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Found 21 results

  1. I am trying to integrate Alias monsoon script into my exile survival server. In normal scenario the script creator asks to place the script folder in mpmission folder and call the monsoon script in init.sqf with null = [100,920,true,true,true,true,true,1] execvm "AL_monsoon\al_monsoon.sqf"; to invoke the monsoon weather for 920 seconds (one of the parameters). But, I would like to call this script lets say every 30 minutes or 1 hour in a scheduled way (or even better a bit randomly) so that all the players on the server can enjoy the immersive monsoon rain every now and then. I thought I should integrate this as a system event (@exileserver/addons/code and preinit.sqf) and create a new event class in config.cpp just like the AmbientFlyOver is structured. But, it didn't really work. Am I going the right direction or is there even a simpler / better way to call this script every now and then so people can be immersed in monsoon rain on my server ? @aussie battler Perhaps you can shed some light ?
  2. JudoBear

    Cupcake's Medical System

    Just want to ask you guys if there is a way of implementing this in to exile? Cupcake's Medical System CMS i did try but no success. Scrip will load but that is all. No menu is poping up. If anyone has any info/ideas pls pm me. Thank You.
  3. SToNeDHaMSTeR98

    Auto restarts on hosted servers

    Hi there, I'd like to know if anyone has had any success with getting the exile restarts to work on a hosted server, hosted by in this case. They have functionality to restart the server once every 24hrs, however when the server gets populated and alotta assets are laying around, I doubt this will be sufficient. I have set the restart time to 6hrs in my exile server config.cpp, however when it gets to zero it just keeps on going with a negative value... Any light shed here would be much appreciated. Have a nice day
  4. SpaceGhost

    DMS Custom loot script HELP!

    So guys, ive made a custom loot generator for DMS boxes. it runs great on arma 3 editor, but after a weak trying to make it generate loot for DMS boxes i gave up and came here. The thing is, i saw on DMS's fn_fillCrate.sqf script that i can create a custom function and make it spawn the loot for me. But the comments from Defent were not very clear, where should i put my script for dms to read? should i declare it in DMS's config.cpp like its vanila functions? how should i parse the function name in the _crate_loot_values1 variable? a string? is there a pattern for me to create my custom file for my function? Any captain out there to help me with this? I REALLY NEED HELP! ive made the hard part to program how i want the loot to be generated, i know how should i return my function to DMS's accepted pattern. I just dont know where should i put my function, and how DMS is expecting me to call it. DMS's instructions: For example, _weapons could simply be a number, in which case the given number of weapons are selected from "DMS_boxWeapons", or an array as [_wepCount,_weps], where _wepCount is the number of weapons, and _weps is an array of weapons from which the guns are randomly selected. OR: [ _customLootFunctionParams, _customLootFunction ] In this case, "_customLootFunctionParams" is passed to "_customLootFunction", and the custom loot function must return the loot in the form: [ [ weapon1, weapon2, [weapon_that_appears_twice,2], ... weaponN ], [ item1, item2, [item_that_appears_5_times,5], ... itemN ], [ backpack1, backpack2, [backpack_that_appears_3_times,3], ... backpackN ] ]
  5. Boewi91

    Arma Hud in Exile

    Hello there, is it possible to use the standart Arma 3 HUD? Many Informations are missing in the Exile HUD on my Server and i would like to have the original Arma 3 HUD. Thanks a Lot
  6. No more serverhosting
  7. Fin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Adding Scripts To Server

    Hi, quick question. I would like to know how to add custom scripts to my exile server, it's a really nooby question but i don't want to do anything im not 100% confident about. So I'd like to implement scripts such as: Pushback: Or something else like towing, how would i go about using these in my server? If theres anything else you need to know, please tell me. Thanks in advance Fin
  8. the1corrupted

    Adding Scripted Player Action to Server?

