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Found 104 results

  1. This is a script to simulate fishing. They need a burlap sack and have to sit in a boat. Basic fishing script for exile by JackFrost modify by Serveratze --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 1 Copy the Folder custom to you Exile.YourMap Folder --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 2 Copy the Folder overrides to you Exile.YourMap Folder in the Config.cpp in the ection CfgExileCustomCode you Add: ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp = "overrides\ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp.sqf"; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copy the Folder overrides to you Exile.YourMap Folder or the contents of the overrides to your existsting overides folder, if you have one. Or put the override wherever you put your overrides in your Exile.YourMap Folder. Don´t forget to change the path in "overrides\ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp.sqf" to "wherever you put your overrides\ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp.sqf", if you don´t use the overrides folder... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use shift key right for Fishing! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have Fun with this Modification GitHub-Code: pic1: pic2: pic3: pic4: pic5: pic:6 pic:7 pic:8 pic:9 pic:10 pic: 11 edit: small change new: added random chance to lose you net new: [29.9.2017] updated for more realistic
  2. Admiral EliteSuicide

    [SOLVED] Server Info Menu as XM8 App

    Hello Guys, Im looking for a way to get this Server Info Menu in the XM8 as App. At the moment it only opens with the Mouse Wheel Im using this Server Info Menu: I hope someone can help me
  3. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Thought I should give back to this community so here goes, please be gentle with criticism but I will attempt to keep updating, especially with your help. I wanted and easier way to deal with mods and items in the traders, all happened when we decided to change our server from CUP and MAS to RHS/MAS/HLC and the mission config became a nightmare. I had come across this technique before in A2 using the flat-file system and something almost identical in A3 Epoch so thought it was possible. The basic idea is to have separate trader files for each mod you use, each mod has classes unique to it, and each class has that mods items, this allows you to turn off classes quickly. I have included: CUP vehicles, CUP weapons, HLC, RHS vehicles (US and RUS 0.4.1), MAS vehicles, MAS weapons, RHS weapons (US and RUS 0.4.1), TRYK, PODS, Arma 3 base vehicles, HVP v2.1, R3F Weapons, Extended Building Mod, Apex, Fox Vehicles, HAP, Jonzie, RHSGREF and NIArms - as I said we did a whole mod change on the server so I had most of the trader files already, but as always there are things I will have missed although everything seems to be working without issue on my current server (except we aren't using clothes outside of the Exile mod and no longer use CUP/TRYK + I don't use loads of the other mods any more). To keep the theme running I also made and Exile file-set so you can call those too and it keeps it all in the same structure (plus made the recent update really easy to update my files). This trader system is offered free without any guarantee or promise and users should back up their files before proceeding. All the folders and files are included in the download, I have also included full instructions and mod class list and trader list and have updated to recent update prices and structure but have mainly updated prices of mods we currently use (as I don't know when TRYK etc. will fix issues with clothes). Download the scripts from GiTHub - *** Update v7.2 *** Added : TankDLC Thanks to @ItsDutch for the files *** Update v7.1 *** Added : HAFM Added : MASWW2 Added : NLD Added : POOK Thanks to @ItsDutch and his contributors *** Update v7.0*** Updated for Exile Pineapple *************************************************** ****** Thanks to all the following for help *************** ****** XxFri3ndlyxX, [RG] Salutesh, SE7EN *************** ****** Tobias Solem, pomp4h, Bob_the_K ************** ****** Razor77, jmayr2000, C][G GhostTown™ *********** ****** ElShotte, Killerpoodezz *********************** *************************************************** Installation is in the text files but basically you unzip, copy the TRADERS folder into your mission PBO, then delete whatever you don't use. In your mission folder you remove all the pricing, replacing with file calls, and then remove item classes, again replacing with file calls (again its in the zip with more detailed instructions) and finally copy in the traders over the top of what's in the file (or replace with external file call) removing any unused classes or mods. There are 2 files in each folder one contains prices, the other makes items into classes (a full list of the classes I used is in the zip), this method seems pretty good at helping to change over mods on your server or controlling what parts of each mods are in the server traders (we only have guns and vehicles from any of the mods till all of them are fixed so we just leave out the clothing classes). I have tried to balance the prices but I am sure you can change it to suit (you can copy items straight out of your config file as long as the formatting remains the same) and also I have tried to add all the items from each of the mods I have included but some are harder to track down every possible item. I don't claim to have invented this script as there are many out there like it (probably), but I have compiled everything I have found or information/knowledge I have got from making games servers for 16 years so please don't shout "you ripped me off" as I am sure to have done just that in some way as we all have when we "borrowed" other servers trader prices etc but as ever I will take down anything which people say is 100% theirs (but I am pretty sure I haven't done that). I hope this just makes it easier with trader lists. cheers ****** You may not use my script on a server which takes real money for items in game ******
  4. Hi Folks, I'm trying to modify the _ambient Overfly script to use "GOM Carpet Bombing" script/function to attack an player randomly. GOMs Carpet bombing on Armaholic As GOM said I can call the function on the Server with following line over infistar (F3): _bomb = ["",[0.5,0.5],270,20,100] spawn GOM_fnc_carpetbombing; //first parameter gives the bomb type, empty string will make the script use a random bomb, mod bombs will also be used //second parameter holds the position that should be bombed //third parameter holds the direction //fourth parameter defines the amount of bombs to be dropped //fifth parameter defines the average distance for the bombs to spread the given one in theScript: _bomb = ["",screenToWorld [0.5,0.5],270,20,100] spawn GOM_fnc_carpetbombing; doesnt work for me. Now I'm trying to call this in the ExileServer_system_event_ambientFlyOver_start.sqf at the following position with this altered line (_bomb is a private variable): ... //_waypoint setWaypointStatements ["true", "'Ambient Fly Over - Reached player...' call ExileServer_util_log;"]; _waypoint setWaypointStatements ["true", '_bomb = ["",[(_targetPosition select 0),(_targetPosition select 1)],270,48,250] spawn GOM_fnc_carpetbombing;']; ... I tried a lot of kombinations of () {} [] '' "" ... but I'm not able to get a call that is functioning. The script throws errors os doesnt start when called. when it starts and calls the function I got an error: It would be nice, if anyone can help me get this thing running. TheFarFlash PS: spent two days for this little line, trying to get it running :-(
  5. Jacobob

