Basis, das zeigt uns, daß Ihr länger bleiben wollt. Die Basis oder Gegenstaende bleibt bis zu 31 Tage erhalten, falls Ihr unregelmaessig spielt. Der Anreiz war das Spiel Miscreated, das war uns jedoch auf die Dauer zu heftig. In Zukunft sind noch Events (Zombie Nights / Vehicle Day,...) und AI Patrol und Mission geplant. Ihr findet den Server mit der arma3launcher.exe aus dem Arma3 Verzeichnis (steam/common/...). Servername: [GER] Zuchthaus XXL |High Loot|ExileZ|Modded|Base Building|CUPS Viel Spaß beim Zocken.... SK
  6. Stoll

    RZ Missions?

    Damn it, I had found a post about 3 Ryan zombie missions and searching for an hour already...but I cannot find that post anymore. Has anyone the link or another one for some additional missions?
  7. pangea

    TheFuBar Exile Mod Tanoa

    About us todo About our server high performance server (i7 4770, 32GB RAM, SSD, gigabit connection) Location: Duesseldorf Germany (10-50 ping in europe, ~100 ping for north american players) Required Mods • Exile mod • RHS AFRF • RHS USAF • RHS GREF • Extended Base Mod • Ryan Zombies & Demons Scripts • missions • roaming AI • advance towing and rappelling • safezones custom tradercities • alot of tweeks and little scripts (chop wood directly in trucks) • InfiSTAR antihack
  8. JDubb18T

    82nd Airborne Chernarus Exile

    82nd Airborne 2-508th PIR | Chernarus Exile PVP/PVE 82nd Arma 3 Realism unit's Exile server, featuring Extended Base Mod, Zombies & Demons, ZCP, DMS, and Occupation. Always something to do, always new friends to meet. Strong player base, Hop on TS and say hi! Mods - Zombies - Deamons : Extended Base Mod : Exile - Cup Core - Cup Maps -
  9. Forsvinna

    IGG-EXILE-Chernarus High FPS

    Come checkout our completely Custom Chernarus Map With New custom traders and MAS Weapons + vehicles
  10. Nick Stewart

    Looking for a place to start fresh? I recommend starting at moosemilker! Highly active server owner works diligently to ensure best experience for players. Extra high loot tables makes it possible to gear up, buy a vehicle, and start base building quickly. Extra spawn point over central trader makes recovery from deaths quick and reasonable. AI missions will get your heart pounding and add a boost of risk to any mission. Creepy Ryan Zombies will keep you on your toes! This server is a lot of fun!
  11. dan3ko

    [ES] Los Osos Clan

    Servidor Español de Exile, con zombies y mucha IA. Se pueden remolcar coches, bajar de los helis haciendo rappel y muchas cosas mas, entra y sobrevive!!! MODS necesarios: Exile CBA_A3 CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod Ryanzombies RZ Infection
  12. Jackson[TSG]


    TSG Exile is a new PVE/PVP Sever with Active admins and friendly community of what we have so far
  13. ALEEDI

    YoBrasil Exilez Altis

    Is a Exile Server based in altis Island, with a lot of any kind of weapons, vehicles and planes. It have zombies and when they atack you turn infected and you need antiviral or you will die. You are protected in all safe zones, where you can buy all stuff you need to survive.
  14. | Sneaky.amxx | PVP.World |

    Ryan Zombies + Exile-Z (invisible zombie glitch)

    So i just got my server up and running with exile + ryan zombies + exile-z ... The zombies spawn fine, but it seems there's 1 type of zombie which once youre like maybe 10-20m away it either just goes invisible or is glitching into the ground, and it just appears again when you run back to where you saw it go invisible.. once you get like a meeter or 2 away, it appears and just wrecks your face lol.. any idea what is causing this or how to fix it?
  15. littlebear87

    Anarchy Gaming [GER]

    Moin moin bei Anarchy Gaming Wir suchen aktive Mitspieler/Community für unseren Server. Die Spaß haben auf PVP/PVE die sich eine Existenz auf bauen möchten Alleine oder in der Gruppe langfristig. Was wir euch Bieten 1: den Server AG\15kstart\AI+Missions\Zombies\HighFPS + Loot 100 Slots IP: 2: Einen 200 Slots Teamspeak Server 3: Ein Aktives Forum Instalierte Mods ° Ryan Zombies ° Mas Weapons ° Mas Vehicles ° Extended Base Mod ° CBA ° 3CB BAf Vehicles ° und EXILE Ich hoffe man sieht sich mal am Airfield MFG LB87 & HazeProduktion
  16. Hey guys. I recently purchase a server host and I am trying to get and exile, zombies server going but when i try to run the server it gives me an error stating "Ryanzombies.pbo are not signed by a key accepted by the server". Can someone help me out on how to fix this? I have tried running only exile mod on the server and it works well but no missions are going. How would I get missions into my server? Thanks for the help. I am fairly new to this type of thing.
  17. I have a server hosted with ViLayer. Besides the obviously required Exile mod, was also run Ryan Zombies. We have several addons too for missions: DMS, VEMFr, ExileZ 2.0 and also R3F Tow script, but no other mods per-say. We have noticed several players who are able to join the server successfully (because they have Exile installed properly), but they do not see or hear any of the zombies and as a result they are killed by an unseen foe. We have tried to let these players know that Ryan Zombies is required, but some of them still struggle with getting it properly installed and activated with launch parameters. You know...the usual advanced stuff that not all players know how to do. While looking to see how this could be fixed to make it easier for players to join our server, I noticed some differences between our server listing within A3 Launcher and other servers that also ran Ryan Zombies. The server listings are displayed in the following format: Server Name First | Other info such as map name or PvP / PvE server type, etc, etc. IP address for server | Exile | **other required mods including Ryan Zombies listed for other servers It is in this section of the server info (marked with ** above) that it is different about our server from others I see in the server list in A3 Launcher. Having used A3 Launcher to join and play on other servers I know that it can detect if you have any required mods installed and will activate them for you when you click on the big triangle icon to play on a server. If you do not have a required mod, A3 launcher will ask if you wish to install any missing mods in order to play on the server you attempted to join. Our server displays as such: NATO SuperMax Outbreak NX305 | PVE | @Exile | @RyanZombies | Exile Does anyone have any knowledge on how to set any additional mods beyond Exile to be considered a required mod so A3 Launcher will activate them or force the player to install them in order to join?
  18. Hey folks, Just a quick question, I use the Ryan zombie mod, and I made a zombie mission in the editor, now I am trying to install it, but not sure how to correctly. Not a lot of info on it. Which means it's crazy easy, or it's not compatible with exile, or am just really tired from looking at code for 5 days straight? >.< Thanks!
  19. Need a little understanding, been trying a few things that just don't work. There was an update for ryanzombies and I had most exceptions working on my server, but this update create deletevehicles kicks for this list List is in the spoiler ;-) The deletevehicle.log kick 15.10.2015 05:03:07: Soloknight ( 3xxxxxxxxxxxcf8c2e4465deb26 - #0 2:3834 RyanZombieB_Soldier_03_fslow So I was thinking !=2:3834 RyanZombieB_Soldier_03_fslow but the #'s at the front always change any help would be great understand how to fix this