    Hello, everyone! So to explain my situation here, I wanted to add Left Shoulder Scripted Weapon to Exile. It's a great addition, and only works via script on the server-side of things so no additional mods required by the client! I have been able to run the script package in vanilla-ish Arma servers (Nothing that overhauled the UI or anything like Exile does) so I need some help. How it works: This script seems to add a scroll menu option dependant on a couple variables but the interface is pretty simple. Scroll down and you see "Put <weapon> on back". If you already have a weapon, it will say "<weapon> in hand". Super nifty! I even have a screen shot included. Here's the raw code from the mod: I have tried to load this line at the end of init.sqf and initPlayerLocal.sqf [] execVM "aalssw.sqf" but it doesn't seem to load in Exile. I really don't have enough experience with Arma scripting to figure out what the problem is! I get some of the basic concepts, but then Exile is a different beast all together. Can anyone assist? I know that the server is finding the code to execute, and it doesn't seem to cause any errors. The script just doesn't seem to function. UPDATE: There might be something I am forgetting as well. Should I whitelist this script in BattleEye? How can I find out if it's being blocked? Should I try this instead? What are the differences between execvm and call compile? call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "aalssw.sqf"; I have been able to look at various solutions, but none seem to use code nearly as complex as the package I'm trying to impliment. Do I need to re-write the script from the ground up? I've also found this tutorial helpful:
  9. Hi, ATM I currently run 2 Exile servers and I want to run the very best PvE scenario for my players but I was just wondering what addons work or don't work together without pushing server performance too far, a few players have told me that you carn't run anymore than one instance at a time? I'm a complete nood with that technical stuff but I feel like I'm already running more than that whatever it means lol.. On my Malden server atm I'm running. DMS (2 Random & 1 Static at a time) Occupation (5 Heli crashes & 2 Loot crates only, no AI spawning) Zupa Capture Points (only 1 mission at a time) A3XAI (3 Helis & 6 Land vehicles at a time, roaming foot AI turned off ATM) AI Support Units (Air and Artillery support & Supply drop off, no AI reinforcement) Also on my Takistan server I run the Engima Civilians script but with roaming AI on witch causes the roaming AI to shoot the Civilians, alot of players have said they like this as it gives them the feeling that they need to save the civilians and clear the area plus it also gives players a sense of the AIs general direction. Now both servers run great, Malden being my busiest server drops down to about 10 fps server side with 17 players online witch I've read is quite normal? Takistan has always been a favorite and runs amazing, with 10 players on my server drops to about 20-22 fps and well my main question is, could I add VEMF with all this running or is that too much? If anything I would run 1 mission and the base attack feature being a PvE server I want my players to have feeling of getting raided plus gives them a different mission. Any help would be appreciated or atleast tell me I'm being too greedy lol...
  10. Is it possible to have first time players spawn with a custom load-out, and after that it goes back to the standard exile gear, i want the bambis to spawn with 1 tent and 1 camp-fire then the next spawns will just be the standard gear-load-out. if anyone can i help i would much appreciate it thank you in advance, sorry if i've posted in the wrong section.
  11. Brozars

    Looking for a scripter

    Hey fellas, Me and a few hardcores are about to start our new server and build up a small community. We really need a good scripter to help with various things like missions and other nice features to make the server we want. Perhaps you already got scripts that are easy to implement on our server. We are willing to compensate you for the work within our funding capabilities. Please send me a private message and there exchange further contact info. Feel free to ask questions here. I have to be honest and mention that I am not experienced in setting up Arma servers at all, but have experience in building up communities. p.s I hope it's okay to ask for, and that it's right place to do so.. Thanks!
  12. Good morning, I recently stared hosting a server rented through GTX Gaming and I have successfully installed various mods on the server no problem however I am trying to make the server a high military loot spawn server with CUP, TRYK, and NI ARMS items spawning around the map of chernarus and be able to sell and buy each item at the trader however after days of testing loot tables with the loot complier provided by and trying to use pre made ones found around the interwebs I have not been able to get any successful results if someone would be willing to take the time and talk me through adding the items properly or has a pre set script I can just copy and paste with theses 3 mods that would be awesome!
  13. Jack T. Ripper