    Looking for a PVE script

    Hi all im new to developing so not capable of making a script/addon however i dont suppose anyone has a PVE script that works? by this i mean if I was to shoot a player and it hit him i would die myself? Ive seen this on an exile server so i know its possible... Anyone got ideas ? cheers Jacobob
  6. HexicGaming

    Crash Loot

    This is a simple script that will allow you to recover the gear that is in a destroyed vehicle. This is my first post like this on here, and i'm hoping this brings joy to server owners. credit to @MGTDB for the hints on getting this to work ExileClient_object_container_pack ExileServer_object_container_packContainer CfgExileCustomCode mission config.cpp add this at the end of class Car, class Air, and class Boat (optional)
  7. Kellojo

    ETG Login Reward Script

    ETG Login Reward Script by Kellojo Description: This script will add login rewards to your Exile server. It rewards the player with items added to his inventory. The script has a built in progress system with ten different tiers of rewards. Features: - easy to set up (plug and play) - 10 configurable reward tiers - performance friendly (runs only on client) Installation/Usage: 1. Add this to the init.sqf if (hasInterface) then {_nul = execVM "ETG_LoginrewardScript.sqf";}; 1. Or add this to your initPlayerLocal.sqf _nul = execVM "ETG_LoginrewardScript.sqf Notes: If you have any ideas and/or problems feel free to add me on steam (Kellojo). License/Disclaimer: You can use this script on your servers and missions and are allowed to modify it however you want. Its not necessary to give credit to me but it would be appreciated. Download: You can download the leatest version from Armaholic: Download
  8. Frontliner

