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Found 10 results

  1. JakeHekesFists

    Disable UAV in SafeZone (Script)

    ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone.sqf This script was made to stop people from being cheap and using the UAV in a god mode area. copy the contents of the pastebin link below to your mission pbo, add overwrite to CfgExileCustomCode. eg. for example if you place the script in an exileOverwrites folder, do as below. class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone = "exileOverwrites\ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone.sqf"; // disable UAV/Bicycles in Safezone }; pastebin link below /** * ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone * * Exile Mod * * © 2015 Exile Mod Team * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. * To view a copy of this license, visit */ /***** JakeHekesFists Edit: 2017 *****/ private _vehicle = vehicle player; // use these settings to toggle features on and off private _disableUAV = true; // disables player from connecting UAV to terminal in safe zone private _disableBikes = false; // ejects players from bicycles in safe zone to prevent crazy bicycle ramming - players can still pack bike if using enigma script. if (!ExilePlayerInSafezone) exitWith {false}; if (_disableUAV) then { if (alive (getConnectedUAV player)) then { player connectTerminalToUAV objNull; ["ErrorTitleAndText", ["Warning!", "Do not operate the UAV from inside the Safe Zone"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; }; if (_vehicle isEqualTo player) then { if !(isNull ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle) then { ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle removeEventHandler ["Fired", ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler]; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle = objNull; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler = nil; }; } else { if (local _vehicle) then { _vehicle allowDamage false; }; if (_disableBikes) then { if (_vehicle isKindOf "Bicycle") then { player setVelocity [0, 0, 0]; player action [ "eject", _vehicle ]; ["ErrorTitleAndText", ["OFF YA BIKE M8", "Bicycles are not allowed in the SafeZone"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; }; if !(_vehicle isEqualTo ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle) then { if !(isNull ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle) then { ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle removeEventHandler ["Fired", ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler]; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle = objNull; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler = nil; }; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle = _vehicle; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler = _vehicle addEventHandler ["Fired", {_this call ExileClient_object_player_event_onFiredSafeZoneVehicle}]; }; }; true Script works in a very simple way, it just checks if a player is connected to a UAV in the traders, and if they are. it disconnects them. There is also a feature in this script to automatically eject players from bicycles in the safezone, I have disabled it by default. I had some major issues with people griefing with the crazy collision physics of the bicycle in the traders. Can save your admins a lot of headaches if you turn it on. Edit line 15 and 16 to toggle the features on/off. Feel free to use and edit the code however you see fit.
  2. [x] iDanich

    ACiDy Portable Trade zones

    ACD_PT - ACiDy Portable Trade zones Features: Place as many trading zones as you want and wherever you wantTurn ON and OFF safe zone triggerTurn ON and OFF any specified traderChangelog: Version 0.2 Added _ID to assign unique number of szUsage: [ _isSafe, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF safe zone trigger _pos, // [array: getPosATL _obj] - Building position _general_direction, // [number: getDir _obj] - Direction of building _Armory, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Armory trader and props _Equipment, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Equipment trader and props _Food, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Food trader and props _Hardware, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Hardware trader and props _Office, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Office trader and props _SpecialOperations, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Special Operations trader and props _Vehicle, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Vehicle trader and props _WasteDump, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Waste Dump trader and props _ID, // [number: unique] - Designated number of safe zone ] call acd_fnc_createTradingOffice;Example: [true,[15137.3,16695.4,0.00143814],300,true,true,true,true,true,true,true,true,347] call acd_fnc_createTradingOffice; GitHub: DOWNLOAD:
  3. Z80CPU