    I need HELP

    Hey guys, i have a question. I have an own Server since two days, and there are not so many problems as i thought. But One BIG Problem is there, which i can't fix. How can I set the Traders and Spawnpoints for Players to another Location? When i load the mission in the Editor, i can see the map, everything's fine. But there are no objects, no trader and no spawns. WHY? How can i Change them? Another Question of mine is, why does some players spawn like a bird when they spawn? Its always directly after the Server restarts. I dont know, why this is like that. So i hope, You can help me out. Another Problem is, how can I change the power of the Zombies? I use the Zombies and Demons Mod, everything fine. Zombies spawn, but there is one Zombie , he runs so fast like i drive with the quad bike, so i cant run away from him. He's too fast. After two hits I'm down. I made an Hardcore (Veteran) Exile Server. One last thing is, when the Server restarts, No one can open doors, no one can open doors at his own base. Why is this so? Sry for my bad English, but i only had english at school , and that was before 6 years. Hope You all will understand what i try to say ;-) If this Topic is at the Wrong place here, pls move it to the right. Hope u can help me. Sincerly, Jack T. Ripper
  14. quickdraw

    Help - Welcome screen for server

    Hi there, I'm looking for a script that shows a welcome screen (with navigation menu) when a player joins the server. I have taken a screen shot of the welcome screen we would like to implement into our server (please see attachment.) If anyone knows where I can find the script source I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  15. Bravo Foxtrot Company is looking for a serious and reputable scripter with a lot of experience that can help us with optimizing the server/scripts and implementing scripts that are created by our developers or the community and of course be part of this exciting crew. We are looking for 18+ mature individuals who want to be part of a growing community. We prefer someone that speaks English and lives in the US. If you want to apply, please email us at or send me a PM.
  16. I was wondering if anyone had tried using the container used to spawn building loot as a loot crate in a mission? I am in the beginning process of writing my own Invasion mission. And I had the novel idea of possibly using a loot pile in a building, instead of a loot box. Forcing the players to search the buildings to find where the invaders were stockpiling their loots. Figured I would see what other folks thought of this idea.
  17. Looking for scripter to script an altis life server to the owners needs, cant do it myself because I only do Exile servers. So if anyone can help please contact me.
  18. ExecuteDisaster

    Adding Additional Containers

    Hello all, I am curious as to whether there is support in Exile already, or if there is a well defined way to add new container types to the game. The goal is to make a new container type that uses regular Arma 3 assets, like 'Box_NATO_AmmoOrd_F', and utilizes the exile abstract system to create a new container with storage, persistence, and perhaps the ability to craft the container. I haven't been able to find any explanation on how this might be accomplished but I know it is possible because of things like the DonkeyPunch mod. Anyways, hoping that someone familiar with this stuff can give a little guide on it, otherwise I'll start digging into other mods to try and understand how it is done. Thanks!
  19. f15h_and_ch1p5

    Scripter needed

    Hi guys, i need help with installing a few mods on my server i would like to change the map to chernarus, and add roaming ai as well as ai missions, and also learn how to edit the loot tables. I'm using GTX Gaming as a server provider. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  20. Hi, I tried to make 1 min restart reminder with sound and hint on the client's screen. I made a simple lines of code: ["notificationRequest",["Restart",[format["Restart in 1 min! LEAVE NOW"]]]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_broadcast; playSound "marsz";I will put it on sleep for 179 mins. But where to add this code to run this with server start and to work with client's ui? Great thanks for help!
  21. mayhem Militia is looking for someone knowledgeable to update/maintain and implement new features on our servers. One for sure will be Exile, the other is yet to be determined. Currently Hosted on a 6c dedi box. PM for more information