    Color Corrections

    Color Corrections Original created by: Ice9 Vanilla Mediterranean: Mediterranean with color correction: Create a init.sqf, Put the following code inside, [] execVM "effect.sqf";Create a effect.sqf, Put the following code inside for: Mediterranean corrections. "ColorCorrections" ppEffectEnable true; "ColorCorrections" ppEffectAdjust [0.88, 0.88, 0, [0.2, 0.29, 0.4, -0.22], [1, 1, 1, 1.3], [0.15, 0.09, 0.09, 0.0]]; "ColorCorrections" ppEffectCommit 0;Or if your hosting a Desert like world, Try the Afghan color corrections: "ColorCorrections" ppEffectEnable true; "ColorCorrections" ppEffectAdjust [0.9, 0.9, 0, [0, 0.1, 0.25, -0.14], [1, 1, 1, 1.26], [0.15, 0.09, 0.09, 0.0]]; "ColorCorrections" ppEffectCommit 0;Vanilla Afghan: Afghan with color correction:
  9. Всех поздравляю с прошедшим новым годом и рождеством. Накидал тут скрипт. Вроде работает. Подключаю его через init []execVM box.sqf. просто прошу профи глянуть все ли правильно. И ещё как тут же сделать ещё коробку? Или нужно дублировать скрипт? И ещё, у меня пока нет инфистара, но когда он будет игрока не будет кикать за взаимодействие с этой коробкой? Спасибо за ответы.
  10. The new Exile update is on the horizon, and despite all of the amazing features it's gonna bring, it's also gonna bring headaches for server owners who have to update their server(s) and the dozens of customizations that they made. One of the daunting tasks is updating BattlEye filters. Granted, Exile does come with filters by default that would work fine, if it weren't for the fact that most servers run custom scripts/addons that trigger the BE filters, so almost every time you add something you end up with a BattlEye kick (only one if you're lucky). I've gone through the experience many times, and let's face it: it's tedious. When you get a script restriction, you have to copy the code, replace all of the newlines with "\n"s, find the right line, and update your "scripts.txt". There are certain online tools that will automatically replace newlines for you, but wouldn't it be nice if the script exception was generated and added completely automatically as soon as it happens? Well, I think so, so I mish-mashed some code together and created the "BattlEye Automatic Exception Generator". It will automatically scan your scripts.log for script restrictions, replace newlines in the code (if they exist), and add the exception to your "scripts.txt" on the correct line. It will also prevent duplicate exceptions from being added (to the same line). ***!!!READ THE README BEFORE ASKING ANY QUESTIONS!!!*** Seriously guys (and gals). If I see any question in here that is answered by the readme, I will simply ignore it, and it may even be deleted. If you have any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions, please leave them below. I made this for "fun" in my free time, and it is not perfect by any means, so any help/suggestions are appreciated. DOWNLOAD: PS: I know people have made stuff like this before, but none of the tools were publicly available, and least of all, open source.
  11. MrWardy

    Fancy Welcome Dialog

    Hi guys, a little script me and @1Vincent Van Goat fiddled around with and made it the welcome dialog on our server. So i thought id share it with you! I this prompts the player on startup this fancy looking welcome screen! Make a new file and call it "welcome.sqf" and edit it to your desire! Just call it in your init.sqf! [] execVM "Custom\Welcome.sqf"; If you get this error: (Thanks @Sica) variable _display does not support serialization Too fix this error, add disableSerialization; above variable _display disableSerialization; _display = findDisplay 999999; _text1 = _display displayCtrl 1100; _buttonSpoiler = _display displayctrl 2400; _textSpoiler = _display displayctrl 1101; _text2 = _display displayCtrl 1102;
  12. Hello Here is a ready to Run Version of IgiLoad with all Exile Vehicles Including Taru Pods! In the Configfile are Comments to configure it like your wishes. Important : Please read all files including the init.sqf Use [] execVM "IgiLoad\IgiLoadInit.sqf" New features: Now with Taru Pod Mod (Lift , attach , drop) additional script is NOT needed!!ALL Notifications in Exile StyleSounds for Attach,Dettach,Drop the PodYou can Only Load UNLOCKED VehiclesYou can Only Load On UNLOCKED VehiclesLock and Unlock TaruPod over Custom User Key 1For this Version a big thx to @Backslash for the Help with the Lock function Next version will be with a Claim function for the Pods an a other Locking method Known Issues: Taru Pods are not in the middle of the Truck attached diddnt find a soluton yet, maybe in a later version.You can Refuel and Repair with the Pod loaded or attached. HERE ONLY ENGLISH!!! German support at:
  13. Dodo

    Vehicle Rearm

    Hello, I have the rearm script of Axe Cop adapted to Exile. Before me, Halvhjearne has adapted it to Arma 3 Epoch. How to install the script: 1. Copy the custom folder in your mission folder. (Exile.Altis) 2a. Modify your init.sqf and add the following: [] execVM "custom\money\takegive_poptab_init.sqf"; if(hasInterface) then{ [] execVM "custom\service\service_point.sqf"; }; 2b. If you do not have a init.sqf, use my and paste them in your mission folder. (Exile.Altis)3. Now you can change the prices (Or whatever you want) in the service_point.sqf. (custom -> service) 4. It is better to remove the ammunition before buying and spawning vehicles. How To 5. Now just change the BattlEye filter and finished. How To I have tested the script on my server. (v0.9.35)Download Link
  14. Captainjack