    No More Safe Zone Killings

    NoKillScript – Prevents any ‘Safe Zone’ killings and damage to player’s vehicles. Version: 1.16 Tested On: ARMA 3 (should work on ARMA 2, though untested) Tested Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer (Dedicated Server) Tested Environments: Standard ARMA SP/MP, Epoch, Exile Script Executor: Client Script Host: Server or Client Format: script, SQS Description: NoKillZone (NKZ), is a script that helps put an end to the notorious ‘safe zone’ killings that plagued MP environments such as Epoch and Exile. Simply place a marker on your map, and then put the marker name in the scripts parameters, and that’s it! It is a simple script to use. Nothing fancy here. Once it starts, it just loops over and over checking to see if player has entered or left the mark area. Matters not if they teleport into the area, fly over it, or respawn in to it – the script will detect all players in the zone regardless how they arrived or left. 100% client side and consumes almost no resources from the client. Runs till client exits the server. No triggers are used. This script is for players only, it does not detect/react to any AI units. Uses: To mark a ‘safe area’ where players can be safe and not have to worry about being killed by anyone. It is possible, if desired for example, to have player protected at 100m and then at 50m, their vehicle protected. This is done by using 2 scripts. One with the DISTANCE parameter set to ‘100’ and the other set to ‘50’. Usage: [MARKER,DISTANCE,TEXT-IN,TEXT-OUT,PROTECTION] exec "NoKillZone.Sqs"; MARKER = Map marker name - In quotes DISTANCE = Radius of protection in meters TEXT-IN * = Text to be shown via Hint when entering the zone - In quotes TEXT-OUT * = Text to be shown via Hint when leaving the zone - In quotes PROTECTION * = Allows you to choose protection for player or player and their vehicle. * = Optional parameter Example: ["CentralSZ",500,"You Have Entered The Central Safe Zone","You Have Left The Central Safe Zone",1] exec "NoKillZone.Sqs" Full documentation can be found in the top lines of the script. Just open it in a text program such as NotePad++ to view. For servers, call script from 'INIT.SQF' and/or 'OnPlayerRespawn.Sqf'. For SP, you can also call it from the INIT.Sqf or you can activate it via the debug console or other means such as a radio trigger. Once launched, you will get a 'confirmation' message showing script is active, what zone, and if vehicle protection is active. Other Notes: While not ‘optimized’ and the ‘cleanest’ looking script, it does work and work well. If you wish to spend one to two hours ‘optimizing’ it to save a few milliseconds, be my guest! Known Issues: Script can be run many times for the same location. There is no way to exit the script without the player quitting the game. Not all parameter errors are detected, though some are (The above issues are set to be addressed in the future) Video Example: Download Link: Secondary DL Link: File Size: 2k Zipped, 6k Unzipped It's simple and stupid, but it works! Enjoy!
  4. NFGCaboose-1

    Satchel explosives detonate in safe zones

    @Eichi @maca134 So evidently after the last Arma update players can place satchels or explosive charges down on the ground from their inventory in safe zones and touch them off blowing up vehicles and blasting players out of the safe zone. Something related to the IDAP DLC. Don’t know if you would call it a bug or Arma just making things more Arma. Is there a way to disable this function in the safe zones while still having the ability to use explosives in the game. Figure something in the enter and leave safe zone sqf’s as overwrites. Has anybody else seen this yet?
  5. [=PUG=]webbie

    Disable Safe Zone

    Hi all is anyone aware of a method for disabling god mode at traders? From what I can tell the zones are set using the exile markers. If I remove the markers and just place down the a generic ellipse and use the trader icon, do you think this would work? Thx in adavnce.
  6. So I'm running Chernarus, and I got these cooridnates from m3editor, I'm trying to put the safezone icon markers on my custom traders, but here's one that I put in stary, my traders are actually working it's just the markers won't show up, also can anyone tell me how to actually put the safezone in the trader? Also just tried these cooridnates from the normal eden editor, still nothing. 6334.7,7792.69,3.05176e-005 I've also tried X Z Y still nothing.
  7. ReapeX-DE