    ADD Watermark LOGO to Screen

    Sorry it's late guys I had this on FTP Drive and had to find the file address again sad part is I cant find the BE filters we had from old forum. I wanted to share this because like the makers of the mod I believe in open source and support it, I don't ask or support credit request on code that should be free for all also I forgot who the main maker was as it's been used all way back from A2 and remade so much over time. This is a small mod that runs server side it's downloaded by clients when they load your exilemod server. Few things you will need to know is how to make images and then save them by using textview2 in .paa format the size of the image needs to be under 128x128 Arma BIS software supports png images Don't use normal images gif and png seem to work best for clear background text. You can get the tools needed here: I highly recommend using Notepad ++ to edit below files 1. If reading this you downloaded the mod follow steps below.. 2. Decompile Exile.Altis.pbo in MPMissions or other mission .pbo you may have 3. Add logo.hpp and logo.sqf in Exile.Altis folder with your serverlogo.paa file 4. Add code as seen below in bottom of description.ext Should like this: #include "config.cpp" #include "logo.hpp"5. Add code as seen below just under #include "initServer.sqf" Should like this: (The include part works just fine no need to call it any other way unless you have ocd and need execVM call) #include "initServer.sqf" #include "logo.sqf"6. Make your image 128x128 place it in same folder as logo.hpp and logo.sqf by default code loads image name serverlogo.paa I use png myself but you can use all formats supported with textview. To move logo position edit below in logo.sqf by default it's on bottom left of screen. safeZoneX+0.00, safeZoneY+safeZoneH-0.12, MAIN DOWNLOAD FILES: I miss placed the .paa link for test logo sorry you will have to make own logo image to test it code is looking for serverlogo.paa as logo image More info on safeZone screen position at: Battleye Filters are missing due to forum change you will have to filter it as it loads sorry I know of few for scripts.txt !="bis_fnc_dynamicText;" !="logo.sqf"
  15. stefan.kueneth

    Persistent Vehicle Spawn

    Hello everybody, why this persistent script does not save vehicle in the database. The vehicle spawn, but are not saved. Has anybody a idea ? /* Remove the comments on the MARMA logs if you want to log the spawns to MARMA. The _uid variable MUST be changed to a valid UID that already exists in the account table. How it works - On server init, the script will count AllMissionObjects (X) on a per vehicle basis listed in the array below. If there is less than the defined amount the server will spawn a persistent vehicle with a random pin number UNLOCKED at the defined or random road position. This script can be used to replace the standard EXILE world vehicle spawns, so that the vehicles that are spawned are persistent. Players will not know the pin number, but its still a "benefit" to them as the vehicle they find is persistent. And hey, they might just guess the number.. This script accounts for ALL vehicles, purchased or other wise. So if players have bought vehicles, and those vehicles exceed the maximum defined number in tbe below array, the server wont spawn anymore. Configure the _vehicleArray below Adjust the safePos parameters line 132 - 138 */ //waitUntil{({isPlayer _x} count playableUnits) >= 1}; // wait until server has one or more player uiSleep 120; diag_log ["ExileServer - Spawning persistent vehicle spawns"]; //["ExileServer - Spawning world persistent vehicles"] call MAR_fnc_log; private ["_count","_uid","_debugForSP","_vehicle","_vehicleArray","_count","_vehicleClass","_position","_positionCount","_pinCode","_vehicleObject","_nearVehicles","_nearVechicleCount","_marker","_cancelSpawn","_isRandomRoadPos","_road","_scriptComplete"]; _scriptComplete = false; _debugForSP = true; // If true , when the script is run in the editor it will create markers on the vehicle spawns. _uid = "534576434534567457756"; // Needs to be a valid UID that exists in the account table (best to use a server owners uid) /* How the vehicle array works - Select 0 - Vehicle class name Select 1 - Number - amount limit, will only maintain this many vehicles on the server Select 2 - Array of positions EG [[0,0,0].[0,0,0]] - Will randomly select one of the positions per vehicle, if the position is occupied it will try for the other positions Select 3 - Boolean - If true, will spawn the vehicle on a random road, if false, will look to the positions above. */ _vehicleArray = [ // Quads ["Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Black",3,[],true], ["Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Csat",3,[],true], // Vans ["Exile_Car_Van_Box_Black",2,[],true], // Offroads ["Exile_Car_Offroad_White",2,[],true], ["Exile_Car_Offroad_Rusty1",2,[],true], ["Exile_Car_Offroad_Armed_Guerilla01",1,[],true], // Hatchbacks ["Exile_Car_MB4WDOpen",2,[],true], ["Exile_Car_MB4WD",2,[],true], // Hatchback sports ["Exile_Car_Hatchback_Sport_Red",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_ProwlerLight",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_ProwlerUnarmed",1,[],true], // SUV ["Exile_Car_QilinUnarmed",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_SUV_Black",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_SUV_Grey",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_SUV_Orange",1,[],true], // Volha ["Exile_Car_Volha_Blue",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_Volha_White",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_Volha_Black",1,[],true], // Bus ["Exile_Car_Ikarus_Blue",1,[],true], // Zamak ["Exile_Car_Zamak",1,[],true], // Urals ["Exile_Car_Ural_Covered_Blue",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_Ural_Covered_Yellow",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_Ural_Covered_Worker",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_Ural_Covered_Military",1,[],true], // Land rovers ["Exile_Car_LandRover_Red",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_LandRover_Urban",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_LandRover_Green",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_LandRover_Sand",1,[],true], ["Exile_Car_LandRover_Desert",1,[],true] // Choppers /* ["Exile_Chopper_Hellcat_Green",1,[[23483.9,21144.8,0],[25240.1,21828.6,0]],false], ["Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Green",1,[[12834.2,16735.8,0],[23079.8,7299.1,0]],false], ["Exile_Chopper_Mohawk_FIA",1,[[17550.5,13240.5,0],[26783.6,24673,0]],false], ["Exile_Chopper_Orca_CSAT",1,[[3732.07,12976.3,20]],false]*/ ]; { for "_i" from 0 to (_x select 1) do { _cancelSpawn = false; _obj = _x select 0; _count = count allMissionObjects _obj; _positionCount = (count (_x select 2)); _isRandomRoadPos = _x select 3; if !(_count >= _x select 1) then { _vehicleClass = _x select 0; _position = selectRandom (_x select 2); if !(_isRandomRoadPos) then { _foundSafePos = false; _failSafe = 15; _checks = 0; waitUntil { _position = selectRandom (_x select 2); _nearVehicles = nearestObjects [_position, ["car","air"], 10]; _nearVechicleCount = count _nearVehicles; if (_nearVechicleCount == 0) then { _foundSafePos = true; }; _checks = _checks + 1; if (_checks >= _failSafe) then {_cancelSpawn = true; _foundSafePos = true;}; _foundSafePos }; } else { _foundSafePos = false; waitUntil { _spawnCenter = getArray(configFile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "centerPosition"); //Center of your map _min = 15; // minimum distance from the center position (Number) in meters _max = 30000; // maximum distance from the center position (Number) in meters _mindist = 5; // minimum distance from the nearest object (Number) in meters, ie. spawn at least this distance away from anything within x meters.. _water = 0; // water mode 0: cannot be in water , 1: can either be in water or not , 2: must be in water _shoremode = 0; // 0: does not have to be at a shore , 1: must be at a shore _blackList = [[[0, 0],[0,0]]]; _startPosRoad = [_spawnCenter,_min,_max,_mindist,_water,10,_shoremode,_blackList] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; //Find random spot on the map _onRoadCheck = _startPosRoad nearRoads 100; //Find road objects 100m from spot _countPossibleRoads = count _onRoadCheck; // count road objects if (_countPossibleRoads == 0) then { } else { _road = _onRoadCheck select 0; _position = getPos _road; _foundSafePos = true; }; uiSleep 0.1; _foundSafePos }; }; if !(_cancelSpawn) then { if !(_debugForSP) then { _pinCode = format ["%1%2%3%4",round (random 8 +1),round (random 8 +1),round (random 8 +1),round (random 8 +1)]; _vehicleObject = [_vehicleClass, _position, (random 360), true,_pinCode] call ExileServer_object_vehicle_createPersistentVehicle; _vehicleObject setDamage 0.8; _vehicleObject setFuel 0; if !((_x select 0) isKindOf "AIR") then { _wheels = ["HitLF2Wheel","HitLFWheel","HitRFWheel","HitRF2Wheel"]; { if (random 1 > 0.5) then { _vehicleObject setHitPointDamage [_x,1]; }; } forEach _wheels; }; _vehicleObject setVariable ["ExileOwnerUID", _uid]; _vehicleObject setVariable ["ExileIsLocked",0]; _vehicleObject lock 0; _vehicleObject call ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_insert; _vehicleObject call ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_update; diag_log format ["[Event: Persistent Spawns] -- Spawned a %1 at location: %2 -- Max allowed: %3",_x select 0,_position, _x select 1]; //[format["[Event: Persistent Spawns] -- Spawned a %1 at location: %2 -- Max allowed: %3",_x select 0,_position, _x select 1]] call MAR_fnc_log; } else { _vehicleObject = createVehicle [_vehicleClass,_position,[], 0, "NONE"]; if !((_x select 0) isKindOf "AIR") then { _wheels = ["HitLF2Wheel","HitLFWheel","HitRFWheel","HitRF2Wheel"]; { _vehicleObject setHitPointDamage [_x,1]; } forEach _wheels; }; _marker = createMarker [format["HeliCrash%1", diag_tickTime], _position]; _marker setMarkerType "mil_dot"; _marker setMarkerText "Vehicle"; }; } else { if !(_debugForSP) then { //[format["[Event: Persistent Spawns] -- Could not find valid spawn position for %1 at position %2 -- exiting try for this vehicle",_x select 0,_position]] call MAR_fnc_log; diag_log format["[Event: Persistent Spawns] -- Could not find valid spawn position for %1 at position %2 -- exiting try for this vehicle",_x select 0,_position]; } else { hint format["[Event: Persistent Spawns] -- Could not find valid spawn position for %1 at position %2 -- exiting try for this vehicle",_x select 0,_position]; }; }; }; }; } forEach _vehicleArray; _scriptComplete = true; waitUntil { diag_log format ["ExileServer - Finished spawning world vehicles"]; //["ExileServer - Finished spawning world vehicles"] call MAR_fnc_log; _scriptComplete };
  16. Greetings! I have a small, private server that I only play with my family on. I am capable of running and editing my server, but coding is way out of my area of expertise. I am looking to pay someone $50.00 USD (via Paypal) to jumble the delirium script (ExileClientPostProcessingDelirium) so that when player damage reaches 1 (death), the player does not die, but experiences the most severe form of delirium (slow movement, awkward movement (if applicable)). No damage received (god-mode) for 15 minute countdown (the delirium should be so bad that they cannot properly aim/shoot). If the player does not receive medical attention within 15 minutes (instadoc), they will die (player damage = 1). For fairness and transparency, I would say that the first person to post a 100% WORKING version of this in this thread will receive payment. I will message the coder privately to obtain paypal info so I can send payment. PLEASE post below if you will be working on this. Note: If anything in this request is not feasible or should be adjusted based on limitations, please post below and I will update post.
  17. Monkeynutz