    [DE|GER]|PvP| Exile Tanoa 1.0.0

    [DE|GER]|PvP| Exile Tanoa 1.0.0 Custom Map|Roaming AI|Zombies [DE|GER]|PvP| Exile Tanoa 1.0.0 Custom Map|Roaming AI|Zombies IP: TS IP: - Zombies and Demons Mod - DMS Mod mit eigenen anpassungen -Roaming AI (Fußsoldaten, Fahrzeuge und Heli's) -Fahrzeuge können sicher in der Safezone abgestellt werden und bleiben nach Restart abgeschlossen (nicht als Basealternative ansehen. Fahrzeuge mit übermaßig viel loot sind nicht gestattet. -Selfmade Militäranlage inkl. Brücke zur Atomzone -zwei zusätzliche Respektstufen -Diverse Anpassungen der Preise beim Trader -zusätzliche Fahrzeuge ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unser Reisebüro von Team [FEAR] bietet neuerdings ein einmaliges und einzigartiges Angebot für jeden Interessenten an! Es erwartet Sie ein traumhafter Urlaub an einem der schönsten Orte dieses Planeten mit super Wetter und einer aufgeschlossenen Bevölkerung. Zugegeben einige sind etwas Scheu und andere wiederrum sehr Kontaktfreudig aber das sollte Sie nicht stören. Auch der übermäßige Gebrauch von Handwaffen aller Art sind fester Bestandteil der hiesigen Gessellschaft. Es gibt viele Städte und Orte zu erkunden und stets klasse Events auf der ganzen Insel für groß und klein. Ein Spaß für die ganze Familie! Während Ihres Aufenthalts steht Ihnen unser Team stets mit Rat und Tat zur Verfügung. Wir informieren Sie über Events, Wetter und vieles mehr. Rufen Sie uns einfach an! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Hey guys i hope you will help me :'( My safe zone doesn't work i can kill my friend in it I search about one week to find the reason but nop I found nothing please help me. There is my mission.sqm: And there is my InitPlayerLocal.sqf: please help me im lost :'(
  9. Towing vehicles into safe zones using R3F causes the towed vehicle to be launched Disabling the code that causes bombs to drop off fixes this issue. modify your config.cpp file in your mission pbo and add the ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone.sqf file. config.cpp class CfgExileCustomCode { /* You can overwrite every single file of our code without touching it. To do that, add the function name you want to overwrite plus the path to your custom file here. If you wonder how this works, have a look at our bootstrap/fn_preInit.sqf function. Simply add the following scheme here: <Function Name of Exile> = "<New File Name>"; Example: ExileClient_util_fusRoDah = "myaddon\myfunction.sqf"; */ // Disable Bomb dropping on safe zone ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone = "ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone.sqf"; };ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone.sqf /** * Exile Mod * * © 2015 Exile Mod Team * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. * To view a copy of this license, visit */ private["_vehicle","_attachedObjects","_position"]; if (ExilePlayerInSafezone) exitWith { false }; ExilePlayerInSafezone = true; if (alive player) then { player allowDamage false; player removeAllEventHandlers "HandleDamage"; }; _vehicle = vehicle player; if !(_vehicle isEqualTo player) then { if (local _vehicle) then { _vehicle allowDamage false; }; /* DISABLED TO FIX DROPPING ISSUE _attachedObjects = attachedObjects _vehicle; if !(_attachedObjects isEqualTo []) then { _position = getPosATL _vehicle; { detach _x; _x setPosATL [(_position select 0) + random 2, (_position select 1) + random 2, 0.05]; _x setDir (random 260); } forEach _attachedObjects; };*/ ExileClientSafeZoneVehicle = _vehicle; ExileClientSafeZoneVehicleFiredEventHandler = _vehicle addEventHandler ["Fired", {_this call ExileClient_object_player_event_onFiredSafeZoneVehicle}]; }; ExileClientSafeZoneESPEventHandler = addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", {20 call ExileClient_gui_safezone_safeESP}]; ["SafezoneEnter"] call ExileClient_gui_notification_event_addNotification; ExileClientSafeZoneUpdateThreadHandle = [1, ExileClient_object_player_thread_safeZone, [], true] call ExileClient_system_thread_addtask; true
  10. Bobroglaz

    Vehicle Unlock

    Looking for the script that was posted on the old forums that would unlock any vehicle left in the safe zone after restart. I know there is one out there that removes amno, and looks like a really good script, but I would just like the one that unlocks after restart. Thanks in advance.