    Roaming Trader Script.

    Hey @infiSTAR, People are complaining that the addon (Roaming Trader) is being blocked and people are being kicked for it. OP found here: < Latest Here is the updated version that i released, apparently was working until V91. Use the version on my Git to go off of as Second Coming hasn't updated his main repo yet. Below is a hacklog. Anything temporary would be great if at all possible, otherwise i saw listed in Discord to ask for addons that are blocked to be solved Thanks bby :*
  18. Jetlifecrew_

    Looking for Arma 3 Server developer

    looking for someone to possibly hire or help me set up my dedicated server on arma 3 for exile. wanting it make it as much like the old dayz as i can. Im going on one week of nothing but errors thats why im looking for help. Contacts me at this forum or emailing me at
  19. Seguinte, estamos com uma máquina com um servidor rodando, mas estamos carentes de alguém que saiba configurá-lo, temos todas as ideias formuladas, scripts que queremos adicionar, só falta colocá-las em prática, se você sabe como configurar um servidor, mexer com scripts e quer ajudar a criar um servidor de qualidade para os BR's fale comigo. Ps: Alguém sério e não curioso (amador). Steam: Desde já agradeço!
  20. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I DO NOT POST ANYMORE BECAUSE EXILE ARE FULL OF BULLSHITS. THE CODE STILLS OPEN SOURCE AND ANYONE CAN EDIT, POST AND SHARE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This script checks the mods loaded by the client. If one mod is not loaded, automate .POP UP´S let the player know about it, offering costumizable links to community guides. . You can define each mod as “required” or “doesn’t required”. If required mod is not loaded by the client, Mod Checker warns the player, and when the player closes the dialog, he is kicked from the game in a silent way. If non required mod is not loaded, Mod Checker warns the player, but the player can still on the server. If no errors are generated, Mod Checker runs in silent without popup INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS Download from github 1- Copy addons\modChecker folder to your mission file. 2- Copy the content of initPlayerLocal.sqf at the bottom of your initPlayerLocal.sqf 3- If you are usin infistar, whitelist display 999999 in EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp under allowedIDDS XM8 Mod Checker addon by @jmayr2000 CONFIG INSTRUCTIONS In addons\modChecker\modConfig.hpp 1.- Read carefully all addons\modChecker\modConfig.hpp and his comments 2- Moddify classes from CfgPatches. You can find under editor. ("Tools" - "Config Viewer" - "Configfile" - "CfgPatches") 3- Change mod variable names according to your mods and link to custom string depending if the mod is loaded or not. 4- Set if a mod is required (errorLevel = errorLevel + 99) or if is optional (errorlevel = errorLevel + 1) 5- Repeat steps from 2 to 4 for each mod used on your server. Modify Add your mods or delete any mod class not used. if (isClass(configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "Exile_Client")) then { checkExile = "<t size='0.9' shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' align='center'>Exile Mod is</t><t color='#2fd402' size='0.9' shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' align='center'> found!</t><br/>"; } else { checkExile = "<t size='0.9' shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' align='center'>Exile Mod is</t><t color='#ff0000' size='0.9' shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' align='center'> NOT FOUND!</t><br/>"; errorLevel = errorLevel + 99 }; In addons\modChecker\displayConfig.hpp 1.- Read carefully all addons\modChecker\displayConfig.hpp and his comments 2- Edit, add or delete Mod variable names according to modConfig.hpp //Mod variable names _message = _message + checkExile; _message = _message + checkEsseker; _message = _message + checkRyan; _message = _message + checkWeapons; _message = _message + checkVehicles; _message = _message + checkUnits; _message = _message + checkTerrain; _message = _message + checkCBA; 3- Set custom messages to your community guides. // Custom message with community links _message = _message + "<br />"; _message = _message + "If you get any error, please, read the following links<br /><br />"; _message = _message + "Download the mods from <a href= '' color='#ff9900'>Steam Workshop</a> Only click on Subscribe!<br />"; _message = _message + "<a href= ',674.0.html' color='#ff9900'>Guía de lanzamiento e instalación de mods [ESPAÑOL]</a> </t><br /><br />"; CREDITS The XM8 app are ported by @jmayr2000 . This project contains code from @Repentz Advanced Server Rules and is inspired with this comment in BI official forums. Thanks to Chema, from to correct my english. This is my first script, please don’t blame. Apologize my english too, I know that is like a shit. If any part is wrong, please be constructive. I appreciate any feedback. If you like or use this script, please hit LIKE button. I can be more motivated to share.
  21. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Crafting setup

    Huge update for including advanced weapon crafting mod ****************************************************** Updated for 1.0.2 Added "Exile" to start of Exile objects dropdown as some overlap with EBM. Remove "Craft " from Exile crafting list as its easier to find items which dont all begin with C. Added "EBM" to start of EBM objects dropdown. ****************************************************** Designed to be easier to update rather than having large config file - much easier for Exile updates, a collection of some of mine and a lot of other peoples posting of recipes on the Exilemod forums. This is built on my Easy Trader setup scripts to reduce the size of the main mission config and be easier to maintain on Exile updates, along with making the config easier to read and check for other mistakes. Download from: Added to GiThub to make update release easier: Installation: All 3 crafting files include dropdown classes for BRAma Cookbook ExileCrafting is standard Exile crafting CustomCrafting is extended crafting using only Arma or Exile items so you dont need any more mods ExtendedBuilding is for the Extended Base mod: 1. Copy folders into your mission PBO (if you change the file structure then change the paths below) all recipes work fully with Brama. 2. Open your mission config.cpp 3. Find CfgCraftingRecipes and replace the whole expression, from class CfgCraftingRecipes down to the final ); with the lines you want from below depending on what you want. class CfgCraftingRecipes { #include "addons\crafting\ExtendedBuilding.hpp" //requires EBM #include "addons\crafting\AmmoCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\ArifleCrafting.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\ArifleReclaiming.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\ArifleUpgrading.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\BipodCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\ElectronicsCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\ExileCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\FlareCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\ItemsCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\MedicalCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\MeleeCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\OpticsCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\PistolCrafting.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\PistolReclaiming.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\RHSPistolCrafting.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\SmokeCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\SniperCrafting.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\StorageCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\SuppressorCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\TracerCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\WeaponRespray.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod }; and save 4. Repack into your mission PBO. Its easy to make your own files, you could make files for each mod or do them by category like building, guns, ammo etc, it is just a different way to keep your config tidy as you grow your crafting recipes. You can copy and paste your own recipes into each file as this is a basic template (which I currently use on my server in the Brama files). I wrote it a few months ago but got side-tracked with real life so didn't get around to posting. Extended build will be an older version so you may need to update files relating to it as I just don't have time at the moment. cheers
  22. Flodding

    [Script] init.d service script

    Hi friends... I created a VERY VERY basic init.d Script to start and stop my server... here it is: #!/bin/bash ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: a3exileserver # Required-Start: $remote_fs $network # Required-Stop: $remote_fs $network # Should-Start: mysql # Should-Stop: mysql # Default-Start: 2 3 4 5 # Default-Stop: 0 1 6 # Description: ArmA 3 Exile init.d Script by Flodding ### END INIT INFO # #======================================================================= #======== CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS ======== #======== MUST BE EDITED MANUALLY TO FIT YOUR SYSTEM PARAMETERS ======== #======================================================================= USERNAME=a3exile ARMA_DIR='/home/a3exile/server' NAME=instance_exile_altis CONFIGFOLDER=${ARMA_DIR}/instance_exile_altis CONFIG=${CONFIGFOLDER}/server.cfg CFG=${CONFIGFOLDER}/basic.cfg BEPATH=${CONFIGFOLDER}/battleye PORT=2314 PIDFILE=${ARMA_DIR}/${PORT}.pid SERVICE=arma3server BACKUPPATH=/home/a3exile/backup CPU_COUNT=2 BACKUPDAYS=3 MODS=@exile #MODS=@allinarmaterrainpack"\;"@esseker"\;"@exile SERVERMOD=@exileserver"\;"@a3xai OPTIONS="-port=${PORT} -pid=${PIDFILE} -cfg=${CFG} -config=${CONFIG} -name=${NAME} -mod=${MODS} -servermod=${SERVERMOD} -autoinit" #======================================================================= a3_start() { echo "" if [ ! -f $ARMA_DIR/$SERVICE ] then echo "$SERVICE not found! STOPPING !!!" echo "" sleep 1 exit else if pgrep -u $USERNAME -f $SERVICE > /dev/null then echo "$SERVICE is already running!" echo "" else echo "Setting Permissions to needed..." echo "" chmod -R 0755 $ARMA_DIR chown -R $USERNAME:$USERNAME /home/$USERNAME echo "Starting $SERVICE..." echo "" cd $ARMA_DIR su $USERNAME -c "screen -dmS $USERNAME ./$SERVICE $OPTIONS" > stdout.log 2> stderr.log & echo "Searching Process $SERVICE" echo "" sleep 8 if pgrep -u $USERNAME -f $SERVICE > /dev/null then echo "$SERVICE is now running." echo "" else echo "Error! Could not start $SERVICE!" echo "" fi fi fi } a3_stop() { echo "" if pgrep -u $USERNAME -f $SERVICE > /dev/null then echo "Stopping $SERVICE !!" echo "" killall -9 -u $USERNAME else echo "$SERVICE is stopped." echo "" fi } case "$1" in start) a3_start ;; stop) a3_stop if [ -f ${PIDFILE} ]; then rm -f ${PIDFILE} fi sleep 5s ;; restart) a3_stop a3_start ;; status) if [ -f ${PIDFILE} ]; then PID=$(< ${PIDFILE}) echo "PID-File existiert (PID=${PID})..." if [ -f /proc/${PID}/cmdline ]; then echo "Server Prozess scheint zu laufen..." fi fi ;; *) echo "$0 (start|stop|restart|status)" exit 1 ;; esac exit 0now i have a small problem regarding the log files... The server starts up normal, the logfiles are being created, but they are not filled with data. they remain at 0byte. Question is how to format line 60 so the files are filled with data? Im sure theres a problem with this ";<" shit but i cant figure qut how to format right. Thanks
  23. [x] iDanich

    ACiDy Portable Trade zones

    ACD_PT - ACiDy Portable Trade zones Features: Place as many trading zones as you want and wherever you wantTurn ON and OFF safe zone triggerTurn ON and OFF any specified traderChangelog: Version 0.2 Added _ID to assign unique number of szUsage: [ _isSafe, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF safe zone trigger _pos, // [array: getPosATL _obj] - Building position _general_direction, // [number: getDir _obj] - Direction of building _Armory, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Armory trader and props _Equipment, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Equipment trader and props _Food, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Food trader and props _Hardware, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Hardware trader and props _Office, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Office trader and props _SpecialOperations, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Special Operations trader and props _Vehicle, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Vehicle trader and props _WasteDump, // [boolean: true/false] - Turn ON/OFF Waste Dump trader and props _ID, // [number: unique] - Designated number of safe zone ] call acd_fnc_createTradingOffice;Example: [true,[15137.3,16695.4,0.00143814],300,true,true,true,true,true,true,true,true,347] call acd_fnc_createTradingOffice; GitHub: DOWNLOAD:
  24. [x] iDanich

    ACiDy Tanoa Bridges

    ACD_TB - ACiDy Tanoa Bridges Version 0.2.1 for @ExileServer 0.9.8 "Kiwi" Features: Turn ON and OFF any Bridge (nothing will be built) Turn ON/OFF Extra objects added there to make bridges look better Turn ON/OFF Bridge map markers Turn ON/OFF Objects/Trees removal for any bridge Notice Follow installation instructions @GitHub: GitHub: DOWNLOAD:
  25. As the title says it is about a Salvage vehicle script. Player corpse falls from destroyed vehicle. Step 1 Copy the Folder custom to you Exile.YourMap Folder Step 2 in the Config.cpp in the ection CfgInteractionMenus you Modify Change it to Step 3 Copy this code in your initPlayerLocal.sqf SV_fnc_SalvageVehicle = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\SalvageVehicle\SalvageVehicle.sqf"; GitHub-Code: Have Fun with this Modification